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  1. Boar

    The Old Crow- Retirement Home

    “60 ain’t old!” Halden shouts out from the alleyway.
  2. Boar

    The Institute

    Halden would read the paper. Halden would sigh after reading the paper. Halden hopes the paper has answers for Halden. Halden awaits for Haldens next adventure.
  3. Boar

    Arcas Resource Pits Map

    next is there gonna be a meat block pit? Some of the items completely screw over any form of economy the map has to offer besides iron
  4. Boar

    haven't received vote rewards

    yah the rewards didnt come back until yesterday. any streak rewards beforehand werent rewarded.
  5. Boar

    Order of Ursus - Now Recruiting!

    RP Name: Bryant of Anhalt MC Username: BrotherBoar House (If present): VonSchlichten RP Race: Human RP Age: 34 Discord (optional): Boar#7843
  6. Boar

    Maership Election of Reza, 1706

    Ign: BrotherBoar Persona: Halden I Vanir Age: 51 Residence: Vanir Manor
  7. Boar

    PosidonX7's Event Team Actor application

    He has a cruel doggo +1
  8. Boar

    Velian Election of 1694

    Username: BristledBoar Character Name: Gallus Amatius Character Announcement of Candidacy: I put in alot of work for this damn place and want a cool title. If you want someone to do the work that isn’t you then I’m the man for the job! As Amatii and strong I shall bring a great harvest to the coming years, both in spirit and sacrifice.
  9. Looking for a sexy new Tavern Operator! Hmu for fun times!

  10. Are you a winner? A positive and outgoing person or machine looking for a fulfilling new career opportunity? Do you seek a high paying job with benefits and possibility of retirement? Desire an environment full of trust and cooperation? Then seek no further! The Amatii familia are looking for an experienced barkeeper! We are a growing corporation along the northern seas and are in need of you! Yes you! Be the person you’ve always wanted to be! Be the person you are proud to be! Be an Amatii person! For serious inquires send a parcel to Gallus Amatius, most often seen within the Velian lands. (Boar#7843) Much Wow Much times
  11. Is a stable guy with lots of time. Would be a good addition +1
  12. Which official do I talk to about a contest for lotc with monetary rewards?

  13. Boar

    Senate and People of Velia - Recruiting!

    Minecraft Username: BristledBoar Discord Tag: Boar#7843 Character Name: Gallus Amatius Eugenus Character Age: 19 Character Social Class: Third Class Plebeian Character Profession: Farmer
  14. Boar

    Thanksgiving Day

    I’m thankful for the money I have so I’m not poor like that rest.
  15. Boar

    The Kraken's Watch

    The Kraken’s Watch Founded on the 9th of Snow’s Maiden, 1658 Pre-Successors of the Watch The Kraken’s Guard The formation of the Axis powers in late Vailor required the Empire’s feudalities to bear the yoke of war yet again. To answer his Emperor’s call to arms, the late Baron Britannus Vanir ordered the formation of the Kraken’s Guard, a levy force originating from the hold of Kraken’s Watch. The guard was specially suited for anti-cavalry maneuvers, equipped with the finest of Vanaheimr armor and weaponry. The Guard served a dual purpose; to act as the constant military presence within Vasiland, and to espouse and further the ideals of it’s patron, the late King Andrik Vydra. The Order of the Leviathan The successors to the Kraken’s Guard, the Order of the Leviathan was the official military force of the House of Vanir, and the only recognized military presence in the March of Vasiland. Formed by Marquis Brynden Vanir and authorized by Philip I, Holy Orenian Emperor, the Order takes after its predecessors as a steadfast defense against the enemies of the Imperium Quintus. Given its proximity to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, the Order specialized in heavy melee infantry, with extensive training in frontline combat. Alongside training for land-based combat, the Order also acts as one of the largest naval forces of the Empire, and additionally concentrates on naval combat. The Order also operated as a border patrol force, tasked with monitoring travel into and out of the Kingdom of Haense. ______________________________________________________________________________ Guard Hierarchy Members of the Kraken’s Watch patrolling the Czena River, looking for pirates, 7th of the Deep Cold, 1672 Admiral The Admiral is the commander of the Watch, and the keeper of the peace within in the March of Vasiland. The Marshal is also the Lord of Vanir, and serves as the Marquis of Vasiland in the service of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Vice-Admiral In the absence of the Admiral, the Vice-Admiral is tasked with running the Watch, speaking on behalf of the Admiral. This position is typically held by a male relative of the Marquis, though deserving individuals can earn the position. Kommandor The junior officers of the Watch, the Kommandor are aides to both the Vice-Admiral and the Admiral, and assist them wherever needed. They are also responsible for maintaining morale and discipline within the ranks. Huskarls Entrusted with the sacred honor of bearing the Watch’s flag into battle. A model soldier, patriot, and budding leader, these men claim the greatest glory of all, with the Watch boasting one Huskarl per ship. Konstabel These weathered veterans are expected to hold the line without fail, their ferocity and determination making them formidable opponents. Nothing less than complete obedience is expected a Konstabel. Visekonstabel Visekonstabel are the backbone of the order. They are fully fledged soldiers that have had some experience in the military, and their presence is both a relief to their allies and a curse to their foes. Menig These men are the newest additions to the Watch. Typically comprised of younger men and elves, they will undergo trials and training until they can become Visekonstabel. ______________________________________________________________________________ Tenets of the Watch Members of the Watch are expected to maintain diligence at all times. The tenets of the Kraken’s Watch are as follows: † You shall hold no other allegiance, and be pure to your oath. Be not corruptible. † † Be calm, strong, polite and resolute. Show valour in the field, and chivalry at home. † † Never surrender yourself nor your brothers; bring your honor, or death. † † Triumph through discipline. Submit to this law - First my orders, then myself. † † Grasp the purpose of each duty, so you may one day take up the torch of leadership. † † Against an honorable foe, fight with chivalry, but to the dishonorable, extend no quarter. † † Keep true to your people. Offer your life in place of the theirs. † † Be strong, true, and loyal to the King. You shall be the warrior incarnate of the Kingdom and her allies. † ______________________________________________________________________________ Criteria The Watch is open to providing an opportunity for many to serve the Kingdom. However, some basic criteria must be met: ‡ Applicants must be either male or female. † ‡ Applicants must be good Canonists (or willing to learn and convert to Canonism) † ‡ Applicants must be residents of the Empire. (Arrangements can be made) † ______________________________________________________________________________ Application Name (include MC username): Race: Gender: Skills: Discord username (can PM if needed):