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  1. Name: Stinky Sigismund Age: 78 Culture: Savoyard ((Username: Luchitto ((Discord: JULIO#4667
  2. *steps into tavern, reads* luchitto signs the petition :^)
  3. I suggest posting this in the cultures sub-forum [link] Other than that, it's a pretty good piece of writing, the culture somewhat reminds me of those bandits from Zelda BOTW because of the masks.
  4. Name: Pelagius Juliano de Savin y Guillén-Santiago Race: Heartlander, Santegian Birth Year: 1761 Peerage (if applicable): Archduchy of Hyspia Do you have a residence in Sutica, or are you guaranteed a residence as a government official, or are you currently in the process of acquiring one?: Yes Address of residence (if applicable): N/A ((still waiting 4 the hyspia build to be pasted in)) Name: Don Pablo 'El Hediondo' Juan José Molina Esteban Cicerón Juan Sebastián Alemán Salvador Ordóñez of Hyspia Race: Hyspian (loud n proud) Birth Year: 1804 Peerage (if applicable): Archduchy of Hyspia Do you have a residence in Sutica, or are you guaranteed a residence as a government official, or are you currently in the process of acquiring one?: Yes Address of residence (if applicable): N/A ((likewise, still waiting 4 the hyspia build to be pasted in))
  5. Pablo of Hyspia scrunched his mold edged eyes as he eyed in disgust at the Trade King's grammar mistake, "Has his Serene Majesty not studied atleast basic Hyspo-Santegian?? Why is it that everyone in Sutica writes 'DE' wrong.. it's .. 'Cesar de Rivera'."
  6. evansson..

  7. hey dude. thoughts on amongyus?? ??? ???

  8. "Uhhhh.. What's a Medieval??" said a grimed Kaedrini as he worked the fields of Monte Lucienanus, perking up a light bundle of wheat. The Peasant then inquired of his friend, Rob - handing him the pamphlet, "Rob! What's a medieval..?" the man merely stood there, "I dunno, must be a mix of the words - Medicine, and - Evil. Probably connoting to a foul evil beast of whom breaths medicine out of it's snout." "That makes sense.. Yeah! An evil medicine monster." the peasant then stuffed the invitation into his grubby front centre pocket, unbeknownst to the exact meaning of 'Medieval'.
  9. Cardinal Pelagius apprehensively twiddled his fingers together as he skimmed thru the investigation post, perking up a slight skiddish comment before placing it back into a bin, "Yes.. shall the traitors be punished..!"
  10. "Oh.." Cardinal Albarosa hurled all the ballots off his desk table, beginning to write letters to each Cardinal personally, "Apparently.. I was wrong! The count was right! Cardinal Jorenus is officially Pontiff." and that was that.
  11. Cardinal Albarosa shuffled through the ballots again after all was said and done, lofting up a brow, "Er.." apparently the ballots were misread - "Three votes for Cardinal Gawain? Three votes for Cardinal Alfred..?" The Cardinal then sent word to each Cardinal of whom took part within the college, "The votes are wrong! It's three votes for Cardinal Gawain, three votes for Cardinal Alfred!" "Due to it being a split vote, the decision now goes to the diet of Bishops! This has never been done before in Canon History!"
  12. The Vice-Chancellor then shuffled through various allots given to him by the college, tallying them. Not long after - he perked up a finger - announcing the votes toward the six Cardinal gathered within the Chambers. "Cardinal Jorenus.." "Cardinal Jorenus.." "Cardinal Providentia.." "Cardinal Jorenus.." "Cardinal Providentia.. "Cardinal Jorenus.." A new Pontiff has been elected by the College of 1802.
  13. THE PONTIFICAL ELECTION THE CARDINAL CONCLAVE of JUDE II The College of Jude II moments prior to the Conclave of 1820. The revenant laymen masses scurried around the immaculate Basilica of the Ascent as if they embodied a flock of lamb faltering before their shepherd in plead of nourishment - they gathered outside the Holy Place in hopes of catching a glimpse of whatever apprises and updates in regard to the current progressional state of the college of Cardinals during their contemplation in whom they may choose to elect as the successor of late High Priest Jude II, at the same time - rallying about in preparation for the upcoming battle to be taken place against the Norland foe. Within the whitewashed walls of the pristine Cathedral’s third floor stationed the six holy men of the college of Jude II, draped in ornate red clerical robe with merely sustain in their eyes - Cardinals determining the ensuing ambition of the Faith of Canon by so electing the future Pontiff. There sat, Robert Cardinal Rochefort, Adelric Cardinal Freising, Gawain Cardinal Provdenetia, Ailred Cardinal Reinmar, and Alfred Cardinal Jorenus - At the front centre seat sat the Vice-Chancellor Pelagius Cardinal Albarosa, preparing the long awaited rendition of the official Conclave Election of 1820 as the red Cardinals considered their final decisions. THE CARDINAL’S SUITE Although the day was merely of the Summer of the Sun’s Smile- the sky was dolefully overcast in a dull tint of gray, the rain still poured upon the entirety of the City of Providence as each drop frolicked upon the various erection parapets - a stark contrast to the days of when the Canonist flocks knew of a High Pontiff to submit under their Holy authority. Moreover, the tone of day was then comparable to the timorous energy lingering about amongst the esteemed college of Cardinals, their faces scoured in a manner of quiver, occasionally whispering to one another as they’d intrigue their silent pontifical desires. The clerical Chamber was tense, solemn, but atmost - Virtuous. Thereafter, it was roughly two days since the Cardinals were summoned by the Vice-Chancellor in wake of his Holiness’s death, although - at this very moment it seemed the time was ripe, the Cardinals already procured their final decisions, and thus - the Pontifical election process finally began at that. The Vice-Chancellor, Cardinal Albarosa, rising from his flaxen seat- proceeded with a pre-written prayer as he cleared his throat; “Heavenly Creator, walk with us as our mediator and judge to endow us with a sound mind and contrite heart in the election of the next Holy Pontiff. Grant, we pray, that by your infinite wisdom and omnipotence that whomever is chosen shall reflect your mercy, compassion, strength, and duty in the exercising of this great Holy Office. This we ask in prayer, in the name of all Aenguls, all saints, and of the universal church, Amen.” Cardinal Albarosa then raised a single finger, signing the Lucien in benediction toward the six Cardinals, signalling in which it was then time to cast their votes - determining his late Holiness, Jude II’s successor. ON BEHALF OF THE CHURCH OF CANON, In Domini Nomen Oramus, Cardinal Albarosa Cardinal Ailred @argonian Cardinal Aeldric @MadOne Cardinal Alfred @rep2k Cardinal Gawain @JoanOfArc Cardinal Pelagius @Julio ツ Cardinal Robert @Tiresiam ((only these ppl could reply to this thread)) ((dm me ur votes on discord too))
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