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  1. IGN : _Wonk RP NAME : Grael Skills you can bring to the table : Guns
  2. A POST OF PROPAGANDA To settle the simple argument of who will win the coming shogging war between our BLESSED Free State of Sutica, a post of fact must be made: An artist depiction of the average Sutican. As you can see in this artist depiction of a Sutican, we bare outstanding qualities matched for the sport of shogging. Our arms are in length to match no other length of any race. Our thighs bare a tight, precise form allowing us to stay upon our logs much more efficiently than most. Our average body mass and complex bares peak fitness, unmatched to no one else. An artist depiction of a WEAK hafling. In this other depiction, the wee folk of brandybrook are small and lanky. They have no range to their arms and their overall body physique is rather unimpressive; most likely from spending their days drinking. Their legs are frail and small, easily toppled if pushed upon. An inferior form of the descendant races. Furthermore, no argument is necessary in regards to who will win this coming tournament. It is crystal clear, to all with a reasonable head, that us, the SUPERIOR, and BUILT Sutican’s are the coming victors. SUTICA ETERNAL
  3. A ******* shithead of a fake voidal horror idly stared towards her multicolored window – Missive in hand. No oddities procured around her as she simply muttered: “God, this better have been the right decision, mal’ionn.” Her gaze turned towards her desk on the latter word. Upon the table, rested the bone-carved mask of Izchmrz – idly distorting the air around where it laid.
  4. An off-brand voidal horror blinks once, glaring over the missive of treaty. The paper within hand begining to distort idly in the dim light of her room. – Soon, following with such an oddity, screeches of guttural horrors crept in the cranies of her room. The paper in hand slowly losing it partmental color and shifting to a dark, drained color. She let’s the paper fall, baby-raging into the wall and slamming a frail fist into the stone-workings of her tower. “GODS ******* DAMMIT!” she screams out in equal pain and distaste of such a treaty. She brought her left hand back, a violet-crimson forming around her knuckles and now-broken, frail digits. She took a singular glance at the new wound before turning to her desk, drafting up a letter and sending it off god knows where.
  5. THE CREATION OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE Foreword, For organizational purposes and division of correct Departments and Ministry within the Governance of Sutica, effective immediately a new department shall be created with the purpose of planning and constructing buildings and facilities within Sutica and it’s territories. Furthermore, until a Director of Architecture may be hired, the Director of Finance shall head such a department. Title 1: Definition of an Architect An Architect are those who partake in the planning and construction of buildings and facilities within Greater Sutica. They hired and directed by the Director of Architecture. All buildings and facilities are to be proposed to the Council of Sutica before construction may begin. Title 1: Rights of an Architect An Architect bares the right to clean up and modify the appearance of structures in means to ensure cleanliness and presentability within Sutica. An Architect bares the right to schedule evictions for buildings under modification or demolition. An Architect qualifies as a Government Official within Greater Sutica. An Architect qualifies for payment directed by the Director of Architecture.
  6. A clarification upon Dark Arts With the removal of Blair Fester from the Triumvirate of convicted claims of harboring the Unsound Affliction, a clarification must be made upon what magics are hereby declared as dark arts. The following: Necromancy Hosting a Shade Parasite The Unsound Affliction Blood Magic Mysticism The being of a Frost Witch The use of Alchemy for inherently morally wrong purposes Furthermore, practitioners of these arts will be charged with Article V of the Sutican Codex of Law, subsection C: The Practice and Practitioners of a Dark Art - A class (A) crime. Punishable of Execution, Banishment, A fine of 5000 minas and two elven hours of jail time with servitude summarizing to a total of 10000 minas worth. This list is subject to change and updated weekly by the Council of Sutica. SUTICA ETERNAL
  7. Blair studies her shogging weapon, a shovel of odd manner – distorting in the light and overall emitting an eerie vibe. Nonetheless, she’s ready to **** up some small people.
