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  1. Wizzy


    Hey man, look I'm not a part of the staff, but from what I've seen they say to people is that they have to include at least one lore like a place or event or something like that... just wanted to let you know before a staff member reviews it
  2. Wizzy


    Yea I totally did, but just in case I saved it again right now
  3. Wizzy


    After changing my application a couple of times according to your helpful feedback, I think I might have fixed all the mistakes you told me to improve.
  4. Wizzy


    Thank you for responding to my application. I reviewed it and made the changes you told me too, yet I'm not sure if I've totally improved them, but it's up to you to decide. Thank you for your time!
  5. Wizzy


    I'm sorry if my Definitions of Meta and Powergaming aren't too clear, that's cause of the word limit
  6. Wizzy


    Anarín Oakwind, and was born and raised in Linandria of Axios by his two humble parents Ataris Oakwind, a hunter, and Ilynna Oakwind, a farmer. Since youth Anarín was thought to be humble, be respectful, stay loyal to his family, but most of all to serve the wild and those who need help as much as he can. Young Anarín's family didn't only teach him how to to be loyal, but he was also taught how to hunt by his dad, thus he became pretty familiar woth the boy, but still far away from becoming 'good at it', even why in rare times he would have a perfect aim. Anarín's parents would often go outside the city for trading purposes, mostly trading their own personal farming and hunting goods, tough they wouldn't take Anarín with them as it was too dangerous. Once, a week before their only son would turn 50 years old, Ataris and Ilynna went to yet another trading trip, planning to come back for their son's date of birth, but even when that day came, they didn't show up, weeks passed, and yet nothing was heard of them, so Anarín took it upon himself to go and find them, and all he was able to find where the corpses of his own parents, eaten by the wild beasts. But it wasn't the animals that killed them, oh no, it was someone stronger who would be able to take down a good hunter such as Ataris. Turning his head up, Ananín saw the for the first time in his life a group of bandits, sitting on top of the tree benches. Some were dark elves, some human, and some orcs, but there were enough of them to outnumber the poor and untrained boy. Anarín didn't hesitate though, other than running he grabbed his bow and took aim, and was able to put an arrow right through one of the bandits skull, instantly killing him, but that was his only licky move, the other 4 bandits then caught him and almost killed him, they would have, if it weren't for two of Linandria's guards, who went after Anarin as he left the city. They took the young elf back to the city so he could heal up, but nothing would ever heal the wounds of losing his family to a bunch of bandits. After that day the life of Anarín changed forever, after recovering he took all his stuff and left Linandia, and there his mission started, to not only take revenge for his parents and fight anyone who'd attack and profit from the weak and those who couldn't defend themselves. Thus he was never seen in Linandia for over 10 years, always training, surviving, and with the help of his loyal beasts, defeating not only bandits, but fighting the threat of the unread, and following his mission and what his parents wanted him to do, to protect the wild from the those who intend to hurt it. But still there is much, so much more for Anarín to learn... and that chapter is not yet written…
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