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  1. Since its insurrection in Arcas, the people of Talons Grotto then, and now, the Sovereign State of Talon’s Port has maintained its position of neutrality in the face of adversities, contempt and the larger evils of warfare that has always plagued the land of the descendants. Our people, and leaders, stood with solitary against such strife, as an independent community that was faithful to itself, and from such time immemorial, we have received diplomats from Oren. We have stayed true to our intentions, and have preserved as a community kindred community, with empathy towards our own. It w
  2. TREATY OF KRAKEN AND DRAGON 13th of The First Seed, Year 23 of the Second Age PREFACE The following accords and pact have been drafted in the interest of better relations, and an avenue to more open diplomatic channels between the Sovereign State of Talon’s Port and The State of Yong-Ping. Each city agrees to the following terms in the hope of furthering friendship and ensuring a prosperous future together for their peoples and cities. Contents: I. TRADE AGREEMENT II. NON-AGGRESSION PACT ARTICLE I: TRADE AGREEMENT The signatories have agreed to
  3. AAAAND DONE BRCAUSE ITS THE 7TH NOW I got normal commission prices though... https://neoroseo.carrd.co/
  4. Athri Onfroi Belrose... doesn't know if this is a joke or not?
  5. A certain political invested woman whispered something. "Kursin... where've I heard that before." Athri blinked, realizing where she knew it from a moment after. "Elizabeth's son?" She could only vaguely remember her old friend, but remembered nonetheless.
  6. [!] Throughout Almaris, there are warnings upon parchment. "People of Almaris, we at Talon's Port give a warning to you. The oceans are unsafe, with strange events following a creature that was seen inside. It was made of flesh, eyes, and feathers, something said to look similarly to the voidal horrors of Arcas. It was last seen off the coast of Talon's Port, far enough to not cause harm, but close enough to be a disturbance. The normally hot and humid air became fridgid from the wind that blew from the sea. Before it disappeared, it was seen splitting into
  7. Athri Onfroi Belrose sat idly, closing her eyes and sighing. "Bunch of imperial dogs off their leashes. A military that has no honor shouldn't be a military at all." The Minister muttered under her breath. "They've too much pride to apologize for the smallest of things, let alone something like this. Their downfall, perhaps." The woman then gathered some paper, beginning to write things that needed written.
  8. It's me, ya theydy, back to try this again. Art auction, rules, all nice and fancy: -There will be TWO separate auctions, one specifically for Mina's, and one for USD -Mina auction starts at 100, goes up by 50 per bid, minimum. -USD auction starts at 5$, goes up by 50c, minimum. -Please ping the bidder you've outbid. Winners get to choose between a crest, headshot/bust, or an animal! Ends May 7th. Crest Example: Headshot/bust example: Animal Example: Please DM me o
  9. Athri Onfroi Belrose skimmed over this at her desk within Talon's Port, then read it more in-depth a second time. "Scared? They look a little scared. This is a very long 'I'm scared'. Perhaps I need to speak with them..." She commented to herself, setting the paper aside. "They'd better not expect help." Mirabella Violet sat within her home, and the treasonous poet snickered. "Hah! They're funny. They think they're funny. I suppose they are a bit funny..."
  10. Athri Onfroi Belrose murmured something under her breath. "And so... it's begun, hasn't it." She'd idly chuckle afterwards.
  11. [!] Flyers would be posted everywhere, throughout each city of Almaris. "Tea with the Talon’s Council!" [!] A painting of a group of people, about to settle down for tea. Tea will be served alongside biscuits, cookies, and many other sweet treats, during the month of Malin’s Welcome on the 10th day in the capital city of Talon’s Port. Be sure to send a bird to any of the council members and RSVP, letting us know you’re to be joining us for a wonderful time. Chatter away with ease, and confide in your friends- we’re here to help and give you what you need.
  12. Death is something we all meet at one point or another. It may be centuries away, or mere minutes. What comes after, is unknown to those of us still breathing. May it be emptiness, nothingness, or something we cannot begin to think of. Perhaps the Seven Skies, a thing I hardly understand. We simply must be ready for it, And hope- it is not a gruesome scene. One that will not scar those forced to watch, unable to do a thing. Simply hope it is peaceful, of old age. But be accepting of any
  13. The Court Poet rolled her eyes. None of this exactly interested her, but she awaited the day that the writer tries to dig up something about her- or try, that is.
  14. RP Name: Mirabella Violet MC Name: neojunior Voted: Yes
  15. Athri idly sat, head rested against the back of her seat. "Oh, more... more to keep away from and watch I suppose." She whispered to herself, before suddenly getting up to shoo her child away from the box of booze-filled chocolates on the counter.
  16. i can see why you don't want to write until june, rip to your fingers for all that typing
  17. Mirabella's head shook when she heard. She felt only a small bit of relief that she hadn't attended court. The rest of her felt a mix sadness with a hint of fear. "Too much... it is too much." Her hand reached for a paper that laid upon her desk, ink scrawled upon it. The parchment crumpled within the elf's hand, and she tossed it aside.
  18. Mirabella Violet clasped her hands together. Writer's block, the most terrible thing to happen as she thinks of a good gift for her friend!
  19. A letter sent to the High Sea Prince, with a copy posted onto Elvenesse's notice board as well. “To the Princedom of Elvenesse, I write this to you from a neutral standpoint. As tensions rise between two of the three nations within the west, I believe a statement must be written on behalf of Talon’s Port. Our city, nor it’s vassal, shall take part in any acts of war between Krugmar and Elvenesse, should it come to that. This as I see it, is your fault, and your fault only. We all know peace does not last long, but alas, you seem to have sped up the pr
  20. Side Effects For the Voidal Attuned When one has been connected to the void for such a long time, practicing arts with the use of it, most will find that the void can be seen as an extension of themselves. Connection can be similar to a reflex, happening suddenly and on accident as an involuntary act to the mage. A skilled earth evocationist might cough out some sand, and a fire evocation might sneeze out sparks. These occurrences are simple, and seem to correlate with whatever subtype a mage practices. The connection to the void is an unnatural thing, but after some ye
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