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  1. there will be a winner every 2 weeks, that's it, no time limit since i want to give people as much time as they might need and be open for ideas at any point. tho no promises on how quickly the actual items will be made. rly this is just encouragement for people to come give me cool things to make, i will make ur idea for free if i think it's cool, this is just an ic reason to.
  2. [!] The following short poster can be found about Celia’nor and is displayed at the gates of Sintel Industries. Sintel Industries Tinker Time Sintel Industries is happy to announce the opening of our recurring bi-elven-weekly contest, Tinker Time. The idea behind this is simple, participants will submit their own unique and original ideas to the guild, the most interesting idea will then be decided, made, and added to the Sintel Industries product line. The winner of the competition will recieve a copy of their invention free of charge, decide its name, and be given full credit for it's inception. The guidelines of this contest are as follows; No armaments of any kind. Cannot be impossible to create. Must be of arcane or alchemical make, submissions pertaining to the Dark Arts are prohibited. Take your time, make it interesting! All entries should be given or sent to Kraal Sintel, or one of his associates at Sintel Industries. Submission via aviary or notes recommended! A collection box will be left outside of our gates, please write in a book as to prevent idea theft.
  3. goodnight joltastik

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  4. doesnt this do a bit too much for a feat after some reading, yes it does after more reading (reading pale magic), this is absolutely ridiculous and shouldn't exist, especially as just a two slot magic, u r a madman
  5. https://tenor.com/bSQKm.gif
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  7. spindle just aired this guys shit holy ****
  8. ♥ todays edit - laid out the technical uses of relics under "Uses", rather than leaving them up in the air and implied by other things
  9. ok i fixed all the issues now i will go to drink things that will make me inebriated
  10. i hate these stupid IDIOT forums i cannot format ANYTHING the way i want to
  11. Mystic Conjurer Amendment Relics A Conjurer’s relic is a supernatural item that has been constructed of Menhir or Aurum and bathed in ectoplasm. Typically, these take the form of censer burners, lamps, urns, or crystal balls that sport esoteric imagery. The primary purpose of these Relics is to house an amalgam of souls torn from the Elysian Wastes. The Relic renders the spirits lukewarm and mindless by merging and binding them to both the vessel and the Conjurer’s will. A Relic functions as a conduit and amplifier of the Conjurer’s abilities, and serves as a casting focus when channeling ectoplasm. When viewed by an individual possessing True Sight or creatures of a spectral nature, a distinct gleam shines from the Relic at all times. This goes unseen by others unless utilized for casting or if the Mystic decides to allow said glow for aesthetic purposes. Creation Uses Redlines Manipulation Core to a conjurer’s arsenal is the ability to manipulate ectoplasm. They use this ability for aesthetic flourishes or to weaken or bolster those around them. Mechanics Redlines Shrouding The Conjurer may expel ectoplasm from within their Relic to emit a shroud that distorts the veil between the living and the dead. Mechanics Redlines Undertow Through manipulation of ectoplasm and utilizing the power of their Relic, the conjurer may draw forth a thick pool of inky ectoplasm that manifests as sludge. This is difficult to move properly over as is, but can be further manipulated by the Conjurer through use of their Relic. Tier Progression; T1 & T2 - two block radius around the conjurer T3 & T4 - three block radius around the conjurer T5 - five block radius around the conjurer Mechanics Redlines Tyking Although not manifesting their conjoined phantom to the same degree as their blade counterparts, a Conjurer is capable of summoning those that dwell within their relics to intervene in the course of combat and create chains to control those not beneath their will. Mechanics Redlines shoutout to: me, for being me and also writing. jaelon, for helping me big time with writing. lulah, for also helping me write, ideas, and consultation. zachosnacho, for ideas, the manipulation spell, and consultation. unbaed, for ideas, the combat use of tyking, and consultation. pund, for huge brain ideas, original lore, and consultation. spoons, for ideas, and consultation. mordu, for consultation. valannor, for consultation.
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