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  1. Rumor has it Sky can lift bouncy balls with nothing but his mind. +1
  2. Useless Murky... Get outta 'ere. JK, best Murky NA
  3. Trial Application Minecraft name/s: Youngie5500, Rusty_Derringer, PoxxI Age: 20 Timezone: GMT +2 Skype/Discord: Youngie_DK / Youngie5500#3509 What is your availability: I am mainly available 3-4 hours in the later afternoon, due to work. On days off I will probably be around for most of the days. Days off consists mostly of the weekend. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: Too much staff intervention in areas that do not require it, too little staff intervention in areas that require it and what seems like a genuine distrust of the current staff-team amongst certain parts of the playerbase. I feel that players should be left mostly to their own devices unless staff intervention is 100% needed. Part of roleplaying is letting the world take shape as a direct result of actions of the playerbase and I feel it should be more unregulated than what it is now. Unless blatant rule-breaking is occurring the social-ecology of the server should be undisturbed. As for too little staff intervention in areas that require it. I feel that certain rules are overlooked in some instances and enforced in others, which leads to a sense of injustice and victimization. If a rule is listed it should be enforced, full stop. Rules shouldn’t be overlooked or disregarded to cater to a specific player base. More mod-reqs need to be answered. That’s pretty much it, I’d do my best to contribute to this. Some GMs are good at answering them, some GMs are bad… Very bad.. Shame on you. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: As a staff-member you should do your best to be impartial and keep personal feelings out of your decisions, listen to both sides of the argument and make an objective decision far removed from your own opinion. While that might not always be entirely possible you should always try and be critical of your own choices. Furthermore people won’t open up to those they don’t trust. Even if you make a mistake people will often forgive things where trust exist, but will rarely forgive where trust is absent. I feel this is one of the biggest issues the staff team face at the moment. Trust is earned by right acting, thinking and decisioning and right now many people feel that the staff team are demanding trust, which very rarely works. I also feel a GM should communicate with more specificity than I have seen. You should communicate with clarity, be simple and concise; a good GM should cut to the chase and hit the high points and avoid being complicated and confusing. To summarize: Make your words count, have an open mind and shut up and listen from time to time. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: Very few people will give you the time of day if you do not know what you are talking about or they get different answers from every GM, so I feel the GM team need to get on the same page of certain issues and present itself more as a collective entity than an infighting clique. I feel like issues within the team to the furthest extend should be raised internally and not publically like it often has due to the mistrust it spreads amongst players, old and new, Please list three players who will vouch for you: @Sky, @Jaeden, @Gusano Arentonio (And @Rhode, he wanted to be on here too) What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I have no relationship with anyone on the GM-team outside of short encounters with them, but I look forward to getting to know them, should I be accepted. What are your finest and worst traits?: Experienced. I have held staff-positions before on other servers and performed admirably. My longest stint as a staff-member was as admin on a D&D inspired server a few years ago, where I handled most grievances until I removed myself from the position due to exams. Furthermore I have worked as a technical-support agent and know how to communicate concisely and how to handle grievances. Transparent. I am always open and passionate about my work, sometimes flawed but when people realize you are always fully consistent and offer no nasty surprises they tend to overlook the fact that sometimes you make mistakes too. I share in my decisionmaking and try to be as far removed from unscrupulous as possible. Decisive. Though I am open-minded I try to be as decisive as possible. If you flip-flop or go back on your word, people will stop respecting your opinion or just disregard your call entirely. Distracted. Sometimes I get easily distracted by new projects and it isn’t always entirely easy for me to keep focus. This doesn’t mean I’ll go inactive or lose dedication in what I am doing, but that I sometime get a little too far removed from what I possibly should be doing. Though this is a bad trait I feel it helps me be more creative, just in bursts. Cynic. I’m a highly cynical person and don’t really have many emotional attachment to things. This means I am very rational in my decision making, but I sometime comes off as uncaring and too critical at times. I feel though that as long as I’m not a jerk about it, it’s no big deal. Ego. I am not really sure where I place on the confidence vs. arrogance scale, but I am working on it and keeping it in mind. I try not to diminish others and find that I rarely do, but sometimes I have caught myself putting others down to feel better myself, but like I said; working on it. I realize this might not make me seem like a good choice as GM, but I just tried to be as self-critical as possible. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: I joined LoTC for the first time back in 2013, but was quickly overwhelmed by the ongoings of the server and didn’t know very many people, so I returned to a server I was familiar with. Then in late 2016 I joined again at the behest of @Lyonharted™ and joined Oren as a recruit in The Legion. It was here with the help of @skuke101, @Rhode, @Lyonharted™, @samuri51 and many others that I learned the technicalities of the server, who lives where, who hates who etc. I think I played pretty much everyday in this period due to the help and company of my friends and got a sense of accomplishment through my rising through the ranks of The Legion. Eventually I got more into court-rp and the intricacies of Oren, which I feel only a server of this size can offer. I made extensive spreadsheets over the Empire’s troops, housing, noble-houses etc. because I felt like it was mostly disorganized. I never really ventured outside of Oren until its demise because I felt content with the people I were roleplaying with and felt like there was enough going on in the city itself. My stint in Oren was my first experience of the scale of LoTC. I have never really played anything outside of a Human, besides an Elf for a short while, so I do not have much knowledge of the other player-bases and since Oren’s demise I have not really been dedicated to any one cause IRP. Most of the people I enjoyed playing with in Oren have left at this point and after my own period of inactivity I have come back to start a House with RideTheSky and I’ve gotten the feeling back of accomplishment and wanting to achieve something. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: The main thing that had me join the server and keeps me playing compared to other minecraft RP servers is the large player count. It simply makes RP more enjoyable and allows for many interactions between different player groups. This server feels more like a living breathing world much more than other servers around. So to put it simply the part of the server I enjoy the most is the interactions between larger groups of players. Of course I enjoy one on one RP, but I get much more satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment out of faction RP. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: @6xdestroyer, @Rammer and @yopplwasupxxx Link me a good song: The very best song. I’m sure @Gusano Arentonio agrees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSwV-DJivQU
  4. "Just write down below what sigil you'd like and why." Litterally only one rule to follow...
