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  1. EternalSaturn

    The Cold Moonlight

    The air in Markev was chilled as Emma Ludovar stepped out onto the Palace terrace that night, her siblings and cousins sleeping. She found she couldn’t sleep more and more, the night sky gave her some comfort and the silence she needed to think. Candles burned in a couple hundred windows, some brighter than others, whilst the illuminated carved pumpkins for the harvest season looked like small ants far below her. The terraces of the Krempost Palace had always been her favorite part of the structure, vast sweeps of walkways with seating for private murmurings and large conversations. She sat herself at one-such table, the wooden bench cold beneath her despite her efforts to bundle herself in thick wool and furs. Otto Ludovar, her father, has been sick for almost two years now. She’d been doing her best to tend to him, but once he had fallen into his coma, the physicians said she had to keep her distance. Every day, she prayed. To GOD, to Horen, to Emma Vladov. Anyone that might listen. He had always been hard on her, judging each thing she did and how she did it, but he was the only parent she had ever known. Now, she had to be the mother to her little brother, all the while wondering if she’d ever see her older brother again. Her only comforts from her stresses were her cousins, but now it even felt like they might be able to cheer her. A tall girl, with the black hair and green eyes of her house and bloodline, she had always felt she had to be the strength that everyone else needed. Day and night, she worked to ensure that her cousins were always uplifted, the legacy granted to them by their ancestors and parents remaining well preserved. But on some days, when the rain fell heavy and the sky clouded, the Princess often wondered who would be her strength, as she was for others. It was that thought that often made her even more downtrodden. Her pale green visage raised upward, Emma observed this rare, clear night. The stars were like crystals in the sky, bright and pure. The moon was full, the light it exuded illuminating her and brushing against her pale skin. A cold breeze blew across the terrace, goosebumps trailing up her arms even when completely covered. She prayed, then, for the millionth time. For happiness, for love, and for peace in her privately tumultuous life.
  2. EternalSaturn

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    To comment on this as well, as I am trying my best to comment on the criticisms, I barely speak to anyone on the FM Team besides my managers or Riftblade, and that is only when I need to direct something to them from another player. The only person I knew prior to joining, who was an FM already, was ZachSlayer.
  3. EternalSaturn

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    I didn’t hide any posts, my managers and director can vouch for me on that account. As for your comment about Heero, I barely knew him and made that title purely because three of my friends made similar titles as some sort of joke. I’m not going to spread things around that I don’t even have any idea about, so I’m not going to comment on your claims either. I also didn’t know Riftblade at the time, I just knew I was very active on the forums and could keep up with moderation.
  4. EternalSaturn

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    I’m not trying to tag collect in any way, that was certainly not my intention when making this app. As many people who know me personally can state, I am very hardworking and get my work done, so I hope you would at least give me the benefit of the doubt. I’ve always thought I would be a decent GM, but it was recently after quite a few bad interactions on with individuals on the server that I decided to finally do it. I am I can change your mind. Dingo, I was expecting your comment as soon as I posted this. As someone who has been away from the server for some time, and who seems to constantly leave negative comments on a lot of things I do, I can honestly say that I view your comment as just words. Two years ago, when I was ET, I was immature. But that was two years ago. I have had a lot of things happen to me since then, both on and off the server, and I hope that even another human being like yourself can understand that people change. The Ascended issue was a mistake on my part, which I owned up to, despite most of your comments being made were insults about the player base and not the lore, which I didn’t believe contributed to the discussion. I was corrected by a Manager, however, not the director. To call me spineless when our interactions have been so few and far between is very hurtful, since I endure plenty and am one of the strongest people I know. But thank you for your feedback.
  5. EternalSaturn

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    Uh...just don’t question it. 😉
  6. IGN(s): EternalSaturn, SteelThorns Age: 18 Timezone: EST Discord: EternalSaturn#6175 What map did you join during?: Vailor Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? 6 Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: I have been a Wiki Team Member, which I would say I spent around 6-7 months on before departing from the team. I was an ET Actor for around 5 months. And currently, I am an FM Moderator, which I have been for a bit over 1 month now. Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I don't personally, no. But I have had many friends who have been Game Moderators and I have learned a bit about how certain commands work, proper conduct, etc. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: After being around and being friends with Game Moderators such as Tarrebear and Kanadensare, I would like to aspire to be a member of the team and conduct myself as well as they have. I believe the GM Team is a part of this community that could make a huge difference among the players, and I feel I have the constant drive and have been around long enough to understand different aspects of the community. I always have a hundred different ideas and make it my mission to achieve, at the very least, as many as I can. As a former dancer, I feel I could also help create a better connection between the staff and the players as I have with people in my real life, I have interacted with many different player groups in my time and could help in relating to them at a very specific level. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: N/A Anything else you want to tell us?: Winter is Coming.
  7. Kanadensare? More like Kanaden-DEAD! Happy Halloweeeeeeeen! 🎃



