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  1. EternalSaturn

    The Enchantry

    [!] A courier would seek out The Enchanter, delivering a sealed letter to his desk or any awaiting retainer. @Tox
  2. Does anyone know what happened to ShannonLeigh?

    1. Pinochet


      fat rat killed her y ?

  3. EternalSaturn

    Sprite Rewrite

  4. EternalSaturn

    This Server is Dying

    I find it funny how you say I don't have any reason to say you're attacking me when, in your first paragraph, you're basically voicing disapproval of me for participating in a conflict that I didn't even mention in my original response to this thread. You're needlessly bringing salt into a completely unrelated conversation about a character I haven't played in over a month's time. I don't care, sorry to be so frank, about who your character is or how they relate to Courland because I no longer care about that old nation or playerbase. In my opinion, and I won't be replying to this thread after this, the nation you're in is barely active and is basically only being kept alive by the Church and it's Holy Orders. You can fight me on it all you want, but this thread was made for replies and I made mine. I understand that seeing my username triggers the rage of the Horen-Renatus clique, but quite frankly, I'm just going to keep giving my honest responses and replying as I feel I should. I'm sorry if that starts up your Courland-PTSD. As I said, and have said several times in various places, I play no characters involved with ANY human nation. You seem to keep skipping over that to dwell on the past. You have every right to say my facts are wrong about activity, but bringing up something completely unrelated just to dog on me is absolutely ridiculous. Have a good night!
  5. ((Excuse my formatting, on my phone.)) I have dealt with 4-6 different pedophiles on this server in my time thus far, speaking of such encounters in front of several GMs and Admins who were present in the voice chat/chat. Not once did they do anything with my information and still haven't. It is a serious issue for underage guys and girls on this server and many of those affected try to laugh it off or joke about it in order to deal with the issue, since in my personal experiences, I felt like nobody truly wanted to listen or really cared. When you're 16 and have a 20+ guy tell you he is going to take his own life if you don't allow him to send you nude pictures, what are you supposed to think when you've never been put in that situation before? To see an admin try to classify it as targeting staff actually disgusts me, and as someone said earlier, any one of us with proper evidence, which I certainly have, could take serious legal action if this thread isn't taken seriously.
  6. EternalSaturn

    This Server is Dying

    I expected a very salty response to my honest criticism, very sad that you couldn't reply without trying to insult me personally. I actually no longer have anything to do with Haense, nor do I play a human involved with any of the four nations whatsoever. Perhaps check your facts? I know the Renatus playerbase have a history that means a lot to them, but unless I see the activity with my own eyes, which every time I drop by I have not, I don't believe it exists. Your nation even has players who have left formerly and told me that the capital city is basically dead. But there is no need to attack me, because that same inactivity or low activity is the same with several other nations on the server. I didn't cite Haense because I give any **** about them anymore, I cited them based off of facts I have from staff in the last few weeks. There is no need to come for me personally, insulting my characters, when I merely gave an evaluation of what I have seen. It makes you seem very childish and immature. Another example of why people end up leaving the server: Misdirected and unneeded toxicity.
  7. EternalSaturn

    This Server is Dying

    I don't promote war OOC-ly or in-character, but I certainly agree that something has to be done about these inactive nation-tier cities and settlements. If that means the war rules need to be altered and wars need to start, then by all means, please do so. As someone who mainly plays human characters, it is appalling that we 'supposedly' have four human nations, but only one is active whilst the other three are almost/practically dead. I have friends on the staff who tell me all the time that these inactive nations haven't passed an activity check in weeks, if not months, so why are they allowed to remain as giant empty cities and hold nation status? If you look at AT statistics as well, Elves and Humans are the top two races that new players tend to make. The Elves, the Dominion especially, have managed to somewhat retain those players. However, where are all of these Humans going? I've been told that Haense is the only active human settlement at the moment, but they certainly don't have THAT much activity to say that they're the ones taking in all of these new human roleplayers. So where do they go? Unfortunately, in my mind, I imagine their characters fit the theme of one of the other three nations, they walk into that said-city, and find it completely devoid of players or roleplay. To allow that kind of stuff to continue is something the staff needs to address soon, and I'm just using the human situation as an example. We're losing players, in one way, because these people who were granted nation status aren't doing their jobs.
  8. EternalSaturn

    Why do Vanders fight?

