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  1. Your music in 2017
  2. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    And eight filters. Also I am convinced you live in that car seat.
  3. Night of the Red Widow

    ((I'd avoid black on dark brown. Makes the whole thing quite hard to read.))
  4. GM Team October/November Update

    Who's genius idea was it to give a trial trainer except a long time accomplished GM?
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    If he can manage an ice-cream shop, he can manage this server and a great nation! Skuke for president 2020!
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    I propose that the admin team release their tax returns. They were bribed with oil money.
  7. i quit

    #Drunk Kowa
  8. Nummy's Art Dumpero (Updated 11/13/17)

    I offer you my first born for a piece.
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    Stop upvoting every +1, Sug! You sad pathetic loser! (I love you)
  10. [✓] Ferals: Protectors of the Thistle (Resubmission)

    Don't usually comment on these, but seems well-balanced and because of my love of Fable Comics and Bigby Wolf I have to +1 this.
  11. Automatic Limited Creative

    There goes the easy modreqs. RIP
  12. Mitch is a *****.

    That's why we call him Mitch The *****

  13. the joys of being european!

    9000 upvotes and I'll come back as a GM