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Papa Liam

The Imperial Sanoist Republican Party

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Sanoist Republican Party


8th of Harren’s Folley, 1711






       The Imperial Sanoist Republican Party is the first Empire-wide effort to advocate for Sanoist principles in the government of every day Renatians, Hansetians, Curonians, and all industrious constituents who contribute to the Empire’s good health. We draw our values from the Sanoist doctrine, developed at the turn of the 16th century, generally advocating for legislative republicanism, executive monarchism, theocratic unification, vassal’s rights, and expanded social programs. The party holds historic figures such as King Marius I of Haense, Mayor Viktor Clarke of Metz, and High Pontiff Everard IV as triumphant examples of model political and moral figures in public life; those who value the common worker above their own prestige and career.

       There are new challenges to our sedulous way of Imperial life, manifesting itself in the form of a far-fetched, yet equally as dangerous political party on the other side of the aisle. Necessary action must be taken by socially conscious commoners, in the form of both electoral politics and grassroots organization.




  1. To protect the rights of vassals from an invasive bureaucracy, and by extension, the liberty of the citizens living in those vassals.
  2. Encourage the continuation of a vibrant legislative body, and encourage more elected officials to directly represent the needs of the commoner.
  3. Establish a command economy which focuses on centralizing industry, while allowing luxury markets to thrive.
  4. Empower the Canonist Church to take a more active part in the lives of the commoner.
  5. Establish an Imperial education mandate, modeled off of Haense’s own recently implemented and successful education program, drafted by Speaker Georg Stanimar of the Haense Duma.
  6. Universal suffrage for all human citizens, and those of other races who adhere to Imperial culture and Canonist values.
  7. Create an employment registrar to encourage formal labor in the Empire.
  8. Introduce a new economy, based on the industrious workers of the Empire who desire to work, but are not given a sufficient opportunity.
  9. Establish a unicameral legislature to advise the executives of each respective vassal in the Empire, so that both the citizenry and the executives can create a government that works for all.
  10. Invest more funds into subsidizing businesses and production of consumer goods.





       The “Blue Berets,” officially known as the Citizen’s Volunteer Brigade, are the volunteer unit of the SRP, organizing for both humanitarian and defensive causes. Daily activities will include campaigning for candidates, protecting all voters from political terrorists during elections, and contributing to humanitarian relief in the event of natural disasters or war. They are specifically designated as a non-combatant civilian unit to work in conjunction with the Imperial Legion, instructed only to brandish weaponry in cases of self-defense. Individuals in the Blue Beret will answer directly to the Commander, who is elected by the party’s constituents. Blue Berets will receive benefits, such as retirement and increased voter representation.



((For formatting reasons, it was impossible to possibly display the full manifesto on this thread. You can view a more accessible version here.))


  • The Sanoist Republican Party will host a convention once every ten years.
  • All registered party members are invited to attend. Individuals who are not members will have to be given access by party leadership.
  • Each convention will give members the chance to elect their party’s leadership, requiring half of the electorate to vote for a single candidate to win. If no candidate receives fifty percent, then another round of voting may be held.
  • Each convention will allow any member the chance to propose changes to either the party’s platform or manifesto.
  • All registered members will receive one vote each on all measures.
  • All members who currently hold or held an elected government office as a Sanoist Party member will receive two votes each on all measures.
  • All members of the Citizen’s Volunteer Brigade in good standing will receive two votes each on all measures.
  • At each convention, a Chairman will be elected.
  • The Chairman is the political leader of the party, organizing electoral and campaign affairs.
  • The Chairman is considered the party’s “top” executive.
  • At each convention, a Commander will be elected.
  • The Commander is the volunteer leader of the party, organizing the Citizen’s Volunteer Brigade.
  • At each convention, an Ambassador will be elected.
  • The Ambassador is the people’s representative and secretary in party leadership, ensuring that all party regulations are abided by. In addition, the ambassador will also act as a mediator for inter-party conflicts.
  • Conventions will be organized collectively by the three elected party posts.
  • If an individual in leadership, for whatever the reason, is no longer eligible to sufficiently serve their post, a makeshift election will be hosted to fill the vacant seat for the rest of that term.



