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May & June - Moderation Team Update

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MAY & JUNE 2021

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Welcome back to the Moderation Team Update log, responsible for sharing all relevant information about our realms of work on the server. We have decided to publish our update-catalogues encompassing the previous two months, from now on. I think this is a more effective method of sharing meaningful progress, rather than rushing out incomplete projects and/or proposals. At that, we’re excited to announce our current objectives, projects and ideas for the Moderation Team, and the server.


Over the last two months, the Moderation Team has been undergoing immense change, which is frightening at times, but much required for significant progress and overall betterment of our purpose, status and reputation amongst the members we vouch to stand behind. I have made it a personal mission to be upfront and honest, disregarding fear of failure or feigned perfection. We want to propagate an environment that removes the irrational fear of error, and reinforces the ideal that we share equal goals and find resolution when the server, as a collective, succeeds.

As a reminder, keep up with our on-going projects in our own Discord server. You can contact us there, regarding feedback, on-going conflict and projects. You can join, here.

{ https://discord.gg/3r6vhGAzPf }






Keepin’ it Blue [In Progress]


Keepin’ it Blue is our newest project dedicated to promoting efficient and organized communication, for all comments, questions, qualms and suggestions. Our newest (plagiarised) invention introduces regular VC sessions inside the LotC Discord server, with Moderation Team Management and members to keep communication at the top of our priorities. We can chat about whatever— We’re here to listen!


Check out our inaugural Keepin’ it Blue session, coming soon!


Moderation Team Guides [In Progress]


We have been working on a compilation of separate modules and guides to better define our current rules, in regards to different procedures which can require moderation aid, at times. Our guides will focus on instructions for viable actions in-game, which are useful in the cases of companions, bird-messages, petty-theft, heists, wars and procedures outside of the server, such as reports and appeals.


Project Lead: @MayRndz


Combat Rules Review [Final Review]


Combat Rules are being reviewed and altered whenever required, for the betterment of conflict on the server. We want to provide different avenues for members to pursue adequate conflict that can aid the natural progression of the server. At that, we’re also looking to all those unwritten rules and adding them to our rule-sets for better clarification.


Project Lead(s): @MayRndz


Coup & Internal Conflict Rules Rewrite [Final Review]


As a foreword, this project is behind schedule, with an approximate date of completion of two-weeks. We are eager to announce that both Coup Rules and Internal Conflict Rules have been sent off into administration approval, for adequate feedback and alterations deemed appropriate. We’re aiming to create an environment where conflict can be entertaining for all factions, with the required limitations and conditions to promote a fair default. At that, more announcements will be made, soon.


Project Lead(s): @ImCookiie






The Moderation Team received 1,656 tickets during the month of May, and 1,469 during the month of June. All quota is based on 3% of total tickets, but does not include additional activity requirements involving reports, appeals, projects and interviews.





crazyeights11 took a one-week hiatus / Maur took a one-week hiatus / Evonpire took a one-week hiatus

 MCVDK took a one-week hiatus / GMRO took a two-week hiatus / Shmeep took a two-week hiatus















Ender was promoted to Moderation Team Manager.

crazyeights11 was promoted to Moderation Team Manager.

Sykogenic was promoted to Moderation Team Secretary.

JustChickens joined Moderation Team Trainers.

GMRO joined Moderation Team Trainers.


Vylkmir has returned to Moderation.


JoanOfArc has joined Moderation.

Shmeepicus has joined Moderation.

Muddy_Buddy has joined Moderation.

Evonpire has joined Moderation.

Disheartened has joined Moderation.

HogoBojo has joined Moderation.

Sykogenic has joined Moderation.


__TigerKitty__ has left the team.

Da_Emperors has left the team.

ColonelMarb1 has left the team.

Totalitarianism_ has left the team.

peachcool has left the team.

gusanoarentonio has left the team.

jolfrey has left the team.

Willstertheking2 joined & left the team.







A big thanks to all members of the Moderation Team for sticking with me during these difficult times and slow evolution. I’m fortunate to count on a great bunch of peers, and I can’t wait for the future. 


As a reminder, the Moderation Team is always available to help out and questions, comments or concerns can be directed at us through discord, or on the forums. We’re open to feedback and suggestions regarding our current rules, projects and procedures. You can fill out the feedback form linked below.



LotC Moderation Team




Have feedback for the team? Fill this out!

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Cookie is stinky 

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make me mod, ill reply to 200 tickets DAILY

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6 hours ago, Moribundity said:

@HogoBojoMan is built different. 


8 hours ago, Totalitarianism_ said:

@HogoBojo206? Bruh you're a psycho



Thank you both. I try my best. o7

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