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  1. EternalSaturn

    Feedback: Events and Lore

    So I have a question then: Would you prefer entirely new lore being written, implemented, and used going forward, or do you think there is possibility for fixing and saving past lore to make it more mysterious and exciting for players? And in regards to new lore being used, should it be submitted before the event or simply revealed as it goes along and perhaps submitted privately?
  2. EternalSaturn

    Feedback: Events and Lore

    Hey everyone! I thought I would post this before my day really starts, do to begin, please forgive me if I miss anything or leave something out as I go. As for the topic of this thread, I would like to talk about current events, future events, and the usage of established lore in those events. I was speaking to some friends last night, in regards to the desire for a furthering of the the server’s storyline and the usage of our implemented lore to achieve that. As it currently stands, we have the Vaeyl and the September Prince eventlines, which have generated a lot of roleplay for players of every race on LOTC. However, going forward, I know there are quite a few who do wonder if the lore that we’ve already had will ever be used in exciting storylines going forward. It seems a shame to not make use of things like the aenguldaemons (not Gazardiael or Aeriel, but some more obscure figures) or even something involving the Void. One could even consider race-specific eventlines, such as exploring the history of a hidden saint for Humans, a pumpkin famine for the Halflings and learning its cause, or the Orc discovering a nomadic tribe of their kind not inclined to blood lust and determining what to do with them. Even just niche stories like that, I believe, would keep people more interested in returning to the server and enjoying what I have for the last (almost) 4 years on this server. Again, I think the current two eventlines are good and fun, I have participated in both in the last few months on my characters. But in the future, I would love to personally see more eventlines that take what we already have, instead of making something new, and expanding on it to make a richer experience for the players. An eventline to learn why Metztli is obsessed with creating a master race, a dwarven cave of riches that curses any who enter, or even the rise of an ancient undead who seeks a hidden goal would all be enticing ideas for those who wish to delve deeper into server lore and history. Some of these ideas, of course, have already been played with and used in the past. I believe however that simply pushing those concepts off to the side because they’ve been used already, and can’t be improved upon or used in an even better way, isn’t good in regards to all the good lore that we have and that people would like to see. Anyways, let me know what you think in your replies, I thought I would just post this to see how everyone feels about the direction of lore-involved eventlines going forward, and whether you prefer new concepts that expand as the storyline plays out vs the concepts provided by long-time server lore that could be expanded on through said-eventlines. Have a good day! Stitch really has no relation to any of this, but...
  3. For those who planned to come to the first Haense Christmas event, it will be postponed to next Sunday, December 9th, due to me being scheduled to work today during the time I had originally planned to host the event. This also means that the River Czena Ice Skating event has been removed so that we can keep on our event schedule!


    Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

  4. The Hansetian Food Initiative Issued by the Office of the Lord Palatine of The Realm < 1692 > Va birodeo herzanav e Edlervik, With the recent terms sent by the Order of the Red Vaeyl to the people of Atlas, a great struggle lies before us. With a cold winter already enveloping Haense, it is essential we do everything we can to ensure we’re prepared for an even more bitter frost to be cast over the lands around the River Czena. The Lord Palatine implores any and all nobles within Haense to gather what crops still remain to them in their fields and bring them to Markev for storage. This also includes any livestock that can be spared as well. Your contributions to the storage of these foods will be noted and taken down in an account. Any citizens who might desire to contribute to this initiative as well are encouraged to, any and all names being taken down irregardless of social status. This initiative is to ensure that the citizens of Haense, noble or common, have a safe place to store food that will soon, unless the Vaeyl is beaten back, be hard to come by with the constant snows and ice. A storage facility will be selected, where any gathered foods will be kept warm and safe. A Saint’s Week schedule will also soon be implemented, welcoming any into the Palace to garner warmth and have a warm meal alongside all of those who are fighting against these terrible circumstances. The resilience of our people in times like this has always been strong, so may we continue to show our strength against this southern menace. Signed, His Grace, Demetrius var Ruthern, Lord Palatine of The Realm and Chancellor of Haense, Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, and Lord of Helmholtz Her Highness, Emma Ludovar, Palatine-Aspirant of The Realm, Princess of Ulgaard, Duchess of Kvasz, Countess of Mondstadt, and Baroness of Mehran
  5. EternalSaturn

