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  1. The vigilant of seclusion, Velulaei'Avern Araaloq, comes across the missive on his travels. Gazing longingly at its contents before wandering off with few words said, but plenty thought.
  2. Upon his travels, Velulaei'Avern Araaloq scoffed. "Naming a tree? What Olog came up with this idea. It is almost as ridiculous as self-proclaiming yourself as a title which carries no meaning. Keeper of Dasi... did an Olog come up with that name too? Wyrvun I hate travelling and seeing such poppycock... all these disgusting missives are giving me a headache. Or perhaps its this sun- maybe it is really time to return to the frigid cold." Whilst rustling in leaves a particularly round dwed chuckles. This dwed going by the name of Porkpie Grandaxe. "I protec duh forests wit dis moightehh belleh!!! No toime fa drinks or gaims. Dats choilds stoof! Dis is big ol' dwarfie stuv!" Hodge'Mog begins muttering whilst reading the missive. "Mi wyl blah wid diz Zhroom, yub yub. Podge'Mog furrows his brows. "Wub wood lat du dat?" Though the uruk gained no response except a smirk from his conjoined brother.
  3. From beneath a pile of foliage, Porkpie Grandaxe cheered for the alliance.
  4. Podge took little notice of the letter and instead inhaled a wave of cactus-green. Clearly uncomfortable being around the vast amount of brethren gathered around the fire-pit. The scene of crowds making him freeze whilst his limbs grew ever more idle, yearning for some tough physical labour. Hodge on the other hand revealed a wide-spread smirk, showing almost orange tinted teeth filled with mank and maggots. Through these protruding teeth he exhaled smoke directly onto the letter whilst asserting a fist forwards. "Diz ez ekzaktli wub miz nyeeded, zo bruddahz kan bi ztrong agen!!" These words would carry themselves with strength however were also diluted into a slur from highness.
  5. (As someone who suffers with personality disorders, a variety of other differences within my mental health, along with mental illnesses such as depression. These are my personal opinions on the subject.) Non-neuro-typical stereo types will always exist, however that does not mean its right to portray them or push misinformation. Across my three (or so) years on LOTC, I have seen a variety of these stereo-types portrayed. And others blatantly played with little research. For reference, Rufus, a halfling character, was portrayed to have depression along with aspects of schizophrenia and PTSD. This is not to diss the person playing this character or call them out on past RP. However Rufus was portrayed very publicly and mental health was the centre of their personality. This is why I use him as an example. Now in my opinion this character was poorly played at the time I was a part of the halfing community (Stemming from late-mid last map, to early this map.) But what many players cannot grasp is what makes the difference between good and poor. So I'll list ways this character specifically could've been better. To outline some do's and don'ts. To start with: The RP was extremely public. Often done in #s without any warning to others of potential triggers. For anyone who does want to play a character with non-neuro-typical traits. Make sure to ask yourself: "Could my RP be triggering to others?" If it is a clearly extreme topic I'd recommend warning others of your next actions. Giving others the opportunity to pull out at any time. And if its less extreme, but still prevalent. Just ask around in-case there's potential for it to trigger others. An example of this would be using (Trigger warning) Emotion in #s: Now avoiding explaining other issues with that emotes. I'll move onto who can and can't play a person with a non-neuro-typical mind. Now there is nobody who cannot roleplay online in LOTC as someone with a non-neuro-typical mind. However you must, and I stress this a lot: research into what you are playing. Read factual, scientific evidence. As well as first-person views from someone who has whatever non-neuro-typical aspects you are looking to play. Because to replicate this in LOTC you must know what the facts are. And you cannot over-play these attributes if they surpass the realism of mental health. As it can create wrong views, push stereo types, and overall express wrong information which can be damaging to both people who are non-neuro-typical and the person with the misinformation. There's plenty more to this subject however I'll leave it at that to allow this information to sink in as is. The bottom line is just: Educate yourself before playing someone who is non-neuro-typical. Learn correct terminology and ensure everyone around is comfortable with your RP. I know this can sometimes be difficult. But unless you are prepared to do extensive research, perhaps don't lean heavily into a diagnosis. (PS: I am by no means a professional. Nor the voice of all people. As we are all different, have gone through different experiences, and don't all have the same 'features' and 'aspects' that someone with the same diagnosis may have. I'd also like to hear others opinions on what I've wrote. Though do know I haven't planned writing this so I may have miscommunicated by own opinions or used incorrect terminology. Lastly I'll point out how I've used the term non-neuro-typical. This is the current scientifical term used that I've come across, for example in my meetings etc. Therefor its the term I am using. As many diagnosis' such as ADHD and Autism are quiet literally different wiring in the mind. And therefor not typical. However this does not mean they are 'worse'. Simply different. Just as everyone is. Simply in a different way. Much love to all. - Olly)
  6. The duo of conjoined twins emotions spread far and wide, up and down, and side to side. All apparent on their somewhat (extremely) ugly faces. However just before the pair could open up a jar filled with blood to pen a letter; they both passed out under the affects of cactus green. Playing out their writing in their dreams. 'Ztoopid bruddah dare wryt da zpiritual in duh zame blah az kaktuz-green... WUB AG INZUL! Mi agh lat ar gryate bruddahz bu' diz iz borderin da lyn of WAGHHHhhHhh'. When the pair woke up, they would be very disappointed they hadn't received a letter in response. Of course because no letter was sent in the first place.
