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  1. Alexandre de Savin-a artist at birth, prepares his Cascadian Lute for the rap battle, getting his barding clothes on just for the Event, “This should be fun” he says, tuning his lute after filling out the forum. --- Name [Username] – Alexandre de Savin | CatalanSupremacy Stage name – ‘Biggie’ Age – 19
  2. Luv_Quebec is very epic man.

  3. The Death of Pascual de Casanova Upon a day of hatred, Pascual de Casanova-wished to speak with Thor O’Haria-the Norlander who stole his wife all those years ago...All he wanted was to speak-yet it seemed to be the Darrowmerians cannot keep to themselves, Thor O’Haria & his guards captured him-with no reasoning behind the action-tying him up & putting him in a cell-with it then they humiliated him-Pascual de Casanova...Leader of the Oren Militia-former Jefe of the Oren Nationalists party-a great man, yet surrounded by hatred-upon the day he lost his wife-the words spoken could not halt throughout his mind-for years he schemed to destroy the state of Darrowmere, with his followers & comrades, but even then Helenian nobles abolished the ONP-the only thing inwhich held such pride towards Oren, a mistake to be looked down upon for years. He stood up from his cell after viewing the Norlanders, “I shall be the end of Darrowmere-if not me then my son-my soul musnt rest until i see every single one of you dead, you fools cannot even marry your own peoples, instead you find joy in taking a man’s wife-I shall feast on your flesh as you rot in the flames of hell!”. Further, they wished to interrogate him-though of course, Pascual couldnt take such a thing-he pulled out his knife from his pocket-shouting as he placed the blade on his neck;”GLORY TO OREN!”...with it then he slit his throat-loosing his breath as he silently chanted those words until he couldn't any longer-the death of Pascual de Casanova. OOC ((Am I pissed-yes-however thats what one would experience when you roleplay as a mad Orenian nationalist I guess-...along with this, I didn't break the Norland/Oren peace truce, sure-I did do a ‘would pull out his sword & attempt to cut his head off’ emote-and I rolled a clean 18/20, imo that should've killed Thor, but I guess they ignored it-as they ignored my emote, I didnt break the truce, it was them who broke it, as they attacked/captured me without reason...even then-the entire ordeal was a personal thing that Pascual wanted to do-hope this doesnt start another war lol. Either way I guess its over now, and I cant do anything about it.)) ((EDIT : OH NO I FORGOT TO INCLUDE PASCUAL’S THEME SONG LMAO here:
  4. Pascual would read over the missive, ”She would have made a great ONP member-speaking her word against the noble pig-i give her my blessing.”
  5. Raja nods as he reads the flier, gaining interest due to his strange slug & snail obsession;”Ill have to witness this ‘event’”he says as he starts to write his letter for the Snail Talonnii.
  6. Uddadi Hookah ((please play this music, you wont regret it i swear vvv The Beni Uddad, known for their nomadic lifestyle in the sands-trading & herding their ram throughout the desert-of course they must...cool off...sometimes-and due to this, they have developed a fine taste towards the art of, Hookah & the drugs surrounding it-they specialize in the craft, creating amazing & hip intoxicating mixes, like no other in Arcas. due to the Uddad tribes recently taking refuge near Al’ Faiz with their Chieftan, Dabar Arawani-they give interest towards selling the product, and so here is the prices & such for the Hookah & related items. STANDARD HOOKAH 190 Mina UDDAD HOOKAH 250 Mina HOOKAH SET 20 pieces of Blueberry cactus, along with a Standard Hoo-kah 300 Mina BLUEBERRY CACTUS 20 Mina for 10 ‘ROSE QUARTZ’ 25 Mina for 5 ETERNAL LEAF 25 Mina for 5 TAMEL-TEZIGH – UDDADI SPECIAL 35 Mina for 5 Interested? Send a bird to Dabar Arawani((CatalanSupremacy))-for details & purchasing. ((Contact me here- IGN – Catalan Supremacy Discord – Seus#4667 ))
  7. Seus

    Good morning Helena

    Hey look theres my house! (the one in the far right corner of the city, with the roof top hot tub) Beautiful Render.
