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  1. A Snow-covered Sparrow

    A smile spreads across Aelthus' face as he set off to find his seed sister in some afterlife. "Perhaps you will dance with me once more, sister. I promise I have gotten better over these past few years," he spoke softly under his breath as his walk quickly transitioned to a sprint." Tears formed in the corners of Khiara's eyes as she nursed a small mug of sweet smelling wine. How long had it been since she had last seen her aunt? She could not recall. Her heart sank with the realization as she hid her face in the mug of wine once more.
  2. But... Just because we're often out patrolling does not mean that the keeps go unused. The keeps have a purpose and are used RPly. Teaching, training, smithing, meetings, gatherings, as well as other various downtime roleplay. And as stated before, the three order's goals all clash together when you look past the blanket statement of "Grrr spooks grrr". Tensions get high when we're all in our separate keeps, nevermind being a stones throw away from one another.
  3. There's a reason why the ascended broke off from trinity keep. And there's a reason that the clerics broke off from trinity keep when the paladins were moving to their own island. The duties of a cleric, ascended, and paladin are quite different. Ascended believe that they can cure souls and spooks, whereas clerics believe that there is no point in trying to cure them as they have all been judged as guilty by Tahariae. This in itself creates conflict within the holy community rply. Which ultimately even creates conflicts within a order itself such as the Adherents. Not to mention that there are currently three sects of clerics; Adherents, Sutica, and Helves. As well as I believe there are two sects of Paladins. Not to mention the fact that everyone having their own place allows them to create it to suit their own individual needs, and no order is shoved off to the side. (cleric tower in trinity keep) They have their own size land that is dependent on their ability to gather support and resources. And they are welcome to do with it as they please. It just keeps everyone happy within the community. Limits the disagreements. I don't quite get the point of a poll really... It seems pointless to be quite frank.
  4. [Familiar] [CA] TahariaeRailGun

    MC Name: TahariaeRailGun Character's Name: Garr Character's Age: N/a Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/a Transformed form: Fire Familiar Creator's MC Name: Lhindir_ Creator's RP Name: Lhindir Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Much like a golem, an arcane familiar depends on a magical core that has been enchanted. Consisting of a managem set within arcaurum. It is this that fuels the element that makes up the familiar and gives it life. The element that the being is made with when created is restricted by plates that have been set in place upon its creation. These binding plates act as an outline for the shape of the creature. Constricting the element that the familiar is made up of within those boundaries. A familiar cannot draw from the void for it's spells. Instead, if the familiar wishes to make use of a spell within it's element. such as a fireball, it must draw from the element that it is made up of. This is limited, as the being only consists of so much element. Upon using the majority of it's element, the familiar would be unable to function. Though given time, the element will be replenished. Like most conjured beasts, a familiar is bound to the word of it's creator. They follow whatever order is given to them. At first, the familiar knows next to nothing. And so they are dependent on their creators to teach them anything and everything. Including speech that would be monotone in nature. Though over time as the familiar learns, it becomes more sentient. Though it remains bound to the will of it's creator. In order to function, the familiar relies on it's core and it's plates. An attack to it's element does very little damage to it, as it is just the element that makes up the being. But an attack that strikes the plates or core, and results in the destruction of it, will kill the familiar. Resulting in death that lasts until its core is recharged and repaired. A familiar is quite weak to warding and antimagic. The two resulting in the dispersing of the familiar. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope! Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes! Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Of course! Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope!
  5. [Completed][Bounty] Berthold of Hachland

    Chief Adherent Khiara Aureon grows concerned, passing Elvira a extra large mocha, hoping it would calm the senior cleric.
  6. [MArt] The Stag's Rose

    Required emotes added to the redlines Also here,
  7. [Denied]Alex's GM Application | Blue > Red?

