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  1. Dhaen did not weep nor send her saddened regards. She recalled Garedyn in his first footsteps upon Urguani soil, fresh faced and eager to find purpose. He had built a family, a clan, not just joining Urguan, but becoming the very heart of it. She recalled his rise, his glory, and the bringing of peace under his reign. No. Dhaen did not grieve. There is no shame in living a good life. "Green is what is left when ardor fades, when passion dies, when we die, too. When you go, your footprints will fill with grass. Moss shall cover your tombstone, and as the sun rises, green shall spread over all, in all its shades and hues." The Green Knight (2021)
  2. Dhaen Grandaxe applauds, proud of her husband's contributions and newly appointed title! ~ She aims to send a bundle of congratulatory flowers to Auriel Doomforged and a bottle of calming dwarven spirits to Garedyn Mossborn as soon as she can acquire them. ~
  3. A lone, grizzled Grandaxe woman, hair braided into buns, reads and re-reads the personal declaration. "This is metal as 'ell." She frames the parchment and hangs it up on a wall, thoroughly impressed at the most exciting piece of writing to come from Urguan in a century. "Wonder 'ef any of those lads will respond wit' actual arguments, or just default to anecdotal ravings an' mindless finger-pointing at Garedyn wit'out any reference."
  4. The news reached Dhaen Grandaxe long after her city and forest-dwelling brethren received it and had fittingly mourned the life of Bjorn Grandaxe in funerary tradition. Her work tilling soil on the mountainous slopes of her home and tending the ever flickering hearth ever-present at the forefront of her mind. There was a certainty, a warmth in her heart, at the news. Oft the dwarven people were quick to associate the embrace of Dungrimm as a cold one. The gates of Khaz'a'Dentrumm too chill to the touch. The auction too distant, too ethereal. However, change was not always bad, even in death. She read each word of his letter addressed to her clan with loving gaze, proud to hear of the bonds Bjorn had forged and the various paths of life he had walked. Dhaen would always treasure memories of their late night talks and witnessing the flourishing of his family. He had done the extraordinary for their kind. Bjorn had lived life as he wanted, skilled in his craft, beloved by all, family at his side. A life truly fulfilled. There was no better time to go. [OOC: What a charming and charismatic character Bjorn was! I won't forget our empty-city shenanigans! Best of luck in your future work~]
  5. I'm going to play a human who lives in Savoy and is easily sunburned, a dark-dwarf from Mynebor who oversalts their food, and an illiterate elf from Elvenesse.
  6. There is a grief that exists for the death of legends. When the folk who filled your childhood stories meet their final chapter, the world becomes less magical. Dhaen Grandaxe did not know Fili personally, but like all Grandaxes born in the wake of his era, she was raised knowing of his adventures. At the shrine upon which she so carefully tended, the Prophet of Anbella, living in the legacy of clergies past, offers a hymn in mourning. Da aina’agnar’az vellar sva ahran na kaldr The mountain stands so tall and cold Na aina’karaad’az und’edos heitr No hearth to keep her warm Aina’tha’az tira I toil Tira Toil Thoth aina’ek’az yol-mer, aina’tha’az varekan’edos grun’hrae Till it seems, I heat her earth form Na yrr’os And at last Enn’tha’az tiwaz When I lay Nir lon bokk’talok In her stone embrace Enn’lon’ok ind’tha oz ankor eron Dungrimm She gives me up to Dungrimm's grace Na oz azamar kavir And to eternal fate
  7. Resting her hands on the balcony of one of the many towers dotting the landscapes of the Urguani mountainside, Dhaen looks out over the fair hills with a weary brow. "Once long ago, I gave you the crown, assured in your loyalty to Urguan, Norli Starbreaker." She rumbles to wind "And this is how you repay the sacrifice of years past? What happened to fighting to save our home till our final breath? To turn traitor without a word to the people - your people?" She turned away. "You were supposed to be better than this."
