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  1. A painted sign hung above the inn door, a man standing on one foot with his arms thrown in the air: Hardin’s Leap. As they drew rein in front of the square stone building, the sweeper straightened, yawning fiercely. He gave a start at Perrin’s eyes, but his own already protruding eyes went wide when they fell on Loial. With his wide mouth and no chin to speak of, he looked something like a frog.




    Shivering, Perrin leaned his head against the cage door. He may not have fur, but he’s a wolf. He’s wolf, not man. Light, help me.

    “We didn’t keep him here always,” Simion said suddenly. “He was at Mother Roon’s house, but she and I got Master Harod to move him here after the Whitecloaks came. They always have a list of names, Darkfriends they’re looking for. It was Noam’s eyes, you see. One of the names the Whitecloaks had was a fellow named Perrin Aybara, a blacksmith. They said he has yellow eyes, and runs with wolves. You can see why I didn’t want them to know about Noam.”

    Perrin turned his head enough to look at Simion over his shoulder. “Do you think this Perrin Aybara is a Darkfriend?”

    “A Darkfriend wouldn’t care if my brother died in a cage. I suppose she found you soon after it happened. In time to help. I wish she’d come to Jarra a few months ago.”

    Perrin was ashamed that he had ever compared the man to a frog. “And I wish she could have done something for him.” Burn me, I wish she could. Suddenly it burst on him that the whole village must know about Noam. About his eyes. “Simion, would you bring me something to eat in my room?” Master Harod and the rest might have been too taken with staring at Loial to notice his eyes before, but they surely would if he ate in the common room.

    “Of course. And in the morning, too. You don’t have to come down until you are ready to get on your horse.”

    “You are a good man, Simion. A good man.” Simion looked so pleased that Perrin felt ashamed all over again.

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      "Through God, and only God. Can one proceed, with head high and heart ablaze."

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      Based and Orthodox Pilled

  3. A lone samurai began to ask the real question, "How does this effect the Shorewalkers who are not Mystics and radically different?" He pondered this heavily underneath the cherry blossom trees.
  4. Do you think your opinion will change again a week?

    There is one rule, above all others, for being a man. Whatever comes, face it on your feet.

  6. There has to be a price, Rand. There is always a price.

    Perhaps I can pay it here.

    It is every man's right, Rand, to choose when to Sheathe the Sword.

    Even one like me.

  7. The romantic chivalric tradition takes, or at any rate has in the past taken, the young man's eye off women as they are, as companions in shipwreck not guiding stars.

