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  1. Siege of Vjorhelm

  2. plant people must die

    1. Hero_Prodigy


      they r called byrophites plz check ur privilege xDDD

  3. the frog man himself...

    1. NJBB


      hello that is me


  4. -= Righting Wrongs. =-

    the fat monkey sends his regards
  5. 646e7cb226628ca0ee9a96755a71f8ee.jpg




    saint fleeper needs 2 exist

  6. AHH!!!!!!! STOP PVP STOP PVP!!!!! I WANT MY RP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hero_Prodigy


      “METASQUAD I REFUSE TO RP” erper elf screeches

  7. bad rper

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. overlord2305


      You're right, there need to be harians for them to be able to give a ****

    3. ibraheemc2000


      *sigh* i tried to make peace with lamb chops....then all guns got pointed at me.....well sh!t......alright well seems i helped you two have fun now

    4. overlord2305


      Wait you were offering free food

  8. image.jpg

    made by the 1 and only @Chub

  9. robert bob mugabe is gone