    1. Kanadensare


      this is propaganda against my good person, do not listen to this heresy

  8. EternalSaturn

    When Crow Weds The Hammerhead

    When Crow Weds The Hammerhead The Royal Wedding of King Robert I of Haense and Lady Elizaveta vas Ruthern 1685 [!] An artist’s depiction of King Robert and Queen-Consort Elizaveta, circ 1685 The bells inside the church of Markev, nestled comfortably within the walls of the city, chimed fervently as the assembled guests filed in to attend the long-awaited royal wedding. Citizens gathered outside the doors to throw white rose petals as the bride’s entourage escorted her to her soon-to-be husband, chanting with spirited cries in support of their future queen. The bride, Lady Elizaveta vas Ruthern, was escorted down the aisle by her grandfather, Lord Rhys var Ruthern, former Duke of Vidaus and Lord Marshal of Haense. The lady moved with delicate elegance, her dress comprised of a pale green silk with a sheer white veil. Atop her brow sat a tiara, commissioned from a local Hansetian jeweler, affixed with sapphires. Lady Ruthern was met with the King, who looked dashing in robes of blue and white, the ancient crown of the Kings of Haense balanced on his head as the ceremony began. The sacred rituals of matrimony were conducted and the couple were joined, Haense gaining a new queen and the King gaining a new wife. The proceedings were followed with a splendid dinner where guests showered the royal couple in gifts of all kinds. May GOD bless King Robert, Queen Elizaveta, the Kingdom of Haense, and the Empire of Man!
  9. EternalSaturn

    Autumn Solstice Costume Ball, 1687

    Princess Emma Ludovar would grin as the invitations were each signed and sealed, pleased with the continued work she & her cousin Analiese were doing!
  10. EternalSaturn

    The Memoirs of a Shorewalker

    Victoria would discover one of these hidden letter stashes, reading them over for some time before passing judgement on what she had absorbed. "My patron will never allow those who have corrupted their souls in life live a peaceful life in death, they willingly give away the blessing of a complete soul...for what? To raise others from the dead, to awaken those from a deserved & earned slumber to suffer once more as a corpse-like abomination? I have always been one to encourage creative literature, but this is a step too far in a direction that insults me. If you desire everlasting slumber in the afterlife, don't commit such horrendous sins in life, like the damaging of your pure soul for the purpose of obtaining tainted magic or some abominable form." With a gentle movement of her fingers, the letters from this particular stash would be burnt to ash, the tall figure moving onward down the road with a swipe of her flowing cloak.
  11. EternalSaturn

    The Tragedy of Aethuin, The Weeping Lady

    This is not to be rude or to criticize your lore, because I like your writing style, but I was under the assumption that Aenguldaemonic lore, besides the Holy Order rewrites, were currently on hold? I have submitted several aengul diety submissions myself and have been told such, and have received replies from LT saying that that entire area of lore is currently on pause due to the mass overhaul on magic lore in general. Again, this isn't to say your lore is bad, because I like the concept of this aengul and her plight, but I can otherwise only assume that you've been given special permission from staff to submit this, which seems a bit unfair to me.
  12. EternalSaturn

    Barovifest, 1685

    🌽BAROVIFEST 🍁 1685 [!] A depiction of a Barovifest parade, circa 1596 🌽What is Barovifest? 🍁 The harvest holiday of Barovifest was originally created after Barbov The Black’s victory over the Nzechs at the Battle of the Elks. Over many years, what began as a simple feast as adapted into one of the largest festivals in Hansetian history. It is also traditional for the drink known as ‘Yopil’ to be served in a heavy bounty, a mixture of Carrion Black with various fruits, such as apples and berries. 🌽 Traditions and Festivities 🍁 The Burning of the Cattle - This main event of the festival is properly celebrated by burning five cows built from hay and sticks. This spectacle is usually accompanied by lively Highlander folk music and dancing. Apple Bobbing & Squash Hurling - A simple event, but still filled with great excitement and competition, a great basin is filled to the brim with water before being filled with fresh apples. The first to grab three apples with their mouth will receive a prize. The latter event is to test a person’s strength, the first to hit three targets with a squash being awarded with a specially-crafted sword. Mounted Pig Racing - Using a carrot tied to a stick, be the first one to lure the pig through the city of Markev to the finish line. The winner shall be proclaimed ‘Lord of the Lard’ and given a special trophy upon their victory. St. Karl’s Square shall play host to all vendors within the Kingdom of Haense that desire to show off their wares, a great show of the skilled craftsmen who reside within our lands. For any interested vendors who would like to display their goods at the festival, please send a bird to the Krempost Palace for inquiries! (EternalSaturn or Tarrebear) Security shall be present to escort out anyone who seeks to cause trouble or mischief. Any disrespect of those in attendance will NOT be tolerated.
  13. EternalSaturn

    Maybe free character art???

    I'll volunteer my character, Victoria, if you're still considering different and diverse characters: She is very proud and proper, very concerned about her appearance, both physically and in regards to her public persona. She is quick-witted and her tongue is very sharp when it comes to upping someone in a conversation or making them feel intimidated. She is a Demi-Ascended, knowing both Fire Evocation and Arcanism to go along with her initial deity connection. She is 6'1, has long white-silver hair, and teal/pearlesecent eyes that often pulse depending on her mood and illuminate in darker places. She also usually wears her mother's coronet, which is made from gold aurum with the center gemstone being a purely-white aengul eye stone.
  14. EternalSaturn

    Fiesta de Fantasma

    The Princess of Ulgaard would smile gently at the flier whilst her and her cousin Analiese planned a few events themselves for the harvest season. Her pale green gaze would pass over the words. "We shall gladly attend, I owe it to Augustus for the favor he said he'd do me." She'd speak quietly, eyes catching on the flier for a moment longer before they panned back over to their own planning parchment.