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  1. Friendly reminder that Narthok's ban is an admin ban. It's not within Wacko's, mine or any other moderator's purview to undo it. Wacko gave him the tenth warning point, the rest was left to administration to deal with. You can scream and shout at moderation all you want, but it won't change a thing.
  2. I can tell this was very sincere and it was a tough read. I suppose everyone relates at least somewhat to the escapism aspect of it all. Going to miss you, brother. Hit me up if you ever want to chat or play a game 🙂
  3. Give me back my house in Johannesburg, you monster.
  4. Greedy, Lazy and Complacent. 16th of The Amber Cold, 1734 Early in the morning, a stoic ‘ame would emerge from a barren stall with naught but the clothes on his back, his sword, quiver, and bow. Quickly perusing the few faces in the square he would offer each an amiable smile and a nod before adjusting his cloak, a hint of melancholy noticeable from the crease between his brow. As he wandered away from the stall, he would run his palm over the smooth wood, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “You’ve gotten greedy,” he gripes to no one in particular as he withdrew a small stack of papers from the inside of his cloak, neatly placing them on the stall counter before securing them with an iron ingot for a paperweight. Drawing a heavy breath the ‘ame would turn his face to the cold breeze blowing in through the Irrinor gate and leave. To my fellow ‘ame I am not an eloquent ‘ame as most of you know, but I will try to explain the reasoning behind my departure nonetheless. I have grown greedy, lazy, complacent and frankly too valahan in nature. I yearn for purpose, old struggles, and achievements; I won’t find that here. I am too distant from The Aspects now and I yearn to be one with nature and The Balance again as I was many moons ago. I will remember you all and Aspects willing return free of my fault and wrongdoings. ~ Therren Caerme’onn To Artimec I am proud to be your mal’onn and I am proud to bear the crimson antlers. You are the strongest ‘ame I know, a steadfast leader and a constant inspiration to our people. I know you will continue to advance our culture and faith and I hope one day I can call myself your equal. Pray for me. ~ Your mal’onn, Therren. To Layla and Miklaeil I figured I might as well address you in this letter as you share everything. Layla, in many ways you are my lari’onn. I love you deeply and I hope you will forgive me for doing this to you once again. You are my heart and I regret putting duty before you more than you can know. It seems like only yesterday we were fishing in Linandria and talking about what our futures may hold. You have grown into a strong, capable leader and I am overjoyed you have found yourself a partner who would give their life for you as I would. I will carry the feather you gave me many, many moons ago, wherever I go. I will miss you and I will see you again. I promise. Miklaeil, we may not speak often, but know I deeply respect you. I respect your loyalty, your resolution and I respect your devotion to Layla. I could not have hoped for a better partner to my lari’onn. Perhaps next I see you, you will have used some of your gumption to improve your martial abilities. ~ Therren. To Avius Avius, you are a capable fighter and I have nothing more to teach you. Be careful not to go down the same road I did. Stay humble, stay courageous and use not the sword for glory or fame, but to protect your fellow ‘ame. ~ Therren.
  5. Hats off to the French gaming community for raising 3.5 million euro for disease research.

  6. What is the point of reposting someone else's post?
  7. MCName: LimmzRPName: Therren Caerme’onnCharacter Race: Mali’ame
  8. (( MC Name: Limmz )) What is your full name? Therren Caerme’onn From where do you hail? Irrinor What is your racial descent? Mali’ame
  9. I miss my enchanted 42% black-ferrum war axe.
  10. Common Registration (Duel Only) ((Mc Name)): Limmz Name: Therren Caerme'onn Age: A century and some years. Race: Wood Elf
  11. In connection with The First Festival of Omentahu a great melee tournament will be held with never-before-seen prizes. There will be no-entry-fee and all are welcome to participate. If you think yourself a fair fighter, come prove it before all. The tournament will take place in the newly constructed Irrinor Arena with plenty of space, allowing for you to fight without obstructions. The tournament will be single elimination brackets, with rounds being best of one. The semi-final and final will be best of three and best of five respectively. PRIZES 1st place prize: 8000 minae and a trophy to commemorate your impressive victory. 2nd place prize: 2000 minae. TIME AND PLACE Irrinor (Saturday August 24th at 03:30 PM EST) Sign up for the tournament with Therren Caerme’onn (IGN: Limmz) leading up to tournament start at the fairgrounds. The Festival itself starts at 03:00 PM EST. @ABruhhMoment @Dawsy @Renoks @Boxboiy @Stargush @Milenkhov @Thornz @iMattyz @KBR @Auswolf @Treshure @Skylez1 @Mickaelhz @Pancakehz @Fawb (There were some forum accounts I couldn’t find, so if you are not @et, that’s probably why. Tell your friends, all are welcome to come compete.) [!] UPDATE: Due to a Warclaim on Saturday, tournament start will be moved back to 03:30 PM EST.
  12. Discord: Oliver#4321 Bid: 2500 & 2500 Outfit: Feathered Cap & Generic Nobleman 1
  13. "No self-respecting 'ame would ever genuflect before a serpent." grumbles an unamused wood elf.
  14. Almost two weeks!


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