  8. P A S Q U A L D E C A S A N O V A HEAD OF THE CASCADIAN CASANOVA FAMILY – ISA RECRUIT – FORMER LEADER OF THE ONP & ORENIAN MILITIA – #1 OREN FANBOY – FISH/SPICE MERCHANT & TAILOR [♫Theme♫] Full Name : Pasqual Topete y Cervera La Cruz Del Casanova (omg so spanish) Born : March 15, 1750//Pisces Family & Associates : Chiara De Lucia y Casanova (Wife) - Maria de Cervera y Cruz Del Casanova (Daughter) - Monsieur (Friend/Blood Brother) - Edward Galabraith (Friend) - Capitán Ames du Cassé y Casanova (Second Cousin of Chiara, Captain of the Casanova) - Alfonso De Casanova (Bodyguard) Juan Andres (Associate/Blood Brother) Antonio Rivera (Associate) Infomation Height // Height Needed for a Human Being. Weight // Thats rude. Eye Colour // light Grey/Dark green-often changes Clothing // Most often then not hes wearing a Military-esque uniform, before the ONP disbanded he always had the parties uniform on, along with a berrette-supported by a very Spanish mustache, however he shaves it every once it a while. As of now he wears a (Spanish) colonial outfit, and a tricone hat, to fit the ‘Oren Culture’. Background : Pascual was born into a Middle class Cascadian Family in Vittena, learning the Trade of his Father & Hopefully one day becoming a Merchant, with it then he grew up & became a Spice Merchant, and eventually a Tailor-until then recent external struggles with Vittena, Pascual decided to Migrate somewhere, He found Helena a nice area, with it being the City life & many other fellow Cascadians-on his travels to Helena, he met Isabella Arigolas-another Vittenian who was Moving to Helena. Eventually they fell in love & married, however a Noble Norlander from Darrowmere came in the path of love amongst Isabella, swaying her to move to Darrowmere with him, & mary him-and so she did, leaving Pascual-Pascual was broken, and it couldn't get any worse of the fact that he got robbed of almost 12k Mina from Hangmen. And so from that day on, Pascual became a Extreme Ultra-Nationalist Orenian-He swore he shall destroy the state of Darrowmere, all Norlanders, and the Hangmen-unless they surrender to the State. (Franco Moment). Upon a day in the Tavern, he met a Vittenian-Descent young woman by the name of Chiara De Lucia-eventually they fell in love & Married, founding the Casanova Family-During this time Pascual decided to Run for Mayor, being convinced by his Cascadian Friend, Edward Galabraith. And so he did, however his Extremist attitude got the best of him, and nobody followed him, besides his closets associates-La Monsieur, Juan Andres, and Antonio Rivera, as of now they formed the Orenian Nationalist Party in Helena, with it then Pascual is training to become a Cadet in the ISA-along with tailoring every once in a while to pay the bills & such. Upon a large rally of the ONP, some of the members of the Helena Government came & started to argue with Pascual about his Beliefs, at the time Pascual was drunk-so he couldnt respond with rational & well thought answers to the attacks-and so most of his high ranking officials started to leave, they were embarrassed of how their glorious leader, Pascual de Casanova-couldnt defend himself, and the party-due to this, it disbanded within hours of the event. Pascual de Casanova-his entire life was being taken away from him...his wife, his money, his political party, his ideals-All he could do is rebuild-with each day it gets better however it seems to be it could get worse, these past events formed his mindset & his nationalism & pride towards his state, all he could do is host trust towards his Empire, fighting in the military, and so he did-as of now hes still training to become a cadet, infact hes just about to-along with living in a decent house with his wife, comrades, and his Cat-Pablo.
