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The Urguani Agenda of Norli Starbreaker

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The mighty halls of Kal’Darakaan were prosperous and echoed with the sounds of industry and merrymaking in the early years of these new lands. However come the dwedsmas cold and the deadly winter that shadowed it, sickness and melancholy descended upon our joyous halls. But these were the sons of the same dwarves who vanquished the Terror of the North. If the honored Sons and Daughters of Urguan may defeat the corrupt Ondnarch, then persevere again they shall.


By the warmth of Lady Anbella’s Hearth, the Grand Kingdom carries through and now stirs again, but there must be measures to reinforce unity and prosperity so that unlike our early days of Nyrheim we may truly seize the blessings of this coming era and make it a Golden One unseen since the Stone Age of Paragon Urguan Silverbeard.


By this purpose, I have penned this Agenda so that the goals requisite to make our kingdom truly grand are clear and outlined, and so that we may organize efforts to fulfill each aspect of our culture.





The purpose of the clergy is to ensure the culture of the dwarves, the core of this culture being the traditions of the Hallowed Halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm. To fulfill this purpose, I have written out a list of short term goals to bring da Kirkja Dverga to honor the Brathmordakin greater. It will be required of all members of the clergy to take part in a goal or mission, else give a reason for their inability to.







The sacred gods of the Brathmordakin are of course the core of our faith, the Lord Yemekar chief among them, however the Paragons and Heroes of Khaz’A’Dentrumm also hold a great spiritual importance as the aspirations to what any dwarf can be. Sadly, this importance has dwindled over the ages and hardly any dwarf could name even three Paragons. Therefore it has been an active effort of da Kirkja Dverga to develop writings on the Paragons and Heroes and re-establish their cultural significance by the blessings of Lord Ogradhad. This project is being spearheaded by Prelate Falk Irongut, who has been organizing several members of the clergy in writing about oft-forgotten Paragons and Heroes.






A key mistake in the history of da Kirkja Dverga has been failing to appeal to the blessings of the Lady Belka, and letting its teachings and ceremonies be dull and uninteresting. The dwarves are a people of works, and so such would their worship and education of the Hallowed Hosts of Khaz’A’Dentrumm be best an active ceremony. For that reason, da Kirkja Dverga shall be placing a heavy emphasis on unique, annual events to celebrate the Brathmordakin, Paragons and Heroes. This project has been spearheaded by the Prelate of Belka, Brynaelda Grandaxe.







The third although perhaps ultimately most important and sacred goal placed upon da Kirkja Dverga is to pursue and research ancient rites of Khaz’A’Dentrumm so that the priests may more properly offer the blessings of the Brathmordakin and Paragons to the khazadmar. A major breakthrough in this goal was the discovery of a Silver Tablet beneath the Temple Grounds after the Danûngol attack, many theorizing other artifacts are to be found with further excavation. Currently the project is led by myself, although it is a great opportunity for other aspiring clergy members to achieve a leadership position.


[OOC: We need more unique parts of our culture to highlight the faith, small rites and ceremonies that can bring the most unique aspect of LOTC dwarven culture out into the community on a daily basis.]









    The backbone of dwarven industry but often dismissed, the guilds of Urguan, both private and royal, are essential to the dwarven identity. They are the very means by which a dwarf may give meaning to their lives and honor the Brathmordakin; the source of work. One of the greatest problems we’ve faced in Nyrheim was the lack of order and cooperation between Royal Guilds and the Grand King. The Grand King ought to respect the guildmasters and hold them highly in his cabinet, rather than ignore them in favor of solely the Grand Merchant and Grand Marshall as many previous monarchs have wrongfully done. In order to properly bring the Grand Kingdom to its greatest potential prosperity, many reforms should be made centered around the guilds of Urguan.







  Although it is the clergy that leads the worship of Lord Yemekar, it is in Kal’Mugdor where the great feats of dwarven craftsmanship that honor him most are conducted. Despite this, the Workers’ Guild has historically received very little backing from the central government besides their forges and mines, whilst other Royal Guilds are given vast options of resources, mina compensation, and more. Yemekar’s Pick ought not have to pay the salaries of his workers out of pocket, while supplying large resource quotas to the central government. They must be given compensation per worker, and as well extra funding for running Guild Day and overall guild operations. Furthermore, the Workers’ Guild is not a guild of miners and craftsmen alone but workers entirely, and should be given a multitude of resources and land grants needed to expand its operations to other fields. Ranches, Boats, and more sites should be provided to help not only our beloved crafting guild grow but our entire economic system. In this way, the dwarven people shall become the captains of industry and craftsmanship that Lord Yemekar’s divine design of our soul intended.






