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  1. On The Trail - (Seeking Teacher)

    [!] A young girl, around eleven years of age, finds you on her travels. She'd offer you a note, sealed with wax. To whom this letter is given, I have sent my youngest daughter out into the world, to find exciting adventures as I did when I was her age. I also hope she might further her education, though a magic-oriented field of study might suit her quite well. I hope you can keep her safe and happy, I will be forever in your debt for keeping her in your company. Sincerely, Victoria Vientos ((OOC:))
  2. Your forum avatar makes me smile! <3

  3. Farryn's 500th post AMA

    1) What have been your favorite moments from Elvira's journey thus far? 2) How British are you on a scale of 1 to 10? 3) Who is your favorite irp stepdaughter?
  4. "The plot thickens," Victoria Vientos would comment upon seeing the missive, tucking it away in her missive drawer.
  5. Jallentime's Magic Team App

    THE MOST hardworking person I have ever met. Very dedicated, and well-versed in server lore. Nothing but love! +1
  6. Appoline | Aengul of Harmony

    Thanks for your feedback! I actually have a lot more written for this aengul, but I was told by a friend that the LT prefer something shorter and easier to work with in terms of events and lore for the server. If asked, I would be happy to include everything else I have!
  7. Appoline | Aengul of Harmony

    Of course. This post is actually not the entire piece I had written, but I condensed for the sake of people reading it. My skype is EternalSaturn.
  8. Appoline | Aengul of Harmony

    Yes, I mean it as that is the guise she takes on. And no, the actual motivation and inspiration for this piece was actually a lot of study in Greek Mythology that I had been doing for school, along with the eventline that the Event Team was conducting at the time. I could just have easily said that the favored guise of this aengul was male, but a female guise just seemed for appropriate for what I had in mind.
  9. Appoline | Aengul of Harmony

    I don't mean she is actually female, being an Ascended I know that they can be whatever gender they want. But, in my mind, this particular aengul is a 'female'.
  10. Appoline | Aengul of Harmony

    Yeah, I'd agree with this. But, considering most of them never get used and much of the lore is outdated, I thought I'd add a fresh face. Plus, it adds another female to balance out the male aenguls.
  11. Appoline | Aengul of Harmony

    I made her on a whim, around the time when the Gazardiael events were going on and we heard of the 'Celestial Court'. I just thought I'd add another aengul to the mix, for future use by the staff. So, more to serve as a plot point for any future aengul-related events, but also just a fun project for me.
  12. Appoline | Aengul of Harmony

    Appoline | Aengul of Harmony A depiction of Appoline, with her doves. Throughout the universe, peace and harmony is always a goal for those with a good heart and honest mind. Harmony amongst people, amongst races, amongst life & nature itself. With these goals in mind, the aengul Appoline is ever-stalwart in her duties to ensure harmony in every aspect of life. Some nickname her the ‘Mediator’, as often times she is a voice of reason and peace in the pearlescent halls of the Celestial Court. Apolline holds great faith in the Descendant races, despite their many conflicts and strife, holding on to the hope that one day they will come together in peace and make a better world. Appoline is also the Patron Aengul of Music and Dance, and believes that those two forms of expression can help create great bonds between many people. To her, the emotion of music and the movement of dance are the purest things in our world, and encourages the mortals to embrace these arts as a way to take on that same purity for themselves. The Aengul of Harmony is often depicted as a woman, with long pink tresses and eyes the color of pure jade. She is often said to wear an elegant dress of long white silks, and adorns her hair with flowers. Her animal of choice is a swan, whilst she is also rarely seen without her small harpsichord. Appoline was long thought to be lost to the passage of time, but with the discovery of the ancient city of Malin, a sole book written of this aengul was found in their great library. Written by the last of her followers, this volume is dedicated to preserving her memory and acknowledging the great, quiet watch she keeps over the mortal realm to this day. Her opinions on most of her fellow Aenguldaemons are not recorded, though her distaste for the Archdaemon Iblees is noted frequently throughout the book. Appoline’s story is also one marked with tragedy, a tragedy that ties in with her reasons for breaking communication with the mortal realm and taking on a more silent vigil over the Descendants. She once fell in love with a mortal man, admiring his kindness and virtue. She descended from the heavens to love him for a night, before leaving with a child in her immortal womb. She birthed her child, a daughter named Harmonia, and sent her back down to Earth to live a mortal life with her father. However, plague struck the hamlet in which the Aengul’s family lived, and they perished. The grief and pain of their loss was too great for the Aengul of Harmony, and threatened to create discourse within her realm. She decided that she would not attach herself to any more mortals, and forever more put distance between herself and the Descendants. Appoline’s Realm: Concordia The Pavilion of Appoline, the center of Concordia. Concordia is the home realm of Appoline, a great & lush forest with an elegant garden at it’s heart. Roses and vines grow in great measure, and flocks of swans make their homes within the great lake that surrounds the central pavilion and gardens. The Forest of Contemplation is dense, but mystical and fills any entrant with inner tranquility. This is where Appoline and her followers go when in need of time to think to themselves. The Glade of the Forgotten is where Appoline has collected animals that might be considered extinct in our realm. Animals that were hunted to death, killed for sport, reside here, forever living away from the danger that they faced in life. The Pavilion of Appoline, the center most point of Concordia, is where Appoline resides and watches over the mortal realm when not attending to the Celestial Court. Surrounded by her Muses in their eternal afterlife, she herself is soothed by the peace they bring with their music and dance. A great marble chair sits in the center of the pavilion, whilst a single golden looking glass sits on a pedestal in front of the aengul’s great seat. Through this great mirror, she is able to view the mortal realm from the peaceful environment of her realm, observing the harmony, or disharmony, that occurs between the Descendants.
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