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  1. Anybody know of a decently active human tavern that is recruiting?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. _NotChris


      Haense, Morg is the tavernkeep and is very active, his Discord is Lukky#5308

    3. Miniguy15736


      Yeah Morg’s pretty much always there in Haense’s tavern every time I see him, and he does a lot of rp with the other tavernkeeps who work there. One of the nicest and most welcoming guys I know, I’m sure he’d love to have you. 

    4. MadOne


      Yeah, Morgrainne’s tavern in Haense is active, and there are people working there along with him. 

  2. An additional bid of 6,500 was delivered, marked in the waxed seal of al-Hrun.
  3. An independent bid of 5,500 was delivered, marked in the waxed seal of al-Hrun.
  4. Hello Proteus! I would be glad to speak to you on a possible blood-related character, you may contact me through adding me on Crines#2975 to discuss, cheers!
  5. A letter written posthaste and dispatched by courier arrived within the next day at soonest. To the esteemed Rhegal Black, you are accepted for the position as an associate of the company and will be tasked with responsibilities soonest as the market demands. Best regards,
  6. Whisking a reply to the gentleman a reply arrived posthaste. Bearing the mark of the O.T.C. Your letter has been promptly torned, tripped to pieces and burned to ashes but I had a good chuckle out of the drawing. Welcome aboard.
  7. OXENSTEIRNA TRADING COMPANY Est. 1707 The Oxensteirna is a fiery and enduring Savoyardic family borne from the remains of the of old Lorraine-Savoy Kingdom of Axios. Remarkably esoteric on their origins or affiliations and known for their shrewd business sense, the Oxensteirna has faced numerous setbacks prior to the arrival on Arcas but remains ever resolute, with their gaze set on rising to higher heights. The Oxensteirna Trading Company was borne in conjunction with the fluid state of affairs within Arcas, serving as a minor player in financial markets in Ves, Reza and Helena. Serving dutifully in the purposes of general goods, the O.T.C for short has progressed into a state of expansion in seeking workers and caravan guards for its purposes. Institutionalized with beliefs in the defence of the faith and assistance to the poor, characterized in a form of a ancient common language as ‘Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum’ is enshrined in the O.T.C’s moral compass. Its long-term goals remains ambiguous. Partners of the Oxensteirna Trading Company I: Captain Honour Rackham[LD-001] Associates of the Oxensteirna Trading Company [Publicly Redacted] Workers interested in menial labour or fighters with martial prowess in exchange for payment and incentives are sought for. Recruitment Form, to be mailed in any of the stall locations in Ves, Reza and Helena.  Name: Position: Introduction: OOC information: Username: Discord Men and Women under fealty need not apply. New and returning players are welcome to join, and the following players can be contacted through discord to discuss any questions one may have. Cassiflorn | Crines#2975 Laurelin | Liritho#0797 FireCrimson#1915 No part of this document may be reproduced without prior written permission by a partner of the O.T.C
  8. Cassiflorn