  8. The distortions around the poor ata grew as she trekked upwards, tucking the lime coat she bore over her shoulders tightly. The breeze of frigid air was harsh on her pale, white skin - distorted form the core once more, it seemed. Always falling back onto her crutch of mental support. Even in this time, she clinged towards it - wearing it like a glove, but a translucent one. Away from those who could peer to it for this duration. Mistakes in the past, and carelessness is what brought to this moment she happened to be laced in. Another trip up North. Moments passed on for this wee woman, her hands numb and ears reddened. The previous lime coat now one of darkened colors, laced with silver linings of snow and frosted fabrics. The cabin was near in sight within her singular eye. A few more steps is all it took. Her trek halted, her form falling as a foot met with a hard stone - Yet, she did not feel the sting of such an impact. Her form fell face first into the snow infront of her. Quickly darting with a nearly-breaking gaze towards what she tripped over. A grave reading: “Anne Applebrook” Apause upon the woman’s expression, before she shakily brought her form upwards once more into the final steps of her trek. The front door of the cabin swinging open as easily as the many times done before her time, and within. Within, a dim fire within the end-parts of the room. The hallway she entered laced with stained-wood of blood and dirt. Broken and worn from years of standing storms after storms. The storm previously exited grew in silence as the woman entered the shelter. The wood around her creaking with her presence. The air folding and collapsing as she wandered forwards further within the darkened settings. The woman left her coat upon her shoulders, daring not to remove it in such a storm or setting. With every step, her expression haunted further - The air folding around her expression as if she was a centerpoint of the universe. Everything collapsing in on her. She strode towards the dim fire, waving a hand slowly to bring the flames back to life. Her frame falling to a resting position from the near-day’s worth travel. Following through, her posture fell backwards against the floor to gape up towards the nearly-breaking ceiling. Silence, physical silence lapsed over the half-elf’s eardrums. But within her mind, the chirping remained. Non-akin to the previous sets of words thrown at her by the behemoth. She ignored them for the most part, simply remaining expressionless upwards. “Mal’ionn, where are you?” is all that lapsed from her dry voice as she laid there. A pause of silence as no answer called back for the woman. ”Rosie?” she called out in another attempt for solace.
  9. hi yes, i highkey retarded fixed
  10. A Validation on Peoples In a time of differentiation and a multitude of personalities, vagueness and a matter of the undefined comes upon our citizens. Those peoples of unsure nature of wether they applicable for citizenship within our State. Further below, is a described lists of those races and origin that validate for citizenship: Humans High Elves Dark Elves Wood Elves Snow Elves Sun Elves Orcs Goblins Dwarves Wonks Kharajyr Half Elves Half Orcs Half Dwed Half Humans Golems without Imperas Hou-zi Atronachs without Imperas Trees Azdrazi Snakes Passive Voidal Creatures Sentient Animals Haflings Furthermore, this list will be updated constantly upon the discoveration or the migrations of peoples within the Continent of Arcas. SUTICA ETERNAL HER GRACE, Triumvir, Director of Finances of Sutica, Blair Cohnal Fester, Head of House Fester and Magus of the Southern Realms, The Vibrant of the Free State of Sutica
  11. Another Triumvir of Sutica, one of same stature as this ‘Trade King’, idly tilts her head upon the notice. “This is news? This happened nearly ten years ago?”
  12. The Etheral Witch of the Southern Isles strode along into her towers upon hearing the news. She strode across the walkway with a dull expression. She ventured forth towards the inner workings of her dwelling. Striding in, the room fell deafly silent. She gazed towards her work of a window- the light arraying across the multi-dulled hues within her room. She craved a friend. A drinking buddy. Gods, how it was so quite now...
  13. A Declaration of War Upon the Peoples of Brandybrook Upon this Saint’s Day, the Free State of Sutica declares its intent of war upon the Village and Peoples of Brandybrook. Not one of reason or desire, a simple action of dominance within the Southern region of Arcas. To the Thain and Elders of Brandybrook: A time has come to know one’s place. Within this realm, there may only be one station of respect, and Sutica will declare her’s this day. The title of Shogging Supreme will remain ours within this realm. And this title will remain ours. We dare, the wee village of Brandybrook to take action in retaliation to us. The title and a sum of 2000 minas will be distributed to those who can beat our best shoggers. Until then, we shall hold the title and will continue to mock such wee folk of little shogging ability. HER GRACE, Triumvir of The Free State of Sutica
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