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  1. Fighting for the true prophet. 👏

  2. Mcname: Scene21 Category: Art Attach Content: Closest thing I have ever made to a beach (hand-drawn except for the grid effect), good luck to everyone entering.
  3. Voted Illir by accident, meant for Auriel’s.
  4. So anyone wanna teach me magic yet? @Lhindir_ is too busy :(.

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    2. Abyssus


      ill teach you magic if i get some free lotto spins

    3. TheElvenMage


      come convince me ICly and i might teach u arcanism 😄

    4. _Hexe_


      ill write a naztherak TA if you give me money

  5. Still looking for someone to teach me magic. :( 

    1. Lukariatias


      I accept Steam games in exchange for Shade magic. Hmu

    2. Scene21


      @Lukariatias :thinking: esketit

    3. Doom321


      ill teach shamanism for an RTX gpu 

  6. Anyone wanna teach me magic?

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    2. Scene21


      I choose you @z3m0s pray emoji.

    3. z3m0s


      What you tryna learn/part with 🧙‍♂️

    4. Scene21


      @z3m0s Hit me up on Discord g.

  7. Scene21

    To Fireheart

    To be honest with the state of warclaim servers/PVP on MC on LoTC atm I think it’s always gonna be luck on who wins, if this was a 100% fair re-do with no lag I think the Renatian side would be less hesitant. However, it mostly comes down to who can click faster when the server is not lagging and who can find those small windows of opportunity then I’d panic if I was Renatus as well. I think the server’s hardware should be the focus here, not the one invisible guy. This would’ve been noticed faster during the war if there was less lag and so on. Considering there’s clips of a lot of people being invis for some, not invis for others I think it’s safe to assume that it’s Minecraft glitching out and it could also be the lag as well. It is not something that was done on purpose to give the people an advantage, it is something that happened and the GM team was just not fast enough to resolve said issue. However I don’t think that it warrants an entire re-make which once again, will be down to who will be luckier with the lag.
  8. Well for the most part I would use my freedom as an owner to actually get more content creators on the server for one without all the bureaucracy that interrupted me from getting them on the server when I was head of the media team. On-top of that I am pretty sure that there needs to be more bonding with the staff team and the community, including more events, outside of Minecraft. Not to mention that I would focus on transparency as much as possible between the staff team and regular community members. I would also love to be there and just talk to people, people who’d be civil in discussions however and people who came to me with rational suggestions for the server and articulated points. I know it all sounds hard to do and stuff but I believe that this stuff should be fairly simple.
  9. Sure, you owe me your soul. Kutthroat Von: Initial offer was 55k, then a year later 30k. Business opportunity. For the right price, maybe. Sure son. Nope, just a really good rapper which is now dead. RIP For clothing, black/white. In general it’d have to be dark blue.
  10. Feel free to post any questions below.
  11. Wasn’t there but if Renatus really lost 12 to hackers and so then it’s only fair to give Renatus another 12. To be honest there’s so many loopholes around the decisions being taken around the warclaim’s result that there should just be a full redo.
  12. There will always be biased staff on both sides of any war. /thread
  13. still looking for a group

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    2. Scene21


      @_Jandy_ please point me to the right direction, thank you.

    3. Ioannis


      Fenn 😄

    4. Jenny_Bobbs


      Hey Scene welcome back! Been a grand while since we last spoke!

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