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  1. Dammit, I really wanted to buy a slave..
  2. Don Felipe de St. Agustine; a devout Virosi Canonist-raises a fist with his one hand, a golden cross hanging proudly on his neck. “Schism?”
  3. “Epic”, Said a Everardine, reading the parchment with a smile.
  4. Brother Pelagius reads the letter, shaking his head-he muttered to himself, “No...not now-damn Heretics questioning the faith of their proud ancestors!”
  5. Theodore Z. is very hyped for the debate & will gladly attend this historic event.
  6. Theodore Z. ;a prideful Everardine, reads through the letter with a nod, remarking to himself, “Adrian speaks the Truth!”
  7. EVERARDINE POLICY: PUBLIC SERVICES 10th of Godfrey’s Triumph- 1787 WRITTEN BY; ZIRID, THEODORE, OF THE EVERARDINE PARTY. Zirid Theodore’s speech to a Helenite crowd: “The Josephites… Their name rings in my head each morning I wake to use the smallroom and each night I lay my head… Every time they speak, I feel my Orenian soul quivering to its core, for they treat our policies like clowns in a circus! Why they continue setting foot in our political scene still perplexes me, but of course, I shan’t state my worries without proper reasoning. Hence is why the Josephites are unholy, unbased in tradition and why their support is not worthy of the common man’s. Why, I say - the Josephites are not even human! So much for the Gradic Rights of Man; promised by brother to kin - human to humans, not onto elf and not onto kharajyr (and everything inbetween). Our Josephite heralds seem to count beasts and aberrations in the midst of their egalitarian creed, going as far as to undermine our Human integrity, impaired as it is, by situating a ‘Frog-man’ in their administration. From the swamp to HIM’s court? If it was not a joke on our establishment, it’s surely turning into one now. Perhaps in some effort to turn our Orenian Empire to an ‘Adunica Republica’, I know not. As to the citizens of the Empire, I beseech you; Preserve our state, defend our home from those who cause it harm. The simplest thing you could do is deny the Josephites support. Vote in favor of the Everardines and see Oren’s honor kept amongst her people and her servants. The Josephites see themselves as Liberators, and I ask; liberating Who from What? What reform is so highly spoken of? Why, I applaud HIM Peter III and the Basrid Ministry for leading our peoples to a new age of progress and equality. Then, again I ask; who do you still see fit to liberate? The crook? The foreigner? The wicked? Who asked for your ideals, for as I see it; the only ones who seek liberating today sit in our prisons. Vote for God, Empire and Man: ZIRID THEODORE, LEMUEL DE LANGFORD, ADRIAN OTHO HELVETS, KAROLY LAJOS.” The modern Josephite; wigless, unshaved, scathed! ON POLICY: PUBLIC SERVICES It seems that between Josephite megaregulation and bureaucracy, something crucial has gone amiss: Results. The common Orenian yearns to be rewarded for their work, for their life to be made easier and their daily tribulations lightened. Chief in the Everardine platform is to allocate said resources from those who bask in its overflow, to those who need it: From the excess funding to useless departments and fat retirement pensions, to use in practice; to investure in the common Orenian. STATE FUNDED NEWSPAPER Doubtless have Orenians been finding it difficult to catch up on the ever-growing pile of Josephite legislation, navigate its jargon and its discrepancies out of fear of breaking another new crime, another decided misdemeanor and offense. To present our Empire’s latest developments and laws in a light as relevant and unbiased as can be, the Everardines believe to push in the House to subsidize a newspaper office in charge of editing, journalising and distributing freely to taxpayers, as (finally) a result of their taxpaying. REINSTUTING THE RAILWAY NETWORK First constructed as a private business endeavour by a foreign entrepreneur, the Everardine party seeks to again provide to Imperial citizens a faster, safer and hands-free means of transport. If not to connect only Helena, Kaedrin and the Eastern territories, then by extending the hand of cooperation to our Empire’s independent neighbour, the Kingdom of Haense, in connecting our railway network in an international scale. It’s our aim to propose a government contract to any company fit for the construction of said network in our pledge to support private businesses and relieve Orenian workers from the yoke of an ineffective state-run company. CANONIST AND HIGHER EDUCATION As much as our Josephite contemporaries believe themselves enlightened intellectuals, we find difficulty in