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  1. Jeannette Applebottom was somewhat bewildered, seeing her own name listed upon the invitation, though she tried not to read too deeply into it. The young girl, enthralled by the idea of pretty flowers and a large cake, was unable to complain. "A weddin's a weddin'!" She chirped.
  2. A halfling, somewhere in Almaris, hums the tune... replacing the world "mina" with "taters" in their head.
  3. Hi I’m a halfling player :) Usually halflings have an Irish accent/specific English accents. Welcome to the server
  4. From atop The Drunken Pumpkin tavern, the High Pumplar of Bramblebury, newly named WAR GENERAL, Jeannette Applebottom growled in as low as a sound as her normally high pitched, subdued voice could make, "Ter waaaar!" With The Staff of The High Pumplar in hand, she swung around, her timing misfortuned as the golden sceptre consequentially SLAMMED against the head of James "Jam" Peregrin.
  5. [!] Yet another letter was tacked to the board. Mister Overhill, Oi am disappointed en yer abliteh ter take responsabiliteh fer 'his incident. Moigh' oi note 'hat 'hough yes, oi di' ask fer a brownieh, oi wos no' made aware 'hat 'hese were nay regular baked goods. Oi don't believe yer products 'ave caused distress among other weefolk but 'hey certainleh 'ave meh. Nevertheless, oi am willing ter take up yer offer. We will speak en person ter organoise such 'n event. Mondy Applefoot
  6. [!] A letter was pinned to the Bramblebury noticeboard. Dear Mister Overhill, A few noights ago, at ta Mayoral election, yah gave meh some browniehs. Oi wos no' aware of yer reputation, 'hat you are a slimy narco, 'n NAY 'un tol' meh 'hese browniehs were made with CACTUS GREEN! Oi did not know et wos publicleh acceptable ter DRUG WOMEN en meh noice wee village! 'hese browniehs were so strong, oi fell asleep en meh seat 'n woke up 'hree days lateh en Krugmar! With ta wors' headache of meh life, too. This experience 'as ruined ta sanctiteh of brownie
  7. [!] A poster is tacked to the Bramblebury noticeboard. It is Mayor Iris Peregrin's handwriting. Bramblebury Bonfire Night! Weefolk o' Bramblebury, there will be a BONFIRE NIGHT 'n a couple of Pumpkin Days from now! We will be toasting marshmallows, setting off fireworks, partying 'n barbequing to our hearts content. Goods will be provided by The Cookie Crumb Bakery and Loaf Lads, but feel free to bring along your own! We will sleep under the stars, but if you'd like t' go back to your burrow for the night you won't be judged. HALFLINGS ONLY! Nay
  8. Jeannette avidly got to work on her present for James!
  9. Jeanne avidly got to work on her present for James!
  10. I LOVE THIS!! Jeannette Applebottom - the halfling Pope! Almond Joy 'Mondy' Applefoot - a simple halfling baker : > Skúli - a Norlandic sailor
  11. High Pumplar Jeannette Applebottom, the young prophet of the Pumpkin Lord, read over a letter she had received from Knox informing her of this matter, aswell as setting her a task. The girl bit her nails with increasing anticipation, "T'is es alo'... bu' oi mus' do et," She assured herself. She rolled up the letter and used the piece of jute twine that tied one of her braids to hold the paper in place.
  12. Jeannette rummaged through chests in the Applebottom burrow, searching for her wooden shogging shovel. Her face lit up once she FINALLY found it, however her delight was temporary as she realised the mess she'd created in the process of looking. The girl decided to clean up so she wouldn't have to face the wrath of Meemaw.
  13. In a clearing within Bramblebury, beside the expansive coastline, there lie a shrine to Lord Knox. This mini haven was secluded, concealed by tall trees and shrubbery. It was a tranquil place, filled with the sounds of bird song and gentle waves rolling against the shore not far off. The occasional joyful squeal of halfling children playing nearby would be the only disturbance. Here sat High Pumplar Jeannette Applebottom, upon a high rock, as she read over the tenets, "T'is doctrine, sums up wot et means ter be a 'alflin'," She uttered, matter-of-factly, "Knox bless us all!"
  14. "So people will believe t'e Knox t'at brough' us all t'ose wares 'n possesses Godly magic es a phony, bu' believe Cyris when 'e claims e's been named 'King' by a 'Knox' we've never even seen?" Jeannette Applebottom shook her head.
  15. Jeannette Applebottom scowled. The young High Pumplar felt deeply stressed by the situation and claims being made, "Whoi d' t'ey keep doin' t'is! Lord Knox es nay demon, who's ter say a God cannae do t'e same as 'e did? Furthermore, e's ta God of chaos! T'e stupid 'alflin' tried ter kill 'im! 'ow up yer own arse can ya be ter try 'n kill God?" She went on an exasperated rant, "All t'is proves es t'at Cyris' claims were fake, which oi, t'e mouthpiece o' Knox, ALREADY tol' every'un!" ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Mondy Applefoot shovelled bread into her mouth, "'alflin' conspiraceh 'heorists 're ge
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