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  1. Youngie5500

    [I] N0tt's Game Moderator Application

  2. Leadership handles Community Guidelines Violations. Not us. Every GM is trying to do the best they can, within the restrictions we're given.

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    2. Youngie5500


      From the guidelines-violation section of our Discord:
      Rule regarding unbanning and who can file guidelines-violations people:

      Tell me again how it is my mistake and how I should fix it?

    3. WuHanXianShi14


      You facilitated the ban, it's up to you to undo that mistake. Dodging responsibility is typical of what we're sick of in the gm team. 

    4. Youngie5500


      I literally do not have the purview to do so; as you can read above. If you want Veist unbanned, take it up with leadership. I am not dodging any responsibility, because it isn't my responsibility. I reiterate: Only leadership are allowed to handle guidelines-violations.

  3. Youngie5500

    Rules limits

    Alright, we disagree in that regard. Just wanted a clarification. Okay? Thanks for letting me know.
  4. Youngie5500

    Rules limits

    So if I get your personal information and spread it on a Discord server LoTC doesn't own and harass you any way I can imagine that doesn't involve any server-owned Discord, website or server. Should I receive no punishment from LoTC staff?
  5. Youngie5500


    Or maybe they knew they were going to lose to Mexico some day :S
  6. Youngie5500


    Game moderators are meant to moderate. If you want deeper problems rooted out, speak to the administration. However, I think being less lenient regarding malicious behavior is a good first step. I have? This is the first thread of this nature I have made. (I believe?) The only other instance I can think about was a status update I made a while ago where I stated my dissatisfaction with a chunk of the player base and I never stated that I was 'done' with any players. When did I state the Game Moderation team was blameless? Of course, we have a part of the responsibility and I encourage other game moderators to be less lenient. I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish with this post.
  7. Youngie5500


    Damn. Didn't think this through.
  8. Youngie5500


    This post is a plea from a soon to be worn down moderator, who’s tired of the endless and pointless squabbling. It solves nothing, please stop. As an avid Dungeons & Dragons player, which many of you are as well; you, as well as I, am aware that the goal isn’t to kill other players, and that there really isn’t any winning. The goal of Dungeons & Dragons is to weave a narrative, hang out, make friends and eat a lot of chips. This is the same for almost every roleplaying game, and our server isn’t that different. There is no winning on Lord of The Craft. It wasn’t long after I joined the server, I heard the phrase “Grr, Oren, grr” used by players, who had characters that were Orenian, to mock other nations who complained about them in out of character chat and on the forums; or used by other players sarcastically. While the phrase isn’t used that often anymore, it is unfortunately still what most out of character debates can be boiled down to; and I hear it often as a game moderator. “Grr, Dominion, grr” ”Grr, Krugmar, grr” “Grr, Renatus, grr” “Grr, Druids. grr” “Grr, Reivers, grr” Out of character squabbling is not fun; not for you, and certainly not for me. If you encounter a player who is arguing, calling you malicious names and antagonizing you, please turn the other cheek and call a game moderator; “What about” isn’t a valid excuse, what-aboutism is stupid. If I show up one more time to a ticket and must dig through 50 pages of Hawk-Eye logs, displaying malicious out of character arguing, I might lose it. While in roleplay, it is indeed in some cases 'us versus them', but out of character, we are all playing together. There shouldn’t be a: ‘can’t lose, won’t lose' mindset, we are here to forge stories and adventures together, to make friends, have fun and hey, sometimes losing can be fun. I am sure some of your best roleplay memories, came from something unexpected and I am sure some of the most defining moments for your character were unexpected. So, lose some more, stop the out of character bickering, backseat moderating and verbal abuse. Call a game moderator, if you feel you are treated unfairly and don’t become a part of the problem, that’s why we are here. I’m nearing the end of my rope and my leniency is nearing its end too. If I see out of character squabbling that could have been easily avoided or malicious behavior on any side, for any reason, you will be punished. We are here to weave a common narrative, if you want to pull at the threads, I don’t want you on the server. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’ll work on it too and I know I’m not the most tactful Game Moderator and speak my mind a bit too loudly sometimes, so if you’ve had any unpleasant encounters with me, it’s probably because I’m blunt as a hammer, sorry. - Oliver And if you haven't already, for the love of god, read the community guidelines.
  9. Youngie5500

    [Complete][Slave Auction] Cute Female Halfling for Sale

    "Mi will trade lat a clucker." shouts an Orc cub.
  10. Anyone talented at skinning Orcs?

    Shoot me a PM with samples. Will pay $$$ for premium skin.

  11. Youngie5500

    [✓] [Server] McThornz Ban Appeal

  12. Youngie5500

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    Yes, please. I feel like Tahmas could provide a lot to the LM team in regard to magic in particular.
  13. Youngie5500

    Kaz'Ulrah Chess Club

    "Your chess board is inverted and the king and queen are placed wrong." squawks a parrot.
  14. Youngie5500

    [Slave Auction] Hot chick slave for sale.

    [!] A young orc with a way too big helmet, spreads fliers around the outskirts of various settlements, taverns and towns. The fliers detail an upcoming auction of a slave. [!] "Found her along the Dominion road. She is ready for work and desperate to gobble up little worms. Starting bid is 1000 minas, come to Fort Stronk to make the deal."