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  1. Youngie5500

    (OOC) Looking for character to play

    I am glad now enchants are gone, this man is safe to return. God bless.
  2. Youngie5500

    Community Guidelines Violations

    You’re putting hard working ghost-writers out of business. How will they feed their families?
  3. Youngie5500

    Persona Database Cleanse

    Guys. Instead of spamming this thread, merely conveying a change in the Arche-Core system, I would take Sporadic’s suggestion and consolidate your grievances in a thread here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/971-story-feedback/
  4. Youngie5500

    Roleplay Screenshot Thread (Free for anyone to use)

    Took a look through my screenshot folder.
  5. when are we finishing that show. . .

    1. Youngie5500



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  6. Youngie5500

    [✗] [New Metal] Deep Iron

    Grate fro tools but very goot for armour and swords, huh? Love it!
  7. Youngie5500

    The Wood Elven Peoples of Glaedwynn

    Informative and concise! Really appreciated, considering I am still largely ignorant when it comes to Elven history and culture.
  8. Youngie5500

    Land Auction Annoucement

    Shouldn’t Gladewynn fall under this category? They’ve been one of the most active player groups recently and failed because of a circumstance out of their control.
  9. Youngie5500

    [Accepted] [Trial]Murlocs' Game Moderator Application

    I vaguely remember this guy. I think he was a good Heroes of The Storm player or something. +1
  10. Youngie5500

    Returning to the Bonfire

    Uhhhh... Welcome back?
  11. Youngie5500

    Your View: Warclaims, Warfare and Casus Bellis

    Less red tape. If one nation starts steamrolling, that is what defensive pacts are for. The Fifth Empire seemed invincible for a long time until they weren’t. I get that all these rules are put in place, to encourage RP and make it harder for OOC scheming to take place, but as it is right now, they encourage the opposite.
  12. Youngie5500

    Community Meeting

    Well... Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out the 26th... So none of the days 😑