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  1. I have never in my life seen a bitchier, whinier, obnoxious and rude community on any server, any game or any site. Jesus lord all mighty save us all. Four pictures and people are already grabbing their pitchforks and lighting fires.
  2. Have fun. +1
  3. @Thomas is a mean and abusive person and I don't understand how anyone ever let him on staff! Good thing he's blacklisted! Also he sucks at Rocket League.

  4. Fun fact: Tigger means beggar in Danish and Norwegian. Just uh.... A fact. Hope the dog's alright.
  5. Order Format Items: Projectile Protection Books Quantity: 8 Time Needed By (ASAP, MM/DD): ASAP Screenshot of Pay (Pay _Gypsy, Persona Edymr): Will pay on delivery. Might need the enchants applied.
  6. Good singer
  7. Drink every time he wrote magic or magical.
  8. Just give him this so I don't have to fight him for #1 mod-req handling. (Also, I haven't been on for like three days. You better not have surpassed me again. I swear to god.)
  9. You drink that glass of milk. DRINK IT WITH PASSION! Walking down the street? NAH **** THAT, I'M STRIDIN'!
  10. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. ~ Dennis P. Kimbro
  11. Order Format Items: Carbarum Armor Set Quantity: 1 Time Needed By (ASAP, MM/DD): ASAP Screenshot of Pay (Pay _Gypsy, Persona Edymr):
  12. THE MELEE (FOR EVERYONE) NAME: Warren Clement Halcourt AGE: 23 TITLE: None LAND OF ORIGIN: Aven MC NAME: Youngie5500
  13. Who is your favorite GM, besides: Malinor, Nazdus, Xarkly, Z3m0s, Assassinofawsome, Hiebe, PorkNChipS, Rammerjammer, Sug, Creete, Jaeden, Niccum, Onslaughted, ski_king, Sky and yourself?
  14. He's already doing all our building anyway.
  15. I mean... You already accepted him once. Oblivion was pleasant to work with, diligent and he was very competent in my opinion. +1