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  1. What is the point of reposting someone else's post?
  2. What is the most important thing you've learned from your experience as a moderator?
  3. MCName: LimmzRPName: Therren Caerme’onnCharacter Race: Mali’ame
  4. (( MC Name: Limmz )) What is your full name? Therren Caerme’onn From where do you hail? Irrinor What is your racial descent? Mali’ame
  5. I miss my enchanted 42% black-ferrum war axe.
  6. Common Registration (Duel Only) ((Mc Name)): Limmz Name: Therren Caerme'onn Age: A century and some years. Race: Wood Elf
  7. In connection with The First Festival of Omentahu a great melee tournament will be held with never-before-seen prizes. There will be no-entry-fee and all are welcome to participate. If you think yourself a fair fighter, come prove it before all. The tournament will take place in the newly constructed Irrinor Arena with plenty of space, allowing for you to fight without obstructions. The tournament will be single elimination brackets, with rounds being best of one. The semi-final and final will be best of three and best of five respectively. PRIZES 1st place prize: 8000 minae and a trophy to commemorate your impressive victory. 2nd place prize: 2000 minae. TIME AND PLACE Irrinor (Saturday August 24th at 03:30 PM EST) Sign up for the tournament with Therren Caerme’onn (IGN: Limmz) leading up to tournament start at the fairgrounds. The Festival itself starts at 03:00 PM EST. @ABruhhMoment @Dawsy @Renoks @Boxboiy @Stargush @Milenkhov @Thornz @iMattyz @KBR @Auswolf @Treshure @Skylez1 @Mickaelhz @Pancakehz @Fawb (There were some forum accounts I couldn’t find, so if you are not @et, that’s probably why. Tell your friends, all are welcome to come compete.) [!] UPDATE: Due to a Warclaim on Saturday, tournament start will be moved back to 03:30 PM EST.
  8. Discord: Oliver#4321 Bid: 2500 & 2500 Outfit: Feathered Cap & Generic Nobleman 1
  9. "No self-respecting 'ame would ever genuflect before a serpent." grumbles an unamused wood elf.
  10. Almost two weeks!


  11. 10/10 would rob @Amayonnaise again. When you actually RP the encounter and leave your target alive, it makes for great dynamic roleplay. Even if that dynamic roleplay is your character being hunted down, interrogated and hanged.
  12. Then again compared to you we're all spring chickens! What is the most positive change you have seen on the server through the years?
  13. Like everyone else has mentioned, it is likely in @Treemo's itemcache. Try contacting him.
  14. Very nice! Hope to see some more of you guys running around soon!
  15. Why am I your favorite Lord of The Craft member?
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