  Alongside reforms to the manufacture and production of the nation, Urguan needs to take advantage of our international connections and begin exporting products made in Kal’Mugdor across the lands of Nyrheim. Not only would this diversify the income of the Grand Kingdom to rely less solely on taxation, but it would establish a wider variety of jobs available for citizens of Urguan, and bring wider fame to the craftsmanship of our folk. For these reasons, the establishment of a MERCHANTS’ GUILD would be extremely beneficial to the Urguani people. Such a guild should be offered the benefits of a guild hall for conducting meetings and business deals, a few offices for its officials, a warehouse for organizing its goods, products to sell and financial backing to get started. I understand to many it is perceived such an endeavor is risky, the Grand Kingdom has not hosted such a guild for many monarchs, however I have been an ardent supporter of the establishment of a Merchants’ Guild as long as I have been involved in Urguan, creating Armakak’s Coin with Falk Irongut and sponsoring it entirely on my own, and in recent times have pushed among many officials and encouraged the Goldhands to establish a new guild. If it is doubted by the finance officials of the Grand Kingdom, I will personally fund the operation of the guild in its first years. Dorimnur Goldhand has begun the process of shaping a Merchants’ Guild at my own suggestion, and I expect great things from Tungdil’s Folk.






    Although many may rush to assume that the sons and daughters of Malin would host the most prestigious scholars, and as much as the folk of Haelun’or may deny such, it is the DWARVES who fill the ranks of the most prestigious scholarly guild in the lands, the honored Remembrancers. In recent years the scholarly guild has again begun to prosper and makes progress towards toppings its previous records of fame and scholarship. Alongside the revival of the Remembrancers, the Mages Guild makes a return to Urguan as our city has been host to a flourishing arcane discipline. These two fields, although not needing financial assistance, should be encouraged to grow and given the requisite lands needed to grow their orders. Alongside our rising industry, with the return of Urguan as the home of scholarship once again may our halls be the hosts of magitech that astounds our neighbors.








The dwarves have always held a tendency towards isolationism, however we have stuck so closely within our capital halls that we know not our own caverns and valleys. This has been proven a tremendous threat earlier this year with the attack of the Danûngols among sightings of other creatures. We must make a substantive effort to send out hunting and spelunking parties to map out and defeat the beasts, so that those within the mighty halls of Kal’Darakaan may know the peace of Lady Anbella within. For this purpose, Urguan is to make efforts for a Royal Explorers’ Guild to be established, or for the White Stag Lodge to be taken under the wing of the Grand King. This company shall lead expeditions out into the wilds of our territory and drive out all enemies of our people whilst also mapping out and exploring our domain. Such a guild, if established, ought to be given a lodge for hosting such hunts and financial support to pay for prizes and competitions in hunts.


[OOC: A guild whose leadership’s purpose is to hold weekly exploring events and cooperate with ST and WT to develop the history and lore of the lands we inhabit, and make exploring that lore an interactive experience.]










Lastly, there are certain broad reform plans that apply to the government structure and regulations of government property which require reforms to the purpose of creating a more fair and efficient governing process.







    It was by my hand that the Land Lease Regulatory Act was penned for the purpose of putting land into the hands of citizens, guilds and clans for rapid development to bolster our early economy, and land reform has always been a major topic for change within the Grand Kingdom’s operation in my eyes. However the first iteration of the Land Lease Act failed, as it required too high of an initial price to get land and offered no explicit, organized loan payment options. This is something that must be updated for clarity and more fairness, because under the current nature of governance it is easier for a yrrok group to gain land than for a Clan of Urguan’s council. Major land reform is clearly still needed within the Grand Kingdom, and over the next coming years I will push for the following changes: Clans should be able to purchase land at different, cheaper rates than independent individuals, there should be explicit loan payment plans for any initial costs and finally overall initial costs must go down.






    Hand in hand with the plans for further exploration, land reform and industry, a major goal for Urguan as a whole should be to expand our infrastructure. We are the greatest engineers in the lands, capable of crafting rail systems and steam engines yet we walk on foot between places? In order to properly industrialize Urguan and bolster our economy, the Grand King ought to create projects in cooperation with the engineers of Kal’Mugdor to set up higher quality public transportation in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. This ought to include a better path to the port of Tor’Sjorvath, railways between the mountains, and ferry boats. Complementing this, the mountain peaks across our territory should be outfitted with fortresses and new mining entrances so that the khazadmar of Urguan may have access to more resources.






