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The Prophecies

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The Prophecies


395 E.S.


I write this letter from St. Henrik’s Basilica in Karosgrad, hence the Jorenus seal, however what I write of occurred in Savoy a few saint’s days ago when I came to their basilica to pray. I was approached by a woman clad in a reddish armour, claiming that her name was Dame Rose. To me, she came with an alleged relic - a ring of High Pontiff Saint James II of New Reza, to be given to the High Pontiff, and three prophecies - one for each Godani-loving Kingdom and Empire. 


Her demeanour was quite haughty, negating any questions I held with the response that questioning her was questioning Godani Himself as she claimed to have been sent by Him. As we know, this is a sin very similar to that that Exalted Godfrey himself held, putting himself on a higher pedestal knowing that he was Godani’s prophet. While I do not believe that this dame is a prophet at all, my feelings are mixed on whether what she claims is truthful.. hence why I deliver this news directly to you, my colleagues in the Church. Below, I shall detail the three prophecies:


For the Holy Orenian Empire, they shall be washed into rebirth of faith by hand of a righteous Emperor.


For the Principality of Savoy, they shall birth a woman of divine soul and blessed spirit, for she will rise as Vicar of Man (sic): as Julia the First.


For the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, they shall be gifted a child of undoubted intelligence and devotion, to be delivered upon their steps with the remains of Jude II.


Currently, the ring is secure in my possession but I will deliver it to His Holiness when we next meet. It is my suggestion that we hold a ecumenical council to debate the validity of this Dame, the prophecies, and the relic. However, it is the High Pontiff’s prerogative as always.


Anders Cardinal Jorenus

Patriarch of Jorenus, Bishop of Henrikev,

Prelate of the Priesthood


[!] This letter's contents are only available to the Church of the Canon College of Cardinals, the Church of the Canon Curia, and the High Pontiff as tagged below. Do not metagame.











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The qualm of man held no room for divine, it held no comfort for progress, it restricted itself.


Long have the comforts of typical normality strained the possibility of intellect within lucidity and passion. It had swerved the devotion of man into facing one another with bloodied intent. It was time for a new brief set of aspirations to arise. In honor of Godric.



She was broken and tattered upon reaching the confines of that blessed haven, comforted by the missing transcendent nature of it. As the veiled woman approached the steps of the cathedral and entered its warmth she was greeted by a face of servitude and longing. As she had once viewed St. James maintained and that intended moment of prayer had turned into so much more. 


It had turned to hope.

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