    The Huntsmen

    Name: Faust Race: Human Age: 17 Desired role: Craftsman Reason for enlistment: I will like to hone and sell my wares to the benefit of monster-slaying. OOC Username: Cassiflorn Discord Tag (Example#3333): Crines#2975 Timezone: GMT +8
  9. A letter written in non-descript handwriting arrived within the fortnight by courier to the sellsword, upfront in its intention in hiring the warrior. To the Veteran Royce Ruric de Frey, Your swordsmanship services are sought by a fledging youth with only determination laden within his skills in wielding a blade coupled with the willingness in finding a tutor of considerable reputation such as yourself to learn at the price of your choice. With interest, Faust von Oxenstierna
  10. MC Name: Cassiflorn MC name of those living with you: KaelaMenshaKhaine :RP: Head of household: Avcos Family/individuals staying: 2 Number of Children: 0
  11. As someone who was picking up persona time over the weekend in order to make my first autoshop, it is a considerable setback. What’s the purpose of having persona timers tied to autoshops at all? After all , autoshops are hinged off one's donation ranks.
  12. Hello Imatty, Have you tried the normal procedure of right-clicking the optifine.jar and opening it with Java? It works similarly to installing Forge.
  13. Clan Otsugowara Crest of the Otsugowara Clan Great sadness is tearless.. Supreme enlightenment is wordless.. Loud laughter is silent.. Clan Otsugowara is a fiery and enduring clan borne from the remains of the once-mighty Hirafu clan hailing from the far-flung eastern continents. Members of the Otsugowara profile themselves to be wily and resourceful, keen on defending a reputation on serving as protectors of the easterners and battering their foes that reaches across the many seas both west and east. Recent History Clan Otsugowara is presently led by Suzuhito Otsugowara, currently within its sixth generation, succeeding after centuries of bloodied conflict and a gory end to numerous clan members. Otsugowara joined in the side of Clan Kato in the Echo Bay Uprising of 1692, a tumultuous and complicated easterner conflict that saw Otsugowara brought to close to complete destruction by its enemies. In a stroke of fortitude in the closing days of the conflict with defeat for themselves and their allies all but certain due to malicious tactics, Suzuhito Otsugowara alongside the bravest of his kin and retainers commandeered the fastest sailship from the enemy fleet in a brazen night mission, and placed it into service at the forefront of the refugee fleets that came to this continent… Familial Direction In-Game state of the Tokoko Refugee Camp Clan Otsugowara has declared the restoration of the Easterners in the continent to be an imminent priority, toiling hard to ensure consistent development of the Tokoko Refugee Camp as a hub to encourage growth and recovery of the Easterners. In true likeness, the clan has established a personal godo kaisha to achieve its financial ends and prepares to trade in various artisan trades and crafts to bring both wealth and life back into the Eastern people. Family Legends and Ancestry. Clan Otsugowara claims to be the descendants of Asuka no Hirafu, a legendary naval commander in their fables who let a thousand ships to conquer the eastern mainland. His campaign culminated in the battle of Hakusukinoe which saw the coalition forces of the mainland successfully push back his invasion. "We learn that in ancient times there have been cases of troops being asked for and assistance requested: to render help in emergencies, and to restore that which has been interrupted, is a manifestation of ordinary principles of right. The Land of..., in its extremity, has come to us and placed itself in our hands. Our resolution in this matter is unshakable. We will give separate orders.. to advance at the same time by a hundred routes” It was said to be an honorable cause as the Lord had given his word to the remaining survivor of a royal clan of antiquity and married her to see the return of the once prosperous kingdom. Although the restoration forces had initial successes it eventually saw defeat at the hand of the mainlanders and Asuka no Hirafu returned to his hometown to seek redemption. It was there that he received a vision that there will come a time in which his clan will herald a new era for their people in another faraway continent, and hence is how the legend goes. Family Traditions WIP as In-game roleplay brings improvement to the traditional aspect. Version 0.1 An Introduction: Kanzeon is an Easterner belief that Clan Otsugowara follows with an emphasis on ancestral worship and familial piety, believing in the importance of a Sangha (Native Language: Seng-Chia) which is a religious community as an integral class of society. Origins: Far-East. Kanzeon is a way of life that developed from the mainstreams of Eastern Farfolk culture, usually regarded as a minority in many of the larger urbanized regions in the area. After many local tragic upheavals, local sages (Native Language: Onymodos ) and monks began to propagate the importance of familial virtues and the merits of strong bloodlines as a matter of self-perseverance. A key aspect of Kanzeonism would be folk religion where a follower attempts to propitiate and attract the favor of local and ancestral spirits known as phi(Native Language: Kami). While some have often drawn a clear line between their beliefs and folk religious practices, this distinction is rarely observed in more rural locales. Spiritual power derived from the observance of Kanzeon precepts and rituals is employed in attempting to appease local nature spirits. Astrology, numerology, ancestral relics and the creation of talismans and charms also play a prominent role and often kept in proper shrines. Annets part one: Amongst the descendants, Kanzeonism has permeated strongest in the retention of ancestral relics due to its importance or heritage. An example would be that of a sword or katana of a famous warrior being kept by his family or colleagues after his demise. Another example would be that of meditation beads of a monk, kept and consecrated by his colleagues to be a talisman to honor and respect his memory. Such acts are seen as good deeds and contribute to the individual dharma(Karma) in a positive light. An example of a platform, usually wooden in nature where relics are placed upon and tended to on an almost daily basis in a shrine or home as part of the caretaker’s routine. OOC implementation: An Easterner player character could have a wooden platform in their home dedicated to items of importance to them which can be consecrated by a member of the monastic class. After which, the caretaker of these items can be done through the daily cleaning and burning of incense to honor these items and relics. Similarly, in shrines for more important items and relics usually using fancier platforms and flower arrangments. Some practitioners even offer offerings in the form of food that is changed on a daily basis. Joining the Clan - OOC - Clan Otsugowara is an ever-expanding concept that will improve and is seeking competent and passionate players interested in growing Easterner culture on the server, it will be my hope to create an entertaining roleplay experience to those interact and join the effort with the Easterners and I will be keen on listening to criticism and feedback to improve the Easterner clan with. I added a small section in the event that someone would be interested in signing up! OOC: Roleplay Experience?: Roleplay Strength?: Previous Punishments?: Discord?: (You do not have to post it. A simple pm or adding me at Crines#2975 will be fine! Feel free to contact me and ask questions this way as well) @Miss_Confined
  14. Happy New Year everyone! ? Its 2019 here in the east.

  15. Merry Christmas!


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