The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is blessed with many powerful and dedicated allies, as well as many foreign groups who take residence in our territories. The Iron Accord must be maintained and even strengthened in the coming years, and Urguan should pursue stronger economic relationships with its closest allies. Likewise, economic influence should be used as an avenue to begin relationships with other nations, as the khazadmar are blessed by Lord Yemekar with the ability unparalleled to craft, such blessings ought to be shared with friends of the Grand Kingdom, and smaller states who are honorable offered our protection. In this way, we may greater fulfill Yemekar’s Balance in ways beyond defensive conquest. 






With every transition towards new lands, the descendants have had to abandon the vast sums of wealth and minas hoarded on the continent and gather it all again on the next, and in the economy of Nyrheim minas have diminished in amount and increased drastically in value. Time and time again the mina has been proven to be an inconsistent and flux base of currency, even to the extent that it is practically costly just to store the coin. But always an intuitive folk, where one sees disaster the dwarves must seize opportunity. By the blessings of Lord Armakak, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan ought to establish its own currency so that its people can be guaranteed to maintain their hard earned wealth. Furthermore, an equivalence chart of this new currency should be made to values of minas, resources and taxation to stabilize and standardize its value. Honored veteran Dwain II Irongut has already begun the process of preparing a currency for the Grand Kingdom, and has allowed me to cooperate with him with the writing of its system.






After the Gauntlet Act was passed during Utak Ireheart’s reign as Under-King, I began a ruthless effort at governmental reform and was the author of the current standing Articles of Urguan. This constitution was not perfect, having been forced to make many compromises against an ideal form for the pursuit of having anything other than an absolute ruler, however created order where once there was only chaos. Now again in recent years have I taken up the cause to create government reforms to create a more fair and stable government. The major reforms I advocate for with the largest effect is the protection for smaller clans, and the efficiency of the government process. The former is achieved by separating the current singular rank an approved Clan of the Grand Kingdom can hold into two; Common and Noble, with Elder being strictly a cultural term with no legal privileges. Only Noble Clans may hold vote on the council and must maintain high levels of membership but if a clan goes through a loss of activity or simply doesn't have political motivations it may be given the rank Common and maintain their clan hall and official status as a clan without political ramifications. Critics will slander that this is an attack on the smaller clans, but this policy would only serve to protect smaller clans from eviction. The latter policy of government efficiency is done by creating more ways for the Grand King to act quickly while also maintaining the Grand Council’s supreme legislative authority to override him on topics of national control and interest, such as land management and the treasury, but allowing the Grand King complete authority over how he manages his own offices, the Royal Guilds and his cabinet. 





    This Agenda had been planned out and largely written before the announcement of Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker’s removal, and in its purposes I shall fight for regardless of the result of the election. Despite this, I know it shall be a great deal easier to enact these reforms and those I have planned for the future with the position of Grand King, after countless decades of monarchs before now ignoring what must be done quickly when advised to. Key words used throughout this election have been Initiative and Reform, boasted by my opponents to hold in great amounts. To that I do not deny, all nominations in this election are honorable folk who I view as capable leaders, but I ask a simple question in turn: Have I been lacking?


After over a half century of service to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, its folk know me well. I have directly served every clan, every guild in one aspect or another, and furthermore have assisted the entirety of the nation through my wide ranging government reforms and service in da Kirkja Dverga. A deep wealth of knowledge and experience shall guide my every decision, not just in action and policy making but in connecting and relating to the people of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.


It was in da Kirkja Dverga that I had begun my long lasting career in Urguan, and since then I have continued to lead it in prosperity while expanding my service beyond its boundaries. As High Prophet, I have established writings of the Nozagar’Kron, the first collection of writings to go in great detail the teachings of each god of the Brathmordakin, as well as the first expansive Creation Mythos of the dwarves, diverting from the hogwash utilized by my predecessors that failed to even mention the Brathmordakin by name. Under my reign and with the assistance of Dugmir Irongut, the worship of Lord Grimdugan was redeemed and brought popular to the public, becoming the patron of the Workers’ Guild mining division.