  7. Velulaei'Avern Araaloq, upon reading, Scoffs at the constant bickering between the human race. Handing over the missive to a passer-by. Walking away whilst uttering words behind him. "You look like one to read such pointless poppycock, take it. I'm sure Wyrvun is tired of my sight being wasted on such stupid literature anyway. Perhaps it was even fate you find yourself being offered this text. After all, with that beard you resemble the depiction presented here. So trim your beard. Before you are mistaken as shrubbery of Elvenesse. Or worse yet, an Ologs behind."
  8. [!] Anyone to notice the pair at the board would see their appearance was much more scraggy than before, and far more paler. They both reeked of cactus green and were clearly high. Or at least the sapphire eyed Hodge, definitely seemed to be. Upon taking a gaze at the notice-board, the pair of conjoined twins noticed a much more puny letter hung beside their previous few. It caused Podge to fall into silence. Accompanied by the intimidation of his looming-brother, Hodge. Who let out a hefty laugh before taking a hit of cactus green. "Eh, mi du nub kare, miz av blahed enuf alrudy." Another deep chuckle brewed beneath his words. "Unlyk diz bruddah aparuntli... mi az nevuh evun peeped diz han' writin' bevor." At these finishing words, the pair tore off the smaller letter, spat upon. And attempted to roll it for cactus green. However after failing to roll it, they simply put it away. Leaving the goi with Hodges departing words of: "Miz av tu go vetch ah pype bruddah, yub yub yub..."
  9. (Moosic) [!] Hung on a crooked nail is an open letter to Ulug'Gorkil @flexMate. It reeks of cactus-green and seems to be stained with a green shimmer with the texture of saliva. And by the wording and length, it looks as if it could have been scribed. Or perhaps not. “Paler than death, gaunter than bone, emotions should be lifeless, to sit on a throne.” Brothers, what is the point of beating an already dead body? Countless clans rise in resuscitation but are bound to ruin. Histories are misconstrued and leaders lead for selfish endeavours of voice and greed. Is the answer to show power? Perhaps... Miz speak of clan Gorkil. And the uruk of the name Ulug. Who time after time has proved little but ignorant in the Iron’Uzg. And has provided everyone with what miz can only correlate to a new-born Olog to babysit. That being of himself. So Ulug, I ask, latz write how Gorkil provides great master-minds and warriors. But do lat truly believe lat represent such traits? Lat; The uruk who captured allies to enslave? The uruk who is in debt? The uruk who failed to capture or kill enemies on raids? The uruk who failed to defend the goi when elves attacked?" Or perhaps lat had forgotten that lat are little more than a thorn in the side of the Iron’Uzg for the past cactus years. This was a topic miz discussed with the previous Targoth. Who informed miz that miz were azh of many who discussed such concerns. Now despite that problem being resolved; miz do not see how one such as latself can truly believe they are the right fit to revive a clan of such a name. So miz lend lat these words now. So lat don’t find yourself diving too deep into a realm lat know very little about. As lat have in the past. And finally, miz ask miz brothers, Do miz want this uruk touching clan Gorkil? A clan with a deep rooted past? Miz say NUB. Moggoth of clan Mog Moggoth of clan Mog [!] A separate letter is sent out privately to Ulug directly OOC
  10. (Moosic) [!] A missive finds its way to the notice-board in the Iron'Uzg capital. It almost shimmers in a coating of sleek oil. Whatever it may be, it secretes a disgusting smell. Though one which is quickly covered by the putridity of cactus green. Amongst other odd smells. Visually however it is fairly typical. A simple piece of parchment messily hung by a rusted nail. With velvet writing presumably of blood caressing the page. “Paler than death, gaunter than bone, emotions should be lifeless, to sit on a throne.” Brothers, Birth is a brutal but beautiful thing. It was the time miz garnered our first kill. On our own momo. Miz exchanged her life to create miz own. Yet