  8. Thank you for reaching out! I'll contact you all within 1-2 days.
  9. Howdy y'all - Been a while since I've done one of these. The following skins are all women's but I'm working on some male skins I intend to sell soon as well. The shop is first come, first serve. When you see a skin you like, please list the title, your discord, and your ign in a comment below. Also - My comms aren't open rn since I'm a bit burned out, but I'm always happy to do formal dress or wedding upon request for cheap. Message me at Snailena#3818 for inquiries. Cheers! - Dhaelena ~Skins~ 19th Century Opera Gown [100 Minas] Victorian Traveling Dress [SOLD] Edwardian Plaid Academia Dress [SOLD] Rose Fantasy Dirndl [150 Minas] Night Sky Fantasy Robe [SOLD]
  10. The Vows of Dhaen Grandaxe Late into the afternoon, Dhaen kneeled before the Altar of Anbella. Bearing two interlocked rings, hewn into the mountain itself, the shrine of the Lady of the Hearth loomed imposing over her. Winds descending from the altitudinous slopes whipped and carried her conversation with the figure behind her: the Rhun Prophet, Norli Starbreaker. Presenting a small sharpened kitchen knife to the Goddess above, Dhaen steadily pressed it to her elaborate braided buns, cutting them in offering. As greying ginger curls rained down around her bowed head, the guttural tones of formal dwedmarrum began: O’ Anbella. Aina’k baraz vo’tha-kav oz othok. O’ Anbella. I promise myself to you. Aina’k’az baraz gaeta da thrust, stevla, na tiwaz eron vo’tha jorþ I promise to tend to the thirst, hunger, and weariness of my land Aina’k’az baraz khaila da dwedohin’marr rumol aesta eron vo’tha I promise to heal the souls who ask it of me Aina’k’az baraz un’skuf anym eron da Brathmordakin, Dwedohin’marr ov gor’marr I promise to harm no living creation of the Brath, people or animal Aina’don thas’anar, thas’amorukk, na thas’dwedohin bezak oz voz. Let my hands, heart, and soul belong to you Aina’don jorþ’rumm mer’thas dwedki. Let the people of this land be my children Kolun’k’nazka thas baraz, un’kippa narh othok’koss ival. Should I break my vows, cast me from your gaze. Thas’kvinn ov anym na nogazen. My lady of life and love The divine hammer of Norli came down upon her newly sheared head, marking the officiation of the vows. Her shoulders warmed by the sun, Dhaen Grandaxe stood once more, now as a Zealot of Anbella.
  11. Making her daily rounds, Dhaen snorts at the sight of the letter, speaking to herself in the silence. "Presumptuous indeed to post a letter decrying your own kin "allowing himself to be pressured". Should your quick temper not be turned to whoever asked for your signature to be removed? And why post in such a public matter?" Dhaen continues down the path to inspect another house. She is Grand Steward. Sometimes she isn't included on documents either, but that does not incite her to publicly denounce her own folk.
  12. The Hefrumm Economic Revisionary Act This act will reaffirm the taxing system of the Hefrummos people under the guidance of both High Chief Celeste’Tol and Grand Steward Dhaen Grandaxe. Term I: Generalized Property Taxing For a non-expanded house, the average Hefrumm property shall cost 20 minas per stone week, translating to 4 mineks per year. Down-payments shall be equal to that of a B-house within the capital (50 minas/1o mineks) unless for folk belonging to the Forest Dwedmar in which case it shall be 8 mineks (40 minas). Hefrumm housing taxes shall be paid within the Grand Bank, residing within the Capital of Kal’Darakaan. Grand Steward Dhaen Grandaxe will oversee the tax system, though the people of Hefrumm are eligible to elect to offer one dwedmar as a housing steward to help represent the Hefrumm people. Expanded housing prices shall be negotiated on an individual basis between the High Chief and Grand Steward House H-1, formerly under the ownership of High Chief Yazmorra will become memorialized and removed from the housing list. Any persons found to be living in the memorial will be held in contempt of the terms of this act. Term II: Supplementary Property Taxing The Hefrumm people will be offered the option to partially supplement 1 minek (5 minas) with either one stack of bread or cooked potatoes or one stack of meat worth 2 minek. This supplementary system will only go up to the worth of two out of the four mineks. This supplementing system is optional, the Hefrumm people are welcome to pay the amounts fully in minek as is expected of capital citizens. Grand Steward of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan Iron Baron of the Bearded Lady and the Sugary ***, Elder of the Grandaxe Clan High Chieftess of of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan Seer and Primarch of the Recollector Caste
  13. Knew someone who had a bowl of soup that the hamster was interested in trying to eat, got tired of, fell asleep in, and then drowned.
  14. Dhaen Grandaxe joyously receives the invitation and prepares a fitting wedding gift for the couple. She wonders briefly if the keg of ale would fit onto a two-person cart.