    Alex is a good kid, known him since he joined the server. He's matured a lot since he's joined, advancing well beyond his years. I have yet to see him lose his cool. My only real negative input is that Alex needs to become a bit more confident in himself when he has a choice to make. To make a choice on his own and stick with it. The kid deserves a shot at least. +1
  8. A disgusting cleric, only thing I would recommend him for is to be purged. All jokes set aside, if Nek can kick his butt into gear he'll be a fantastic GM like he was. He has my support. +1
  9. Are grappling hooks really meant to only jump 1/10th of a block? @Kowaman

    1. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers


    2. Kowaman


      It seems I mixed up two values in the code. Should be fixed after the next restart!

  10. Fishing Buff?

    EXP gain isn't too bad. The real EXP is from collecting fishing nets. Pair that with normal fishing and you'll easily grind it. I say this as someone who actually did that, instead of respeccing into it.
  11. [MArt] The Stag's Rose

    Name of Artifact: The Stag’s Rose MC Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: TahariaeRailGun RP Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Khiara Aureon MC Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): TahariaeRailGun & Farryn RP Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Khiara Aureon & Elvira Naromis Effect(s) of Artifact: A holy sword imbued with clerical light through the blessing of the blade. Upon being swung, it may emit a bolt of light from the tip of the blade when swung that would fire off at a rapid rate forward. Accomplished through the sudden burst of channeling of a large amount of light over a short period of time through the blade. The bolt of light only deals blunt damage, much like orb of light, when it comes into contact with a being. The bolt would impact, dealing blunt damage and then disperse almost immediately afterwards. Red Lines of Artifact: - War cleric magic required to activate the blessing and use, to anyone else it functions as a normal blade -The strength of the bolt of light is dependent on the tier of the war cleric. -A cleric who has not learned the spell Orb of Light is not able to manipulate the light to manifest a bolt, and thus the blade serves simply as a normal blessed weapon when activated. -Requires a burst of light to activate the blessing, meaning the user would feel some fatigue as they activate it -Channeling light into the blade will fatigue the user as is normal when channeling Tahariae’s light -Bolt of light is limited to a range of 7 blocks -The gems that hold the blessing must be charged every OOC week -The gems allows for a total of five attacks per charge. After the light is used up in the gem, the blessing must be recharged. -Blunt damage only, the light does not cut. -Exactly like orb of light, the light may impact and deal blunt damage, but it will disperse almost immediately. Leaving very little time for it to burn away taint, if any. -The bolt is not a homing missile, it cannot be redirected midair. -From standing still (no connection), to fire the weapon it would require at least five emotes. Once a connection is established, it would require at least three emotes to fire afterwards. Establish connection through prayer to Tahariae > Pooling light in hand wrapped around the hilt > Mix channeled light with existing light of the blessing > Manipulate light to the tip of the blade > Fire Explanation of effect(s) (i.e. how it does what it does - slight bending of magic lore is allowed): Achieved through the combination of Holy Alteration, the blessing of the weapon, and the War Cleric spell, Orb of light. Light is stored in gems on the sword itself, achieving a blessing that’s strength would be on par with the person who blessed/recharged the blade. Before being swung, the user will channel a small amount of war clerical light through the gems and the rest of the blade in order to activate the blessing. The blade at that point would function as any normal blessed weapon. But when swung, and paired with the sudden channeling of light throughout the blade and conscious thought to manipulate the light to one’s will to have it gather at the tip of the blade, a small bolt of light of both light from the blessing and the war cleric may be manifested and directed forward at the peak of the burst of channeled war clerical light from the tip of the blade. The bolt of light will take on the light colour of the war cleric. When coming in contact with somebody/something, the emitted light would function exactly like an orb of light, dealing blunt damage before dispersing almost immediately. The action can be repeated until the gems run out of stored light. Number of duplicates of this Artifact: None, this is the only one. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the whereabouts and ownership of this Artifact by using the Magic List Errors?: Yes Have you applied for this Artifact before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  12. [✗] Holy Alteration Clarification

    Clerical Light naturally has a tendency to burn tainted beings. Note that this doesn't burn dark mages, only their magic (Meaning they can pass through it unharmed). And so only tainted beings would be affected. As well as wards are not physical barriers, consider it to be a light water fall of light. You can still pass through it, but it may burn the taint that it comes into contact with, causing pain for the person... Meaning that one can still pass through it. But anyways, she is speaking of the rewriting of the wards, not the current system we have in place for wards. I kinda dislike how this is a blanket lore for all three holy groups, and I believe that each should be left to their magic to avoid interference and such. Just my opinion.
  13. [Denied] ZipZapMan's FM App

