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  1. Vortex killed my father, i hate it, ruined my whole life. -1

  2. Oren = Free Loot. Change my mind.

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      10 hours ago, OrcSimp said:

      Oren = Destroy event site because they can’t have its contents 

      Talking about the meteor? Quavinir destroyed it because it was secured by Oren

    3. Mandalore1


      Big Facts ^

    4. Callum


      Can we just get back to the point where ComicD (A bag of free loot) Just called other people free loot

  3. Cookies.
    Chocolate Chips Cookies.

  4. Anyone here has a good idea as how to spend time during quarantine? Im bored as hecc.

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    2. Erased
    3. kill_MAPS


      learn how to make soda out of anything with fermentation

    4. Nug


      animal crossing :^)

  5. Bored? Try playing Terraria and fighting all bosses at the same time, might help.

    1. DixieDemolisher


      Mama didn’t raise a coward, but she didn’t raise a masochist either.

    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      playing terraria with Calamity mod on revengeance is even better

      I’m 62 hours in and I couldn’t even beat Plantera

  6. Never thought id miss McDonalds so much.

    Or going outside.

    Damn, i just hope this quarantine thing ends soon.

  7. Hope yall have a nice day~

  8. how long does it take for a support post to get an answer?

    on that note, how long does it take for a ban to be seen? not even reviewed, just seen.

    1. Zacho


      Support posts can take awhile depending, and also bans are ‘seen’ as soon as someone is banned? Unless you’re talking about a ban appeal which could be awhile.

    2. ComicD


      @Zacho thanks for the answer, also yeah, meant ban appeal xD

  9. I dunno whats worse, to be going mad because of the quarantine and isolation or to be totally, absolutely, completely bored.

    I mean, both suck, but still.

  10. Mudkip best starter.

    Change my mind.

    1. Nestro_Miner


      I do love mudkip but my favorite starter would have to be chimchar!

    2. ComicD


      @Nestro_Miner I cant deny that chimchar is a good starter, good balance between power and cuteness.

  11. Anyone else here playing Pokémon Sword/Shield?

    If so, which is the best starter?

    (kinda bored so i wanted to see which starter is more popular XD)

    1. MunaZaldrizoti


      The fire type starter is OP!

    2. Gusano
  12. #FreeBallGuy

  13. i made tower image.png.79647e82f27fbab2cd24fe0d4e7e6bf0.png

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      very nice! powerful tower ? 

  14. Im slowly dying of boredom and anxiety, so i will post a random banana meme.image.png.e826e1985ac984ea89c629cadc00a5ef.png

  15. I was so bored today that i tried to make “The Boar Hat” from The Seven Deadly Sins.image.png.9a5befbb469b1fb4acb96dc86d8ae3e0.png

    1. DarkElfs


      Boredom sucks but hey, nothing wrong with remaking the “The Boar Hat” now. I wish we could have something like it on lotc lol. I do mean the food bit including before a certain cook got there haha. 

    2. ComicD


      you know what? thats a good idea, i might build it if/when i get back 

    3. DarkElfs


      Lol, alright. Wouldn’t blame ya if you do. Heck could even throw on some extra bits to it too of course 


  16. Funny story, i was bored and started to play MC (like you do) and then just started to do whatever in single player (since im banned) and suddenly, when i went back to the title screen, the message under the title said “Join your friends online”...

    I think either the game or life hates me XD

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    2. Man of Respect
    3. ComicD


      a complicated story that is related to a very weird case

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Join your friends online

  17. Quick reminder for everyone to take care and stay at home if possible.

    Ya know, since the covid 19 thing is still around and all that.

    Have a nice day! :3

  18. Sneks have snoop.

    Boop da snoop.

    Sneks do da boop.

    Sneks are cute.

  19. I bought a nintendo switch.

    Can someone explain to me how can i download warframe on this small screen thingy?

    Im confused as hecc as how it works...

    1. Harrison


      Go to the Nintendo E-store after hooking it up to the internet, and search for Warframe. From there, download it.

    2. ComicD


      There is only one option in screen, and thats for codes and stuff.

  20. So the cat is named Willson.


    This cat will hate me for the rest of his life.

    (Sorry to anyone out there named Willson, i just mean that the cat will hate the name because of the reason behind of why i chose it)

    1. SoulReapingWolf


      Why the name I wanna hear the story

    2. ComicD


      So... i was watching a movie (you can guess which one) and paused it so i could get some food, after i came back, the cat was in front of the tv watching at the ball named willson, then started to poke at the screen with one paw, so i said “im sorry little one, it has to be done"

    3. SoulReapingWolf


      Hahaha epic name story

  21. So, which is the cutest name for a cat?

    And which name is the most dumb/funny?

    I have a new cat but im bad with names.

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    2. Vaynth


      Can I see the cat pls

    3. Salty


      I like to name cats based on their appearance. I have a red cat with white footsies that I named socks

    4. SoulReapingWolf


      @Salty thats good and all but I’ve seen some cats that would get names like Demon or Alien ?

  22. Quick reminder for everyone to stay positive and take care.

    Yeah, just that, so go outside a while, go hug your parents or play with your pets a while.

    Dont stay too much in front of a screen and enjoy some time outside.

    Also, have a great week everyone! ?

  23. What is worse?

    To be killed in an acid pit…?

    ...OR to become a boomer?

  24. It was fun while it lasted.

    Love you all.

    Have tons of fun for me, okay?


    I will miss you all.


    (And no, im not leaving the community, i was banned from the server, i will still be around if anyone wants to talk)

    1. Braxis


      Stay safe friend

    2. ThatGuy_777


      Fare thee well and stay healthy!

  25. Now that i think about it, has anyone seen an enchanted weapon or tool besides the ones you can buy at ct? Like, i dunno, a Luck of the Sea fishing rod? Or an iron pickaxe with Silk Touch?

    I think it would be nice to get a tool with enchantments, since farming gets kinda boring after a while and takes so much time that couldve been used doing some rp or something like that.

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