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  1. | ZipZapMan |

    [✓] [In-game Ban] tcs_tonsils_ Appeal

    Hey there! As we discussed on discord, I will be accepting this appeal. Please take the time before you log in to go over the rules once more.
  2. | ZipZapMan |

    [✓] [In-game Ban] EmeliaH Appeal

    Hey there! After our discussion over discord, I will be accepting this appeal. I suggest you take the time before logging in to reread the rules once again.
  3. | ZipZapMan |

    [✓] [In-game Ban] tcs_tonsils_ Appeal

    Hey there! Can you please add me on discord, Kaelan#3621? I would like to discuss your appeal in further detail tomorrow.
  4. | ZipZapMan |

    [✓] [In-game Ban] EmeliaH Appeal

    Hey there! Can you please add me on discord, Kaelan#3621? I would like to discuss your appeal in further detail tomorrow.
  5. | ZipZapMan |

    The Bear's Domain

    Alasdair sighs as he reads over the notice. “With Augustin travelling outside of Curon, I will have to attend and represent Laria. I ******* hate politics,” He mutters softly before crumpling up the summons and throwing it into a nearby fireplace.
  6. | ZipZapMan |

    An Open Letter to Weak Wilhelm and the Curonites

    “What is even the point of this...” Alasdair mutters, shaking his head.
  7. | ZipZapMan |

    gamingfishtv's Application Team Application (Again!)

    Good lad +1
  8. | ZipZapMan |

    [✗] [Rewrite] The Clerics of Tahariae

    It's a rewrite.
  9. | ZipZapMan |

    Let's do this.

    Hey What is the meaning of life
  10. | ZipZapMan |

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    The last time that stands out for me when admins publically addressed the community through a q&a livestream about controversy, was that whole duck YouTuber. And the admins proceeded to tell us they were paid $80081.35 for catering to them. Or otherwise known as BOOBIES. And then stuck to it lol
  11. | ZipZapMan |


    "I think what he was saying, is that she isn't worth us risking our lives to rescue her," says Lyemar
  12. | ZipZapMan |

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    Ironic coming from the darkstalker who died repeatedly in the Dominion in axios and would march right back in the next week to do the dance all over again. It's almost like injury and death wasn't factored into roleplay at all on your part considering you have a loophole to avoid it all. Yet feel the need to advocate for it to apply to others.
  13. | ZipZapMan |

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    -You suggested pking to rp death, and all that bullshit that nobody follows. Even those who advocate for it. So I just grouped you up with them. -Not everyone wants to play a cripple. So if they lose a hand, if they're willing to compromise they'll rp it out in that scenario and get it healed after. But once again, everytime someone gets a hand chopped off its not a guard doing that to punish a thief. It's usually some bandit or spook or some other person who has gone out of their way just to inflict harm because they can. So you can **** off with that whole argument that people should rp the consequences. People will rp what they enjoy because they're here to have fun. If you want to complain that that ruins your own rp, don't rp with those people. -once again, just grouping you up with people based on what you said. Some people who have little investment in their personas go out of their way to cause harm to long-term personas for the fun of it in gruesome, disgusting manners that leave the character unplayable unless they die or a holy user steps in. People who do it for the pure enjoyment of it, seem to act in a way that fetishizes it. It's more than just avoiding a punishment or whatever. -Im sorry, but people are once again going to rp their personas how they like. Rping a cripple isn't everyone's cup of tea. -In my honest opinion, sessions should be enacted as a compromise that nobody likes. What the magic is able to achieve should be left alone. The downsides of using the magic should be adjusted in a way to balance it if that's the desire. Developing a regulation has nothing to do with the magic and what it can do. It falls solely on the Lt to do their job and enforce it. It literally should not determine what the magic can do and what the effects of it should be. -Once again, regulation does not matter for what the magic should be able to do.
  14. | ZipZapMan |

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    @ChonGojDragonski The whole of your argument seems to be based on this idea that a loud vocal minority seem to have that we should be some hardcore rp server where your first rp death is an automatic PK. And that's honestly a horrid idea. For all the times that people suggest this, it's clear that a large majority do not want this style of roleplay, either through vocally expressing such or through their actions. Nobody on the server PKs to their first rp death because, we're all here to have fun and develop stories with our personas. I saw earlier that you said "blah blah blah some people don't want to rp with people who don't PK and ignore injuries that ruin characters." Nobody wants to rp with people like yourself who seem to fetishize torture and inflicting injury. Sure you might find that rp fun for whatever reason you might have. But others don't and the only thing that makes it tolerable is the fact that you can get it reversed through monk resurrection or holy healing. By removing holy healing, the only thing you're going to see rise is *bleeds out* "monks brought me back to life, that rp was a waste of time as it has no effect on my persona." At least with holy healing something can come out of it as memories are kept. And your whole argument of "there's no way to regulate it" doesn't fall on the magic itself. It falls on the Lt team who's job it is to regulate and enforce rules. And besides, perhaps if it was amended to be that it would take sessions, the community through teachers with TAs could self regulate along with normal players reporting abuse.
  15. | ZipZapMan |

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    Conflict rp will remain the same, the only thing that will rise is **bleeds out* emotes