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  1. A Call to Xionists, The Black Crusade Brothers and Sisters of Xion, Today another tragedy has occurred ‘pon this soil that we all call home as we stand away from where East meets West. Many of our numbers have hoped for Unity, we are but a scattered group who hides in the shadows and avoids the light of the day- baptized in tenebrous radiation. Yet today a Wonk, a creature who had done nothing was slain by those who are our enemies- Druii, disgusting practitioners of claimed Divine magic, following gods who hide amongst the cosmos. I call ‘pon my brothers and sisters, be you of the Four Paths, the Fifth, or Cosmos, to answer my call of Black Crusade- we must unite under a purpose, not a banner. We shall slaughter the Druii who have tainted these lands far too long- the ones who call themselves the Vale, abusing nature, abusing life in the name of some God. May the sun set ‘pon their lands for the Black Sun rises. Yours, Brother Cain
  2. A fallen Druid is disgusted by the liars who call themselves Druids A creature hears of his friend's death, saddened greatly by the bastards of the Vale! They claim to be Druids, they Claim to care for nature yet they do this. This is why the druids are liars and their claims of the Aspects are nothing but lies to support their abuse of the world "And so we Crusade." That creature would say.
  3. A fallen Son of Malin approves of this message being based as the Sons totally never committed a single war crime- anything that says otherwise is complete slander. True elven nationalists. Though he does not support half-elves. Burn Half breeds as the Sons did to be truly based.
  4. A creature metagames this information
  5. A bird like thing would smile as it would read the missive- perhaps this would all be more fun than it thought.
  6. A creature blinked at the very obvious use of dark magics being claimed a miracle- but that is not his business.
  7. If I give you magic will you abuse pex for me?
  8. RP Name: Floryan Carrion MC Name: Jegudiel Voted: Yes
  9. not badly written- but god the ptsd of izkuthii
  10. A symbiotic creature agrees with the infernal- for the void must be destroyed. . Removed from this plane. A wandering bird allows it's beak to crack into a smile, rows of shark like teeth shown- oh how it hungered and wished for this and now it has come. It was time to return to the Mother so it may feast on the voidal. "Kuul ra'hzakuz zkaat." it would cackle loudly through the forest in which it rested, birds flying away from colossal beast. And so it moved.
  11. discord: Jax#5415 bid: $20, $22 skin name: Fur, Scout
  12. A mage stares at this is in disgust- at least hunt for decent magics.
  13. Floryan Carrion, son of Fyodor, looks upon the missive and reads it over, moving to look for his father to speak to him.
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