  9. The Introduction The Uddad -a Farfolk sub-culture & tribe of Qalasheen peoples, being mainly Desert Dwellers & Nomads, Craftsmen, Philosophers, Artists, Musicians, and great Warriors. Some live in Tent camps in the middle of a Desert, herding ram & sheep - travelling around on a mount & trading, others found joy in crafting complex art, with colours & sciences.The Uddad, commonly referred to as "Beni Uddad" in the Qalasheen tongue, are a tribe of semi-nomadic herdsmen that roam deep within the Korvassa desert, grazing their cattle and patrolling the edges of the Sultanate's borders. History Little is fully known of the origins of Uddad, however according to Oral tradition, the founder of the tribe was a man by the name of Abd Al Tandir-A Warrior who gathered his brothers to form a Tribe. According to ancient texts found within the Grand Library of Al-Faiz, it is mentioned that there was a man of the same name that existed around the time Uddad claim their tribe was founded (thus adding some weight to scholarly claims), Tandir was on a Dune with his white horse, Baobul-upon the other side of the dune, there was a fresh piece of land-with grass perfect for herding & setting up a camp-though protecting it was a Lion named Mihran, he rode into the sands with spear in hand, stabbing the beast before it could attack him-with it then he set a stick upon the ground, marking it the new homeplace for his Tribe. Uddad had been a nomadic herdsmen known for his breeding of exceptional Rams, they were shown to be larger, stronger and faster than the average of their species.The Herdsman's children would come spend most of their days herding and taking care of the livestock, and in time, they had come to take on some of the bear's qualities, namely their stubborn nature and unrelenting behavior. Current conditions After decades of roaming around aimlessly, the chief of the Uddad, Badir Yahya, led the tribe to the desert of Korvassa, seeking an audience with the ruler of the land, Sultan Al-Mujaddid, soon after this audience, the Uddad were formally granted permission to around around the desert, as vassals and and tributaries of the Sultan. Society Society Uddad Society is quite Democratic, in each tribe there is a leading council of 9, known as the Jamelzih-the Jamelzih have one leader inwhich is the Chieftain/Chieftess of the tribe-who would sign off on the Council’s decision-they deal with Social, Economic, and Political issues amongst the tribe, along with crime & punishment-all who commit the crime of Banditry is sentenced to death. Uddad women have much freedoms in the tribe unlike other culture, they dont wear veils-they could pick their husbands, and they could even become the tribe chief. Uddad Chiefs rule as Monarchs, their known as “Amenkl”-most often then not their women, or sometimes men-to become a Chief one must belong to a family known as the “Aitzigh”, being the descendants of the very first Uddad-once born into the Family you are sent into one of the 4 main Uddad tribes, the Dorduga-The Urzil-The Langtazigh-or the Hassanir. The Dorduga being the main leading tribe of Uddad, ruled formly by Badir Yahya, until he was beheaded after he was caught in the middle of selling slaves. Now being ruled by his son, Aderfi Yahya. For Uddad marriage rituals, it often follows the same as those who follow Al’ Rashidun Faith, however-due to the Uddad’s past traditions, theres a twist. Once the marriage ceremony is completed, the Imam would carry out a Uddad ram from the herdsman-the couple must then put their hands on the ram for 1 saint minute, as they recite prayers, after that they kill the ram through a slit of the throat, however the Imam would measure the amount of blood droplets from the ram, putting the blood onto the couples hand-the couple must then mix the blood around their hands as they recite more prayers, then they will interlace their hands with the blood, this symbolizes how Uddad society is based upon the ram, the ram’s blood means how they are connected to eachother through a common thing-Even if the Uddad was a upper class Helenian Noble, or a Wealthy merchant-the ram is always a reminder to all Uddads around the realms, that they started off as Shepherds in Korvassa. Uddad men are allowed to have as many Wives & Concubines as they wish, most often then not the frist & primary wife would belong to the Uddad Culture, and her children will hold their father’s claims to whatever the family owns, however the Concubines & other wives would be Foriegn, such as Ruska & Lech Women (being the most popular concubines of Uddad men), or even elven women-reasoning behind this being unknown for now. Clothing Uddad clothing mainly consists of wear well suited for desert climates-made up of linen & wools (the wool made from the Uddad Ram of course) being wrapped around their heads, only showing some of their face-to protect them from the sands of Korvassa, one might say they've never seen a Uddad man without his Turban on. Men Men’s clothing is often wrapped around the head to form a Turban, most often then not its in Black, Dark Blue, Orange, or Purple-this part of the Uddad’s wear is called the “Talgult”, a Uddad Turban. Another inside clothing, mainly for Uddads living in cities & such, being known as the “Llamba”, a long robe like clothing, most often being topped by a Fez-the fez