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  1. Ser Brandt Barclay expects to see the rex at the gates of the seven skies
  2. Even in the seven skies, Brandt remains Sir Konstantin's number one supporter and fan, as he had been throughout his entire life.
  3. THE REST WITHOUT RUST “Wer rastet, der rostet, aber jetzt ruhe ich mich ohne Rost aus" “Who rests, rusts, but now I rest without Rust” - Ser Brandt "the Patient" Barclay 10th of Sun's Smile, 19 SA. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ As Brandt closed his eyes for nearly the final time, his mind began recounting his life like it never had before, reminiscing all there was to reminisce before its final slumber. A slight, weakened
  4. "Saint Tylos deliver her" Ser Brandt Barclay crossed the lorraine, dipping his head as he prayed for the deceased queen.
  5. THE SHQIPTAR UNION “Wenn sich Männer zusammenschließen, um die gleichen Ziele zu erreichen und die gleichen Ergebnisse zu erzielen, sind es nicht viele, sondern nur eine” "When men join forces to put the focus of reaching the same goals, to attain the same outcomes, they are not many, but one" The Shqiptar Union™ badge 19th of Gronna and Droba, 368 E.S. ________________________________________________________________ PREFACE Deriving from the Reinmaren word, Shqiptar, which, in itself holds the multiple meanings and can be used to refer to a craftsman, wor
  6. "I do say to always chase the bag..." commented Ser Brandt Barclay as he paused a bit "...But GODdamn"
  7. Not many days after the publication, a Waldenian version of the song would find itself published about: DIE BALLADE VON AUGUSTUS FLAY Translated by the great Reinmaren scholar Erich Erwin Barclay, Baron von Sigradz, Chieftain von Isolrich Aufgeführt von Corwin Alstreim für der Northern Geographic Society Bankett zum 50-jährigen Jubiläum 1. Mein Name ist der alte Augustus Flay, Der Feuerstein-Banditenkönig. So viel diffamiert in den letzten Tagen - Zu meiner Verteidigung werde ich singen! 2. Der alte Godf
  8. "Bet" replied some Reinmaren with great Waldenian skills
  9. shouldn't say we're going through this path "together" if we're not including my unviewed 72 hour old thread
  10. "God bless the Barclay Foundation for Accurate Ethnic Representation." saluted Ser Brandt Barclay with a Reinmaren smile about him
  11. "Why of course it was the council's fault that the Koeng killed his relative." nodded some Reinmaren
  12. "They spitting" nodded the elderly Ser Brandt Barclay at the epic words of the Ancient House of Frey.
  13. Northern Wolf - 300 Morning Stroll - 150 @tadabug2000
  14. Lord Treasurer Ser Brandt Barclay blinks a few times in awe before smiling widely. The elderly man then approaches his office as he sits down and begins writing a letter to Adrian Colborn. His eyes widened every now and then as he was still trying to comprehend the donation. As he finished writing the letter, he'd go about sending it to Adrian, then taking the man's own notice and begin pinning it around the notices of Haense.
  15. Ser Brandt Barclay smiles as he gives the new business a thumbs up "Now that's a smart business idea"
  16. "Nice trick" said the now-eldery Sergeant Brandt Barclay as he learned of the captive's impossible escape whilst strolling about the barracks.
  17. Northern Wolf - 300 Morning Stroll - 75 @JustGrim
  18. based skins. northern wolf - 100
  19. "Oh my, we've got trap lords in town now" chuckled Ser Brandt Barclay as he shook his head "Quite the ballsy one too" he went on before making to sit and work out some papers...
  20. Ve Geltenkaros Bensk THE GOLDEN CROW BANK Royal Treasurer’s Edict of 365 ES Issued by the Office of The Royal Treasurer On this 21 of Tov and Yermey of 365 ES EDICT PREFACE VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, As the usage of Krawns™ has increased rapidly throughout the last five or so years, especially with the new taxing policies of the global bank, it feels necessary by the Royal Treasury to finally expand the usage of Krawns™ and encourage its free flow. Thus, achieving the one goal that the Golden Crow Bank™ has set ou
  21. Ser Brandt Barclay shakes his head and sighs as he reads the report "Oh GOD, nicht allow pur Haeseni to fall victim of such harmful, harmful spawns of the devil" he said as he finished his reading in public. The man then laid back as he reminisced of a day he spent with Buck Dirtgrub @Bucksome 30 years or so ago in Reinmar. As to why such a memory, it'd be a wonder.
  22. Ser Brandt Barclay takes out a lighter as he places its flame to set ablaze the tip of his loud, now smoking that Taxed Norlandic Vassals pack.
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