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  1. ={ OOC }= MC NAME: SiriILostMySpoon DISCORD: Spoon#8443 TIMEZONE:GMT+1 ={ RP }= NAME: Andeosi AGE: 65 RACE: Dark Elf NOTABLE SKILLS: Remarkable Polearm User, Loyal and Level-Headed.
  2. ”I don’t know who Wyvurn is.. but hell be if we bend the knee for Llyria.” Eli would murmur, frowning at the past events.
  3. ”Seems like Llyria continues to unravel into a cesspool of villainy and evil.” Eli murmurs, as he’d read over the notice. ”May Fenn aid their allies in extermination of this Filth.”
  4. Andeosi warmly smiles, reading the notice. ”Maybe I’ll join one day, eh?” He’d muse.
  5. Eli raises his brow. ”Jus’ did, eh?” (Also Lmao)
  6. Eli shakes his head at their honey-tongued words. ”Llyrians b’ bein’ Llyrians, I b’ guessin’, Luckily enough, Fenn has mor’ than a single braincell.”
  7. “What Daqcaer said!” A flea-ridden dark elf shouts.
  8. Eli, with a forlorn expression, discards the #TeamMagnus shirt. ”Wh’ happened, eh?” He’d murmur, setting the shirt ablaze.
  9. Xueren drags himself off to... somewhere for a return. He’d sent his condolences.. if he were conscious.
  10. Application Roleplay Name: Eli Race: Wood Elf Age: 63 Small Character Backstory (atleast 3 sentences): Ex-Pirate looking for fortune and glory. Eli would have multiple jobs in the pursuit of fun and adventure, what stories would this bring? OOC Username: HeyIFoundMySpoon Discord Tag: Spoon#8443 Timezone: BST
  11. Andeosi grins, reading the newspaper. He’d mockingly say. ”I still can’t believe that those two idiots tried to kidnap someone, while several guards were there. What an absolute... dipshit.”
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