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      Just kiss already omg

  8. Samurai Eren gets a feeling he ought to travel t the desert... there was something waiting for him there surely.
  9. Sakuragakure's War on Gashadokuro - Donate Today! To the Coalition of Light and to my fellow Band of Owynium, For too long has the Demon Lich Lord Gashadokuro squatted on our western frontier. In recent years he has erected a fortress and conducted a raiding campaign on not only the Hidden Cherry Blossom Village but the city states of Nor-Velyth as a whole. And although we may hold our own we have been locked into a stalemate of good versus evil, the light and the dark. As per the Treaty of Nor-Velyth, he resides within our unincorporated claim of the Norowareta Mori (the Cursed Forests). This is our Second Yokai War. I, the famous artist Eren of Clan Kato and the Warrior Class (perhaps you’ve seen me), wish to deliver the decisive blow and free our people once and for all so that we may finally look out into the horizon towards our homelands and wander will we finally be free without the fear of being soul molested by skeleton wizards, without the fear of our organs being harvested and without the fear that the people of the Ashen State will never know true peace. I wish to bring my grandfather peace so he will retire. My grandfather the Shugo, Kamisama bless him, is old fashioned however and dislikes charity and asking for help. He does not understand the progressive ideals of universal basic incomes or global welfare to uplift all having come from a bygone era foreign to us now. Thus it is up to I of the new generation to step forward for my state and do what must be done. Our plan is simple but requires all good-doers to cooperate with us. - We colonize the land around Gashadokuro’s fortress, which costs about 6,000 ¥ mon. - We require 3,000 ¥ mon to rebuild the Grand Boar, our legendary rare mobile artillery unit. - We require 2,000 ¥ mon for the construction of the Great Kingstone Wall with the Kingstones that has been generously provided to us by the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. - We will hold a training rally for two Saturday’s (PVP) for the upcoming Final Battle. - We battle against the Lich King at his lair, costing money to bring in supplies and stationary artillery roughly about 4,000 ¥ mon. - After the conquest, we will hold a public execution of the Lich King and place his skull over the new castle’s (which will be named New Yamatai) gates, which will cost about 100 mina. In estimate, this plan is roughly 15,100 ¥mon worth. There is a lot to do because of this, and as such, I am offering rewards for those who help with this plan with donator perks: - For those who donate 10 mina, you will receive satisfaction for defeating the demon-lich lord. - For those who donate 100 mina, they will receive their name on the plaque of Owynium within the halls of New Yatamai - For those who donate 200 mina, you will receive a front row seat with your personalized name upon it for viewing purposes of the Final Battle against the demon-lich lord ‘the Siege of Hexicanum’. - For those who donate 1000 mina, you will receive a certified clemency pass signed by the Shugo of Sakuragakure for all past crimes*. - For those who donate a single ingot of Carbarum, you will receive the ability to sit on the Grand Boar and receive a painting (MC ITEM) of you sitting on it. - For those who donate 10,000 mina, you will receive honorary Oyashi status and no longer refer to you as a foreigner (we will remove gaijin status from sakigaki discord and will not spam you anymore**) Only united by love and courage can we defeat the forces of evil. Join me today, KATO EREN, Samurai of Sakuragakure, Rightful Emperor of Oyashima and Man *This does not account for your present and future crimes. **@everyones do not qualify
  10. Eren pledged his sword to the cause of the Pharaoh should he be needed in the defense of the Rah'mun. Surely the darkfriends will come after him for this..
  11. You can notice some of the comments are from people who made Novellen Oren hypercentralization ironically enough. I really don't understand how this nation system is unable to find a perfect form, or something that the community agrees on for the most part. We are approaching a time where people who were not born when LOTC was made, CAN apply soon and play soon. Yet this realm system business feels constantly a problem because of forum echospeak. Staff want hypercentralization? Do no activity checks so people don't worry. Staff want decentralization? Activity checks at 1% for one-two CORED tiles (excluding non-cored), 3% to allow more than two cores plus non-cored tiles. I always talk back about the system Caelria proposed in Savoy for good small micro vassals too. They don't need to pay taxes, or even rp every day. All they need to do to prove to NL of Savoy is they can rally 3 men for their freehold every weekend. People always got weekend rp from this. Now the whole thing no one will ever understand until we get back to Novellen Oren hypercentralization, that I want to focus on, is that all of these problems could be solved if nations actually actively promoted vassals and pushed for their prosperity. But no one won't, because of the tribal ruling clique who never wants to give up power like in most human nations today, and the ENEMY clique that is gaining traction. Everyone is always afraid of the lionbileti types couping them, which is fair, but no one ever asked lionbileti why he couped dead nations for the most part and made them active?
  12. looking for wood elf and oyashiman gf. 60mina

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      eren....yamero :doom:

  13. Samurai Kato Eren had a pleasant day laying in bed, drawing, when his grandfather stormed in and told him that the nation was under martial law and he was called to serve. He said he would come in a second, before he was pushed from bed, and his painting was smashed. Such was the way for the Sakigaki neet.
  14. Ioannes greets his friend Stor in heaven (no matter what his skygod says about going to some weird automaton realm) and hugs him. "It is good to see you again, brother."
  15. Can you see any borders from here? What has borders given us?




    There's only one way, Buddy. You've gotta fight for what you believe in.

  16. Ioannes welcomed his twin and brother into the Seven Skies. The Skies felt wonderful these days...
  17. "Lectors." Kato Eren agreed. What more was needed to be said from a Golden Bull, after all?
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