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  1. ET Modreqs

    Now you can stop making us modreqs asking us to roleplay your cow. By the way, this is entirely your fault @Chorale_
  2. Woah, woah. If only you guys put this much energy into roleplaying and helping eachother out, the server might be a little better. 

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    2. Dewper


      I mean you made assumptions too Youngie — Maybe, their is a reason the way the players reacted like they did! No transparency, we weren’t even told when the wz was shut down it was, we were all told to leave after. We werent given time to move our things out and there was absolutely 0 explanation from the GM team. You, as a GM, chose not to get involved in the situation so I’m not sure why you’re commenting on it now when during the situation you hid away all quiet and wouldn’t handle, say or explain anytning to us. A large large of the playerbase. 

    3. Youngie5500


      I wasn't aware the situation was happening at all, at the time. I was sleeping after a study-spree. By the time I found out, Telanir had already responded to the situation, me trying to "handle" the situation after the fact, makes no sense. I didn't make any assumptions. I just shared my displeasement with how people were acting, even if they had a good reason for it, they went the wrong way about it.


      I posted this status 10 hours ago and I am getting rather tired of repeating myself. I'll leave it at this: I realize I shouldn't have made the post as condescending as it was and that wasn't my intention. Something I however will not apoligize for is asserting that as a GM, I have a right to my own opinion and I most certainly don't have to respect every single member on the server. Not sure why this has garnered so much attention, but have a good day.

    4. iMattyz


      I came back with 30 notifications and I was scared

  3. Lord of the Meme, VOL. 1

    I don't know why this was made; but I am happy it was.
  4. How in LOTC we do ZIKR (Video)

  5. LotC Location Demographic!(POLL)

  6. Graphics And Skins - Skin Shop

    Why is it acceptable to charge money for character art, but not skins? Both take time, effort and talent. u bettr chek urself b4 u rek uself
  7. AMA

    Which conspiracy theory do you actually believe in? And don't hold out on me and say none.. CONFESS!
  8. How does one go around being a LT ceritifed brewer/tavern owner?

    1. Youngie5500


      You contact a lore-team member

  9. [Accepted] [Trial]TarreBear's GM App!

    Yes, please! Great work-ethic and a lovely person to be around. I think she could do great on the team. +1
  10. remove staff from being involved in roleplay alliances

    I have no idea what you're trying to communicate.
  11. [Denied]Dragonayr's GM Application.

    Black on dark brown. Bold choice.
  12. [Accepted] [Trial]Alex’s GM Application

    Yes please.
  13. [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Wolf goes Green

    I'd like to see him given a chance. If he sucks we can always ban him +1
  14. First Cyrilsburg Election