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  1. Adelburg Masquerade, 1629

    Victoria Vientos would shrug, "I mean...I would attend...but I can't." She'd look to her never-worn ballgown that sat in her wardrobe, before simply leaving her room in frustration.
  2. Infernal fire in Oren

    "Alchemist's Fire seems to be the trending suicide choice within the last fifty years," Aenora Raven would roll her eyes, taking a sip of her spiced rum.
  3. Ngl, I kinda miss talking to you :/ I'm feeling sentimental atm.

    1. Kaldwin


      then why'd you kill him during pancakes

    2. EternalSaturn


      i feel bad, but the pancakes were good

      i would like to die eating pancakes

    3. mitch dharma

      mitch dharma

      means a lot, miss u tooย 

  4. As much as I had fun on that boat, please stop claiming to be my dead nephew. It's really weird.

    1. Dabliusmaximus


      hes nor the real aegon, read the books you normies REEEEEEEEEEEEEE GOLD COMPANY REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    2. EternalSaturn


      ((Okay, I'm changing my name back now. This was fun.))

    3. Aegon the Conqueror
  5. I don't think you're luving it.

    Do you think I'm cool?
  6. 501warhead and Kowaman - The Black Heart

    I just want to state, for the record & since it keeps being mentioned, that the Ascended did not ask for this eventline, nor had any knowledge of it prior to it's start. We just logged on one day, and Mesmodyne was in our tower. We wouldn't ever deny an event, because everyone likes events and things to do, but we did not ask the staff to have the Ascended involved in this eventline whatsoever.
  7. Rella's Shop

    I claim a slot!
  8. Unite against the New Beginning

    Victoria Vientos would overhear the man's ramblings on her way home, "Comparing us to followers of the greatest known evil in our known history is preposterous! We have never had any intent, nor wish, to do anything besides ensure the safety of the descendant races. When Mesmodyne first came to us, we worked for months to locate the pillars that Asmodyne was so desperate to destroy and consume power from, to ensure that he did not harm them. These pillars are what hold the Isles of Axios in this mortal realm, their destruction intended to bring about the end of all of us. We sought to aid Mesmodyne in his quest to defeat his wicked brother-fragment, by having him repair several of these pillars so that they might stand a better chance against Asmodyne's power." "Those who do not know us, do not listen to these people, who have grown bitter and enraged at us over these hundreds of years for being the 'white knight'. That is not our goal. Come, see what we do and see that we're not these wicked creatures these men and women make us out to be. We have families, emotions, and hopes for the betterment of mortal kind. Gazardiael and his minions will perish, and we will fight alongside whomever wishes to accomplish the same. Not as white knights, but as men and women, defending our land."
  9. Unite against the New Beginning

    "Considering one of our own was murdered today protecting a group of mortals from a supernatural force, I do not think our Order has ever, nor ever will, want the death of any innocent mortal being. Mesmodyne came to us, a fragment who embodied all of Gazardiael's better traits, the fragment who wanted to change the way Gazardiael was percieved and protect us from the aenguldaemons who sought to bring us harm. We could not have known that even after the most recent reformation of Gazardiael, Asmodyne's personality would overpower Mesmodyne's own traits, despite the latter winnning the duel within Malin's old city. The nations of Axios could have disregarded Mesmodyne's request for aid in the siege of the city, but they did not. The Ascended are not solely to blame, for it was not only the Ascended who assisted in clearing the way for the two fragments to duel and reform." Victoria Vientos would sigh, having tea with Leyunia and discussing research-y things.
  10. The Outlawing of Aerial, 1627

    Victoria Vientos would sigh, "They based this on rumor and the word of those who dislike us...and they can't even spell the Archaengul's name correctly..."
  11. [Recruiting!] The Coalition of Knowledge

    OOC Information MC Name(Required): EternalSaturn Discord(Required, can PM me.): JoelTheGinger (EternalSaturn) IC Information Name: Victoria Vientos Race: Human - Ascended Age: 27 Reason for Joining: I've recently done some work for John Lyons in the Westerlands, exploring certain places and writing detailed journals about them. I enjoy a good adventure, and I would love to aid in the collection of knowledge regarding ruins, cultures, etc. When can we meet for an interview?: Anytime after I give birth (After midnight tonight EST!) What role do you seek?: Whichever role you believe I can fill.
  12. Re: ElevenJellyBeans' Ban

    You're a saint @Malimom! I hope this situation is handled well, because this was absolutely ridiculous!
  13. Participants Needed For My LOTC Series!

    Application Name (Minecraft IGN): EternalSaturn Discord Username (REQUIRED): EternalSaturn(JoelTheGinger) Age: 17 Sure, why not!
  14. ย 

    1. Moonman
    2. DrakeHaze.


      oh no its the old gods

    3. Dunstan


      Ha, water shaders were making your FPS drop.


      Get reky kid!