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  1. skin: En Garde, Brooding bid: 10 USD, 17 USD discord: slug#0001 @Remyy@Spoon@gavyn
  2. "Are you fuckin'...-? Mmh." The Governess' confidant and brawn's half-lidded eyes raise from the missive onto the card on the fine, mahogany table between them. Tiresomely he groans, exhausted by his third loss over the countertop with her, though with a smile befitting their friendship: Brandt lets his wrist fall and fingers lose their grip, his handful of cards splaying out atop the dusted, wooden surface. "Let me shuffle the cards next time, ah?" He muses; sedated and calm, genuine and earnest; compliments to the sun's smile her chipper nature often folded his lips with. Then, it began to s
  3. The young confidant, advisor and muscle sits beside his Governess, their temples nigh-touching as they read from the same tabloid; Brandt tapping an index to the tip of his tongue to better sift between the sheets of outrageous gossip. Palm absently letting the unfurled pamphlet fall atop the table, Brandt pinches the bridge of his nose exasperatedly. "See, what I've been telling you? It costs them not to mention us, Anna. No better reminder than this, ah?" He leans forth on his seat and delivers three hard taps of his middle finger against the tabloid, before then wagging his index in the air
  4. The Social Season, So Far Before any of you seasoneurs grace your eyes on this paper, I ought to preface it with some true words from yours truly. I am no one - nobody. A shadow hidden among you, perhaps. A confidante to some, likely - no? Duh. All you need to know is that I see you, oui... I see you, and God has it been embarrassing to. ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ THE DEBUTS A small turn out this year. A disappointment to any gossip columnar, but don’t fret: there is still so much to talk about! While The Right Honourable Baron Carr
  5. Brandt Krüger dabs a dollop of clay pomade onto his palm, streaking it through his hair before the mirror to affix and fashion it. Under his breath, that sharp man utters: "The bloodbaths make themselves." Nonetheless, he smooths his gentleman's coat and trots out the door after slipping his feet into fine shoes.
  6. What do you think of these tracks?
  7. in case it wasn't clear i wasn't bidding on purple @Onika
  8. $50 mineman investment
  9. @Onika Purple Royal | $16
  10. Purple Royal | $12 Black like my soul | $3 @Vi
  11. Purple Royal | $9 Black like my soul | $3 @Vi
  12. Purple Royal | $6 Black like my soul | $3 @Vi
  13. Pretty Imperial Pirate | $14 Brown Winterfell | $6 @Vi
  14. Pretty Imperial pirate | $10 Brown Winterfell | $6 @Vi @Security_
  15. Brown Winterfell | $2 Pretty Imperial Pirate | $5 @Vi
  16. Brown Winterfell | $2 Pretty Imperial Pirate | $2
  17. Happy to have you on board man!!! Never too late to start on this stuff. If ever you need help or just want to talk, you can find me as sluggobuggo in game and slug#0001 on discord.
  18. Hit my line anytime, man. Discord's slug#0001, IGN is sluggobuggo.
  19. [OOC] Username: sluggobuggo Discord: slug#0001 [IRP] Name: Flynn Ramshackle Age: 27
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