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  1. EternalSaturn

    The Dance of Furs

    Victoria Vientos would smile, having the perfect animal in mind to mimic in her dress!
  2. EternalSaturn

    Looking for a Skinner

    @Rella101 @Imi
  3. @TankM1A2 Never Forget.




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      haunts me to this day

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      lol...not like you were the best husband.....

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      do I get a trophy or something

  4. Beauclair Booksellers Owned and Operated by Her Ladyship, Isabella Beauclair Approved by His Grace, Eddrick Lancaster, Duke of Briar Beauclair Booksellers is a unique and family-owned business with interests in the promotion of literature and the preservation of text. Always professional and eager for new acquisitions, we beseech any and all book connoisseurs to bring in any tomes or extra copies of writings they might have, to which they will be compensated. Beauclair Booksellers accepts the following topic of books: Religion History Skills or Professions Diaries and Journals Scientific Studies and Research Journals Providers of these books will be paid based upon Lady Beauclair’s assessment of the book’s value. Very ancient pieces will be held to a higher standard and more extreme prices can be discussed. Our store is also happy to announce the beginnings of our own line of literary items; Fine inks and Quills! Please inquire with the Lady Beauclair about this new prospect and prices!
  5. What about our children, Tank?

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      Artyom "The Wheelz" Ruric

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      The bible frowns on this

    4. EternalSaturn


      Yes, the Confederates would certainly disapprove

  6. EternalSaturn

    Hoi i koʻu'āina

    Hoi i koʻu'āina Leilani sat at the head of their small boat, the white sail billowing in the ocean breeze above them as they neared the island. The young Kai woman closed her eyes, inhaling the scent of the salt sea and the wildflowers that sprouted from the shores of their village. It had been many years since she had last been here, set eyes upon the straw roofs of their huts and the tall palm trees from which grew ripe coconuts and bananas. The oarsmen lept from their vessel as they neared the sand, bare feet digging into the wet surface beneath the water to help pull the craft to land. A few villagers, in curiosity or fear, came to greet them, though they kept their distance at the new arrivals. Young Kai children played in small pools farther down the beach, their laughter carrying with the wind. An old, weathered man sat on the nearby dock, slinging an old fishing net into the clear-blue ocean in the hope of finding his dinner for the night. Leilani herself stepped from the small boat, not caring for how soaked her clothing became. She took in the full sight of her childhood home and a gentle smile spread across her lips. "I am home," She'd whisper to herself, "ʻO ka home me koʻu puʻuwai."
  7. EternalSaturn

    [Rewrite] Kuila

    Glowing Tattoos and Weapons?! I love this! +1
  8. EternalSaturn

    Gms ban an entire 40 people so Renatus can win

    I'm sorry, am I not allowed to have multiple characters? If you must know, I was on my Kovachev, who is both from Hanseti and engaged to Tobias Staunton. My Briar character is completely neutral in this conflict, so make sure you use fact-check before you make wild accusations. For future reference, check my signature for my current characters.
  9. EternalSaturn

    Gms ban an entire 40 people so Renatus can win

    https://gyazo.com/7e62f36b3c3bb76ba346a9197904afdb This is very disappointing. It is because of actions like this taken by biased staff members that the number of players has dwindled on this server. Between lazy LT and nation-biased GMs, I am absolutely appalled at the current status of our staff.
  10. Swearing of Fealty, 1666 Issued and Confirmed by Her Ladyship, Isabella of the House of Beauclair, 11th of The Deep Cold, 1666 To the Nobility and Gentry of the Duchy of Briar, I, Isabella of House Beauclair, do hereby swear my fealty and service to the Duchy of Briar and the ducal family, the House of Lancaster. I offer my service and aid in all of their endeavors, promising that all of my kin be forever in servitude to Duke Eddrick and his descendants. I do so swear this before GOD. Signed, Her Ladyship, Isabella Beauclair, Chief Lady to HER GRACE, The Duchess-Consort of Briar
  11. Go team rat! #CourlandPrideWorldwide 

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    2. Legoboy7984



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      I like being a rat we multiply like no other

  12. EternalSaturn

    The Kovachev Opinion; the Courlandic Rat

    Emma Kovachev smirks at the letter from within her rooms in Ostmark. "They do not know the hardships that Haense faced and suffered because of the stupidity of the dragon's greed. A true Kovachev would never side with those who have abused their kinfolk for centuries. You disgrace the name."
  13. EternalSaturn

    The Final Call

    Emma Kovachev would stand upon the battlements of Ostmark, looking out over the woods beyond. A small smile would grace her lips.
  14. EternalSaturn

    irrelevant person ama

    What is the future of dragon people???
  15. EternalSaturn

    Officially 19 so ask me anything!

    If Ethel could get with any male or female character on the server, who would it be? o_O