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  1. literal copy of somebody else’s fiction transported to lotc, weak effort, smol brain lore, write something original
  2. “What is your baptismal name?” Ramon Llull. “Hm, and how many years have you lived?” 43. “I see, interesting. And where were you born?” Helena. “Aha, and your ethnicity?” Heartlander. “Are you able to read and write?” Yes. “I see. And your family? Are you married, do you have children?” No. “How do you wish to serve GOD? As A Monk? A priest? A layman?” Priest or Monk. “And finally, do you have any issue with taking up oaths of chastity and devote yourself to our Lord GOD?” No. “That should be all.” He finishes writing down t
  4. “Basically, when your character and another player's character come into conflict, you should check in with that person OOC later to see if that person is okay. The same should be the case with conflict in LOTC.” What are we ******* Massivecraft?
  5. I used to bandit a LOT, and always did it in rp. Both on my orc characters and human ones, thievery was the primary goal and never ended up killing almost anyone. I think the purpose of playing a villain, any kind for that matter, is to fill a niche in a story and provide a common goal to unite people. In doing so you create more rp, and help to turn mundane rp into something more memorable. I’m wholly opposed to any form of PVP besides nation vs nation battles and think that banditry should be done in rp. #RPdefault2019
  6. Followers of the dwarven faith don't really frown on magic users, most of the info here is wrong.
  7. ornias my son u going up in the world finally

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