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  1. Races used to have mechanical benefits. It was removed with Nexus if memory serves me. It was uh... Interesting.
  2. I am equally amazed and concerned with the effort put into this shitpost.
  3. In the future, perhaps have someone taking notes for the meeting?
  4. If those screenshots represent the worst you’ve experienced on LoTC. You’re one lucky cookie, friend. If those screenshots represent the worst you’ve experienced on LoTC. You’re one lucky cookie, friend.
  5. One day the 14,556 mina will be found...


    That day is not today


    I blame Muffins

    1. Youngie5500


      I’ll just continue to cry and pray.

  6. you still havent vced me...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jenny_Bobbs


      I’m currently at work but we can chat on the coming weekend!

    3. libertyybelle


      i work this weekend but ill make time for u bb

    4. Harold



  7. I'm genuinely so confused by this. I hope no one tries to FTB with a Wonk.
  8. Why are you back so soon this time? Only been 8 months, you’re way ahead of schedule.

    1. Lyonharted™


      I’m an orphan so the holidays are very boring and dull. Infinite free time during winter break from uni. Usually I’ll spend time with friends or what have you but I went thru a tough breakup and all my buddies went off for vacation or back home to their families this year. orphan + free time + friends away – gf = mineman escapism

    2. lev
  9. Merry Christmas, my nordic friends!

  10. Is it whine? Wait, no. That starts with a W.
  11. Friendly reminder that Narthok's ban is an admin ban. It's not within Wacko's, mine or any other moderator's purview to undo it. Wacko gave him the tenth warning point, the rest was left to administration to deal with. You can scream and shout at moderation all you want, but it won't change a thing.
  12. If the metal in no way reflects light, it can only be one color and that is the blackest black, so black that it appears as just a silhouette. Furthermore, if it doesn't reflect light and absorbs it all, it would get very hot, very easily.
  13. I can tell this was very sincere and it was a tough read. I suppose everyone relates at least somewhat to the escapism aspect of it all. Going to miss you, brother. Hit me up if you ever want to chat or play a game ?
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