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  1. i fell asleep on you

  2. A False Crown

    “You go girl!” Leila cheers, standing by her sister-in-law as she speaks to the crowd. “Rubens women are better and stronger, you should be glad you’ve escaped from that bunch.”
  3. VIP Forum Ranks

    mc name: bblackish rank: gold https://imgur.com/a/vOfB0HW
  4. dont u find it funny when ppl reply on an RP post OOCly claiming ur bringing OOC into RP...... :D i do

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      @devvy  and me would be fm power couple bro... 

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      @Dewper  not like we aren’t the renatus one alrdy

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  5. A Mayoral Denouncement

    Leila Rubens can't hear dead people.
  6. A Mayoral Denouncement

    A depiction of one of the many raids against Curon, ca 1658 A raven-haired woman would be seen ascending an improvised platform on the streets of Curon just before the local tavern. With a quick puff of air, a strand of hair that had fallen before her face was removed, brushing it behind her ear before she raised the very same finger up and called out before the gathering people. “I have had, ENOUGH!” She called out with a frustrated expression, her breath shivered as she finally let loose the words that had been swirling at the tip of her tongue for many a day and night. Her once soft features scrunching up as she took another breath and spoke once more. “I have had enough of my work, my capabilities and my ambitions hampered by an ill-equipped and sickly government due to its constant paranoia and doubt in those who seek to uplift Curon. Not only has this government squandered what intellectuals it had remaining, it has outright shunned and disposed of them in the vilest of manners to merely secure the positions of a select few people in an attempt to protect themselves from the conflict that have plagued this Principality for far too long. Not only is this very country in a downward spiral, it is vehemently and critically unstoppable as there is no longer a way for any person to pertain the will, time or effort to possess the capacity to save it. I tried, I pleaded, I begged. But my words fell on deaf ears as my suggestions, my abilities went ignored by none other than the Princess-Regnant and her vile councilors that ensured that her ears remain plugged with the yes’s she so desperately craved in her quest for approval and dominance. As she and her ilk have so vicariously chosen to sit back and observe Curon's swift downfall, I have chosen to head south with my family, and those who wish to join me to seek better fortunes for themselves and their own. And thusly, I QUIT!” The former Mayor of Cyrilsburg, Leila Rubens, made her way swiftly down the makeshift, to a mixture of boos and cheers as she made carved a path through the crowd and began her journey south, to join her family in their newly formed Barony. AVE RUBENS! written so beautifully by acu20 <3
  7. wife, are you finally coming back to me!??!


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      soon, if the gms are willing!

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      gms i hope ur willing i need my wife..

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    mc name : bblackish vip rank : iron screeeeenie : vv
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      fredison benson

  10. Aether VIP giveaway

    me please!
  11. sigh... long day

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      get out HEATHEn @Elrith

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      I should've taken the liver

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  12. The Royal Household of Curon

    Name: Leila Rubens Race: Human Age: 19 Position Applying For: Royal Wardrobe Advisor Experience: Leila is currently a handmaiden to Her Highness, Linette, and knows her well. She already spends a decent amount of time in the palace, and has recently begun sitting in on meetings and making an effort to join in on diplomatic missions and trips! Username: bblackish