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  1. Pierce would be the sickly Father, though, he’d become noticeably still and unresponsive lately.
  2. Pierce would roll over in his bed, perhaps dreaming of parties?
  3. Pierce would miss his Flameforge boys from his slumber.
  4. Pierce would lay in his bed, oblivious to all.
  5. click click click amirite roleplayers

    1. Salvo


      erp erp erp am i right pvpers

  6. Pierce would dream of human unity from his eternal slumber, an ambition that was long sought after during his administration, but was alas out of reach at every corner, even after his incapacitation.
  7. The sickly King Pierce would lay in his bed, unconscious.
  8. Sporan


    Pierce would be read the news aloud from his bedside, his form unmoving as his dull eyes drifted around. Not a whimper or expression would be seen, yet a lone tear would drift down the man’s cheek, as his thoughts continued to wander.
  9. Declaration of Regency Issued and Confirmed on the 9th of Sun’s Smile, 1737 In light of recent events regarding King Pierce I Devereux’s illness and confinement to bed, a regency council has been appointed amongst his Majesty’s privy council, to govern the state of affairs within the Kingdom of Curonia, until such a time when William II Edward Devereux is of age to ascend to the throne. To head this regency council will be Angelo de Alba of the Ursurian Knights, until such a time for the transition of power to the rightful heir. The Green Tide rises, for we stand as one. Signed, Ser Angelo de Alba, Lord Regent and Grand Knight of Curonia
  10. A King and his Fall [!] The battles had been fought and won, humanity once more unified and glorious in a grand stand against the injustices perpetrated against its kind and kin. For what seemed like a lifetime, Pierce’s existence had been veered towards the betterment of humankind, both of his Kingdom and an Empire with which he wished to bring to the forefront of global presence. Having lived a lifetime of successes and failures in this ambition, this united front, a common goal, a common humanity, had sent waves of pride down Pierce’s body, the brightest of smiles present spread across his countenance. To see humanity finally together, after many years of outright squabble and conflict to salt the wounds of a dying pride, was a joy like none other. A joy short lived. For what stirred in Pierce’s mind after the triumph of victory was polar to his heart and body. His eyes would twitch a moment, before collapsing to his knees, his digits curling into the finer cloth of his tunic, gripping at his chest. The pain shooting throughout the course of his body leaving him short of breath, Pierce would gasp for air, but would not find it. A panic would ensue as he clawed at his chest, begging for a breath. And then...darkness. The King would stir within his bed, a lone servant sitting along his bedside, a glass of water perched at his right along the wooden structure of his bedside cabinet. His breathing short and his body fatigued, he would look about, barely moving his head about his neck, his entire form screaming in pain as he does so. He’d blink begrudgingly, his gaze drifting to that of his servant. The words to escape his lips were brief and quiet, but spoke directly. The servant quickly left the room, leaving Pierce within the confines of his room, his head settling forward as he looked at the ceiling of his palace room. His light blue eyes fixated on nothing in particular as he simply laid in solitude, his mind unable to find the ability to wander as it once had.
  11. Pierce would look with a smile at his growing militia, outfitting each one with standard Curonian arms. “Ave Orenia.” He’d nod in affirmation, preparing for battle.
  12. Pierce would mourn the loss of Mars. Truly, a tragedy. One that shan’t be forgotten.
  13. “I can only hope and pray no other nation faces a disaster to scale with the voidal attack in Curonia, should it, we shall provide plentiful support.” Pierce would retract a fanciful quill from his pouch, signing the document at the bottom.
  14. Pierce begins to prepare his armies to march upon the Orcish lands, sharpening his blade with fierce determination.
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