still miz waste her blood by wandering aimlessly. Clanless. Purposeless. Idle. But not anymore. Miz true sight has been opened. And now miz true purpose has been revealed. Enough of dwelling in the past. Enough clans collapsing and squabbles caused by puny cubs. Miz raise our purpose. Miz raise the banner of brutality and beauty. Miz raise clan Mog! Miz purpose is simple. And the spirits will not dictate miz as they have so many others. Instead miz guide ourselves, with purpose. Journeying on a path laid out by mizselves. A path of Mog! However do not view miz niche numbers and young existence as a sign of weakness. As miz have already smelt the future to come. Our tongues flickering against fate. Lungs filled with cactus green. As miz are held by nothing but ourselves. Untampered by spirits and idiotic uruks. Clan Mog sits beneath the futh eyes of dub brothers. And miz see empty seats to fill. Seats which yearn for the warmth of forward thinking brothers. The warmth of those who don’t remain chained by old ways. Moggoth of clan Mog Moggoth of clan Mog OOC
  11. “Paler than death. Gaunter than bone. Hearts should be lifeless. To sit on a throne." We, Clan Mog, take the symbol of two intertwining serpents. And in its purest form; it represents the eternal entanglement of other beings. We also take the quote: ‘Paler than death, gaunter than bone, hearts should be lifeless, to sit on a throne.’ This shows the nature of emotions. And how one must lose them to achieve true enlightenment. ⑄ History ⑄ “To progress into the future, one must sacrifice part of the past.” ⑄ Appearance ⑄ “Physicality iz ah glimpze at tuh zoul; zo glare wit ztudy. Az there iz much to learn from azhz looks.” ⑄ Body Modification ⑄ "Bonez protrudez, as miz ar revealed; mi ztake off mizskin, tu stop remainin konkealed." ⑄ Wardrobe ⑄ “Klothing iz nub more d'en eh mazk ta kova miz pride. Miz scars ar an honour. Not ah zecret to hide.” ⑄ Hierarchy ⑄ "Blud grukz nubin widout zpirit." ⑄ Trials ⑄ “Ah tru zerpent zliverz zlowly, but zukkeeds zwiftly.” ⑄ Spiritualism ⑄ “Zpiritz ar konztantly held above miz like deitiez, let miz peep how deities face chaos.” ⑄ Combat ⑄ “Bloodluzt iz ah givt; nub ah kurze. Anywayz, miz av kactuz green tu kalm down.” ⑄ Games ⑄ “It'z all vun and gamez till lat hit lat head on tuh way down.” ⑄ Hunting ⑄ “Miz ar zimple uruk doing zimple uruk tings... yub yub!” ⑄ Laws ⑄ “Azh muzt abide by tuh rules, otherwise azh will nevuh ve ah khanke tu break dem again.” OOC
  12. Porkpie Grandaxe read yet another missive. His eyes burning red with exhaustion. So much literature for such a short day, he thought. But as he continued to read his eyes brightened. "WOODLAN' FRIEN'S! JUS' IMAGIN' ALL DA' FOOOOOOOD ONCE WEH BEAT PEEPS IN WAR!!! EVERYON WIL AV CELBERATION FEASTS AN OILL STEAL ET ALLLLL!!!!!!" At these words his belly rumbled. Time for another meal, perhaps.
  13. As the beardling perched upon a tree-stump; he unloaded his backpack. Thousands of fleeting missives flooding out. "Dis is mi new ones.." Murmered the lad as he skimmed across it. A look of understanding stemming off his expression. A light bulb flickering over his head. "OH! So dats who dat fookin peep waz... he was eh silleh peep!" With his favourite word emerging, he chuckled. Throwing it into the wilderness to never return. Just as he hoped the legion would do to Draakopf.
  14. Upon a journey vast, a young dwed by the name of Porkpie Grandaxe began to read. His eyes darting from word to word. Brows furrowing at each letter. Whether it was confusion by literature, or by topic, was unknown. However a question soon brewed at the tip of his tounge. The words directed towards the woodland creatures around him. "W'os tuh fook is dis peep?"
  15. One singular snelf named Velulaei finds himself wandering unknown territory, coming across the missive and frowning. "And what is one to do with this information? Is one to actually care about these petty human squabbles? At least I can only guess this is wrote by a human. As is apparent by their lack of creativity and short writing. Perhaps take a class in literature. Have you ever read a book?"
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