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  1. IGN: JustGrimCharacter name: Zolvan Vuln'miruelWhich game(s) are you signing up for: (There is no limit!) Strength and Agility
  2. A figure in white would blink and being to laugh hysterically at the idiotic "king" of Haense.
  3. Father Ivard would read the letter, a frown upon his visage "Haense burned a good Canonist woman with no proof. They should be burning known heretics and those who speak against the Canon - not those who cry for GOD's mercy for others while they burn alive."
  4. Northern Wolf 200 mina
  5. Bro big brain mind magic! :O
  6. An amber mali smiles in excitement as the letters are sent out!
  7. o7 thank you for your service
  8. Zolvan blinks in confusion at the thoughts of Dwarves
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