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  1. this episode was really wholesome because jaden sees at the end of the episode she had a prince spirit after all top tier meme
  2. calzium


    Dael watches from afar with a cup of orange juice in his #1 Ginger mug, wondering why the ‘fenn was sitting by herself and moving around all weird. Probably thinking of something edgy.
  3. credit to jenny_bobbs for figuring this one out. step 1. put a random item in the ender chest, like a billys baked tater for example step 2. replace the item in your ender chest with the shulker box of your choice. step 3. profit !!!! (I believe it might have something to do with the /edit system as to why this happens)
  4. Dael’s shoulders disheveled a bit as he sat outside of the cavern, thinking to himself; “Okay, it might be a bad time to give him this.” He’d look down at a #1 Shade mug.
  5. maybe people just didnt make that many tickets
  6. personally i have fun but at the end of the day to each their own bye twodiks
  7. but how will i go on without being on the number one mineman roleplaying server ? guess its time to finally enroll in school rp
  8. calzium


    Dael once again was roaming through the dark corners of the Gehenna Estate with some midnight snacks wrapped around his arms, wearing a night cap and his favorite PJs. He’d stop, pressing his ear against the door and muttering out a cuss after hearing some more edgy ****. “****, this **** again?” He said before speed-walking back to his room.
  9. please make me the lord of the craft
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