  5. Sent out the shields. You guys probably want to scale them down. Shield 1: Free Shield 2: Claimed - @Slothtastic Shield 3: Claimed - @Xarkly Shield 4: Claimed - @EternalSaturn💫 Shield 5: Claimed - @Gypsy Shield 6: Claimed - @Ang Shield 7: Claimed - @Sug Shield 8: Free Sigil 9: @Gucko
  6. Later today. I've been sick as a Motherf***er
  7. Yes
  8. Alright Gucko wants to use it for House de Capua. An old family and since he already knows how he wants to use the crest. I'll let it go to him. Sorry
  9. When you have a use for it, come tell me. Until then it's still free to grab for anyone. Yes. Send me the details. Sure. Sure. Tell me your family name and I'll put it on the scroll. You got it. For what reason? Okidooki. For what reason? What reason?
  10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was bored and made some simple sigils. If you lack a sigil and can't afford one. Just write down below what sigil you'd like and why. I'll send out the PNGs tomorrow. Shield 1: Free Shield 2: Claimed - @Slothtastic Shield 3: Claimed - @Xarkly Shield 4: Claimed - @EternalSaturn💫 Shield 5: Claimed - @Gypsy Shield 6: Claimed - @Ang Shield 7: Claimed - @Sug Shield 8: Free Sigil 9: @Gucko ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. Pinned on every Wood-elven home is the following piece of parchment. We are owynist. We are proud. We are coming. (Suffer the cringe.)
  12. So I have known Morgan since 4th grade. We met playing basketball together on a co-ed team. We didn't become best friends right away, but we did a lot together. I convinced him to play the clarinet in 6th grade because I played the clarinet and I just thought it was awesome. In 6th grade we became very close but still not best friends. We grew apart in 7th grade but then in 8th grade I again convinced him to join LoTC. We both played Goblins of course. He was one of the few people I knew on LoTC. Then came 9th grade and I sat next to him in band. We could talk for hours about nothing and everything. He was one of the easiest people to get along with. Everyone likes him. By 10th grade I was dating a girl and I grew apart from my best friend. Supposedly Morgan liked me more than a friend and I never realized it. I eventually broke up with my girlfriend because it just wasn't working. I started talking to Morgan more than ever. We told each other things know one else knew. Kept secrets about each other and supported each other no matter what. I soon realized I had feelings for him too. We started dating of course. And it was wonderful. I never wanted to be apart from him. We were honestly the same person, saying the same things at the exact same time. or saying something that one of us was about to say. Being this similar we got mad at each other easily but we never would yell just tell each other how we were feeling. Our love was beautiful and I thought we would be together forever and so did everyone else. We dated for 2 years and those were some of the best times of my life. We both have dreams about what we want to do in our future. He wants to be on broadway and I want to be a music teacher. having these dreams made it hard for us to stay together. Our colleges are 10 hours away so we decided to end our relationship. We didn't want us to end badly because we were always best friends before we started dating and we made a promise to each other that we would always be best friends no matter what. But.. I miss him. I miss him more than anything in the entire world. I miss talking to him, I miss looking into his eyes. I miss the way he makes me better even if my whole day has gone wrong. I have tired to date other people but no one even comes close to him. And i try not to compare them to him but it just doesn't work. I feel like a part of me is gone because he isn;t in my life aymore. I hope someday we will meet again and be able to be best friends again. So in short +1
  13. Finished Anadunae's sigil
  14. Finished DeusVult's sigil.