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  1. | ZipZapMan |

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    Ironic coming from the darkstalker who died repeatedly in the Dominion in axios and would march right back in the next week to do the dance all over again. It's almost like injury and death wasn't factored into roleplay at all on your part considering you have a loophole to avoid it all. Yet feel the need to advocate for it to apply to others.
  2. | ZipZapMan |

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    -You suggested pking to rp death, and all that bullshit that nobody follows. Even those who advocate for it. So I just grouped you up with them. -Not everyone wants to play a cripple. So if they lose a hand, if they're willing to compromise they'll rp it out in that scenario and get it healed after. But once again, everytime someone gets a hand chopped off its not a guard doing that to punish a thief. It's usually some bandit or spook or some other person who has gone out of their way just to inflict harm because they can. So you can **** off with that whole argument that people should rp the consequences. People will rp what they enjoy because they're here to have fun. If you want to complain that that ruins your own rp, don't rp with those people. -once again, just grouping you up with people based on what you said. Some people who have little investment in their personas go out of their way to cause harm to long-term personas for the fun of it in gruesome, disgusting manners that leave the character unplayable unless they die or a holy user steps in. People who do it for the pure enjoyment of it, seem to act in a way that fetishizes it. It's more than just avoiding a punishment or whatever. -Im sorry, but people are once again going to rp their personas how they like. Rping a cripple isn't everyone's cup of tea. -In my honest opinion, sessions should be enacted as a compromise that nobody likes. What the magic is able to achieve should be left alone. The downsides of using the magic should be adjusted in a way to balance it if that's the desire. Developing a regulation has nothing to do with the magic and what it can do. It falls solely on the Lt to do their job and enforce it. It literally should not determine what the magic can do and what the effects of it should be. -Once again, regulation does not matter for what the magic should be able to do.
  3. | ZipZapMan |

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    @ChonGojDragonski The whole of your argument seems to be based on this idea that a loud vocal minority seem to have that we should be some hardcore rp server where your first rp death is an automatic PK. And that's honestly a horrid idea. For all the times that people suggest this, it's clear that a large majority do not want this style of roleplay, either through vocally expressing such or through their actions. Nobody on the server PKs to their first rp death because, we're all here to have fun and develop stories with our personas. I saw earlier that you said "blah blah blah some people don't want to rp with people who don't PK and ignore injuries that ruin characters." Nobody wants to rp with people like yourself who seem to fetishize torture and inflicting injury. Sure you might find that rp fun for whatever reason you might have. But others don't and the only thing that makes it tolerable is the fact that you can get it reversed through monk resurrection or holy healing. By removing holy healing, the only thing you're going to see rise is *bleeds out* "monks brought me back to life, that rp was a waste of time as it has no effect on my persona." At least with holy healing something can come out of it as memories are kept. And your whole argument of "there's no way to regulate it" doesn't fall on the magic itself. It falls on the Lt team who's job it is to regulate and enforce rules. And besides, perhaps if it was amended to be that it would take sessions, the community through teachers with TAs could self regulate along with normal players reporting abuse.
  4. | ZipZapMan |

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    Conflict rp will remain the same, the only thing that will rise is **bleeds out* emotes
  5. | ZipZapMan |

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    -all for adding pain -people already have the option for their healing to be imperfect. Most people don't want a scar across the side of their face or wherever it might be. So theyre more likely to bleed out and have it monk healed when they're resurrected if it isn't a perfect heal. Which kills rp entirely. -sure. Up until now it's been left to the cleric to decide if they want to include mundane methods as to their style -regrowing is limited to fingers and such for clerics. You can only reattach arms and legs and hands and the such according to the current lore
  6. | ZipZapMan |

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    Yeah. It's what I was referring to. Anyways, would a nerf to healing magics apply to druidic methods of healing as well? Or strictly cleric, ascended, and paladin's healing methods.
  7. | ZipZapMan |

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    Monk magic, the ultimate form of healing
  8. | ZipZapMan |