    Victoria Vientos would sit at a window, overlooking the sea as her husband read the letter to her. A hand gently rested on the small bump that was forming on her abdomen. "My mother told me stories of the Qalasheen and the Farfolk, she even lived there for a time. But these men you speak of now are wild and know nothing of their own history." She'd exhale, "It makes me sad, to hear the words they speak and that they're utterly wrong." She'd sip a small cup of tea, closing her eyes a moment, "I should wonder how the House of Yar would feel, if they could see and read this now? How would my great-grandfather feel, even? The legacy of the Vandalore and Vandoria is tarnished with every misstep and conflict these men make...it saddens me." Victoria would turn her head back to the window, waves crashing on the cliffs below.
  9. EternalSaturn

    My Prince...

    ‘Gone. Lost. My little dove…’ Elasha wandered, though it was mainly her sore feet that carried her on, uncovered and bleeding in some places. Her sweat-drenched hair stuck to her brow, her lips cracked and hands calloused. This cave was to be her final resting place, she knew. “They won’t even need to dig a grave for me,” She’d laughed to herself, half-mad. The gold-eyed she-elf let her pale hand brush along the wall, fingers catching in moss and slime as she stumbled over rocks. She passed several offshoot tunnels, hearing the dripping of water far off in the distance. Ribbit, Ribbit. She paused. Pressing herself against one side of the tunnel, she looked about, maddened and exhausted. Ribbit, Ribbit. A torch light slowly made its way towards her, Elasha reaching for the crude dagger at her hip. She inhaled sharply at the sight of a large humanoid frog, his bulbous eyes staring at her. He blinked. “Ribbit, Ribbit.” Elasha stared at the creature, hand gripping her hilt, “W-What do you want? I...I’ll kill you, don’t test me!" “Ribbit, Ribbit,” The frog-man gurgled in reply. The elfess inhaled and exhaled again, grip loosening slightly. “What? What do you want?” She inquired, breathing heavily. The Wonk offered his slimy hand. Elasha paused a moment before accepting, nodding simply as surely anything was better than continuing wandering in the wilderness, relaying her failure over and over in her mind. The Wonk lead her down a series of tunnels, passing through what looked to be a small village of his kind before coming to a long passageway, carved in a more ornate fashion than any other in the cave systems. “W-What…” The wonk released her, ushering her further with a few gurgles before handing off the torch and hopping off. Elasha looked forward, lights of bright gold glowing ahead of her. They match my eyes. Mother’s eyes. The elfess wandered forth, entering the large cavern. Her footing was uneven, each step a struggle, but her fixation on the golden-hued crystallization at the cavern’s center kept her pushing forward. She collapsed as she neared the large body of water that rested under the crystals, the liquid gold and pure and beautiful. She let out a yelp as she fell, but lifted her golden gaze to the shell-like formation again, hypnotized. A whisper caught her ear, light and eerie. “The Prince...our September Prince...he waits for you…” Elasha let out a maddened giggle, “M-My...my Prince…” She inched her way to the pool, practically crawling, and managed a glanced at her own reflection. “He waits for me...my Prince...my love…and he is all mine...”
  10. EternalSaturn

    The Old Oak Tavern, Hiring!

    A young woman of humble origins would find the flier slowly blowing down the road, the ginger-haired teenager bending down to pick it up. She'd grin, folding it up before following the sign labeled 'Crossroads'.
  11. EternalSaturn

    Is this a roleplay server?

    king of ooc asks about RP server :thinking: But still, yeah, this freebuild **** is whack. A nation of 3 people whose leader just plays the same character with a different name shouldn't be taken seriously, imo. Weird that she/he has lasted this long.
  12. EternalSaturn

    The Jude Jarta

    A young woman would take a swig of ale, sitting across from her companions at the bar of a dimly-lit tavern. "They honor a Pontiff who sought to bring Haense to it's knees? Dumb fucks, the 'lot of them." She'd chuckle, the group joining in as they continued their merriment.
  13. EternalSaturn


    Victoria Vientos would sit beside her husband at an oaken desk, surveying a series of field notes and parchments sprawled out before them. Her maid would tell them of the news. "I hope whomever tampered with this place resting within the Wonklands are found and their information extracted, otherwise their actions were nothing but those of fame-seekers and troublemakers." She'd nod, sending her teal gaze towards her spouse before continuing to read over one of the papers in which she had taken particular interest.
  14. EternalSaturn

    [Feedback] I hate the forums

    What happened to @Lyonharted™???
  15. EternalSaturn

    Poor Leadership

    Also, wow.....