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  1. Mu’Hou would grin widely, his countenance soon morphing into a bright expression. “Mu’Hou must prepare.” He would soon dash off, in search of something... important.
  2. Mu’Hou would look at the missive, eyebrows scrunched, as he would try to take in what just occured. “The demons shackled to the mind of the Hou, the chain wrapped around their soul, would turn Qinghai into a prison. A prison painted in jade and forged in community, but a prison nonetheless.” Mu’Hou would sit down, tired and fractured, surrounded by the people he had come to know. “A lie remain a lie.” He’d chuckle, whilst taking a hit from the hookah he had stolen.
  3. WhereIsMySpoon


    Do’anir’s full name is Do'anir Zakahr. The Kharajyr is seen as a noble, lone individual of high stature. He resides within a ruined dwelling within the mountainous region near the outskirts of Ves, and seems to devote all of his time writing in a rather small book. For reasons only known to himself, he decided to aid House Keint, serving one of their people as a bodyguard. With a help of a little wine here and there, Do’anir would unravel more and more about his unknown past. Once, Do’anir was a guard without a master who went by the name of 'The Mane,' and spent his time training amongst the residents of Anthos. However, after losing a dear friend and almost succumbing to his own bloodlust, he began to act in a matter unknown to him. Though the loss of his meaning led to Do’anir giving up his selfish life. Sometime later, after he had trained—or vanished; no one is quite sure—and the whispers of failing diplomacy began to stir around Anthos, it seems that Do’anir retreated onto separate lands in order to separate himself from the rest of his brethren. Now retired to his solitude, Do’anir lives out the rest of his days seemingly seeking atonement by serving House Keint while being constantly plagued by visions—a sea of endless flames, consuming him once more.... P.S. There wasn’t an option to select Kharajyr in the character race menu, so if I can, please can I be a Kharajyr? I just find them really interesting. Here is more information about him along with a picture of what he looks like.
  4. WhereIsMySpoon


    Despicable, Unbreakable and Mild Mannered, words that would describe Elwin. There is nothing extraordinary about Elwin apart from the fact that he is completely shameless in his determination to survive, at times pretending to be deceased just to live another day to even leading victims to deceit just to survive another day, amounting his lifestyle to that of a rat. Born to a lowly religious family Elwin never had the luxury of training or study to help himself, often saved and brought into trouble by his lack of shame. An act he had done was during The Gentlemen’s War of 1700, He’d often loot the corpses that’d laid on the ground so he could sell back valuables to grieving families deprived of their loved one’s life. Having lived a life of deceit and anger, Elwin sought to change himself and practiced the faith of The Church of Canon. He’d wanted to become a Cleric to save his soul, but became disgusted at the hypocrite he had become. Full of bitterness and spite, he proclaimed himself a true holy man, devoid of all worldly wants and watched by idly as others succumb to their greed without aiding or helping them as he believed that it was their right to suffer. After he’d reached the age of 22, he’d had enough of himself, faith and everyone and left leaving nothing of significant importance behind. Armed with a helmet to act as a disguise, and his rags to hide tools on him, he never lost heart and never looked back. He only marched in one direction, forward, with an unknown motive, it is often unknown if he is your friend or your foe.
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