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  1. After reading the note, Jeannette Applebottom felt sorrowful. She took to The Drunken Pumpkin tavern, where she swiped herself a bottle of her favourite golden beverage, "Wine o' Knox". Next, she trotted along the winding stony paths of Bramblebury, down to the cove on the beach. There she sat an enjoyed a drink whilst she thought about the memories she had with Greta. With the final sip, she mourned her leaving.
  2. The Ballot: ((MC Name: Rioling)) Name: Jeannette Applebottom Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea (X) Nay ()
  3. Jeannette Applebottom drew a picture in some mud using a long stick.
  4. The Cookie Crumb Bakery Celebratory 614 SR Elder Elections Opening! Menu, Week 3 (OOC opening time: Monday 5th April, 6:15pm EST/11:15pm GMT - 7:15pm EST/00:15pm GMT) The bakery will be opening to celebrate the election of 3 new Elders, shortly after they are announced this 614 Shire Reckoning! A few treats have been prepared especially for this event. Food Almond's Joy Cake ➢ Almond sponge cake with glacé cherries and a gooey marzipan centre Raspberry & White Choc Blondies ➢ Vanilla brownies with chunks of white chocolate a
  5. [!] Jeannette threw her ballot in the box! The Ballot: ((MC Name: Rioling)) Name: Jeannette Applebottom Vote for Elder: James Peregrin () Greta Goodbarrel () Filibert Applefoot () Jordan Applebottom (XXX) Winter May Gardner ()
  6. Mondy Applefoot wrote in her calendar, which is actually one of her many blank cookbooks repurposed, 615 Shire Reckoning Haense tour. More farms? Bakery in the bigg’un city?!?!?
  7. High Pumplar Jeannette snickered to herself, amused, “T’is sounds more loike candidacy fer my job!”
  8. Welcome to the server! I'm a fellow fantasy, music (though not musician), and dog lover :) If you'd like to join the halflings discord server you're welcome to (even as an orc!), just shoot me a message on discord at RIO#8249 or here. We're a pretty tight knit community and often in voice chats chilling or playing games. Hopefully we get the chance to interact further sometime.
  9. The Joint Coming of Age JEANNETTE APPLEBOTTOM & SORREL ROSEHIPP PEREGRIN Halflings, rejoice! This 613 Shire Reckoning, two resilient, beloved young halfling women celebrate their 33rd birthday's! A joint celebration shall be held for High Pumplar Jeannette Applebottom and Sorrel 'The Wanderer', in the festival grounds of Bramblebury. Expect fireworks, song, dance, food and booze galore! Cordially invited to join the merrymaking are: All halflings of Bramblebury With special invites extended to: The Warden
  10. Jeannette Applebottom breathed a sigh of relief, "So et wasn't Sorrel. T'ank Knox."
  11. [!] Many posters are hung up around the Village of Bramblebury. The Cookie Crumb Bakery is HIRING! I, Almond Joy Applefoot, am pleased to announce that we are now opening applications! The requirements to work at the bakery are as follows: 1. You are a halfling (our working space would be difficult for a bigg'un to manoeuvre around!) above the age of 15. 2. You can work with a smile, be friendly and disciplined! 3. You have a passion for baking, or some level of understanding and want to learn more! Job Perks: 1. FREE FOOD! 2.
  12. [!] A letter has been put in Perry's mailbox, the morning after he pinned the note! "Mister Overhill, Thank you for your interest in working at The Cookie Crumb Bakery! A hiring notice will be up soon, you will be able to apply then. ~Mondy Applefoot, Owner"
  13. The Cookie Crumb Bakery Menu, Week 2 (OOC opening time: Sunday 21st March, 5:00pm EST/9:00pm GMT - 6:00pm EST/10:00pm GMT) Food Pumpkin Pudding Cup ➢ Layers of pumpkin pudding and crumbed cookie served in a glass ramekin Raspberry & White Choc Blondies ➢ Vanilla brownies with chunks of white chocolate and raspberries Raspberry Iced Bun ➢ Sweet bun with raspberry icing, jam filling and dried fruits Rollos ➢ Dark chocolate chip cookies with caramel and chocolate filling Strawberry Jam & Cream Doughnuts ➢ Finger shaped doughnut wi
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