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  1. That helps no-one and nothing. Unless youre coming here with these accusations based in fact, which they arent, thats just straight up toxic. Please take your negativity elsewhere
  2. Shut up and take my upvote.
  3. I think the main issue that people have is what I like to call ‘unannounced villainy ’, that being, generally if there is a villain, people like to know that they are there and can avoid them, or if its part of an event, then you are at very least prepared. People reaaaally dislike coming across bandits, particularly during these vortex days where you need to grind for just about anything. A little bit ago banditing was so bad, in fact, that a few of my friends mentioned to me about being too scared to even leave Oren at all. I think at this point issues are being caused because people are just flat up fed up with being bandited and loosing the items they’ve worked for, particularly at the start of the map, and the mods hear and reflect those attitudes, and are especially harsh because of it. I know back on Arcas for certain that of the three times I came across bandits, every one was an absolute mess of me trying to be polite and work with them and getting mocked and told to /d40. Some bandits are still like that, and a lot of bandits really are out there just for the minas. Legitimately, there were several that we hunted down and killed, only to see the same person, doing the same crappy emotes, on the same character save with a II after the name. Youll get garbage rp, pushed rules, and a general bad name for all bandits from those sort of people and that sort of thing makes a lasting impression. Again, at this point I think the mods are genuinely too fed up with the BAD bandits to allow good ones, and just want players to stop bawling at them. Although tbh, the lack of communication is something that definitely needs to be looked at. Now, I’m not going to say your issues are invalid, because they TOTALLY are valid. If you are genuinely trying to rp well and create good conflict, well, Ive had my share of villainy as well, I know and appreciate that, and seriously, respect to you for trying to do villainy properly. These are just my thoughts/explanation, and as always I don't know everything.
  4. Snow crunches underfoot as Decay claws her way ever onwards, Oren behind her thoroughly terrorized. She needed to find a tree soon, she needed to find her family soon. Where were they all? A low hum rises from what could be considered a throat, matching the minute songs of the moss under claw. She would find Silas.
  5. Solomon Takezo wanders through the village, whittling a small bunny idly for a small friend as he goes, and bends down to read the notice. He blinks, and then chuckles to himself, shaking his head. "On the whole, Im a little confused about what the rebellion is, but there are few cuter images then many halflings waving their fists against tradition." his careful, nearly silent footsteps carry him smoothly away. "Im not sure if I should offer my support, but regardless, good luck. Just please dont make me have to deal with any more assassins, I suppose."
  6. A farfolk, arms full of furs and fabrics, blinks in thought. “Well, thats all fine and good, but why is it so hard to find the materials for lamps these days?”
  7. +1 even though shade and fae arguments weren’t mentioned and that is a thing that must exist. Solomon laughs, for he already hallucinates and hears voices.
  8. Even though I draw Solo a lot, art makes my brain happy. Thank you kindly for considering! (Just gonna link the entire art doc because it has all the doodle pages) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RWnUm5loc3-ZUKlBti71u21WGZv5vIVVqJ22MkHtONE/edit?usp=sharing
  9. How am I supposed to read through the forums and drink my tea at the same time when things like this exist.
  10. Solomon Takezo looks at the the notice and snorts, an impish grin across his worn face. “Well, if that tomcat can get married,” he chuckles, “perhaps theres hope for all of us after all.”
  11. Ooop ignore that, my question was answered. Short story incoming.
  12. Decays head lifts, lips peeling back into a grin, its icy blue eyes glimmering as it listens. As Fangorn’s call finishes, it rises onto its hind legs and gives a drawn out, earshattering scream in response, birds likely fleeing in fright, the grating sound piercing through the deep silence of the night and leaving it feeling so much emptier than before.
  13. Dude. Yes. Sounds totally random and maybe you should wait till you're sober to do stuff like this but Ill support anyway XD Yknow what would be sweet? Kuila katana, but made to be an actually good sword
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