    Missive to Humanity

    Emma Ludovar would scowl at the news, intent on ensuring the kingdom was prepared for the intensified winter storms. ”These bastards won’t have any dead from us.”
  6. EternalSaturn

    Demon's End, 1691

    [!] A depiction of the Siege of Demon’s End, circa 1691 Today was a day of triumph for the united Empire of Man! Young and old, men and women, noble and commoner all joined together on this day, in the year of our GOD above, 1691, to beat back the pagans that plagued the south with their greed and arrogance. With great bravery and vigor, the Imperial Prince Cassius led the soldiers of the Empire into battle with great enthusiasm. Following behind his flowing battle standard, our fighters launched their assault upon Arberrang’s territory with the joined forces of Haense, Adria, Curon, and the rest of the Empire’s valiant vassals. With masterful use of our siege weaponry, the ruined fortress’ front was brought to rubble, allowing the brave warriors from all over the Imperium to flood the enemy in their own hideout, sending them cowering further into the halls of their final bastion against the righteous attackers. One by one, their enemies fell, and GOD himself granted them victory. The victors celebrated, throwing up their swords and taking up a grand cheer. The bodies of the slain rebels sat within their empty halls now, their names forever condemned to be lost to time. The mission of the Pagans was thwarted, with their demons sent off to cower once again in the shadows. GOD bless the Empire! GOD bless His Imperial Majesty! And GOD bless the might of Humanity!
  7. @Imperial Administration Can we record an Empire-wide Cha Cha Slide?

  8. 🎁 The Festival of Saint Tobias 🎁 < Seasonal Calendar and Itinerary > With the winter season on the horizon, the Kingdom of Haense announces the commencement of our annual yuletide season: The Festival of Saint Tobias. This holiday, it is said, began as a solemn affair that signaled the winter solstice. However, over time, the festival season has become a time for merriment and being thankful, enjoying the company of friends and family during the coldest few years of the century. Usual displays of celebration during these four years include great feasts, the decoration of great fir trees, gift-giving, and acts of selflessness. 🎁 1692 🎁 < Annual Tree Decoration > This event, to commence the festival, calls all who desire to be festive this season to join our event planners in decorating the yuletide tree, which will be placed at the center of Saint Karl’s Square in Markev. Ornaments to be hung on the branches, along with candles and garlands, shall be provided to any and all in attendance so that we might all play our part in preparing the kingdom for the holiday season. 🎁 1693 🎁 < Hansetian Christmas Village Market > On this day of the festival, all merchants are called upon to present seasonal items and wares to the public. This is also an excellent chance for brewers and bakers to bring forth some fine foods and beverages for the locals and visitors to taste and enjoy! 🎁 1694 🎁 < Feast of Saint Tobias > To conclude the Festival, a great celebration and feast shall be held within the Krepost Palace at Markev. The warmest meals shall be served alongside seasonal drinks to fit every taste. It is strongly encouraged to bring gifts for family and friends to this event, which will be exchanged during the event. This gathering will also be the first time in Haense’s history that the royal family will conduct the winter tradition of caroling, a gift to all those in attendance for their friendship and hospitality. It is by request that any guests, at any and all events during the Festival season, behave themselves and respect the laws of the Kingdom of Haense. Anyone who desires to cause disruptions or harm will be swiftly removed from the seasonal activities. Signed, Her Highness, Petryse Ludovar-Bihar, Chamberlain of Haense, Margravess-Consort of Chanik Her Highness, Emma Ludovar, Palatine-Aspirant of Haense, Princess of Ulgaard, Duchess of Kvazs, Countess of Mondstadt, Baroness of Mehran
  9. EternalSaturn

