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  1. Oh god. The formating. Oh god. +1
  2. I like Jaeden. He's neat. +1
  3. You can say a lot about Chorale... A LOT, but you can't say he hasn't matured a lot in the past 6 months and that he doesn't have drive. He's a hardworker, +1 from me.
  4. [OOC Information] Username: Youngie5500 Skype (pm if you’d rather it be private): Youngie_DK [RP Information] Name: Marcus The Leper Race: Leper Age: 12 Why do you wish to serve in the Evreuxian Guard?: I want to catch the bastards, that stole my arm and nose!
  5. Discount Matt Damon.
  6. Nah. Keep banned. They are communicating with the devil
  7. This is the staunton's I believe.
  8. 2 and 3 sent away
  9. This is so cute. I mean, pfft.. Nice I guess.
  10. Giving away three more sigils. Write what sigil you want and how come and I'll send them to your inbox' if I'm happy with the answer.
  11. I like cake
  12. oy m8

    can you make another version of my GLORIOUS INQUISITION with a thumbs up and with the capion 'INQUISITION APPROVES!' instead lmao i'll spread the word of your masterpieces

  13. @cakefool @Babadooks @WoodenApples best one yet. I spent so long on this one @Legoboy7984 @senor_tortuga Took me twelve hours to finish @Jollybee Took me thirteen days and a lunch break @Sky I attempted some water colouring this time around. Lego 2.0 @Aesopian @Inquisitioners