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  1. I bid...
  2. How much is the salary?
  3. Could it be because the intensive confinement and crowding of these animals leads them to boredom, frustration, depression, and significant physical health problems? Many animals endure painful deaths on account of health complications caused by their breeding or environment, and the others are exposed to their suffering and death. The chickens we eat, who are bred to grow to obesity in their infancy, often develop organic and skeletal abnormalities from being crushed by their own weight. I could really go for a steak though.
  4. I just want to fit in :(
  5. Cruz looks strange in gold. Do it for fashion if nothing else. #CruzLooksBetterInBlue
  6. A Kha' and do your best to form a mighty Kha' empire. (I'll join just to piss people off.) An Old condescending Wizard that can't read. A Sultan and take over Haaria, so that you can then name it Agrabah. (I'll be Jafar) An abnormaly large Dwarf from the smallest mountain in the world, also he is hairless. A parrot named Jago. An Orc that thinks he is a Dwarf.
  7. *looks at Thatpyrodude's forum avatar and sweats profusely*
  8. Good advise, but generally I try not to emote what the character is feeling since their inner-thoughts can not be read. Instead try and give non-verbal hints at what they're feeling/thinking. Also try and give your character quirks, maybe he/she's a fidgetter?
  9. But do you have Lord Limpy Tardly's Fine Boots? I think not.
  10. I once asked Chaotikal who the Flays were and he ranted on and on for a solid twenty minutes. He knows his stuff.
  11. Made three more.
  12. Bryant coughs the last thanium out of his loungs and signs.