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  1. Falco Goldworthy found his heart racing as he read over the first part of the missive. Surely, this had been penned by Meadow? As he read to the bottom, however, his suspicions were confirmed. The small man could not contain his excitement. He tossed the paper high in the air, "Mah bruddah is back!" Falco cheered gleefully. The sheet came fluttering down. He swiped it mid-air and pulled it close to his chest, "I've missed yah Malfoy..."
  2. I love my Orlando Otterbowl figurine
  3. hi Snoopie event sounds great. I am in love with this divider, where did u get it and MAY I USE IT
  4. [!] A poster from an unknown source was pinned to the Bloomerville noticeboard, one of the things that had miraculously remained through the wipespread fires and overrall destruction of Arcas. A New High Pumplar! Lord Knox himself has officially declared Jeannette Applebottom to be t'a new High Pumplar of Bloomerville, 'n what home is next to come! T'a first to hold this position since Daisy Applefoot (may she rest in wheat) 'n Bucca Willowswamp. It is validated that as Knox handed his new prophet The Staff of The High Pumplar, LIGHTNING struck beside them, as once happened many years ago when Knox himself was made into the figure he is today by halfling ancestors. T'a timing of this strike is a clear SIGN to t'a weefolk. May halflings continue to prosper onwards! LONG LIVE T'A WEE! LONG LIVE T'A HIGH PUMPLAR! LONG LIVE T'A THAIN!
  5. 'Not the End of the World' Festival! Mondy Applefoot 'ere! Yesterday, I finally decided to stop cowering away in my stony shelter in Fort Hope, baking cakes like I'll never get to eat 'un again. When I left, to my surprise, I discovered the other weefolk had built a whole new village called Bloomerville right outside! Seeing t'a life in Bloomerville, I was filled with optimism. Although my much loved once home of Brandybrook, founded by MY FATHER, t'a great Rollo Applefoot, has been destroyed, inferi are swarming Arcas, AS WELL as the moon exploded, I have HOPE that this may not be t'a end of t'a world! So to celebrate this revelation, I have planned a festival! Dunk Tank Witches Brew (a food related game!) A performance from bards, Monkey & Meadow Apple bobbin' Fireworks Lots'a booze! 'N MORE! Every’un is invited to join in t'a revelry, so long as they have nay intentions of causin’ trouble! Bloomerville, Fort Hope (OOC: Friday, 13th November, 4:15pm EST/9pm GMT. Fort Hope is located directly opposite the entrance to Sutica. Keep running over the hill, past the big torch, and go inside the fort walls!) ~Almond Joy 'Mondy' Applefoot
  6. Jeanne caught word of the upcoming wedding, "'ow excoiten'! OoOo, oi 'ave ter t'ink o' a gift..."
  7. In an attempt to keep herself amused, Jeanne meandered about the stony walls of Fort Hope, carelessly swinging around a lightweight wooden shovel. The child was long bored of this temporary home.
  8. “Good ‘hing I left ‘alflin’ leadahship...” Falco said to Zytka, reading over the flier whilst the epiphyte braided his locks.
  9. I’ve been playing on LOTC for far less time so we’re not yet acquainted, but welcome back ! perhaps we’ll meet in roleplay someday?
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