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  1. Bassett Mudfoot-Mowood hears the thunder, peering around the corner to see Knox himself speaking to Jeanne. But despite his intrigue he walks off back to his burrow. Prepared to pack up the final things for the imminent departure.
  2. Kolmuth Ireheart laughed as he sprinted about the mountains and gentle hills. A grin wide spread on his face. Using his new-found skill of archery to his advantage whilst both him and, his father figure, Aghuid were hunting the fiery red foxes and other animals that they could cook or skin for the clan.
  3. Mowood Family The Mowoods are one of the newest halfling families to begin their journey to become a large dynasty, filled with rich history and bright futures. Cultures and traditions The Mowoods are a blank slate for traditions and cultures. Though they follow most general halfling traditions such as not wearing shoes, they are also eager to have their own. One of which has been brimming is their use of house magery. Something both Theodore and Bassett Mowood have been learning and possibly wish to pass onto their children and all future generations to come. Another tradition of such is their pure disgust for orcs. This is due to past events which have occurred by the hands of the ruthless green beasts. The two main stories to be told is Theodore's encounter when he envisioned an attack on his life by them which ultimately came true when a group of orcs ravaged him. And the other being that of lies and deceit. When Ul’ga, a person Bassett would call a friend. Made promises she didn’t keep. Lying to him on multiple occasions and then disappearing on him at a time when he felt most separated from everyone. However despite this there is no specific hatred towards Goblins, who some Mowoods find to be quite a refreshing change from the big, dumb, green Ologs and Orcs. Religion The Mowoods also have a taste for a religion. Mostly sticking with their avid beliefs in Knox who both Bass and Theo have spoken to on multiple occasions. (OOC: despite him not being the true one). To cement their trust in their god. Some Mowoods choose to pray to Knox to aid them in their training in house magery. Sometimes burning small trinkets and others simply praying. However as well as their strict religion to Knox, some members of the family also choose to be a loyal servant to the religion of the Aspects. Along with druidism as a whole. Stemming from the very first Mowood druid: Theodore Mowood. Appearance Although Bassett and Theodore were unable to conceive a child due to the barrier of gender. There is a running theme in appearance due to one of their children being Bear Mowood, who was niece to Theodore prior to being adopted. That being brown hair and blue/green eyes. However there is usually a mixture due to all of their adopted children having different eye colours, hair colours and form. Heirlooms and recipes Knoxs’ Lantern - A golden lantern with stained white glass. Inside is a mystic purple flame. It has the ability to sometimes aid the holder with their questions. This specific heirloom was given to Bass & Theo on their wedding day by Knox Mowood Mushroom Soup - A rare meal which is often made for Sunday lunch. The Mowood mushroom stew is a silky soup with soft cut mushrooms. This is also often given to family members who are sick with a cold. Family members Theodore Mowood - Alive Bassett Mowood - Alive Sorrel Mowood - Alive Griffin Mowood - Alive Agnes Mowood - Alive Bear Mowood - Alive If you wish to join our happy little family please make sure to message either me or Tame on discord at Ollie#8553 or TameFX#1905
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    Kolmuth sat in the corner of the clan hall. The shadow of the wall beside him looming over him. In this darkness he spoke to Ursa. "Oiy saw da Mr. Rexy, at one point 'e spat on teh ground! Wasnt vereh polite of 'im is w'at meemaw woul'av tol' meh.... oiy 'ope teh elfies dun do dat t'ough, maybeh te'yll beh more polite if oiy ever ge' ta meet one!" He then sat up from his cosy little corner. Licking his lips as he spotted the nearby venison.
  5. "Oive nevah met an elf but Mr. Aghuid did show meh som' of their ears. Oi want some!" The young beardling would announce whilst fiddling with some teeth of the beast the Irehearts had slain prior.
  6. Bassett read the letter three times over. Leaving it time to ponder on it before coming any conclusion of his own. "Oiy was completely unaware of c'ance of violen' acts between 'proper' an' 'improper' people. Nor could oiy feel muc' tension, per'aps an issue on my part. 'owever with this letter and the great pain our friends an' family have endured. oiy believe it ta be t'e rig't t'ing to do in saying that oiy shall not take any side. Not proper, nor improper. Oiy s'all support everyone in t'e same way oiy always have an' that's by lending an ear or a 'and. So often people are separated into groups and labels. Leading ta t'em forever being placed in a certain box of cans and cants. Now as much oiy stand with my statement of not separating myself between any of such groups, oiy must say oiy find it disrespectful and outright a crime to even think of any violent acts against our T'aine. We may have our opinions but violence whether it be with shovels or with words is not what us halflings are about. Lets remember who we all are and that its our duty to stay neutral. Any conflict now is not what we need. To make it any further than we have already got we need to stay united. An' oiy truly believe if we can succeed in that. T'en we will have an extremely bright future ahead of us. Especially with this government which oiy strongly feel will empower us, strengt'ening our voices and truly cementing our name in 'istory." Anyone around Bloomerville could hear his words. Something Bass assured as he spoke thoroughly about his opinion. Even giving people a chance to speak to him about the subject instead of carrying on with his baking and gardening.
  7. Kolmuth hops around the clan hall with his usual gigantic smile plastered upon his face, it being especially large after hearing the doom forges declaration. "Oiy 'eard t'at t'a mr. doomforge man is goin' ta 'elp us! weh 'av friends ta 'elp!" The small child finished off his cheer, walking back to his room to check on Ursa, thinking of how happy he was that they had friends to help them.
  8. Bassett smiled as he read the flyer. "Dey ar' perfect for eac'other, I'll make sureh ta atten.'"
  9. Kolmuth claps his hands together with a large grin portioned on his face "Yayy! Go Ire'earts! Weh are teh bes'!"
  10. MC Name: OddOllie123 Character Name: Kolmuth Ireheart Character Age: 13 Appearance: A common physique mountain beardling with scenic blue eyes and fiery ginger hair Bloodline: Olaf Define who you shall be related to inside the bloodline: Son of Spriggar and Kevay Ireheart Do you agree to follow the Clan Tenets OOC’ly and IC’ly and face the consequences for their breaking?: Yes What is your Discord?: Ollie#8553 Image of the skin you intend to use: Getting a new one made, so this is only temp:
  11. Kolmuth stares at the notice with a blank expression, blinking a few times. Walking off with utter confusion.
  12. Bass gazed over to one of the flyers. Anyone close to him could see the wheels turning behind his eyes, thoughts propelling around. A faint expression beginning to form. “We must remember to use t’ese only to protect ourselves and ot’ers” A slight frown turned around and into a quaint smile “But I am glad that everyone can learn ‘ow to do such. We cant forget t’at us wee folk are strong, independent people. Despite us ‘aving our alliances we need to carry on gaining more strength so t’at one day we can aid others even more.” Once all his words had left his mouth he swivelled on his feet making his way back to the burrow.
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