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  1. To all Suticans! A new age of prosperity is upon us! One of wealth and determination! This is a prime time within our history and names are being written down in our history as we speak. Names regarding people of honor and courage. Take part of this, Suticans! Join our Watch in it’s finest hours and be remembered a hero within your community! Those who take part are entitled to steady pay, recognition, and the ability to progress within your occupation. Speak with an officer today! SUTICA ETERNAL Care joining the watch? Fill out the requested below! [OOC] User: Timezone: Discord: [RP] Name: Previous experience(s): HER GRACE, Mrs. Blair Cohnal Fester, Triumvir and Minister of Coin, Head of Fester Family, The Vibrant of the Free State of Sutica
  2. Regarding the Department of Public Health and Safety 14th of Snow’s Maiden, 1761 With new leadership, comes new policies – With the abdication of Doctor Mayan Avern, a new Department Director has been elected within our council; Doctor Norawen Barondil. And with so, new policies will be enacted within their Ministry. The Ministry of Public Health and Safety will be ‘demoted’ to the Department status – removing the title of Minister from the active Department Director. The Ministry of Public Health and Safety will be now be dubbed The Department of Public Health and Safety. The Department of Public Health and Safety will fall under the jurisdiction of current standing Minister of Peace. The Minister of Peace holds the power to replace, remove, or appoint a single Department Director. The Department Director will be held by a Council Member, elected by the Triumvirate or Trade Prince(ss). The Department Director will have supreme rule over the matters concerning their department. A Triumvir, The Minister of Peace, or Trade Prince(ss) may veto or overrule any directives issued by the Department Director. The Council of Sutica may do the same, as listed above, with 2/3rd’s majority vote. SUTICA ETERNAL HER GRACE, Mrs. Blair Cohnal Fester, Triumvir and Minister of Coin, Head of Fester Family, The Vibrant of the Free State of Sutica HER EXCELLENCY, Doctor Norawen Barondil
  3. An Announcement Regarding Concealed Identities in Sutica 7th of Snow’s Maiden, 1761 In conjunction with the biddings of our Watch and for the safety of our citizens, masks, helmets concealing ones identity, or other material or magical means to obtain such a feat are now forbidden within our city and it’s confines with the walls and is deemed a Class D crime and will be punished accordingly. SUTICA ETERNAL HER GRACE, Mrs. Blair Cohnal Fester, Triumvir and Minister of Coin, Head of Fester Family, The Vibrant of the Free State of Sutica
  4. Sutican Banishment List “The following people are banished or have commited crimes within Sutica or it’s territories. This list is maintained and managed through The Ministry of Peace, for the sake of ensuring Stewardy documents and guard reference documents are always kept in sync and up to date. The Minister of Peace shall be the primary custodian of this list and its accuracy. Those with an interest in being unbanished, or those wishing to suggest a banishment may send a letter to The Minister of Peace or a Captian of the Watch. ((OOC: Refer to the Sutican Discord for the active members.)) Banishment List Form Name: Race: Crimes: Outstanding Debt (If applicable): Banished?: Anything else you’d like to state: Name: Karyssmov Faroe Race: Elf Crimes: Practitioneer of the Dark Arts Outstanding Debt (If applicable): N/A Banished?: Yes Anything else you’d like to state: N/A Name: Loras Race: Mutt Crimes: Attempted mass murder of the Sutican Public. Outstanding Debt (If applicable): N/A Banished?: Yes Anything else you’d like to state: N/A Name: Vozhd Race: N/A Crimes: Recklessness (B) , Resisting Arrest 2x (C), Obstruction of Justice (C), Disruption of Peace (D), Assault on a lower class official (B) -- Failure to pay debts Outstanding Debt (If applicable): 3400 Banished?: Yes Anything else you’d like to state: Cocky Name: The O’Hara Family Race: N/A Crimes: Refer to Her Grace, Mrs. Fester for more information Outstanding Debt (If applicable): N/A Banished?: Yes Anything else you’d like to state: Yes Name: Erebus Tartarus Race: High Elf Crimes: Continuation of being an overall nuisance to the Sutican Government at large. Outstanding Debt (If applicable): N/A Banished?: Yes Anything else you’d like to state: Know practitioner of Arcanism and Transfiguration Name: Mayan Avern Race: Snow Elf Crimes: Harbouring a practitioner of the Dark Arts Outstanding Debt (If applicable): N/A Banished?: Yes Anything else you’d like to state: N/A Name: Bellra Race: High Elf Crimes: Murder (A), Attempted Murder (B), Outstanding Debt (If applicable): 6000 Banished?: Yes Anything else you’d like to state: N/A
  5. The Wedding of a Triumvirate 17th of Sun’s Smile, 1760 The Governance of The Free State of Sutica invites all who are willing, out of state or within our walls, to a ceremony of matrimony. Come join us for the wedding of Her Grace, Miss Blair Cohnal Fester, Triumvirate and Minister of Coin, The Vibrant and her fiance, Rosemary Gaia. After so, a banquet of drinks shall be held in the tavern, provided by yours truly, Pruinae Tathvir. (Wedding is at 4pm EST, the 25th – Gathering Hall, Sutica)
  6. ~ Crunch – Chrunch – Leaves broke underneath the weight of the Sun Elven lady. Slowly and steadily throughout the forest surrounding the Estate. Her footsteps, normally soft and stealthy, now reckless and careless. A hand, baring a rag dipped in crimson pressed against the bit right of her forehead as she winced – A wound far from fatal, but painful at the least. “I crave another...” She continued about, walking down the roads to the Wildlands as she did many times. The dirt below her nearing its wear from her many previous treks. A thought of home crossed her mind, the sands – Mirasul. What of her sister? Her brother? Niece? “I claimed them long ago...” Dead. By assumption of course. Years and years have past. Surely they are dead. Not a bird, nor letter. Of course, dead. ”We need MORE...” She passed traveled up the hill, nearing her destination. A wince was expelled from her form as more crimson clotted her mind – forming and viscous, painful wound. “That damned Sutican!” she thought to herself with a grunt. ”More, Masika!” She doubled over, vision growing blurry. From the wound? She paused her steps, ceasing the crunching of leaves below her. A low groan expelled from her once more as she lowly lifted her form back upright. She was tired, to say the least – but she felt this for years on end. ”...” Silence enveloped her mind as she neared the Estate. Through the doors upon doors she went, nearing her room. Her body moved to rest her head upon her bed. Maybe sleep will come at last for her? Sweet, enveloping sleep. ~ Throughout the streets of the Sutica, one might pick out a sight – blood plastering along the sides of a home. In a fashion one could read. ”Another has been claimed. One maimed and far from recognition. His body is the Sun’s. No longer Sutica’s. Another will come, for the Lord of Chains and their mother they serve. The Sun sees all. There is no avail to escape.”
  7. _Wonk


