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  1. Edward plans to attend!
  2. The Milner stands ominously in the distance, dreams of liberation for the Sutican citizens reserving all his thought.
  3. The Milner valet gets John’s fancy clothes ready for him.
  4. next week is my 5 year anniversary of joining 🙂

  5. If magic users can kamehameha me into the next century with fireballs and the other likes, I don’t see why it’s unreasonable for me to start blasting away with my AR-15. My characters will even take gun courses. Or at least flintlock pistols / handcannons, which is an extremely barebones firearm.
  6. Gregore Finnely and company prepare their finest suits to wear for the ball.
  7. im none of the things you listed, but id like to be considered, thx
  8. return to us

  9. Pierce would greet the Devereux woman with open arms, alongside his fallen lineage, in the Seven Skies. He’d gently place a kiss on her head as he wrapped his arms around her once more. ”And break, you did not.”
  10. Pierce would roll over in his bed, perhaps dreaming of parties?
  11. Pierce would lay in his bed, oblivious to all.
  12. click click click amirite roleplayers

    1. Salvo


      erp erp erp am i right pvpers

  13. Pierce would dream of human unity from his eternal slumber, an ambition that was long sought after during his administration, but was alas out of reach at every corner, even after his incapacitation.
  14. Sporan


    Pierce would be read the news aloud from his bedside, his form unmoving as his dull eyes drifted around. Not a whimper or expression would be seen, yet a lone tear would drift down the man’s cheek, as his thoughts continued to wander.
  15. Pierce would mourn the loss of Mars. Truly, a tragedy. One that shan’t be forgotten.
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