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  1. A figure working near the stronghold, flesh under knife would look upon the missive, a wicked grin spreading upon his visage as he hears the words of the ‘true sultan’ “Descendant and Inferi alike shall fall upon each other, all shall bring souls to the cause.” crushing the missive in hand and throwing it upon the ground he would return to his work, a happy humming coming from his maw.
  2. Great write, gives me hope for a better future, I prefer magic with more downsides than bonuses. Magics that are meant to be darker and more evil should harm the user more than help, I think that this demonstrates that nicely. Though 5 slots is a bit much, feels like it should be 2-3. until Joel shelves LOTC
  3. If people make sky scrapers I just give up
  4. I hate and love that all at the same time.. I hate this community
  5. Real Chinese photos
  6. What is your birth-name? Ivard Syn To whom do you vow foremost fealty? To GOD almighty and his Chosen, Praise be. To whom else do you owe allegiance? The Mayrtr What is the purpose you regard most cardinal to the continuity of mankind and all mortal-being? The spread of the faith of the Lord, guiding those who have moved astray and shepherding them back into his light. Unto what form are apostates returned on death? Ash so they may be cleansed of all transgressions What ought men remain wary of? Elves and their ungodly ways that drive them away from the light. Who is he that merits your spiritual faith and devotion? The GOD of all beings and living creatures, the one who guides all down their path.
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