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  1. A faraway knight lowered his head solemnly as he heard the gossip, signing the cross across his battered breastplate. ”Rest easy father… GOTT Mit Uns…”
  2. Yvian looked on to his squire, his battle brother, fellow Reinmaren, Smith and friend. ”Until my breath is gone Until my light is gone…” ”Welcome o’ fellow brother in arms”
  3. "Let us pray that GOTT's children do not fall to the temptations of usurpation and petty quarrels..." Gottfried the Cannonside sighed, looking back on his years of service in the Veletzian wars with a slightly marred tone.
  4. If we speak historically/realistically, light armours like gambeson can stop sword slashes and even arrows (from light bows), like it is decent armour by itself. People just don't know, if there's more explicit writing about what can do what, would probably have the same effect. Plate armour is fine as is, people over exaggerate "blunt trauma" against it, its supposed to be the best in-class armour, if you want to counter act its prevalence, then some sort of 'cost' can be associated with it. For ex, you pay for it or need some sort of 'proof' that a player forged it.
  5. EAGLE OF KANUNSBERG, STAR OF FERNWEH ADLER VON KANUNSBERG, STERN VON FERNWEH | EAGLE OF KANUNSBERG, STAR OF FERNWEH Issued by the Duke of Kanunsberg, Baron of Fernweh In the year of our Lord 1974 I.S.T. ÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, Listen well, O kin and hirdmen of mine; It is with pride and grace - that after many years of dutiful service, first with my father, Caius I, and therein to Leon and Alfred - I must seek peace. For a Reinmaren must understand his place, when to step from the mantle. For many years, I have spent my time devoted to my family and nation alike, and with it, I have fostered many fair children through two marriages. From amongst these, one stands out among all – as my chosen heir. Nikolaus, Prelate of the Reinmaren, will hereby assume my titles in perpetuity with tradition, the Duchy of Kanunsberg, and all subsidiary titles will be abdicated from my hands and be left in the dutiful care of my son. All Hirdmen who have spoken their schwur will speak it once more anew to their Duke. May GOTT gift unto him strength in rulership. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HIS GRACE, GOTTFRIED, Duke of Kanunsberg, Baron of Fernweh, Ritter of the Order of Saint Tylos The Stallion of Reinmar, Cannonside, Aide to his Holiness' Inquisition of Reinmar, Smith & Quartermaster of ISNM OOC:
  6. "Excellent." said Gottfried, bearing the suns smile
  7. Gottfried smiled the suns smile "I love Reinmar and Numendil."
  8. Sir Yvian Galken looked on from the seven skies and smiled softly, opening his arms wide, and embracing his son. "Wer Rastet, Der Rostet"
  9. Llir baiting us fr, congrats to the Josh as the new Mod Admin!
  10. LOTC adaptation about the 9th time some guys in wigs tried to rebuild the Roman Orenian Empire
  11. Gottfried nods in great approval as he read the signatures of his cousin and nephew princes
  12. "A false security has befallen the interlopers... Ailmere will not find itself wanting."
  13. O' rally did the banners once more The great shadows bolstering evermore...
  14. "We gather for war once more, like Theoderic in the days of old..." Gottfried the Cannonside stroked his stache as he mused, then returning to the polishing of his steel
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