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  1. ure best cat video ? give it to me
  2. idk where to put this so ill just put it here


    if u r struggling with writing an item description for anything that requires ST signing and is an interesting lil thing for ur character, hmu and i will help you, we can write it 2gether : ]



  3. 🤨




      Jarvis, @KILL_MAPShas posted a ' 🤨' on my profile. Inspect their profile. Find embarrassing content. Post it around. Get squakhawk to kick them off ST. Laugh. Hang them upside down by their trousers. Make a status update called #KILL_MAPSisoverparty.

  4. Skin Name: Traveler's Garb Discord: JAMES#2000 Bid: $30
  5. Skin Name: Traveler's Garb Discord: JAMES#2000 Bid: $20 Skin Name: House of the Kharajyr Hexah Outfit Discord: JAMES#2000 Bid: $15
  6. any good male hair skinners hmu JAMES#2000, i pay in usd


    1. argonian


      I'm the only james 2000 around here son

  7. ur a cool dude & so it's wild that i can't think of a single time that i've noticed you until now, i'm guessing we're involved in entirely different playerbases but usually staring at tab every now and then at least has me going "yo ive seen that dude somewhere" when i spot em on forums i got two questions big dog favourite song(s) rn if you were going to write a lore piece of any sort, what would it be? (vague idea, world/magic/alchemy lore, etc)
  8. don't look at me

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