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  1. why is there a massive ad in the middle of my post

    1. Sorcerio


      Its for hot single moms in your area!!! 

    2. Wizard of NOZ
  2. [!] A notice would find its way all over the Holy Orenian Empire, written in fine, silver ink, yet the script was evidently rushed. Illness Beneath the Sunless Sky On the Account of Lord Ostromir 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 1817 Over the past week, Ostromir Carrion, the Count of Dobrov and Baron Woldzmir, has been bed ridden with a deathly illness. He does not sleep, nor eat, nor drink, and he appears to be among his last days, for his frame in all its splendour has receded into a frail and sickly thing. Fits of coughing resound from the keep’s walls
  3. I admire the sheer amount of dedication and work put into this lore. Creating a piece of this magnitude is what I strive to one day accomplish. +1
  4. anyone down to make Ruswick 2.0? Or it must be like 3.0 by now.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      As a settlement or vassal? Would be hard to not be a vassal because it'd cost you like 5k just to set it up and there'd be a pretty harsh activity check too (RIP old days of easy charters).

    2. Wizard of NOZ
    3. neoroseo
  5. cant we just keep it so that the new posts and status updates stay on the side, next to posts, instead of below and to the left so we don't have to scroll down to see them.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      discord and vote links should be at the bottom, not the top

  6. mark ezelsteen moment

  7. the fruitless arguments and OOC politics of LOTC bore me.

    1. Epistile


      Ur not enlightened stfu 

    2. Tiresiam


      sometimes i wake up and chose violence

  8. the head bites the tail...

    1. Hephaestus


      … in death  we are born

  9. [!] A flier would be found around the decently travelled and populated cities of Almaris. It was written in fine script by a shiny, silver ink. -=- Some curious drawing, esoteric in nature it would seem. -=- “To those of curious tendency, It is in my age that I have come to see my own brilliance unfurling into something even greater. With age, comes wisdom, and while one may learn to be smart, or skilled at a craft; the wise do not practice, it is a trait bestowed upon those worthy enough to carry the burden. So in these times of great change and natio
  10. [!] Error: Required Speech Skill = 32 [!] Error: Required Semantics Skill = 13
  12. facts bro, everyone will disregard RP and just call pvp when there is conflict now, not that that didn't already happen, but I feel like there is a big encouragement for mechanical stuff and pvp over roleplay now-a-days.
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