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  1. Discord: slug#0001 Skins / Bid: 4,100 Minas for Sea Robes
  2. Discord: slug#0001 Skins / Bid: 3,000 Minas for Sea Robes
  3. im so sorry but im monotonous in my musical themes – yung and writhing by rew No Longer Making Time by Slowdive
  4. Discord: slug#0001 Skins / Bid: 1,200 Minas for Armoured Garb
  5. Discord: slug#0001 Skins / Bid: 1,000 Minas for Sea Robes
  6. Discord: slug#0001 Skins / Bid: 1,000 Minas for Canon Red
  7. “Good afternoon, Miss Aemlia. See, how this time, I rented a worthwhile pigeon! It was a fourty- I miscounted, thirty eight mina fee to borrow it from a Siramenorian Druid, but I can tell it was very, very likely punctual to the time I mentioned this letter would find you- the afternoon. Let me know, if it got to you at any other time. It will give me a good excuse to ask for refund with interest. Thank you for having taking the time to read my letter, and opting to take my counsel. Whether it be purely with my architectural insight, or with the hopeful eventuality of my physical labor; I am certain what we discuss will be of use to you. Give me, say- three days, while I make my way to Owynsburg. I will not be long. Thankfully, Gretel L.”
  8. [!] The letter had seem to had run in with all sorts of elements. The rain had turned made its corners jaundiced; the wax on its forefront had seemingly shattered a quarter of its integrity due to fumbling and bumbling by transporters. A solitary cut of the wax with a knife, and the letter sprung- it’s casing on its last legs- almost as if the letter itself was excited to be finally read. “Good morning, evening, afternoon, night- at whatever time this letter reaches you, Miss Amelia. You know how these pigeons get; finicky in travel as they are to get the letter on their talons. Before everything- bare with me, I am leading you on- I used to be an interior designer. I found a lot of delight in making homes comfortable, traversable, and welcoming to strangers. I made a lot of mistakes, in the beginning of it. I made atrocious homes; with creaky floorboards and holes for roaches to hide in. Your home does not sound all that different. -- Those days are behind me. Today, I am a Spearmaiden-for-hire, among other things. Wherever there is mina, and morally sound principles, I’m bound to show. I take advice from Haulen’or’s disciplined Okarir’tir, Celiasil. I take advice from Chi Monks of Siramenor; Jiangu Vancrute, in particular. I take advice from every little conflict I have been led into. I take advice from the injuries of my betters, and the deaths of my lessers. I think, you could take my advice- as a former interior designer,- on where to look first, and as a Spearmaiden, you could take my service to get rid of your pests for you. I am a party of one, but whoever else is soliciting the work – I am certain, – I can cooperate with. – In the meanwhile, try Siramenor. Hotels there are cheap this time of year. I would not want you to eat through your coffers before you hire me. Thank you, Gretel L.”
  9. Is MPM already out for 1.15.2? Where’s the link holmes???
  10. These days, it’s been a lot of Low Roar, PUP, The Strokes and reggaetton songs. They’re not pop, but if you like to experiment – give them a whirl. Low Roar Reggaetton PUP The Strokes
  11. Coming into your discord with a commission!
  12. Purple Pride – 1,200 slug#0001
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