is a red/black fur/linen cap worn on the head. Women The clothing of a Uddad woman involves large amounts Jewelry, made from Qalesheen steel & golds, and a heavy interest in blue rocks, these blue rocks would be dug from the sands & smithed onto a set of Jewelry, the larger the rock the more power you have in Uddad culture, along with this the woman would wear dress with complex detailed geometric designs on the wool (made by Uddad sheep of course). Its common fashion to see Uddad women wear black tattoos around the upper body, reasoning behind this go back to the early Uddad Spiritual beliefs. Festivities & Cuisine The Uddad enjoy the same Festivities as the Qalesheen, however they have one unique holiday known as “Ram”, Ram is a day of feasting on the well known Uddad Ram, being some of the best Mutton in the World-the entire day & night each Uddad must only eat the mutton of Uddad Ram & their other productions, whilst dancing & colourful outfits are being worn. While the Uddad are well known for their Mutton, they do have another dish thats not as well known, yet still tasty-”Garmok”, Garmok is a type of hard cheesy bread made from flour, grain/wheat, and of course Uddad milk, being mixed together & put in the oven for 2 days, its quite crunchy in the outside, however in the inside its cheesy & milky, a savory taste that anyone could enjoy! Along with this, Uddad Milk, known as Blue Milk is quite popular amongst the Uddad, for some reason, all Uddad ram that have black wool produce a strange blue milk, when you drink it, it tasts like any other milk, however its very sour & creamy, if one were to put some water in a cup with blue milk, itll bubble up-making it even more creamy, however it becomes very sweet instead of sour. Most Uddad women enjoy a rare type of Tea known as “Ulik”, its made from 15% blue milk, 10% normal Uddad Ram milk, and the rest is grass taken from deserts, mixed together along with some water, heated up-surprisingly its quite nice, especially when warmed. Religion The Uddad religion is Al’ Rashidun, followed by most Qalesheen-however before then they followed a Pagan Pantheon. Not much is known of their old ways, however what is known is there was 3 gods, formulating 3 forms of life-with it then each tribe of Uddad (still being tribes to this day) Would follow, along with 5 other minor gods-there was 1 god leading all the other ones, with it then all Uddad folks worship him. During the time of Al Rashidun’s early foundation in the worlds, the Uddad converted willingly. Architecture Due to the Uddad mainly being desert dwelling nomads, it only seems fit for them to live in Tents, Uddad tents are often black, or white-with complex designs sown on the backings of the tent, being made from Uddad sheep wool, however-those Uddad who live in Cities or have access to large buildings, take great joy in Tilework. Uddads are probraly the greatest tile workers of the Human realm, they create complex geometric design, adorned with colourful hues of Blue & orange, yellow & red-etc… it is truly a wonder to look upon such detail into art. Most Uddad buildings feature a inside open area known as the “Riaad”, the Riaad would serve as the primary meeting place of the home, most often then not it’s floors have tilework, along with a good amount of flora, and in the very center is a Fountain. The Outside of Uddad housing is mainly made up of Red Mudbrick, having simple yet detailed designs carved into the hardened wall-some of these houses are fully whitewashed, red washed, or made completely blue. Military Still being Written, however heres a traditional Uddad War song. Language Ntaughzigh is the language used by the Uddad, sounding similar to Qalesheen & Original Uddad delelects. --- Amenkl - Chief/Monarch/Sultan/Emir Jamelzih - Council Aitzigh - Uddad ruling family Iqqifar - Sand/Desert Ayyour - Sun/Moon Yeurmih - Sea Tatuich - Tree Zamil - Man Zamal - Woman Baba - Grandfather Yima - Grandmother Tamgarth - Wife Tamgiral - Husband Khalu - Father Kuaal - Son/Daughter Names Male Badis Badir Aderfi Brahim Gwafa Idder Iken Izel Izil Imersan Sufian Ridha Uada Wangu Warani Yedder Ziri Zdan Female Yimul Basil Illi Kahina Lalla Lunja Safiyya Sekkura Thiyya Sakina Tadla Tagweran Tafara Notable Uddads throughout History -Badir Yahya, Former Chieftan of the Dorduga tribe of the Beni Uddad -Aderfi Ibn Badir Yahya, Former Chieftan of the Dorduga & Urzil tribe of the Beni Uddad -Alib Kemish, ⅓ Uddad, due to him being more Kalamite, Uddad/Kalamesh Polymath & Poet -Mohammad Ibn Badir Al’ Fujadeen, ‘Chieftan’ of the Uddads as a Whole, however mainly a Poet ((If you wanna be on this list, I suggest making a Uddad character!)) (( OOC ENDING NOTE : As you could tell, the Uddads are inspired by the Amazigh of North Africa, or known as the Berbers. If you wish to play a Uddad character, feel free to contact me. Still writing the Military Section! Also, I would like to thank @AquaticWolf for helping me write this to fit in with the current lore! Discord Seus#4667 IGN CatalanSupremacy Planet Minecraft Teseo ))
  10. ((+1 since Ertugrul music & Al’ Faiz is best.
  11. Pascual would read & should “GLORY TO THE ALL KNOWING STATE OF OREN, MAY THEY SLAUGHTER ALL THE DOGS WHO OFFEND OUR ALMIGHTY EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
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