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  1. The letter would be read to young Wilhelm whilst he was sitting in his room. Being a child, he wouldn’t quite comprehend the extent of his fathers disappearance. At a young age he was always told how to act and what to say. To always act as a lord would. He loathed these practices, being the young child he was, Wilhelm was much more a free spirit. Wilhelm would miss his father more than anything, but would eventually grow a small resentment for the man for snatching Wilhelm's childhood at such a young age. Now Wilhelm will never be able to explore, and live like the heroes in his story books..
  2. Tears cover the page as Elijah reads the slander about his dead sister, Vespira Ruthern nee d'Emyth. He arches a slight brow at the conspiracy...
  3. The Courier would have trouble tracking Elijah at first, finally running into him as he was running up one of the many roads, the Courier out of breath from their travels... Looking over the letter, he furrows his brows... Elijah was devastated. For the first time in many years, Elijah would be unable to hold back his tears. He barely manages to step off the road before falling to the ground, curling up in tears... He thinks back onto his times with Vespira, all their moments shared together, chatting over tea, sharing their thoughts with one another.. She was the closest to
  4. Wilhelm is excited to join his mother at the auction...!
  5. Elijah d'Emyth learns of the news, perhaps a few days later than most, having been mostly cooped up in his room as of recent.. Being one of Ophelia's many wards in his youth, the news would take him somewhat by surprise... Though young Elijah had no more tears to shed for anyone in his life, having grown rather accustomed to being left behind, or considered a secondary thought. Despite having not spoken to Ophelia in some time, he would mark this down as yet another casualty on the long list of people he cared, that have met their demise. Taking a spot alongside his sister, mother, and, even t
  6. Elijah Alexander would be sitting around, doing not much of anything when he heard wind of the news... After having been one of the many kids whom got to grow up with Bullfog as someone to look up to, Elijah looks back on his fondest memories, the time they met, and Bullfog bestowed upon young Elijah an umbrella, which Elijah was sure to carry everywhere he could, despite there being no signs of rain.. And of course, the time Elijah dressed up and Bullfog for Halloween, creating his own (poor) rendition of Bullfogs outfit and painting his face with green mud...
  7. Wilhelm looks over his wardrobe, unable to decide what to wear to his Uncle's wedding!
  8. Elijah readies his mask in preparation for the event!
  9. Skin(s): Onions have Layers, Mean Green Fighting Machine Bid: 80 Mina, 50 Mina Discord: Manny#0500
  10. skin: Onions have Layers, Mean Green Fighting Machine bid: 50 Mina each! discord: Manny#0500
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