    Minecraft Username(s): ZipZapMan, LittlePenguin_ Age: 18 Time Zone: CST, an hour behind EST Skype: zipzapman1 Discord: ZipZapMan#1684 Have you been previously banned (be it a forum or server ban) and under what circumstances did you receive this ban?: I was once banned for xraying. Have you ever received warning points and what actions were committed to receive such points?: Nope! Moderating the forums is a very time dependant staff position. How much time, on average, would you be able to dedicate to moderating?: Several hours each day. Upwards of 10 hours each day. What experience do you have using the LotC forums or any forum in general?: I've been posting on the LOTC forums since I joined the server. What does it mean to be a Forum Moderator, in your own words? What responsibilities does the Forum Moderator have to carry out in order to successfully do their job?: A Forum Moderator is a member of the Forum Team that dedicates their time to reading and proofing the forums. Removing content that is deemed inappropriate and does not reflect the image that the server would like to present to players both new and old. As well as handing out warning points when need be to the users that violate these rules and guidelines. Overall, a Forum Moderator volunteers their time to keeping the forums happy, safe, and friendly to all who wish to use it. Have you ever held a staff position here on LotC? Do you currently hold any other staff positions? If so, list them and highlight something about the team that you enjoyed/enjoy.: Nope! Why should you be a Forum Moderator? What can you bring forward to the team that allows you to moderate and enforce the conduct of the forums?: I bring forward my drive to contribute positively to the community. The forums is the main source of communication for the server both OOCly and RPly, not matter their timezone. It is where everything is public about the server and the current on goings of RP. I bring forward my copious amount of time on my hands to help dedicate to enforcing the rules of the forums and keeping it clean and safe for all. I bring forward my ability to assume a role in a team and work with others. To overall achieve a set goal for the team. What characteristics do you posses that makes you stand out from any other applicant?: -Driven -Approachable -Serious -Professional -Able to work in groups Are there members of the current Forum Moderation Team that you do not get along with or see a problem with working with in the future? If so, what is it that could hinder your ability to work together. Remember, this is a team and working together is the main foundation of a team.: I don't have a problem with a single member of the FM team. Except if @LadyRebecca becomes a chikr again, then we might have a problem. ((Jokes)) Are there any extra things you'd like to mention?: I'll leave you all with a song.
  14. Removing looc

    "Ug" *Extends large elastic Olog hands for hug* ((Pvpdefault54321gogogo Anyways, on the topic of the thread. Removing LOOC does not solve any problems. Conflicts will still arise that will need to be discussed. Along with LOOC being a great tool for clarification in 1 on 1 RP, as well as group RP. Not to mention I'm sure it would be a pain for the moderators to first supervise a conflict between people. As well as resolve a conflict between a large group of people. LOOC just makes everything easier.
  15. What is the name of your guild, village, organization, etc.: The Adherents of Tahariae What is the purpose of your guild/village/organization: The Adherents of Tahariae is a Holy Order made up of followers of the Aengul Tahariae. What plot size are you interested in: 100x100 What tile are you interested in: a50 If your tile is currently owned by a nation, do you have that nation's leader's approval: It is not owned by a nation. Signatures (players should sign their persona/character name and their MC name): Chief Adherent Khiara Aureon (ZipZapMan) Prime Adherent Elvira Naromis (Farryn) Seyer Reeyse (Nekkore) Largo Roper ( DarkElfs ) Athrel Aureon (Eandyil) Alex Aureon (MrMineLoveDude) J'alan Aureon (kender123) Walter Vanlandingham (Sidmmvv) Keira (Itsmearcher) Arhard (SkyTheFuqBoi) Cadderly Bonaduce (Oniiiiii) Aerin Granel (Hettty) Lukas Novokain (Boomzerang)