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We really need an alternative for Warzone :/

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Hi my name is Hudsun202, I’ve been on lotc sadly for 5 years, I don’t have old hat yet but beside that issue, I wanted to make this forum post because there’s an upcoming war, and the issue I have with this war is that it won’t be fun like at all, to all of you who are reading this you’ve surely been to a war-zone right? Its a cool concept, a lot of players battling it out against another batch of players making little videos of you doing your MLG Minecraft kills, but you also slowly noticed that we’re doing the war on a server with tons of plugins, entities, and so much stuff that wars just end up becoming a lag fest, its no longer the skill you have, its whether or not you’re lucky enough to spam left click in a lag spike hoping you got someone down. So that being said I hope not just you friendly viewers see this but the staff, the GMs, god forbid the ETs, and the Admin, that we need another server, a private one at best, we should be having our war zones in another server, its been a long over due need, how many of you full time role-players hate when you’re trying to rp about how cool your fictional family is only to notice your message has a 2 minute delay because a bunch of mine-men are just clicking at each other to win some beef? Lately the server has had its fair share of mood swings, often at times being laggy and then being a little laggy, as matter of  fact we held a little pvp training just 10 guys far away, trying to just do some pvp training only to see that the server can’t even let us experience the pvp without lagging, its not fun, in fact it just ruins the mood. The last war between Oren and the Hangmen, all those who attended you can vouch that the war claim was such a lag fest, often at times you got downed and it felt like someone stopped time to punch a hole right through your chest. You could argue that if we move to another server what about getting loot? For starters, if your main goal in warzones is to just loot goblin, then you really can’t speak on this matter, regardless, I don’t think Warclaims happen because the two opposing sides want to get more gears of armor, last I checked the definition of War wasn’t “Kill.Loot.Dip!”, we’re going to war for a reason, whether its to take over a nation, or to deal with a dispute, and we can’t exactly achieve that goal if we’re just going to gamble the server’s Indian cafe internet connection. 


Here are some options and things that could be capable if we make a Warzone server for lotc:

  • Ofc less lag
  • gamemodes (i.e: Capture the flag, Domination, or Conquest)
  • maps can be created based of lotc locations and not just some location roulette
  • a battlepass for this server that gives players some emotes and cool skins
  • monke
  • no but seriously it shouldn’t be a hard job, just sync some plugins from lotc like the whole rp stuff, I know you guys can do it.

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Isn’t old hat already gone? If not, I definitely should have it at this point.

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… Ok I guess Ill start from the top, the war-zone's that currently exist ARE temporary, the idea is that we will move back to using the war server for conflicts after Tech team finishes reprogramming the plugin. The biggest issue with the lag on LOTC isn’t the fact that people are PvPing. Its the people those PvP events bring. In the Sutica V Oren war both sides brought 130+ people. Minecraft isn't really designed to run more than 100 people without some sort of weird optimization gimmick or sharding those players over multiple servers. The reason why servers like Hypixel and the like can function is the fact that they run on really old Minecraft versions that perform better at higher player counts AND they use sharding to distribute those high player populations across multiple servers. 

I know its genuinely been a long time since the war server was actually usable (iirc like 7-9 ish months now), but just know that we are actively working on getting the war server back on its feet. We opened a tech discord where people can ask questions about various projects that we are working on, and we have an entire category dedicated to answering questions about the war server. 

The short of it is this, the war server needed to be reprogrammed from the ground up to ensure that we can minimize lag, and various bugs from some of our messier ports to new versions. The war server plugin is currently in progress, and when its complete we will try a mock war claim on that server. If the server is A ok, then we will start using it for warclaims and fights between nations. If that server completely breaks we will look into porting the war server back to 1.12 (if possible) to try and mitigate some of our lag issues from version inefficiencies.  

If you have any other questions you want to ask us directly, or even want to see some of the other projects we are working on you can join the tech discord here: 

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I will chip in to say a lot of these issues are not limited to cost or buying a new war server box. A lot of that just comes down to how Minecraft is not intended as a game to have 150+ players in one area fighting it out in a couple of chunks. (As nickrocky said) No one really does exactly what we do in terms of throwing everyone into one area and just going for it. To get into a little more detail on how it works I’ll give you a little example that’s only kinda accurate. In this example packets are considered resources that the server has to process.


Player 1 and 2 can see each other. (6 packets)

Player 1,2 and 3 can see each other (12 packets)

Player 1,2,3 and 4 can see each other (24 packets)

Player 1,2,3,4 and 5 can see each other (48 packets)


As you add more and more players there is just a ton of more information that has to be sent from clients to the server and vice versa. It doesn’t scale normally – it multiplies a ton as more and more players are added. It gets out of hand very quickly. There is a ton of ways you can improve this such as running certain versions of Minecraft, making optimized plugins, or even doing something as basic as purging the area of entities so there is less information to be thrown around.

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