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  1. Youngie5500

    The Response

    Ths is one of the only large scale conflicts where both defenders and attackers have been accepting of the RP and the outcome and seemingly both agree it was done in 'good will'. Sorry you had to get lobotomized for that, @TrendE, but you have to admit it's a little funny.
  2. Literally got lobotomized. Pray for TrendE.
  3. ((OOC)) MC NAME: Name: Therren Race: Mali’ame Seed/Clan (If none, leave N/A): N/A Profession/Craft (If none, leave N/A): N/A List any family or dependents who will be staying with you (If none, leave N/A): N/A
  4. Did you think this was so funny you had to post it twice?
  5. Youngie5500

    Beet Beat-Down

    Was color coding really necessary?
  6. @TelanirJust a clarification. I can expect anyone to get banned for Doxxing if I have evidence of them sharing any of my accounts or usernames on other mediums, as long as it is not publicly listed anywhere on LoTC related mediums?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mavromino


      Well this is the precedent you've set Telanir...

    3. Callum


      Youngie. Prepare for you Discord username to be spammed in every chat. Ur done kid. Doxxer Hackerman is on the job

    4. Youngie5500


      @Telanir Then how come nothing came from the fact that Pun distributed actual identifiable information, more specifically Knox’s birth date and nothing came of it, despite the fact that he reported it? You can’t cherry pick.

      Edited by Youngie5500
  7. “You are the ones who they are waging war on, you big dumb idiots and now you have no allies to assist you.” says an old man named Edd.
  8. Are we ever getting an explanation for Aeldrin getting content moderated indefinitely and the removal of the staff report and the subsequent post about the inconsistency regarding two other staff reports that had been left up?

    Edited by Youngie5500
    1. Jake!


      probably not LOL

  9. Censoring players who highlight issues with a cool head using evidence and facts to avoid outrage will cause outrage... Go figure.

  10. It runs on a different thread and is therefore asynchronous with everything on the main thread.
  11. Quiet and whisper chat are still there. #q and #w You change change emote color with /chat settings emotecolor (color)
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