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  1. Fast asleep in his burrow after a night of heavy drinking, Micah doesn’t hear the call of his Sheriff.
  2. Farewell func, I wish you the best
  3. Micah O’Connell sat idly by the fireplace in his burrow, a pipe in one hand and a copy of the missive in the other, “T’ose bigguns fightin’ again...?” The small man slumped back in his seat, a grin growing on his face, “I love bein’ an ‘alflin,” He muttered before lifting the pipe to his mouth and taking a puff.
  4. Maelor Seregon stopped in his tracks as he noticed the missive pinned to a tree. A faint smile crossed his lips as he read over it, “It seems my lari’maronn has been hard at work as usual. Though, her stress is apparent through this letter...” He paused, “Perhaps Dele should take a break, before she drives herself into the ground.”
  5. Micah O’Connell paced in his burrow, reading the missive, “Beetroots?” He mumbled to himself, “Ah didn’t know ‘igh elves like beetroots! Got plenty of ‘em growin’ ‘ere, maybe we could send some tah Haelun’or...”
  6. Micah O’Connell spares a thought for the odd human he showed to Helena that one time.
  7. “Per’aps i’ll come see what t’is is aboout,” Commented a halfling.
  8. Micah O’Connell shook his head, “Bigguns.”
  9. A letter in return would be sent directly to the burrow of Fred. Dear Fredegar Puddlefoot, Mayor of Hillsborough, Indeed these are new times for the halflings of Brandybrook, and I hope the village will continue to thrive under my leadership as it did under Rollo Applefoot’s. I firmly believe that weefolk all over Arcas should be united, and therefore I graciously accept your request and recognise the settlement of Hillsborough as a vassal of Brandybrook. I long to see Hillsborough flourish and prosper and wish you the best with this. Signed, Micah O’Connell, Thain of Brandybrook
  10. Micah O’Connell squeezed his eyes shut as he heard the Applefoot burrow door close. He sat motionless for some minutes, wondering if he had said the right words to the Thain in what was sure to be his final hours. Eventually he rose from his seat and made for his own burrow to take a lengthy nap.
  11. Maelor Seregon placed his vote in the ballot box. Lareh’thilln (Silver Mountain) [X] Lareh’leyu (Beautiful Mountain) [ ] Lareh’siol (Lonely Mountain) [ ] Fi’astoré (New Astoré) [ ]
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