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  1. Upon receiving the news of her friend's passing, a young elfess trembled. "No," she whimpered out, her eyes filling with tears. "A frost witch? Again? Not Talia.. How heartbreaking.." She sniffled once, making an attempt to compose herself, but her sorrowful demeanor remained. She let out a shaky sigh, her teary gaze flicking to her sword that rested not far from her.
  2. Halerir Lei received the news as well. She did not react particularly strongly - no yelling, or crying from her side. She instead just nodded slowly as she processed the information. "Hm," she then ended up uttering quietly to herself, "Much can be said about him, and I do not agree with all that he has done.. But I suppose I don't have to, in order to respect what he has done as Okarir'tir. He was a good commander in battle, after all. A good leader. And, in hindsight, I can't blame him for not letting me go off to battle again at seventeen, much to my frustration back then," she murmured wit
  3. Bear Mowood cannot read. She remains blissfully ignorant, having slept through the whole situation.
  4. Gift Slip Username: xTelmster Name: Bear Mowood
  5. Bear Mowood listened quietly as Sorrel read the letter to her, not knowing how to read, herself, yet. The small halfling child didn't quite understand all of it, and how to process it, but her shoulders slumped and the corners of her mouth drooped nonetheless. "Bass is sick?" She then murmured out to confirm what she had understood. Upon getting the confirmation, she just let out a sorrowful exhale, lingering for a moment as she processed that. She then promptly scurried off - Probably to go look for bugs, or something, to cope with her worries.
  6. figured very last minute that I'd give it a shot! here's all the art I have of my character: https://m.imgur.com/a/8auK2Wu
  7. xTelmster


    Raelyn was home to a family that consisted of her, her four older brothers, and her father. Her mother had ran off about a year after giving birth to her, and even though he never said it, it was very clear that Raelyn's father blamed her for it (the real reason was him being abusive and forcing Raelyn's mother to have more kids, but I guess he never found that out). All her life Raelyn had been trained to fight, steal, and hunt. As she was the youngest of her family, along with the only female, she had to work twice as hard as her brothers to earn the respect of her father. Physically w
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