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  1. @Laeonathan Amazing builder
  2. if you like vanilla vanillatweaks is awesome that's the one i always use- plus if you dont like item frames there's an invisible item frames addon you can do
  3. Gazing over the small village from above, a single silhouette stood overhead- maintaining his balance upon a thick branch- his figure hidden beneath the leaves. A silent gaze offered itself upon the halflings, roaming happily as they assumed their everyday tasks. A trembling hand slowly made its way to his ginger locks, quietly brushing over his hair as his mind occupied nothing but the thought of his missing hat. Hatless. Prideless. "You have incurred the wrath of the mighty Dael." He grumbled. "I'll be back, cretins."
  4. Big shoutout to all the players that made these three communities interesting, it was good while it lasted.
  5. Genuinely didn't know who you were when I first met you and I don't really make a habit of going out of my way to meet new people- but damn I'm glad I did get to meet you man. I'm not that good with these kinds of words, but you're nothing short of an inspiration to me. You pushed all of us to do our best in our work, and you were an incredible role model and friend. Dependable, reliable, and strong-willed are only a few of the first words that come to mind when someone asks me about what I think of firespirit44- and I can't thank you enough for being on the team at the same time as me so I
  6. The lightest ticks and cracks emanated from the white of the man's thumbnail as his crooked teeth lightly chipped away at it, the bangs of his unkept amber hair quietly tickling the skin of his forehead as the chilling breeze of the soft winter's wind streamed through such like a ghostly howl from beyond the waters of the Trade City; winter was coming to a close, the spring was coming- and with it your ashes lie benign within the breeze. Are you here, Judas, beside me? Have I breathed in your ashes, your lifeforce, without knowing it? Are you within me? "Judas, where'd you go, hm?" The man
  7. why is this thread an st sausage fest
  8. when are we starting production on shadow of israphel part 43
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