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  1. 👌
  2. As the person who told her that she needed to post an app, due to her excellent work and overall friendliness, I have to give her a +1! 😘
  3. Queen Lisette Staunton would watch over her child as she took part in the election, casting her own ballot for Ser Montoya as well.
  4. Queen Lisette Staunton would make her way down to the voting booth, her children in tow along with half of the court. In a public display of support for this democratic election, she would cast her own ballot. After some time, she would turn to the crowd gathered with a smile, "Good citizens! Today marks the beginning of the future for our city, the Maer you choose will be your voice in the Royal Court. I have thus decided, using my own judgement and of my own accord, I will be casting my vote for Ser James Montoya."
  5. He's a babe. +1
  6. "Long May He Reign!" Anna Sophia would call out, a proud smile on her face as she watched her dear Charlotte's son be crowned King.
  7. o7
  8. tbh you're my inspiration o3o you were really good as emperor btw
  9. I think they can turn it down, if they want to. Yes, your idea is well-planned and written well, but they won't accept it just because you feel put a lot of hard work into it & think that it is the best antagonist idea in the history of the server. There is much more that goes into the acception process than just how well the idea is written. If the staff has something else in mind, than it is best to just be proud of the work you did and save it for the future.
  10. Anna Sophia would nod in approval, despite the details about her grandfather John Godfrey, glad that her line was finally being archived in history despite their misdeeds.
  11. The Princess of Pruvia would smile warmly at the news of Bastion as she reads it in the court of Lorraine, "Uncle Leopold has built a fine capital for himself. I'm sure my great-grandfather looks down upon him in great approval."
  12. I have to say, I've only known Luv for 1-2 months now, but I truly do enjoy her as a person. Whatever people say about how she used to act, she is such a cool and chill individual to be around. From the looks of this app, however, it would seem that only the same 2-3 people keep leaving most of the harsh comments. Do you have nothing better to do than bash someone who is just applying for a TRIAL application? It seems past salt creeps back to the present, even if the person being discussed has bettered herself in many different ways. Some of you may be quick to yell at me for my opinion, but none of us are perfect in any way. Anyhow.... +1
  13. You can all go home, I got this handled ?
  14. Bless you! Bless you, my dearest Admin Team! My life is complete!
  15. You've just turned away about 75% - 80% of the female characters on this server....