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  1. Name: Falco Goldworthy Fort Fortified [ ] Fort Knox [X] Big Fort [ ] Devil Springs Vodka [ ]
  2. [!] A ballot would be sent out to all citizens of Brandybrook. Name the Fortress! Brandybrook’s official newspaper, Beetroot News, had a competition to name a fortress in last weeks edition, Volume 9. It’s time to place your vote! One per halfling ((OOC: one per user)). Only residents of Brandybrook may vote. Name: Fort Fortified [ ] Fort Knox [ ] Big Fort [ ] Devil Springs Vodka [ ] [!] The official seal of Brandybrook.
  3. Halfling Elder Falco Goldworthy hauled materials to the outskirts of the village, preparing to construct fortifications.
  4. Micah O’Connell watched from Knox’s golden wheatfields. Despite having qualms with Jago’s Canonist beliefs, he had been fond of the halfling priest. He would have liked to welcome Brownfolk to the afterlife, however, unfortunately they were not in the same resting place.
  5. The National Shogging League! Halflings of Brandybrook! I announce to you the National Shogging League (NSL). I found my passion for the sport during the shogging war between Brandybrook and Sutica, where of course, Brandybrook came out on top! Inspired by Bucca D Willowswamp I have decided to REVIVE the NSL as it was once announced but never took place. Much of this is his own words. Basic Rules & Background Shogging is a Halfling sport, or game, which has persisted throughout the ages. It’s name comes from the two words ‘Shovel’ and ‘Logs’. Shogging was created in Branborough by the Elder Halfling Tibb Fairfield when the village was under a draught of boredom, and a new game was needed. In the game of shogs, two logs of equal length (Generally three Halfling feet, or three ‘blocks’ as skygods call them) are put into a body of water. Two opponents (usually Halflings) will climb on top of either log, and place a carved pumpkin on their heads. When the signal is given, both players attempt to shove the other off of their log using a wooden shovel. Falling into the water counts as an ‘out’. The game is usually played as ‘best two out of three’ in point The Goal There are four teams, each team will be assigned an opponent team to begin the season. The two winning teams will then face each other. The winner of the final match will be given the championship title. Championship team will win: The Goldworthy Cup, and have their names added to it (as well as a role in the halfling discord). The runners up will win... cookies! Illegal Moves/Tactics Teams Sign Up Info: Primary Shogger Name: Secondary Shogger Name: Desired Team Color: OOC Discord: Username: Additional info: Halflings get first claim on signup, other races only if we have space. Equipment is supplied but bringing your own (shovel and pumpkin) would be advised. Falco Goldworthy will be referee. Concept by Bucca Willowswamp. Times may be negotiated (OOC: for player to work out!) [!] The official seal of Brandybrook!
  6. Micah O’Connell would smile as he sat among Knox’s golden wheat fields above, “I knew I could count on yeh, Isalie.” ______________________________ Mondy Applefoot read over the missive whilst mixing ingredients, as she stress-baked her third cookie batch of the day, “Oi’m vereh vereh worried... KNOX ‘ave merceh... OH!” A clatter sounded as the bowl she had been using fell to the ground, the contents poured over the wooden floorboard. She released a deep sigh. ______________________________ ”This is much biggah than just halflings. The Thain has the right idea,” Commented Elder Goldworthy.
  7. Welcome back! It’s nice to see someone returning. If you want to talk about anything my discord is RIO#5790, however I mostly know about halfling affairs.
  8. Welcome back! I haven’t played here half as long but it’s nice to see when someone returns.
  9. Falco scrunched up his face at this unexpected reply, the name not one familiar to him. However he did nothing further, putting it to one side, in a pile with the other responses.
  10. [!] An invitation is sent out, exclusively to the halflings of Brandybrook. [!] An illustration of a pie. You are invited to a dinner party at the Goldworthy burrow! There will be a three course meal prepared for each and every one of you, PROVIDED you RSVP. Where? The Goldworthy burrow in Brandybrook, River Run 4. Located across the Dinkle River, beside a stream. When? Two elven days! (OOC: Wednesday 22nd, 4pm EST/9pm GMT) RSVP: Name: Will you be in attendance? Yes [ ] I may be [ ] ~Elder Falco Goldworthy [!] The official seal of Brandybrook!
  11. Falco Goldworthy frowned reading over the magazine, displeased with the publication of his injuries.
  12. Mondy Applefoot read over the letter, her excitement growing with each word, “Ooo, we’re ‘avin visitors ovah? ‘ow loveleh! Oi’m goin ter bake fer ‘his. ‘n oi finalleh get ter meet ‘his ‘Filibert’ relative of mine!”
  13. Mariolla

    River Fest!

    [!] Missives are hung up, all around Arcas! River Fest! [!] The Dinkle River! It’s been some time since our last festival. Let us celebrate these hot days with a river gathering! Activities: Shogging! Swimming! Fishing (careful not to catch the swimmers)! Boat racing! and the MAIN activity Swimming gear competition! Judged by Elder Goldworthy Wear your most ridiculous swimming attire. All are invited to join, so long as they cause no troubles! The partying will commence by Dinkle River, located in Brandybrook next to Aegrothond, in two elven days. (OOC: The event will be held 2:30pm EST/7:30pm GMT, Thursday 9th July) Long live the halflings! ~Elder Falco Goldworthy and Isalie Gardner, Thain of Brandybrook [!] The missive ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  14. Name: Falco Goldworthy Age: Late 30s Are you single?: Yes but in a bromance with Malfoy Proudfoot
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