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[Character Sheet] Sarah Napier the Half-Orc

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Orcish Name: Orgha'Buurz
Gender: Female
Birthday: 1778 of the First Age
Race: Half-Orc, Half-Adunian
Nationality: Orenian

Parents: Edward Napier and Gragmar’Buurz

Siblings: John Napier
Profession: N/A


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 218 lbs of solid muscle.
Build: Owing to her half-orc heritage, Sarah stands taller than most humans and noticeably more muscular. She isn't as huge and ripped as a full-blooded orc - her frame is more slight and lean - but her natural build could still put a lot of professional human fighters and athletes to shame.
Hair: Dark auburn
Style: Sarah typically keeps her hair pulled back underneath a frilly, flower-trimmed bonnet with a few stylishly curled strands to frame her face. 
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skintone: Pale Yellow-Green with a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks.


Sarah is insecure about her height and musculature, so she tries to offset her build by dressing very cute and feminine. Sarah is fond of frills, lace, ribbons, ruffles, and pastel colors. She wants very badly to be thought of as "cute." 


Identifying Features:
Sarah stands out among the crowd when she's among humans. She towers over most human men and women. Her physique is also naturally more muscular. Her frilly, feminine, girly aesthetic also tends to draw attention to her. It’s not often you see a 6-foot Amazonian war goddess wearing a flower-printed sundress.






Overall Demeanor

Sarah's desires often conflict with each other. On the one hand, she desperately wants people to think she's cute, adorable, and feminine. Her goal is to become a respectable Orenian lady. On the other hand, she has a naturally foul temper along with the quintessential orcish battle-lust. Fighting fascinates Sarah, although she has trouble admitting it because it's not "ladylike." She's sometimes hilariously blunt and doesn't realize how her words could be interpreted unkindly. She gets upset and offended easily, so she often inadvertently comes across as prickly and mean. When she's comfortable, though, Sarah can be bright, energetic and - yes! - sometimes genuinely very cute.




Sarah inherited her father's love of finely made clothing. She makes a point of dressing in an over-the-top feminine manner to offset her orcish physique. Frills, ruffles, lace, bows, and pretty patterns are among her favorite accoutrements. 


Physically Strong
Sarah’s orcish genes allow her to run swiftly, climb and jump dexterously, and punch very, very hard. She develops muscle easily without much effort. 


Sarah isn't one to let others tell her what to do. While she might act like a cute girl, she's still a six-foot wall of half-orcish beef. Sarah wants what she wants and feels what she feels without apology. Good luck trying to convince her to do anything she doesn’t want to do.




Orcish Appearance
Sarah's orcish traits dominate over her human traits. She's tall and muscular with yellow-green skin and noticeable tusks. Her appearance has often proven to be a detriment in human society. People judge her and treat her cruelly for her orcish heritage. Sarah is embarrassed by her appearance, often wishing she was small and cute like human girls.


Sarah doesn't really think about what she says before she says it. As a result, she'll often unintentionally make hurtful or rude statements. Sarah doesn't intend to be cruel - she just doesn't have much of a filter. 


Sarah's feelings are easily hurt. Her orcish temperament leads her to anger quickly at the drop of a pin. She's prone to yelling, pouting, and stomping her feet when she doesn't get her way. 




Pretty clothes 
Makeup and hair styling
Her father 
Cute animals (especially fat, fuzzy bees - her favorite animal!)
Pastel colors (Yellow in particular.)
Tea ceremonies
Flower arranging (Sunflowers are her favorite.)
Fancy food
Music (though she can't play or sing to save her life.)
Dancing (though she's not very good at it.)
Fighting (though she has trouble admitting it.)
Handsome boys




Her size and weight 
The color of her skin 
Being told what to do 
Being treated differently because she's green 
"Orcish" things (shamanism, tribal clothing, etc.
Not getting her way (she's pretty spoiled
Her mother (she's so embarrassing...
Ruined or damaged clothing 
People staring at her 







Controversy has dogged Sarah since her birth. She was born from the strange and unlikely union of an Orenian gentleman and an orcish tribal. Edward Napier - a historian, naturalist, politician, and minister - met the orc Gragmar by chance after she was exiled from her tribe and wandered into Helena. Their unusual and unprecedented relationship sparked controversy and public outcry after Edward publicly admitted to their forbidden love in the Varoche Hall, in front of the entire Commons. As a result, the court convicted him for miscegenation and fornication. From the moment Sarah entered the world, she's been told she should not exist. To make matters worse, Sarah strongly resembled her orc mother in terms of appearance. Despite being half-human, her orcish traits dominated. She grew tall and muscular with tusks and yellow-green skin. Even as a small child, Sarah worried that she would not be accepted among human society. 


For the large part of Sarah's early life, her parents kept her away from the public eye. She and her fraternal twin brother, John, were educated privately in their family home by their father. Edward taught the children etiquette, manners, science, history, mathematics, and grammar. He wanted them to grow up like normal children and raised them immersed in human culture. They were encouraged to befriend and play among their human peers. While John could easily pass for human with his pink skin and small, unnoticeable tusks, Sarah had a much harder time making friends due to her strong orcish characteristics. Sarah often found herself excluded on the basis of her appearance. While she loved John dearly as her brother, she couldn’t help but resent how easily he navigated human society while she struggled for no other reason than how she looked. She became extremely self-conscious about her looks early on in life. While her father often praised her and told her how pretty she was, Sarah felt like she was anything but.


As she reached pubescence, Sarah began taking an avid interest in clothing and personal grooming. She developed an almost confrontationally feminine personal aesthetic – decking herself out in flowers, ribbons, lace, and frills. People found her scary and intimidating due to her orcish features, so she went in the complete opposite direction and tried to make herself as cute, girly, and nonthreatening as possible. Her in-your-face femininity was also a rebuttal against those who called her too manly or masculine for her well-muscled physique. Sarah wanted to be as pretty and girlish as possible... so that people would notice her pastel skirts and flowery bonnet before they noticed her green skin and tusks. 


To be continued...





Sarah Art




Sarah and her twin brother John, circa 1793 (age 15)

by Hungry-Hobbits

Thank you @Hanrahan for the adorable art! 



Sarah Napier, age 15

by Ceunbii



Sarah Memes









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16 minutes ago, Urara said:

Race: Half-Orc, Half-Adunian

Puppet Awkward GIF - Puppet Awkward Looking GIFs Is that 3 bloodlines of the Four Descendent Brothers?

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11 minutes ago, Stargush said:

Is that 3 bloodlines of the Four Descendent Brothers?


gotta catch ‘em all

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All these flavors but you didn’t choose dwarven...

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5 minutes ago, Astrophysical said:

All these flavors but you didn’t choose dwarven...





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Sounds heretical to me.



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New arts!!!!!!!

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