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  1. I avoided commenting on the original report because anything I could’ve said wouldn’t have added anything other than needless chatter, but I’m going to take this time to put in my own opinion. As someone who was briefly a member of the Wiki Team, I was around Muffins some, and as someone who attempts to stay active in the community, I have occasional conversations with her, or witness other’s conversations. I can say I don’t feel I have been personally mistreated by Muffins in any way beyond a slight bit of attitude, but I can also say I have seen friends and people I care about have interactions with her that have been rather sub-par. I feel the administration are doing the right thing in trying to help Muffins learn from the situation and grow, because someone with that much commitment to the server truly does deserve a chance to redeem themselves, but it is being done the wrong way. Instead moving her to a different position within the Administration team, she should’ve been given a period of “forced hiatus”, in which one of the community managers would step up to take her position while she temporarily works on her attitude and finds ways to remove some of the stress that has been placed on her. Replacing her with someone who IMO is somewhat disconnected from the community, isn’t a good idea, the person leading the team should be someone who knows the community. With the current plan, More weight will be placed on the Community managers, or Muffins will end up working on everything backstage, which completely ruins the reason for the change. This is a great way to fix some of the issues, but my reasoning behind it is completely different from yours. Mods, Managers, and Admins are exposed to some disturbing things while doing their job, that anyone under the age of 18 shouldn’t see(Things like Grooming, Pedophilia, Sexual harassments, and ERP). By having anyone under the age of 18 in these positions, you are either exposing them to things that they shouldn’t see(and showing them some of the stuff would be illegal), or you are limiting what they can do, placing more stress on other members of the Team.
  2. ”Chikr.” Naeri would murmur as she spit at the ground. “If I got my hands on her she’d lose a lot more than just her ears. She should watch her back, a scalp would look nice on my wall.” As she finished speaking, Naeri would move over to the crib in which her baby brother was sleeping, softly rubbing her hand across his cheek. ”Threaten to lay a hand on my family again and I’ll make sure those are the last words you speak.” She’d hum, as if she was cooing the baby.
  3. Farming Halfling – 1k Discord: Desired#2831
  4. Modest Elf- 500 Farming Halfling- 500 Discord: Desired#2831
  5. Yea........ Don’t just ask for magic in a Public OOC medium, or really in OOC at all. If you want to learn a form of magic, find out about it RPly and wait to find a teacher, don’t go searching for a teacher OOCly. In some magic communities, making a post like this could literally turn every teacher away from you as it’s a bad look. Just do the type of RP you enjoy, whether it be Combat, SoL, Political, or merchant, and wait for your character to get a chance to learn about magic or meet a teacher. Obviously pushing your character into situations where they might be more likely to meet a teacher is okay, but don’t just ask for magic constantly, it’s a Small part of the game and shouldn’t be the only way you can get enjoyment.
  6. The fact that there is a community that is built around SOL proves that you can have interesting and complex stories without the need for conflict. Let’s take some examples from the Wood Elven playerbase, seeing as we are both members of it. The majority, if not all of the seeds within Siramenor require a character to complete a series of trials to become a member, generally these do not contain the type of conflict that is discussed in your post, but it provides a quality story which can easily lead to player development. Another example, a Druidic Dedicancy, it doesn’t ever have to involve a conflict, but is a hard task that can take some people months or even years to finish and has an extreme amount of depth to it, and leads to great development of a character, if done correctly, really any form of teacher/student RP can create a strong storyline that causes amazing character development. Obviously conflict can create an amazing story, and provides a great way to grow your character, but it isn’t required to develop a great story. I can say I get enjoyment out of both combat/conflict, and mundane SOL. I’ve had an abundant amount of character development from RP that involves no true conflict, but I’ve also had an decent amount of development because of conflict. Each person prefers a different type of RP, but saying that a type of RP is “boring and flat as hell”, when a decently sized group of people enjoy it is flat out rude. On a server the size of LOTC, having access to conflict, and the lack of conflict are both important, and can both provide development of a character, just because you think one is more important doesn’t make it okay to be rude to those to disagree.
  7. Yuh Mod team😏

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      still trial tho ;-;

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  8. Flowers for Algernon The Hate U Give Death on the Nile Pride and Prejudice My answers seem to be quite different from other’s, I’m not sure if it’s due to me only being a High School Junior and having less exposure to some works of literature, or if I just have a different taste.
  9. - What makes “high quality” & “low quality” RP? In my opinion, high quality RP is simply just roleplay that can keep you interested and involves detailed, above average emotes from all present. High quality RP also generally has a nice flow, it lacks the long pauses between emotes(5 to 10 minutes) and excessive OOC chatter, that is common in lower quality RP. Low quality RP can be seen in many forms, but in general, it is not as engaging and has lower quality emotes that do not keep your attention. Some of the more common things that make RP of a lower quality are, extremely low quality emotes, one of the people present not truely wanting to be there, excessive OOC arguments or chatter, and Metagaming/Powergaming. Memeing during RP can also cause it to lose it’s quality, if you are not interested in the memery, but memeing in RP chats is technically against the rules ,so it shouldn’t happen anyways. - How can low quality RP impact the server? Low quality RP is something that will always be on the server, there isn’t anything you can do about it. The server is constantly bringing in new people who have never RPed before, so a lower quality from them is expected, but an excess of it can cause some issues. When relating to CRP, a low quality experience could scare a new player away from it completely because it can cause some serious stress. Overall low quality RP could end up scaring away players who are veteran RPers because they think the whole server is like that, or it could cause people completely new to RP to think that is the norm, which could scare them away or cause them to RP the same way. - What makes RP engaging? Each person has different things they like, but for me, I don’t feel completely pulled in to the RP, unless the movements of the characters are emoted. I can’t get into RP where a person is just typing a huge speech without their character moving or stopping to catch their breath, it feels unrealistic and doesn’t create a full picture. I also think it’s important that you are RPing with someone who is also enjoying what you are doing, it isn’t very engaging when you create a in depth emote and the other person doesn’t. - Your favorite niche of RP? This is a really hard one to answer, but it’s either student/teacher RP or Peaceful family RP. I’ve personally never done much Teacher/Student RP as the teacher, but I love RP of my character being taught things, whether it’s his dedicancy, learning combat, or healing, it just feels great, and a teacher usually can create extremely high quality emotes that constantly keep your attention. Family RP, is an amazing thing and can have so much depth, personally I love it when it’s extremely mundane stuff, like cooking together, eating dinner, or just relaxing together in your living room. nothing important is happening with the RP, it’s just relaxing, and generally you have a decent OOC relationship with family members which means you aren’t arguing any in OOC. - Is there a storyline or long-term RP scenario that you thoroughly enjoyed at one point? (Preferably not an eventline – something more player made). My Character’s dedicancy is probably been my favorite thing so far. I’ve had a ton of bumps and issues IRPly, which makes it even more fun, I’m actually still going through it, and I’m currently on a break for IRP reasons. The RP that has formed between him and his guide(s) has been amazing and led to great character development. A strong 2nd would be probably be his current relationship and it’s formation. My character is currently in a rather unique relationship, that took a couple months to form. It’s led to a lot of quality RP and character development that constantly keeps me wanting to RP!
  10. A small ‘ame would read over the missive while relaxing on his bed with a tall glass of wine, a candle lit on his nightstand to provide light. “Perhaps I should return to training.....” He’d huff out, bringing his glass up to his lips to take a large sip. ”Maybe tomorrow......” He’d place this missive and his now empty wine glass on his nightstand, quickly blowing out his candle, causing the entire room to become dark.
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