    A Letter of Abdication

    Emma Ludovar, not one to often show her emotions publicly, sat at her dining table with no company but that of her growing infant. She read the document carefully, taking time to understand what the Imperial Prince was stating. At the end of the letter, the Princess allowed it to fall onto the table as emotion overcame her. It was not the Prince she cried for, but his lost wife and her closest friend. It was the thought of Analiese that compelled her to shed tears, and the comfort that her friend had left a long-lasting impact that Emma hadn’t realized until reading these words on parchment. Emma gazed down at her own little Analiese, letting free a small laugh as the babe reached up at her mother with tiny fingers and a happy face.
  10. EternalSaturn

    Give the Order

    Emma sat in her manor, every fire lit be it in a hearth or simply a small candle. The Princess was surrounded by her various cousins, her younger brother, and her infant daughter as they were informed of the continued disturbances in the southern wastes. Her pale green eyes darkened, clouded with concern. “Our future will be tested in the coming years. We must stand firm...or die defending what is rightfully ours.”
  11. Let me know when it’s November 23rd so I can start gearing up for Christmas 🍪🎅🎁🥛



  12. EternalSaturn

    The Princess and the Baron, 1689

    The Princess and the Baron, 1689 < A detailed sketch of Emma Ludovar and Hans Rovin, circa 1688 > To the nobility and gentry of the Empire, Let it be known that, in the year of our GOD 1689, a blessed union is to be had between Her Highness, Emma Ludovar and His Lordship, Hans Rovin. Their wedding is to be held at the imperial capital of Carolustadt, hosted within the Cathedral of The Holy Martyrs and officiated by His Holiness, Siegmund I. All Imperial lords and ladies are hereby invited to attend the nuptials, as well as any citizens of both Carolustadt and Markev. Following the ceremony, a feast shall be held at the nearby castle of New Arnheim, where any friends and family are invited to eat and be merry alongside the wedded couple. Any gifts may also be presented to the pair at this gathering. All guests are expected to attend the ceremony in suitable attire and behave with the utmost respect. Any disruptions or misbehavior will lead to swift removal from the cathedral and/or feast. Signed, Her Highness, Emma Ludovar, Princess of Ulgaard, Duchess of Kvasz, Countess of Mondstadt, Baroness of Mehran His Lordship, Ser Hans ‘The Hammer’ Rovin, Free Baron of Arnheim, Titular Margrave of Vanderfell and Knight of the Seventh Empire
  13. EternalSaturn

