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  1. an albarose for the fallen :^(



  2. Confirmed college sans user, legit, no lie, no cap.

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  3. Pablo of Hyspia squints his eyes, before throwing the parchment into the rubbage-bin, "This font is so.. tiny.. I can barely read it!"
  4. Cardinal Pelagius & co. moments before writing an apology to Philip of Crestfall. TO THE DUKE OF CRESTFALL: AN APOLOGY Whispers of the apparent scandalous audience between Cardinal Albarosa and Philip of Crestfall spread throughout the hallways of the Agustine Palace, the Cardinal was said to be a wretched and tempered cleric insulting the both Imperial Household the death of the Duke’s late beloved wife. There sat, Pelagius Cardinalis Albarosa in his archetypal velvet-cushioned timber flaxen chair in the Papal apartments, surrounded by two Albarosan colleagues incl
  5. "??" pondered Don Pablo 'el hediondo' del Hyspia.
  6. A Rochefortine man sits in silence within the wheat fields of Redenford as he ponders on this parchment declaring a White Rose revival, "What's up with these wretched Haeners taking up traditions of the Kaedrini of old.. they aren't even related to them?!"
  7. Pelagius Cardinalis Albarosa; sits on a silken violet-cushioned chaise-lounge topped by an exotic Kha-skin drugget within an Albarosan Estate off the wheat fields of Redenford, his figure clothed in a luxurious burgundy nightshirt ornamented in pure golden lining as he sucked on a charcoal-binder-wrapped Hyspian Cigar. After sometime of dazed contemplation and hours of deep thought under the influence of addictive Chacao Tabaco, an Albarosan lackey steps foot before Pelagius, placing the newly published bull utop a decorated cabinet. The Cardinal puts a finger onto the document, unfolding its
  8. The Good


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  9. Full Name of Man - Otis de Rosius Date of Birth of Man - x Name of Woman - Claude de Frand Date of Birth of Woman - x Location of Ceremony - Basilica of the Ascent, Providence Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1813 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Pelagius Cardinalis Albarosa Full Name of Man - Petyr Bishop Date of Birth of Man - 1773 Name of Woman - Mariya Sofia Drăghicescu Date of Birth of Woman - 1791 Location of Ceremony - Karsograd Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1815 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony -
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