    The el'Naeri Evarir Act

    "Hey, this is pretty good." Comments Lyemar as he takes a stroll through the Dominion, contemplating returning.
  9. MC Name: ZipZapMan Character's Name: Khiara Aureon Character's Age: Old enough, it's been so long I can't recall. Character's Race: Elven/Orc halfbreed Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Tahariae Priest Healing, War clericalism, Holy Altercation Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Clerical magic is a blessing granted to those who worship the Aengul Tahariae. Guided by the tenets, the clerics utilize his blessing to fulfill their mission of purity as set out by Tahariae. To fulfill their overall mission, the magic is divided up into three different classes known as priest healing, war clericalism, and holy altercation. Each class of magic is achieved by the manipulation of light channeled by the cleric through their soul via their connection to Tahariae. Over time, as a cleric wields their magic more and more, their abilities grow as they are able to sustain channeling larger amounts of light through practice. Thus rendering them able to heal more serious wounds, as well as utilize a larger pool of light to manipulate for combat. The first class of clerical magic is priest healing. Priest healing is the manipulation of light to reverse inflicted wounds, rid of disease and sickness, cure poisons, and remove taint from beings and land. To achieve the desired effects of utilizing a clerics light to achieve a task in priest healing, a cleric must be able to manipulate their knowledge and translate it into their light. As such, in order to heal a descendant, a cleric must first possess the necessary knowledge of the body and how it functions to properly treat and heal an injury. A lack of knowledge would render the healing efforts ineffective as the cleric would not be able to successfully manipulate their light to properly heal the ailment. Though it should be noted that to be effective, whoever is receiving treatment must first consent to being healed. Otherwise such actions would prove ineffective. As well as, it is impossible to apply priest healing to most dark beings as such actions proves to be almost immediately exhausting. The second class of clerical magic is war clericalism. War clerics are focused on hunting down and purging dark beings deemed impure by Tahariae and thus unfit to exist. Whereas a priest healer channels their knowledge into their light to achieve their desired effect, a war cleric channels emotion to manipulate their light for uses in combat. Light can be manipulated into a few forms by a war cleric, ranging from manipulating their light into orbs of physical light, producing blinding light, and manifesting holy flames. War cleric light causes agony for any dark or tainted being it comes into contact with, causing a burning sensation as the light causes harm to them. It should be noted that channeling war cleric light is exhausting for a cleric to perform and thus must be used in moderation. It should also be noted that besides the physical orb of light and the blinding light, war cleric light does not harm descendants. The third class of clericalism is holy altercation. Holy altercation covers two different applications of a cleric's light. The first application of a cleric's light is through blessing. To bless an object, such as a weapon or artifact, a cleric must infuse their light with said object. Infusing their light with the object effectively stores the light within said object. Said light can later be manipulated by a cleric to ease the casting of priest healing or war clericalism as they are able to drain the light from the blessing, or the object itself may be used to cause harm to a dark or tainted being through physical contact. Though the affects are not permanent as the charge only lasts a set time that is dependent upon the cleric who blessed it's tier. The second application of holy altercation is the use of light for the purpose of creating wards. Warding is when a cleric infuses their light into an area of land. Any undead entering such an area would find themselves weakened to the strength of a normal descendant if they had any physical buffs. As well as it becomes increasingly more difficult to cast dark magic inside of a warded area. To sustain a ward, a light stone is required to fuel the ward. The stone itself requires refueling. Failing to do such would result in the ward falling. The size of a ward is completely dependent on the strength of the cleric creating the ward. The stronger the cleric, the larger the ward may be. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Khiara smiled as she stepped out of the temple dedicated to the worship of Tahariae and into the warm morning sun, her student trailing behind her. "Are you ready for a lesson, Aelthus?" she'd ask of her student as she would continue to lead them to a clearing in the garden. Upon reaching the clearing, she'd seat herself onto one of the benches and motion for her student to seat himself on the bench across from her own. "Have you been practicing summoning and manipulating your war clerical light?" She'd ask of him, looking to him with a brow raised. Aelthus would nod in response to her question. "Good. Now, today's lesson will be about utilizing your light in a way to blind those around you. Now a word of caution, this spell affects all those who are around you. So don't use it carelessly." Aelthus would nod once again, elvish ears flicking as he listened to her speak. "Now, onto the spell itself," Khiara would begin explaining. "As always, you must first open your connection to Tahariae through prayer to channel His blessing. You claim to have been practicing, so channeling enough light to achieve this spell should be no problem for you. "Once you have opened your connection to Tahariae and begin channeling your light, manipulate your light to pool in the palm of one of your hands. Continue drawing as much light as you possibly can and will it into your palm. The more you condense in your hand, the brighter the light becomes until it becomes bright enough to be blinding to look at. "You will only be able to hold your light like this for a few seconds at most, as it requires you to constantly channel light into your palm. But with practice you will be able to extend the amount of time that you are able to hold it for." "That's all there is to it?" Asks a nervous Aelthus. "Mhm," she hums in response, looking expectantly towards her student. "Go ahead and give it a try. The worst that you can do is fail, which can be remedied with more practice." Aelthus' gaze turns downwards as he stands and extends out his right hand in front of him. He breathes in deeply before closing his eyes. "O' Tahariae, Lord of Purity, I, Thy humble servant, call upon Thee so that I may combat those beings of impurity in these dark times. Grant me Thy blessing so that I may further Thy mission of purity and Thy glory." As if in response to the cleric's prayer, he would take on a soft gold glow. Beads of sweat sprouting on his forehead as his connection was opened and the light channeled into his being. Aelthus inhales deeply as the golden light begins to transition into the palm of his right hand, at first slowly pooling in the upwards facing palm of the cleric. Khiara watches with interest as the light continues to pool as the seconds tick by. Aelthus' breathing becomes more and more labored and sweat begins to stream down his face as he continues to channel his light into the palm of his right hand. The glowing gold light's brightness growing more and more intense with each moment that passed them by. In a matter of seconds, Aelthus would have manifested enough light in his palm to cause Khiara to direct her gaze away from the blinding light. Though only mere seconds after achieving a blinding light Aelthus exhales sharply, his connection to his patron Aengul closing suddenly and the light dispersing from his hand. The exhausted cleric stumbles a step backwards before quite literally falling into a heaping mess onto the bench behind him. His chest rising and falling, his breath sounding forced from the fatigue. His face drenched in sweat. Khiara laughs lightly as she directs her gaze back towards him now that the blinding light would be gone. "Well done, Aelthus," she says pridefully, a smile appearing on her lips. "You did well for a first effort. With more practice you'll be able to hold your light a bit longer. I suggest you practice this spell when you get the chance between your studies." With that Khiara rises from her seat, stepping forward to lay her right hand onto the right shoulder of her student. "But for now, remain here and rest. You've done well, Aelthus." Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Sure Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  10. | ZipZapMan |

    [Mandate] To The Lycans of Atlas!

    "Put the beasts down!" Khiara half yells before setting out to forge a new blade to accomplish such.
  11. | ZipZapMan |

    The Dominion Insider Vol. Three

    "I pray to the Aspects that whoever writes this ceases publishing," states a bored Lyemar.
  12. | ZipZapMan |

    The Dominion Insider Vol. Two

    "If you are zelling the blethingz meant to further our mithion, I will beat that cleric who profitz until they zee Tahariae and beg for forgiveneth." States Khiara bluntly before going back to work at her forge.
  13. | ZipZapMan |

    The Dominion Insider

    "I'll gladly put thoze dogz down," states Khiara, a lone cleric, before setting out to do just that.
  14. | ZipZapMan |

    Raiding RP

    Changing the system outside of what already exists would prove to be too much for the community to handle The system we currently use is old and proven to keep players coming back to the server because they enjoy that aspect of the server