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  1. *This piece of parchment is stuck to the mail-box with some sap just outside the Grandaxe clan hall* I'm learning how to reed and rite so I wanted to write a letter to everybody! To kind of introduce myself I gess... So Im Porkpie, im a Grandaxe, i love bread, im nine, im a boy beardling, i have lots of friends, i fought spiders, i love Hefrum and Urguan, and one day I'm going to be king and give everybody bread! I already have some peoples support already!! I also like the colour red!!! And everybody loves my belly music!!! And I live in Urguan but i dont
  2. Valu returned to see the notice on the board. A faint outline of a sorrowful frown approached his face. His lips moved to mutter under his breath. Though no one could hear, his words were true to his feelings and were spoken to Wyrvun. "Poor Tali'bortu, twas only stars ago that I watched upon their kins bloodshed. Now this... perhaps they ought to invest in protection... and to the Craven and whatever cult they have foolishly formed, how stupid they must be. I pray they are granted a time of peace where no velvet shall flood their burrows." Upon forming these words the ghostly white elf walked
  3. Happy pride! (Love that you guys did this!- everyone stay safe)
  4. @MonkeNoticThanks! :) Its good to be back ^-^
  5. @KuilaThank you! I'm happy to be back! @audyushThank you! I'll make sure to let you know if I need help. But thanks a lot for the warm welcome :)
  6. @GodEatingCommieThankyou! Missed seeing your mysteriousness around too. And maybe we can interact more in the future, who knows what the LOTC gods have in store.
  7. So, I'm back? To be honest, not many people will know me on here, and I don't expect them to. But I joined years ago now- and of course, with how amazing LOTC is, I was intimidated and ran off. Fast-forward a couple years (During the final month or so of the last map) and I was starting to really find my groove. I found myself in the depths of the halfling community and they welcomed me with open arms. (Not being biased or anything but if you're new or just want an easy-going, most of the time xd, experience... then you should join them!). I also began dabbling in other areas of th
  8. Walked over to his fireplace, slumping down in the chair as he found a letter on its arm. "W'ut is t'is..." The man muttered as he took a glance, before a long, long gaze over it. Shaking his head as a flurry of emotions hit him. Anger for Theo leaving his children and him without even saying goodbye in person, sadness for his husband and guilt for not being there during his time of ill health. However with all his feelings the only thing Bass could muster up saying was "T'eo...." Despite almost instantly getting up from the chair with a stumble. Presumably to go write letters, most likely reg
  9. Bassett read over the paper which was seemingly covered with an endless amount of writing. So much in fact the man couldn't reach the end without all of his energy being taken from him. Just enough for the man to pass out in his bed- however feeling much better yet with a supreme lack of energy.
  10. "W'at in t'e name of Knox 'as been 'appenin'...." Is all the family-centric man would say as he hobbled back to his bed. Finally finishing reading the pile of letters which were sat upon his desk- shortly passing out on his bed after.
  11. Bassett finds the letter in his lap. Reading over it with dry eyes yet a less peaky face. "Aye, oi'll try make et...-t'is illness can nay 'old meh back much longer...- t'eres stuff oiy need ta 'elp wit'" Is what the man said in his room. Frowning with hatred towards whatever illness had been plaguing him. However the frown would not last long as tiredness set back over him- forcing him to take a quick sip of water and falling back into a long rest. Dreaming of his children and the future of where he was no-longer ill.
  12. Bassett struggled up from his bed, reading through the missive with a weak, inquisitive scowl. Recalling all of the encounters he and this Knox, be it the real, or his suspected deceiver, have had. However once wasn't enough, so the sick man staggered over to his desk to read it two more times. His curious expression only growing more as each piece of information proceeded through his brain. "Weh need Lord Knox, for our endless source of 'ope an' pride. 'owever- 'his 'Lord Knox' certainly 'as s'owed 'imself as somew'at of an imposter... only time will tell if its 'rue.... jus' wish oiy coul' s
  13. Bassett read over some notes of the laws and traditions which were brought directly to him, attempting to smile whilst spluttering out a cough. "Good on t'em for makin' dis, shame oiy can nay do meh part in teh village at t'e momen' t'ough" A frown was then evident on his face. Before it quickly turned into a peaceful neutral as he passed out in his bed. His fever raging on.
  14. [!] In the early afternoon a neatly wrote letter was pinned to the notice board. Dear fellow wee-folk, It is with a heavy heart that I admit to being bedridden with an illness seemingly unknown and incurable. I have sent dozens of letters out to those of the highest degree in medical studies and care however each was responded to with equal confusion. Though all with a similar instruction, and that being to stay in bed and rest. So as much as it pains me to leave my children with only one capable father and you all with one less pair of hands. I must keep to what I have been r
  15. Bass reads over the newspaper with a hint of confusion, and a usual warm smile washed upon his face. "Oim nay sure som' of t'ose statistics are rig't bu' hey ho leas' teh 'alflings now 'av a good newspaper!"
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