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  1. A stubby Kaedrini man in a full red tailcoat would lift his massive eyebrows at this formal statement from the Josephite party; peering down at each name on the Candidate List, "Uhhhhh...... why is there like 4 elves on here? I thought oren was a HUMAN.. empire..!"
  2. "This is incredibly.. Based" Cardinal Pelagius-Albarosa would remark, spending almost 4 years of his early Priest ventures within the freezing mountains of Norland, reminiscing on when he spent all that time converting those of the Red Faith to Canonism.
  3. IGN: Milanese_Commune RP NAME: Deheroth Doomforged CANDIDATE: Durorn
  4. "Dios Mio." The Cardinal would state to himself, "What a hysterical woman, how dare she question the will of God.. backed by a mad mob of heretical filth... Disgusting."
  5. "Based" Said Cardinal Albarosa, peering down at the missive.
  6. A Fez'd Karamanoğulları fellow would eye down the paper, preparing himself for the chess tournament.
  7. The Cardinal would freely play around with a single chess piece as he'd return the comment made by Owyn; "I'd presume so, perhaps I should spend more time around this red city of the Haensers. After all, I do quite miss Kaedrin"
  8. A short & simple remark from the Cardinal, Pelagius Santiago-Albarosa as he reads the text; "May he reign long." The Santegian would state as he signs the Lorriane.
  9. A CALL OF MASS FOR THE HYSPIAN FLOCK 1803 ES A Santegian depiction of Holy Mother Julia Cardinal Pelagius, further the rest of our devout Hyspian Clergymen under the Prince-Archbishopric of Albarosa, & Bishop Francisco Altamirano of Hyspia, summon the holiest flock of Hyspia to mass. The church session will be held in the Karsograd Cathedral, the Sun’s smile, of 1803. The Archbishopric of Albarosa expects a good majority of Hyspians, & any other onlookers who might hold interest in holy ventures to attend. Signed, CARDINAL PELAGIUS SATIAG
  10. You're one of the people who inspired me to join the Canonist community way back in July. It's sad to see you go, but best wishes
  11. "I've had limited interaction with this fellow." The Cardinal Pelagius would comment, "However, looking from a far at his work & deeds, Father Goren is truly a blessed man. May GOD Rest his holiest soul." He'd say as he sheds a tear, before signing the Lorriane Cross.
  12. "Even if this is true.." Cardinal Pelagius comments as he sets down a glass of Sangria, "His Eminence is quite the legendary Lady's Killer."
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