    The House of Ludovar

    House Ludovar “We Come As Crows” Introduction & History The House of Ludovar is a Human cadet-house of House Barbanov, formed by Jakob Ludvik, the illegitimate child of King Stephen I of Haense. Dating back to the reunification of Haense in Axios, this house is known for providing the kingdom with some its most stalwart administrators and royal advisers. < Prince Jakob Ludvik Ludovar, circa 1646 > Born in 1612, Jakob Ludvik Barrow was born to King Stephen Barbanov and an unnamed woman, thought to be the daughter of a local miller that the King had fallen in love with prior to his marriage with Elizabeth Staunton. Young Jakob was raised among the other children of the house, being eventually legitimized as his father’s only living son. He was thusly bestowed the title of ‘Prince of Markev’. Years later, after the death of his father and succession of his distant cousins to the throne of Haense, Jakob became intent on starting his own family and legacy. This goal was further supported by his prestigious marriage to Lady Adrijana Ruthern, daughter to the Count of Metterden. The Ludovar family would reside in the capital of Alban, alongside their kinsman, until the great exodus from Axios and their migration to the continent known as Atlas. Arriving in Atlas, Jakob adopted the name of ‘Ludovar’, the family initially keeping to themselves. The pair would sire three children: Otto, Milena, and Jakob. However, their humble lives changed with the elevation of Jakob’s eldest son, Otto, to the position of Lord-Auditor on the on the council of King Sigmar of Haense some time around 1675. Otto was granted the barony of Otistadt for his excellence in both service and loyalty to the crown. He also secured a marriage for himself earlier in his youth from a noble family of Aeldinic origin, House Grimm. This union, to one Valiette Grimm, produced three children: Stefan, Emma, and yet another Jakob. His sister, Milena, would go on to marry a Prince of House Horen-Marna, John, producing a son named Charles. His younger brother, Jakob, would sire two children by his wife from House Vyronov: Henrik and Mary. < Otto Ludovar, Lord Auditor of Haense, circa 1680 > Years passed and Otto continued in his duties to the House of Bihar, a fellow cadet branch of House Barbanov, who were now Kings of Haense. His eldest son, Stefan, grew to become a renowned warrior and poet, known for his wooing of any noblewoman that caught his fancy. His youngest child, Jakob, was educated more for stewardship and trade, currently owning several businesses and shares within multiple thriving companies at a young age. Otto’s only daughter, Emma, was a different story. Sent to live with her mother’s family in their distant homeland, she was originally trained to be a soldier and warrior like her elder brother. However, in 1677, she was called home to Markev by her father, chosen out of her other siblings and cousins to be her father’s protegee and student in politics and administration. An astute young girl, Emma took to these lessons with some eagerness, always wanting her father to be proud of her. The two were never close in regards to their familial bond, but the daughter had a great respect for her father, caring for him in the illness that eventually overcame him in 1685, causing him to resign as Lord Auditor. Proving herself to be a worthy heir to father and his work, the Privy Council granted the young girl several titles, to be held by her and her heirs: Princess of Ulgaard, Duchess of Kvasz, Countess of Mondstadt, and Baroness of Mehran. With these grants of both titles and land of her own, Emma swore fealty to the King, her cousin Robert, and began to ensure her father’s legacy was continued through her. < Princess Emma Ludovar, circa 1685 > With her father’s illness keeping him confined to his chambers, Emma began with taking on the responsibility of raising her younger brother, Jakob. The two are known to be very close, the younger viewing her much like the mother that he never truly got to know. Emma currently resides within the city of Markev, serving as Princess and acting as Lord-Seneschal upon the King’s Privy Council, achieving the goal her father had set for her as a child. The role of ‘Head of House’ was officially granted to Emma by her father in 1686. The Princess of Ulgaard wed Baron Hans Rovin of New Arnheim in a private ceremony some time in 1689, Emma falling pregnant not too long afterward. In the summer of 1690, she gave birth to her eldest child and daughter, Analiese Viktoria. Due to a desire to tend to her child in her first few years, the Princess resigned her position as Lord-Seneschal of Haense in favor of Lady Viktoria Ruthern. Emma was later appointed Palatine-Aspirant of the Realm at the start of the winter season. In 1692, the Princess was blessed with a second child, and heir: Stefan Markus. Family Member(s) (I) Jakob Ludvik Ludovar, Prince of Markev (1612 - 1670) m. Adrijana Ruthern (II) 1. Otto Hieromar Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt (1629 - present) m. Valiette Grimm Stefan Hugo Ludovar (1662 - present) (III) Emma Sofya Ludovar, Princess of Ulgaard (1666 - present) m. Hans Rovin 1. Analiese Viktoria Ludovar (1690 – present) 2. Stefan Markus Ludovar (1692 – present) Jakob Marius Ludovar (1668 - present) 2. Milena Ota Ludovar (1635 - 1671) m. John Horen-Marna Charles Horen-Marna (1668 - present) 3. Jakob Henrik Ludovar II (1637 - present) m. Theresa Vyronov Henrik Stanimar Ludovar (1662 - present) Mary Louise Ludovar (1669 - present) Julia Maria Ludovar (1677 – present) 4. Petryse Tereza Ludovar (1644 - present) m. Edward Bihar Title(s) Prince of Markev (Previously) Prince of Ulgaard Duke of Kvasz Count of Mondstadt Baron of Mehran Baron of Otistadt Palatine-Aspirant of Haense Chamberlain of Haense Steward of Haense Lord Auditor of Haense (Previously) Lord Seneschal of Haense (Previously) Maer of Alban (Previously)
  14. EternalSaturn

    Union of The Dragon and Crow, 1688

    Emma Ludovar would receive the invitation, sitting within her manse nestled in her family’s own corner of Markev. She’d grin lightly, marking her favorite cousin’s nuptials upon her scheduling planner.