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    Wrenwig read it over. “Weak” was the first word that came to his mind.
  2. Adjuvanos

    give me your fkn money

    Full/Clothing/Head/Edit: Full Description/Reference: Christoph Clemens, a heartlander, 34. He’s a private investigator so I’d be cool for him to wear some kind of long overcoat, he has blue eyes but besides that it’s up to you, this is a new persona I’m leaving most of him up to your creative freedom.  your discord so i can contact you thank you: Adjuvanos#9793
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    Tenth Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    nunquam suade mihi vana
  4. Adaldag and his companions turn over in their graves.
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    MCName: Adjuvanos Name: Wrenwig Thalrock Age: 72 Race: Heartlander
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    great story
  7. I’ve see this discussed before and I might be beating on a dead horse I just though I’d share my perspective as someone who’s only joined earlier this year and had a poor initial experience due in part to the cloud temple spawn. Not trying to be particularly critical just thought I’d share. I came across LoTC by chance and was very interested so I started working on an application. I spent a fair number of hours researching the sparse lore I could find and formed something of a backstory for a heartlander called Wrenwig. My application was accepted, excited, I got ready to RP and logged on finding myself in something called the cloud temple. Wasn’t exactly what I expected but no bother I thought, need to learn the ropes I figured. But after I talked to the monks that was it. No further guidance just me, all ready to RP, in some sort-of spawn area no idea where I should go or what I ought to do with myself. Eventually someone told me to follow the road signs, which I did for awhile. I began asking people where I should go as a new heartlander, some said Santegia, others Belvitz, I was met with many different travel suggestion I knew nothing about that only furthered my confusion. I drifted around for a few days doing some RP in a world I knew little about at this or that place then moving on to another. Ultimately I stopped playing and didn’t log on for a long time. Eventually I did log back on and by a stroke of luck (finally) found a place in Atlas; someone happened to ask me if I would want to make a persona of a dwed clan. LoTC didn’t really begin for me until I made that persona, finally I had a niche to RP. I wasn’t just a confused drifter who happened to crawl out of the cloud temple, I had a persona that was, of, something. In part this is what racial spawns could help bring to the table. Having some spawn area for new players to learn the rules and basics is great, but don’t make it part of the world. When a new player for the first time steps their persona into the world they should be immersed by a sense of place. If Wrenwig had experienced those first steps in a community like belvitz it would have given him some roots and maybe his persona could have grown into sturdy tree and not a tumbleweed. In fact I’ve noticed LoTC has many tumbleweeds, it’s rare you find a firm persona with deep roots, often the server can feel arid. Of course, this issue is larger than the cloud temple, there’s many changes that might breath in some life, the could temple is just a common and obvious detraction.
  8. I strongly agree with the racial spawns. When I joined LoTC about eight months ago I was very confused and lost for a while and was about to give up on the sever. If my persona Wrenwig would have spawned somewhere like Belvitz I could have had some idea what I was doing, it would have implied a notion of belonging, but spawning at the cloud temple left me with no idea where I should go and what I should be doing, when I asked people for help I was given mixed answers that just made me more confused and I ended up wandering for a couple days and ultimately never did much with the persona.
  9. Adjuvanos

    The Deep Forge

    (OOC) MC Name: Adjuvanos How active are you?: Usually on for at least an hour a day Discord: Adjuvanos#9793 Timezone: USA East Coast (RP) RP Name: Buernoc Silvervein Gender: Male Note: worker cast member
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    The Old Oaks Tavern of Belvitz

    Buernoc: "th' most bonnie bar in atlas!"
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    Dunshire | Job Census

    Out-Of-Character IGN: Eteriani  In-Character RP Name: Adaldag Wanderfoot Race: Halfling Age: 20 Job / Occupation: Farmer
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    In a workers camp outside Adelburg, Wrenwig was born the third of Sun's Smile to Birinus, the foreman's courier, and Sebba, a nurse. The days of his boyhood were spent among the constructions of the half-built city helping his aunt Maethel, a horticulturist, in the gardens of the city's to-be college. Eventually his parents set aside their vows though their passion had been long since dimmed; Wrenwig and his mother moved to the new city where she became deeply emotionally wrecked, bearing the brunt of it upon Wrenwig, her only confidant. Some years later Maethel found Wrenwig apprenticeship with clerics at the college, he was a talented scrivener and a quick learner, he soon became a pupil of the college. He spent a few years there and found passion in history and the gardens but the academic lifestyle was not well suited to him, he accepted an offer to serve as scrivener to a military chaplain. On the assignment he learned many things and began formation for the priesthood but after some years his assignment came to an end upon news of aunt Maethel's death, he returned home. He continued his formation and studies though depression fell on him and his mother, he began drinking and gambling. A year past and though the drinking settled down his gambling riled up, he was ordained a deacon in the Church but soon superiors caught wind of his doings and he was put out on a two year sabatical. Later during gambling revelries he came in contact with Renatus nationalists to whom he later suffered a massive lose he could not pay (the group was running gambling affairs to help fund themselves). Having realized by that point they where involved in the coup conspiracies that had the city on it's toes, the only feasible way out he could see was to offer his help and information. He found it not too terrible an option, his blood was of Renatus and he saw the righteousness of the old kingdom in the conspirators and so, among others reasons, he found himself sympathizing with their cause. His offer was accepted and he was made to swear an oath, he gave his help and advised with his intellect and knowledge of the city he acquired as a boy from his father (THE foreman's courier). His advice proved helpful enough in coordinating the coup during which he played a small role delivering information to operatives as an unsuspecting deacon. Afterwards his debt was forgiven once he swore himself to King Canonius. Quickly his sabatical period ended and by then all the conundrum had snapped him out of his despair and broke his gambling habits, he decided not to continue with his formation and in order to escape any trouble sprouting from his involvement he left the city with his mother and got her a place to stay in a town some ways away, he stayed with her for a while then left to travel.