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  1. Riven very, very slowly blinked and shrugged, returning to his captured slave to torture. ((OOC: Deal with IRP consequences!))
  2. “Adrift in a blazing sea, men become memories.” CARIM would mutter, performing the LORRAINIAN CROSS on himself as he does. ”A Millennia will pass, and your name will still ring out as a true vicar of GOD.”
  3. “The music of GOD is most beautiful, like a holy symphony of fire and iron” Carim would mutter. – Holding his BIBLE close to his heart, as he does. ”Look up and know you are justified in hope, for GOD is protecting us on this day!”
  4. how much to customize my gamerpad
  5. If the letter is written in braille. Rymir would give one last respectful nod in the memory and ideals of The Former Grand Marshall. If not, he’d be blindly staring at a piece of paper. – Wondering why he was handed it.
  6. “The Khaw of new awre weawk, awnd deeshonourawble.” Do’anir murmurs. – A frown apparent on his visage as he reads the public notice. ”To do the deeshonorawble awct of awttackeeng one that ees cawught off-guawrd.. and still loseeng, thees breengs Do’awneer notheeng but shawme.” He’d then return to smoking cactus green. – Hoping that one day he’ll be reborn as a Khajit instead.
  7. MCname: npooSyMdnuoFIyeH Character Name: Zoldurtul Discord: Spoon#8443 Timezone: BST
  8. Andeosi would be drinking a small cup of Hot-Cocoa alone, as he reads the news.. his countenance soon dropping to dismay ”Here’s to you.. Mikhail.” He’d softly murmur, finishing his drink as his trademark smile would be wiped away – Revealing a solemn frown.
  9. ”I thought you were supposed to eat the Beets..? Am.. I now a Homosexual?” Andeosi remarks – Clutching the missive rather in shock.
  10. I just use my vive, it feels like im actually getting stabbed in pvp +1
  11. ((MC Name:npooSyMdnuoFIyeH)) What is your full name? Rymir From where do you hail? Fenn What is your racial descent? Wooden’Ame
  12. MCName: npooSyMdnuoFIyeH RPName: Riymir Character Race: Mali’ame
  13. pls moth people, no furry **** tho
  14. Name: Tharggus (Tharggus) Age: Runic Gender: Urguan Race: Small, but not too small. Notes: “I can lift a fully-grown horse above my head, and I can hold my breath underwater for 10 hours. To settle a wager, I once ate pure steel and ran a mile in the nude, and I can see two miles without any lens. No man can kill me. I have beaten a man of every race in formal combat, including a ‘Ker, A Dark Elf and a Rare Black Elf. I have no written will or formal legacy, I’ll never die.”  [!] The following.. self portrait is attached on the bird’s left leg.
  15. Name: Leilatha Devione (KiwiiFruit) Age: ??? Gender: Black and Ready to Mingle. Race: Black Elf Notes: “Local Egirl.. looking for her Eboy. Must be at least 9’ 6” tall or you don’t get my elven poon, though I’m probably bigger than you. 😉 If you get with me, you’re getting your ass beat for I beat your meat. I have ZERO tolerance for Incels.”  [!] The following.. self portrait is attached on the bird’s left leg.
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