  • Any permanent residents of the Empire are eligible to register as a member of the Sanoist Republican Party.
  • Registered party members have the rights to vote in Sanoist Party primary elections and vote at conventions.
  • The party may revoke membership at any time due to suspicions of inactivity.


Code of Conduct

  • All members take an oath of non-violence, resorting to the way of the sword only in circumstances of the defense of innocents.
  • All members swear allegiance to the Empire of Man and our fellow countrymen.
  • Elected representatives may have their membership revoked for espousing heretical statements.




       The first convention of the Sanoist Republican Party will be hosted in roughly a Saint’s week time. Registered members will be given an exact location, time, and date. The first convention will involve electing a Chairman, a Commander, and an Ambassador. Any member is eligible to run for these positions.




Prospective members should contact interim chairman, Fabius Bracchus (Liam#7649), submitting this application;

Full Name:

City of Residency:


Would you be interested in becoming a Blue Beret?: (Yes/No)




These are ideological documents for those interested in the tenets of Sanoism to research the subject further.


Ut filii Dei

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”Monkeys” uttered Marwyn, a Norlander under Nordengrad!

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Posted (edited)

Daisy Applefoot signs up!

Name: Daisy Applefoot

Age: 50- something

City of residence: Brandybrook, the best Sanoist country in Arcas!

Occupation: Farming, fishing.

Would you be interested in becoming a Blue Beret: Sure! Seems loike fun!

17 minutes ago, Voidal_ said:

”Monkeys” uttered Marwyn, a Norlander under Nordengrad!

“Us midge’s ‘ave be’’er marke’ prices t’an ye, ‘n weh beh so Sanois’ weh don’ even use coins vereh much!” Daisy Applefoot responds.

”T’a marke’ economeh is trash unless suppor’ed ‘eavileh by t’a communi’eh ‘n governmen’, ‘specialleh now tha’ t’a magic Nexus beh removed ‘cause o’ t’a sky gods”

Edited by NotEvilAtAll

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Name: Robb Landes

Age: 60

Residency: Curon, soon barony of Barmount

Occupation: Lord

Interest in Blue Beret: Nope.


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5 hours ago, Archbishop said:

Zachery makes a note to inform his friends!

@Zhulik @General_Wartface



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Related image

[!] Butch smoking a blunt at the front of the Retirement Home


“Why not! The fat man Fabius Bracchus is involved and he smells like roses!”


Full Name:  Butch

Age:  82

City of Residency:  Reza, Haense

Occupation:  Maer of Reza

 Would you be interested in becoming a Blue Beret? (Yes or No):  Yes

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Posted (edited)

A Proud IPP Member and Lord Temporal sits at his desk reading the paper. 


Edited by Fnik

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Posted (edited)

Marius nods in approval as the party of his namesake has re-emerged. 

Edited by Imperium

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Full Name: Konstantin Ailred var Ruthern
Age: 24

City of Residency: Reza

Occupation: Politik

Would you be interested in becoming a Blue Beret?: No

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Full Name: Henrik II Amador
Age: 29

City of Residency: Reza

Occupation: Head of House/Sergeant of Haensetian Royal Army

Would you be interested in becoming a Blue Beret?: (Yes)

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Locked in an Aeldinic sky-daemon cage, the famous minister and baron Charles de Rennes gasped at the mention of republicanism! He made a mental note to raise funds for the Canonist and Royal Army of Renatus.

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Leydluk begins funding Anti-Sanoist parties...

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Full name : Gilbert

Age: 84

city of residence: Reza

occupation: Maer’s Trusted advisor/ owner of the Old Crow retirement home

would you be interested in joining the blue beret? (yes)

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