  15. Dhaen Grandaxe does a chef's kiss from behind the bar. "To the powers of the two biggest clans!"
  16. Wait this is actually really fun to read!! Great job with the reviews - excited to see more freebuild towns!
  17. The Grand Brewing Competition Brewers and Brewesses! Alewives and Alcoholics! Come to the Grand Brewing Competition! The city of Kal’Darakaan, capital of Urguan and the true homeland of Dwarven brewing, is proud to host a Grand Brewing Competition. Roll up your sleeves, Brewers of Almaris, and prepare us your finest of alcoholic beverages! A host of dwarves, led by the Iron Baron and Drink Connoisseur, Dhaen Grandaxe will sample one drink from each contestant and rate it on the following criteria. Visual Presentation (How is your drink described as looking?) Taste Presentation (How is your drink described as tasting?) Alcohol Content (How hard does your drink slap?) Stand-out points (Points assigned to unusual drinks that stand out for none of the above reasons. Possible stand-out points could be assigned to gimmicks, drink lore, etc..) Each above category will consist of five possible points that could be awarded, making the highest possible score 20 points. Each of the highest scorers in each category will receive a prize, whereas the top three overall scorers will be offered a monetary reward of up to 100 minas, a prize, and the opportunity to have a stack of their drinks sold at the tavern, The Bearded Lady. The highest overall scorer will also receive the title of "Grand Brewer". [OOC: The Competition will be hosted on Sunday, May 15th at 6 PM EST. Please reach out to Snailena#3818 for questions or if you are a new player who doesn’t know how to make drinks ooc]
  18. A Feast to Honor Their Sacrifice This year has seen a great evil fall upon the lands of Almaris. A brave number of our folk, in accordance with our allies, fought against the sweltering strength between a league of shadowmen and a fearsome dragon upon a Tartarean landscape. The group did not escape without losses. In the wake of tragedy, The Grand Kingdom of Urguan mourns her sons. We as a people have lost three exemplary figures: Grand Marshal Kronk Stormheart, Barundin Ireheart, and Gwydion Ireheart. We also have lost several allies who fought side by side with our beloved lost kin. To honor their sacrifice and to allow the community to come together over their loss, the King commands a great mourning feast for all of Urguan to be held in the throne room. Let ale flow freely so we may drink to our brothers in Kaz’a’Dentrumm! The people of our allies, who fought and died side by side with our brothers, are encouraged to attend. The Brethren of those lost in the disaster are encouraged to give a short oratorical piece on their memories of those lost. [OOC: The mourning feast will take place at 4 pm EST on Thursday the 28th at the Urguan Throneroom. Contact Snailena#3818 for questions or concerns]
  19. It was a pleasure to work and rp with you! Welcome to the club, and I hope you have better adventures elsewhere <3
  20. -x- Dhaen Grandaxe, once a self-proclaimed connoisseur of leading campaigns, reclines back on an overly large, rather decayed chaise lounge chair as she skims, "The Passing of The Axe". She rasps in a voice that flirts with lung cancer on a daily basis and a cheap cigarette dripping smoke from her lips. "Damn. I don't remember enacting any new trials in my time, but 'ppreciate the thought." The paper is tossed aside in favor of a nap. "Good to see 'im taking charge again. Was always a pleasure to work with." -x-
  21. And so, as all stories end, so too did this one. Dhaen was not one to forsake her nature. When she first heard of the abdication of her son, it was whispered in a tavern in a far off land. After all, taverns were the same everywhere, a simple consistency a traveler could find in Almaris. The rumor was spoken with a warm tone, caressed by beer and hearty food. A smile crept onto the dwarven woman's lips at the news. So her son had stepped down. Not just that, but he had accomplished in his time more than any king in Dhaen's memory. That enough, was cause for a drink and perhaps a letter to Levian'Tol expressing her pride in his actions and being in his acquaintance. Urguan would surely miss their Brewer King.
  22. Dhaen Grandaxe hurried out of the city, a knapsack in hand. The ringing of her booted feet slapping down upon Urguan soil echoed through the Dwarven valley. She watched the ginger braids of her clan sister disappear onto a wagon, sunlight reflecting upon them in ethereal streaks of gold and amethyst. "Brynaelda!" Dhaen yells, hurrying to catch the dwarven woman as her wagon trundled off. Her allegiance lay with Brynaelda Grandaxe and under the warm gaze of Anbella, Dhaen would fulfill that loyalty. "Wait for me~"
  23. Dhaen Grandaxe watched her son cheerfully depart from the tavern, dark gaze trained on his armored back. Levian’s children and wife walked and frolicked around him in amusement. With a pang of sharp grief, she realized how much she would miss Yazmorra, Myrabella, Dysmorra, and Celeste. In the warm solitude of the Queen’s Bounty, Dhaen dries her calloused hands and leaves the city, as quickly and silently as she had arrived but a few years back. If this new Urguan would not welcome Brynaelda, then Dhaen understood her role was over. The port’s ship left that morning.
  24. The Best Parrot Gifted by Ognar Grandaxe to his newly adopted daughter, Dhaen Grandaxe, Burd started his years as a young hatchling in Kal'Odla among the other parrots of the dwed. Beloved by Dhaen the most, Burd was often carried out to peep the world from the height of her sturdy shoulder. When Dhaen returned to the tavern, Burd became the only bird to travel with her. He spent his days drinking vodka from a tiny plate and dancing to his favorite songs. Still, Dhaen continued to take him out upon her shoulder to see the world and adventure together. In the end, Burd died how he lived, appreciating the sweeter side of life. In Memory of the Best Parrot, Burd. https://imgur.com/a/f1aBk0e
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