accepting a suitable education for only the elite echelons. With the incorporation of Canonist institutions of education more actively in Orenian society, could finally Orenian students bear degrees and diplomas of Human excellency in pride. Affordable, active and rooted in Canonist and Human teaching, it is our aspiration to attribute to Imperial citizens the world-class academia they deserve. GENERAL COMMODITIES STORES Further supporting private businesses aswell as supply affordable, quality material goods to the general Orenian population, the Everardine party intends on introducing an initiative of loaning and leasing businesses to entrepreneurs who sell both hard and soft commodities; food, produce, materials aswell as recreational products in regulated, reasonable prices. The Orenian economy has always been lacking, and its our intentional to at last answer for needs. HOUSING Helena, jewel of the Empire, has since its construction been bustling with activity and life. Although hard to admit, in every seed of good there is always a piece of bad. It pains us, Everardines, to encounter the misfortuned who seek housing and sleep at the doorstep of a lavish house facade, its empty interior but sitting and collecting tax dust. The mismanagement of housing in the city of Helena can only be attributed to our clerks’ political aspirations, their neglect of the common man in their efforts to climb the social ladder. It’s our intention to root out the weeds in our slothful municipal administration and in place of vacant residences erect apt living quarters for the deprived, hardworking people of Helena. THE EVERARDINE PARTY Of the 20th Imperial Diet, vowing to GOD, EMPIRE AND MAN THEODORE ZIRID | LEMUEL DE LANGFORD | ADRIAN OTHO HELVETS | LAJOS KĀROLY Register in the Census of 1787-1797 For eligibility to vote. [Link]
  8. Theodore Zirid, stands in his room, taking a bite of his lunch whilst reading the missive in hand. The Rhenyari man nods in agreement at the well written & factual post by the wonderful Everardine Party.
  9. CANDIDACY DECLARATION FORM _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ PERSONAL INFORMATION Surname: Zirid First Name: Theodore Address of Residence: Nicerphone 1 C Year of Birth: 1757 ((Username: CatalanSupremacy )) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ELIGIBILITY QUESTIONNAIRE Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? Have you filled out the census? Yes. Do you have any other title, peerage, or military assignment that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No. If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes. THEODORE ZIRID, CAMPAINGING FOR THE HONOURABLE EVERARDINES PARTY
  10. M.V. MILK CO. A painting of The Milk Man, delivering milk in Helena. c1785 M.V. MILK COMPANY – producing the finest milk & dairy products for years, & for years to come. Our small business was founded under Dabar Al’Arawani Ibn Kitab, a Rhenyari man who immigrated to Helena after the recent Jinn (Daemon) Invasions of Korvassa, his Family being Rassidi, specializing in Goat/Cow milk, & with that Dabar took interest in producing milk for the peoples of Oren, however, at the Age of 42 he decided to retire from Helena for a better life, leaving his son, Theodore Zirid in charge of the Business, a now Orenian Statesman serving under the Imperial Everardine Party, however in his own free time he works as a Milkman. M.V. MILK COMPANY has a quite efficient way of delivering Milk to the population of the Orenian Empire, firstly we fit ourselves with Milkmen, young citizens dressed in White clothing on horseback, for mobility amongst the roads-they ride around the Empire, delivering milk to those subscribed to M.V. Milk products, we will arrive at your door every Saints week, personally giving you 3 buckets of milk. Interested? You should buy yourself a Subscription, only 15 Minae per week! SUBSCRIPTION FORUM (Copy & paste this, fill it out-then comment it under the Thread) Address : Name : ((Username)) : ((Optional, Discord)) :
  11. Theodore Zirid, thinks this party is quite based.
  12. Brother Pelagius reads the document with a nod; “GOD bless this fine parchment, never before have I been so enlightened.”
  13. Seus

    Buck News.

    Theodore Zirid reads the missive, greatly joyed that Buck News is still being published around Haense.
  14. Heinrich let out a loud scream in his Apartment, living with the Norlander-Simon Mercer, then looking towards the giant painting of Peter III on the wall – “Der vwas a Man of zhe People, of zhe Empire-forever vwill his reign bring utter patriotism towards my State. Sei gegrüßt, Eins Sein!”
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