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  2. So long, farewell.. I’ll miss you silver!
  3. Empress Lorena motions the Lorraine Cross over the red hues adorned in her bodice, suspiring in the quiet of the chapel of St. Adrian, “May GOD lead his blessed people into peace, and those who betray him into turmoil. Amen.”
  4. OPERATION LADY IN HIGHTOWER 6th of Tobias’ Bounty 1743 Col. Sabari, with men, concocting the plot. Within the confines of the dimly lit Bastille sat Colonel Darius Sabari and a short-list of staff. The men had been sitting for some many hours within that office, which had been utterly tarnished by the smoke of tobacco. A single man remained stationed outside the door, with orders to send off any visitors. Classified business. Captain Jasper spoke to his compatriots. “But you have seen what they plan for our Empress - villains! A frontal assault is
  5. THE DAY OF ST. ROBERT’S BOUNTY Tobias’ Bounty, 1743 The procession of St. Robert’s body, c.1670. IT IS WITH PRIDE THAT THE HOLY ORENIAN EMPIRE has continued over the wounds and trivialities of ongoing warfare. To commemorate and prolong the recent show of esteem reached through the Orenian people’s unmitigated morale, a paramount celebration shall be held the 12th day of Tobias’ Bounty, preceded by two smaller events, to honor the holiday of St. Robert’s Bounty and carouse in optimism. Parade of the Emperor’s Forces ((Friday, November 2
  6. Empress Lorena sends the traditional turkey leg roast to Queen Milena of Haense and her family in celebration. @Axelu
  7. Lorena’s lips are anointed with the gentle noiselessness of a smile with which to steady Anna’s perplexity, sending the girl only a brief glance in acknowledgement; gloved fingers danced with the complements of an inked quill, scribing the following atop an aged parchment, to be sent to Princess Ester the following day: Dearest cousin, I have just received word of your detail. None bearing Devereux blood could ever have imagined that such inquiries would ever be required, yet now we see that it was incumbent of you, for in your own words you are made to speak for a bedridden c
  8. (( trash formatting fix yourself pls @Axelu
  9. HELENA CITY ELECTIONS OF 1740 The Helena City Corporation, issued 12th of Horen’s Calling, 1740 “Dissimilar to the monarchal construct of our exalted laws of imperial succession, the city elections of Helena have continually held themselves to be a system of elective democracy accountable for the ongoing patriotism and good-will most inhabitants to the secular crownlands align themselves to, be it ever correspondent to the atmosphere of war we the people of the Holy Orenian Empire now find ourselves in.” -Elections of 1736 With the end of the quadrennial term
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    run and never come back
  11. Lorena smiles, seeking out her tailor to prepare a new dress with which to attend.
  12. Lorena set alight a candle, though it was veiled by the groveling aura of the Meszair palace crypts, it’s radiance shedding no contrast of golden hue upon the twittering of dusk-ridden bats which cowered from the purdah donned in her approach, nor on the bristling of melodious crickets which wept a lonesome tale of lament and remembrance to the man she’d realized as the embodiment of the father she’d lost in a disconsolate youth; For he was strong of heart yet narrow of mind, excepting times when he needed his mind most. Stopping upon a pillar of stone and marble, her body crept do
  13. Lorena slaps her husband upside the head, “Go back to looking pretty!” She says.
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