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  1. I forget if Gwyn knew Renee or Emelie... but hi from beyond the grave mate

  2. EternalSaturn

    Say You'll Remember Me

    Luv, you have no idea how much I have kept you in mind when I’ve decided to just be myself and forget the haters. You have helped me grow as a person and I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you have done since the moment we met. I have blossomed as a LGBTQ+ man thanks to your sassy ways and the ability that you have to connect with people of all kinds and from all different walks of life. I do, and always will, adore you and will always be here to give you hundreds of more inspirational speeches when someone does you dirty. Catch me in Discord or on Insta, Sinister Sister! 💜 (I think the following gif sums up our personalities and friendship:)
  3. Victoria Vientos would smirk, reading the announcement as she stood upon her balcony. She’d inhale and exhale, taking in the scent of Sutica’s ocean air before looking to her husband, who was hard at work on a new suit of armor. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Mayhaps I shall attend this gathering, and meet this Khaine Csarathiare for myself.”
  4. EternalSaturn

    The Copper Jubilee, 1702

    ⚜️ The Copper Jubilee ⚜️ < 1702 > [!] A stream of sealed invitations would escape the city of Markev via couriers, distributed among the inhabited lands of the Empire of Man. To the nobles and citizens of Haense, and the people of our most glorious Imperium, God bless our gracious King, Robert of House Bihar, in this, the twentieth year of his reign over our fair kingdom. In his honor, and in honor of the anniversary of his marriage to our blessed queen, Elizaveta of House Ruthern, we hereby announce a ball and feast to be held within the Krepost Palace, located at the heart of our capital city, Markev. Dancing and merriment is heavily encouraged, along with any gifts and well-wishes anyone would like to bestow upon our King and Queen this night. Any and all nobles within the Empire are cordially invited, with the greatest invitation offered to His Imperial Majesty, Augustus, and his family. This occasion will also be used as a way to introduce the growing Crown Prince and Princesses to the majority of the Empire and it’s people: Prince Marius, Princess Anastasya, and Princess Nataya. We ask that all weapons be left at the door and that no trouble-making is commenced. If any disruptions are caused, you will be removed swiftly from the revelry. Signed, Her Highness, Emma Sofya Ludovar, Palatine-Aspirant of the Realm & Princess of Ulgaard
  5. EternalSaturn

    The Atraedean Response

    Victoria Vientos would chuckle from her home in Sutica. “The fool hasn’t lost his pride and feeling of self-importance, even after all of these long years. It will be Belestram’s death,” She’d look to her husband, “And I will gladly wear my finest and make a toast on that glorious day. Perhaps, then, even sweet and simple Eris will be free from his grip.”
  6. EternalSaturn


    A queen of old would sigh, reclined in an creaking chair as she observed the refurbishment of the withered manor in which she resided. Her steely gaze would trail over to a nearby worker, a slight smirk creeping onto her lips. “John Owyn would have brought both leaders before him and issued his demands himself. Men don’t listen to paper, good sir. They must be shown the way in person, or be punished for misbehaving.” Little Anastasya Bihar would hear of the business whilst strolling about St. Karl’s Square with her father, tilting her head in confusion. “Our cousins are fighting the Staunton-folk? Didn’t we...do that already?” She’d look down with a frown, deciding not to think on the subject any further or dwell on long-past history.
  7. Hoping everyone will take the time today to wish our @TarreBeara wonderful birthday! 🎂❤️

  8. EternalSaturn

    Happy Birthday, Tarrebear!

    H A P P Y | B I R T H D A Y | T A R R E N I just wanted to take a moment to wish one of my best friends, @TarreBear, a happy birthday! This girl is one of the hardest-working, kindest, most-compassionate people that I know and deserves nothing but love today to celebrate the incredible thing that is her life. Tarren has gotten me through some pretty rough moments in this past year, and for that I will always be grateful to her and lend her my own shoulder when she needs it. I am so lucky to have found such an incredible friend, and I wanted to make this thread so that everyone else can show you how much they appreciate and adore you. With much love, Eternal ❤️ 🎁🎂🎊🎉🎈
  9. EternalSaturn

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    Princess Emma Ludovar of Ulgaard would perk up at news of the opening of her dear friend’s educational haven, penning an application quickly. Professor Application IGN: EternalSaturn  RP Name: Emma Ludovar Discord: (You have it) Subject (s) you wish to teach: Imperial Governance (The Importance of Effective Governance and Etiquette)
  10. EternalSaturn

    Roast Thread

    this is why you aren’t a bae
  11. EternalSaturn

    Roast Thread

    who? @Novastral
  12. EternalSaturn

    Salt in the Sea - Tokoko Refugee Camp

    Hotaru would pray quietly for the safety of her people and the success of this new settlement, lighting a lantern to keep herself company that night as she laid down to sleep. A longtime translator to her now-friend Miyako, the young woman wondered what this fresh land would hold for her future.



  14. EternalSaturn

    [✗] [Mysticism Addition] Tides of the Ebrietaes

    Still trying to teach my old queen these magic tricks, but the idea of Mysticism has always intrigued me, so I ‘luv’ the idea of any additions! 💜
  15. EternalSaturn

    Atlas Anniversary Art & Writing Contest

    - Reserved for The Lobster Isles Entry -