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  1. From the beyond, a silvery being watches the proceedings with a gentle pride. These were a good people. A strong people. These people were alive, and they would fight, he knew that, and although no longer could he lift his curved dagger in their defense, nor tend to their wounds, they were able to do just that on their own. This is Norland, this is a land free from Orennian tyranny.
  2. From beyond the veil, a silver figure finds himself in awe at yet another war to prove nothing at all, save pride and face. Someday, the Oreners would be willing to simply put down their mirrors and use their words, that no such back and forth calamities would need to happen any longer.
  3. Nicky, you did your best, you absolute chad. Thanks for this, its a pity it didn't work out. On a different note FREEEDOOOOOOMMMMMMMM
  4. "Eet was bound to happen." A tall, thin elf hums. "Chaos always takes those franteecly struggleeng agaenst fate, eensaneety driveeng acts that would be otherwise unspeakable. Now we must only see whether or not they weell acknowledge it."
  5. Kiriha snorts. "Tha' was eenfeenately faster than eet should have been, eet seems ve cycle ees already comeeng to eets own close."
  6. A pale elf purses his lips with amusement, one brow raising. “Oren seems to have put themselves in quite the spot. I knew they were not the smartest, but I didn’t think it’d get this far.”
  7. A thin, quite pale elf adjusts his glasses, his eternal small smile growing, teeth bared as he grins in delight at the prospect. “Where war goes, the crows follow. The cycle cannot be broken, and thus the ravens feast.”
  8. A figure draped in black holds the missive in slender, perfectly still fingers. The mask on his face tilts, the gold catching the flickering firelight. “And thus, the sun will be swallowed up.”
  9. Sevastiel


    Thank you for everything you've done, we will remember it well ya chad. This sort of thing does burn you out really fast, that is for sure, so take a good break and more importantly, take care of yourself.
  10. Colorless fingers hold the missive gently, a curious face reading every word. Solomon knew this man, he knew he was important, but he couldn’t... quite... remember why. As his grip on the physical material fades and it slips through his hands and back onto the table, he savors the hints of memories behind his dark eyes. Whoever this man was, Solomon knew he had been a good king, and a good friend. This was someone to be proud of, and this was someone he cared for. “You've served us all well, and you have given far more than any thought one could give. Live on, Halvar... you blaste
  11. A restless soul tosses without a grave, a melody deep within its mind.
  12. RETURNING TO THE WIND (If you meta any of this information I will take your kneecaps and then your liver.) An illustration Sohoro made of himself, long ago. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sohoro Mochizuki, or, as many knew him, Solomon Takezo, would say that he had been two different people in his life. Firstly, a monster, living by the blade, mastering the hunt, and truly alone. Secondly, a man. Struggling to be so, but learning to overcome his madness and be human, more than he was.
  13. From the beyond, a lone man looks down upon this decree as it is being written, and nods in satisfaction.
  14. Solomon Takezo blinks awake, and takes a small sip of his Spiked Tea. He had never figured out how to recreate Athri’s wonderful brew completely, and this was his very last bottle of it. Gazing out to sea, he wonders what the woman was up to. It had been so long since he had seen her, and he had never had time to properly talk with her again back in Talons. Lifting his Yeu-flame chilled glass, he offers a short poem, spurred on by nostalgia and the spirit of the moment. “Till we may meet again, a thousand stars light your path, Guiding, onward, home.”
  15. Solomon Takezo reads over the missive with one eyebrow cocked, and takes a moment to rub his forehead. “The fact that they got Evar’tir of all people to be willing to do this is quite impressive, but at least it means there is hope of change. Perhaps my fellow Yong Ping diplomats would be willing to consider, now that their policies have changed a bit. All that mess with Krugmar has put them in quite the bad place, and I wish Feanor the best in gaining the allies he desperately needs. Elvenesse is too beautiful a place with too many good people to simply be allowed to be destroyed at
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