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  1. "Uh.. us Hyspians do not dine with infidels..... what do you mean!?" A grimy peasant of Hyspian Heritage would state.
  2. "No. There is no need for Reform if the Church causes barely any harm to your Red Faith, simply deal with it." Cardinal Pelagius-Albarosa would say, Prince-Archbishop of the Archdiocese administrating over the Bishopric of Leumont.
  3. Cardinal Pelagius reclines in his seat with a large Hyspian Cigar, "Albarosa gets all the bigger!"
  4. EL PRIMER BULLA MENOR DE ALBAROZA THE FIRST MINOR BULL OF ALBAROSA ALBAROSA: The largest & most prosperous Archdiocese within her Blessed Church of Canon, sends their gratitude & honour to those surrounding the territories encompassing the See alongside with anyone else following the faith of Horen. Lumination amongst the beautified light of GODANI seeks recognition towards his flock under the eye of his Eminence; Pelagius Albarosa. With that, the Cardinal of Santegian origin commenced the creation & the wide publishing of the FIRST BULL OF ALBAROSA und
  5. "This is his first Thesis." A fellow Hyspian would state.
  6. Cardinal Pelagius-Albarosa clanks a glass on a quaint luxurious Illatian sea vessel off the coast of Sutica with a smirk, "Me, Vice-Chancellor. That's right."
  7. "R-racial J-justice?" A grimmy Waldenian peasant of low-born stalk would say as he notices Haelun'or on the piece of parchment, "Coming from.. High Malin? They must have lost their minds!"
  8. "I enjoyed drinking Tequilla with him!!" A Hyspian peasant would say.
  9. "VIVA HOREN, VIVA DEUS, VIVA PAPADO!" A group of patriotic Hyspians would shout as they read the Articles of Enthronement. Before long they'd make their way up to the Osanoran Church of Santa-Catalina to deliver this news to Cardinal Pelagius-Albarosa of Santegia; the Cardinal would then joyfully begin to commission one of his courtiers to write a letter of congratulations to the newly Pontiff elect-Jude II-previously a long time acquaintance & friend of Pelagius during his time as a Priest within the Metropolinate of Providentia. An Albarosan Cleric seen writing a Letter
  10. "Canondom does not need change or adaptation, it is only in the need of Adjustment." The Santegian Cardinal; Pelagius-Albarosa, would state as he begins to write his vote on a piece of Parchment, "If I-Pelagius of Savinia, am to be Pontiff.. my efforts will only be of beneficial action towards our Church. The Pontiff is to suffer in the name of his blessed flock, for the satisfaction of our Canonist Brethren, as of current-those olden days of utmost loyalty facing the positions elected by GOD seem to have transpired amongst the fields of the past. The Church must evolve to better encompass the
  11. "HOREN BE PRAISED. MAY THE LORD BLESS YOUR MIGHTY GOD. HOLY JULIA BLESS YOU ALL AND YOUR FAMILY. GODAN BE WITH YOU." An Orenian peasant would state to his friend as he reads the Thesis.
  12. This is pretty based, reminding me alot of Moorish/Amazigh cultures; I might just make a persona for it
  13. Cardinal Pelagius-Albarosa would sit himself amongst the clergymen with a bottle of de Savoie 1657 Wine, seemingly surrounded by a sizable entourage of eye-catching Hyspianas. The Prince-Archbishop silently casts his votes on a piece of parchment, for the question of Beatification, being that of the following; -Vytenis of Luciensport -Andrik 'I' Vydra -Everard II "I find these specific individuals fit for beatification due to them holding a fine signification amongst the common Canonist population, for them to be recognized as of importance would b
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