For my service in the guilds, I have always offered my respect and frequent assistance to the Workers’ Guild of Kal’Mugdor, Dorimnur Goldhand remarking I was the only leader who dedicated time to check the proceedings of the guild. For the Royal Clinic, I had been a major advocate for its establishment as a Royal Guild, even offering to operate it within da Kirkja Dverga and personally fund it if rejected by the king, who only accepted it at my suggestion. When its leadership suffered a crisis, it was to me that the clinic sought support and assistance. When the proposal of a Merchants’ Guild was rejected by the Under King Utak Ireheart and his Grand Merchant Falk Irongut given no resources to sell, it was my personal stores that were offered to him to sell across the lands and hire merchants, creating jobs and income for Urguan. When the Legion of Urguan faced troubles, to Dimlin Irongut I was a frequent aide and advisor, and Alaric Grimgold before him consulted me on the structure of its rankings. At the arrival to Nyrheim, when the Grand Kingdom needed cattle quickly I took initiative and out of my own pocket and worked alongside Kori Stormbreaker and Snorri Grandaxe the Royal Stables were made before approval, to which Snorri took over and established a profit immediately. 


No other dwarf has shown as much consistent and widespread support for the many guilds as I, and as Grand King I would elevate their importance in the operations of governance. I would expand my inner cabinet beyond the Grand Merchant and Grand Marshal as countless previous monarchs have done, and instead invite as well the guildmasters whose leadership is the backbone of Urguan. Further down the line, I believe a more ideal form of governance would establish the guilds themselves as executive offices in their own rights on their respective topics, expanding their influence and authority to self manage without a Grand King rubber stamping every move.


    Every Clan Lord knows my name as friend, and I have done great service to each and every one. The Starbreakers I have obviously led as an elder in my spare moments, and have taught many beardlings the Tale of Paragon Gotrek, and found their spot in the Tome of Kazraden. The Irehearts, even in moments of disagreement on their actions, I have penned many of their letters and declarations, their negotiations and agreements. The Grandaxes, I have married to the beautiful Bryldryn Grandaxe and been among the clan’s closest friends for several Clan Lords, and have always treated them as I would my own kin. To the Goldhands, I had helped rid of their previous, corrupt kinslaying leaders and fully supported the new dynasty in their traditions. For the Frostbeards I have always supported respect for those who rejected the Blackfist traditions and defended them against those who’d call them traitors. For the Ironguts I have been an ally to their elders and cooperated with them on many projects for the betterment of Urguan. For the Grimgolds, I supported their recognition in the Grand Council and worked along them in many dedications to the Brathmordakin, and to their Clan Father housed him upon arrival to the Grand KIngdom for free, and counseled him on the resolution of his past wrongdoings. For the Hammerforged and Metalfists, I advocated for their additions to the Grand Council when many others voted for their denial. For the Doomforged, I served in their early revival and made friendship with their members, encouraging and supporting Draakopf in his ambitions. And for the Hefrumm, there are few outside of their ranks who have dedicated as much time towards engaging in their cultural activities and celebrating their history, and it was my hand that penned the Ballad of Bjor.


    I shall continue to, as I have done for decades, support every last one of them, in times of both disagreement and unity. I shall ensure that the value of clans in the eyes of the Articles shall not focus solely on populace but cultural values, and protect smaller clans from eviction while rewarding larger clans with representation on the Grand Council. 


To return to my initial question, what Initiative and Reform do I lack? What do my opponents display that I fail to? Ask yourself, who have you known to be a leader of Urguan for decades? Who has been synonymous with dwarven culture? Who in this Grand Kingdom have I not served, have I not proven my capability? And allow me to bring a third word to the discussion this election: Experience. Who has led the nation already through countless reforms to its benefit? Who has pioneered our culture throughout their career? Who has said they are a worthy candidate for Grand King, that they shall lead you, and who has proven they are a worthy candidate for Grand King, and has led you?


Vote Norli Starbreaker for a Grand King you Know will serve you.







LAND LEASE ACT 2.0: [Link]








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"Now THIS is Ogradhad's Blessin" Azkel would say with a smile

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Dwain stomp his axe on the ground


Aye dis gits a foire in me belley. ALE! FUUD! COIN!

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Falk would lean back in his chair, smiling fondly "Armakak's Coin, now t'ose were some interestehn toimes."

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Dorimnur Goldhand scoffs and says "Hmph. Et wos Norli who reinvigorated Grimdugan's name eh? Suppose et wos ah gud toime fer meh ta wander inta Urguan maneh decades ago."

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Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeard reads the agenda "When a' wes 'igh Preceptor a' tried to teach tha when one es en tha Kirkja Dverga one should abandon the political and embrace a faith untainted by personal gain. Et saddens mi tha ye choose thes path, as tha path tu ensure tha uniteh ef tha dwed es and always will be tha faith. A' kno ye run weth good intentions, bat tha fact ye ar running at all shows me tha a' 'ave failed tu teach ye properleh"  

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*Hana reads the page upside down* "Yup still cant read a word o common, but eh uncle norleh's face es on et so i loike et"

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