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A prophetic depiction of the coming battle between Rah'muns and Azdrazi


[!] The following missive is sent throughout the lands of Aevos by diligent Rah’mun couriers. The missive bears the seal of Rah’tuma and a small hieroglyph which resembles a cowhead. When opened the missive states the following.


Leh-iy to all. I am Pharaoh Atemu-Ta of Rah’tuma, the city of Ka’tau which sits right outside of Nor’velyth. Our city recently came under attack by the well-known Isfetian the An-Gho and presumably his draconic agents. While my people slumbered peacefully, the draconic Isfetians known as the ‘Azdrazi’ slipped into Rah’tuma and attacked several of our worship sites. They vandalized the Temple of Hesthor whose waters now run strong and have purified several innocent souls afflicted by Isfet. They also defaced the Temple of the Sun, where the Ra’tuhmet sits and reminds us of his role as Source of all and the bringer of clarity into the darkest situations. The draconic Isfetians left messages, one which demanded that we “show them our God” and the other which claimed that Hesthor’s waters shall run dry and that my people hold on to ‘weakness’.


These are profane, detestable actions that I would expect impure dragons to undertake, but to do so in such a cowardly fashion is the height of dishonor. And I, as leader of the Rah’mun peoples, will not stand for it. The Gods will not permit such brazen dishonor, and neither will the people and allies of Rah’tum.


To the An-Gho and his worms: Face us. Return to Rah’tuma when there is resistance to be met, and face down my people gloriously. Do not fight under the veil of secrecy and cowardice - show your intentions as boldly as you have against our temples. 


The waters of Hesthor shall drown you, and the currents of the Great River will sweep you away. Your scales shall be torn from your back by the rushing currents of purity, and the remnants of your bodies shall roast in the Ra’tuhmet’s true Light. There will be no mercy or quarter given, for you have unleashed a force that cannot contain or handle. Tetu the Sphinx shall batter you with his claws and tear your forms asunder. Your defeat at my hands will be known as the moment when Azdromoth's Isfetian power began to weaken and eventually shatter within the world, replaced only by the tenents of Mighty Ka'tau.


You have provoked the hand of Lady Ka’tau herself, which shall sweep you neatly into the Halls of Judgment. The day of your trial shall not be favorable to you. May the priests of the Pure Path deliver you to your ultimate fate in the Great River.


You shall come, and my people will be ready for you. Stand accountable for your crimes against Ka’tau so that all may know you for the criminals that you are.


I shall be waiting.





Pharaoh of Rah’tuma

Voice of Ka’tau



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"May ALL impure souls! Fall washed in the pure pools! May they know fear, and may they know truth! LADS! Polish your spears!"

Brilliant Pamphilos picked up his shield, and he girded it with the image of the brazen bull!


"Burn them with fire, and drown them with water!"

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The old Herald Sorcerer, Emir, went over to show the missive to his mentor, The An-Gho of such news as he let out an old, tired cackle. “It seems like we got what we wanted, no? We can pay them an actual visit whenever you’re ready.” He suggested, after he seemed proud of himself, being the sole reason of damaging one of their light temples.  @Jentos

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An Elven Templar makes note of the southern roads, adding Ka'tau to his list of locations along his routes. Perhaps there would be a visit in the future.

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