    ✨ Welcome to Lord of the Craft! ✨ I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here. After I set your application to accept, a bot should automatically whitelist you onto the server. If there is an issue with your white-enlistment please contact me on discord at @frog#0483. If you would like any guidance or help in-game, contact me or any Community Staff Member and ask for a Wilven Monk for assistance with LoTC with the following command. If you happen to need any assistance upon joining, run the command /creq followed with any questions or concerns you may have. We encourage new players to join our New Player Discord so that you can meet current players and ask our Community Team any questions you currently have. It’s also very helpful to read the New Player Guide to help you on your travels. This guide contains prevalent and detailed information about roleplay and other mechanics of the game. As an additional bonus, as per your character’s race, check out your race’s nations on Nations and Major Charters, we also encourage you to check out our Settlement Guides for other places you may be interested in. Should you require any further assistance at any time in the future, contact me on discord at @frog#0483. You may issue a /creq [message] on the server to open a Community Staff Ticket.
  8. A particular dipshit strolled about her city, now within power that one could only dream. Her strides were slow and methodic, caring not for the world around her as she did so nearly day after day. Her mind raced to taxes, what she may do with her new found position, and her relation with her citizens. Down the streets she went, passing the houses within Sutica. She strode pass her home, and looked. A thought of the price of her home passed her mind. Another thought of if she should move. Her mind racing with the potential of her city. But not a single thought of her brother crossed her mind.
  9. [!] A particular half elf strode along the sides of the Sutican beach, a warm, yet salty morning. The woman held bundle of parchment within her hand, moving about with a smile painted across her face – devious and methodical. To the city now, she moved within; stopping at an occasional post board to plaster her message: ”To those who wish to claim so, five-thousand minas – for the living body of any member of the O’Hara family. Leave a notice within this parchment if you wish to pursue this grand reward. They harbor a shade, a dark mage, within their likes, and have proven to be a nuisance to many around them. Your work will not be in cold-heartedness, merely aiding in ridding this world of a disease that must be nipped at the bud. If you do require more information to settle your minds, do ask within this parchment.” [!] The half elf sneered up towards her message, a devious smile plastered on her face. Her form turned with a nod, turning down the streets of Sutica – stopping ever so often to plaster yet another note. Soon, all throughout Sutica, one may be able to spot one message of their own. [OOC – PM frog#0483 for inquires or notices of taking up such bounty.]
  10. _Wonk


    Ayo! Thanks for apply to Lord Of The Craft! After taking a quick look over your application, your verdict has been set to PENDING – meaning, you have a few changes that need to be made in a 24 hour period before we can accept you to our server. Fairly easy things need fix – Simply, we ask that you have two lore references within your characters biography. Sadly, the name of a nation or city does not suffice. I suggest looking over the lore provided on our wiki for things like notable events within Urguan or in Aegrothond. Maybe a bit of history lore to spice things up? Regardless it is up to you how you wish to apply a bit of more lore into your biography. Once you’ve made some changes, feel free to hit myself or another Community Team Member up over the forums or over discord. If you got any questions or concerns, we’re open to that as well. My discord – frog#0483 – is always open to new players! Anyways, Cheers! _Wonk
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    Changed Status to Under Review
  12. _Wonk


    You’ve been denied for low-effort/memey responses. Ayo! Just to put it out there, if you need any assistance with your applciation, please feel free to hit one us community team members up. We’d love to help walk with you if you need any assistance. My discord is always open to new players – frog#0483 You are also more than welcome to reapply anytime with different responses.
  13. A particular dipshit walked around the city, a solemn gaze over her expression as neared up to the old home owned by the ‘ame. Her gaze drifted upwards, glancing the balcony above – empty, by assumption. A sigh. And soon a mutter: ”A shame I never spoke to ‘em more often. Carry on, llir – even through death.” And after, Blair’s form continued down the streets.
  14. _Wonk


    You’ve been denied for low effort/memey responses. It takes a lot of understanding to really grasp what our server is about. If you’d like anyone to walk with you through the application process, please feel free to hit me up over my discord – frog#0483 – or any other Community Team Member. You’re always welcome to reapply again.
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