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  1. Lieutenant Robert Archibald Galbraith would frown upon hearing the news signing the Lorraine "We'll meet again, Leftenant, may you rest well." He found himself staring at the paper blankly not long after.
  2. Lieutenant Robert Archibald Galbraith's eyes would well with tears upon hearing the news, in an attempt to hide such from his men he moved to exit the hospital after doing his duty. Marching home to his Office as he would scan the missive in disbelief. As he arrived at his Office he would reach for his decanter of whisky pouring himself a glass as he would sit there for a moment before stating "I'll miss you , Uncle."
  3. Lieutenant Robert Archibald Galbraith would shed a tear as he paid respects to the dead.
  4. Lieutenant Robert Archibald Galbraith would recollect memories of the skirmish smiling widely
  5. Lieutenant Galbraith would nod accordingly "Spiffing"
  6. Lieutenant Robert Archibald Galbraith would polish the familiar looking goblin's head on his desk stroking his moustache slightly as he would reach for his smoking pipe
  7. Lieutenant Robert Archibald Galbraith would march towards his office , breakfast tea in hand he would sit down. Hopping his chair forwards, he would glance at the missive placed upon his desk as he would state "What the bloody hell is this? and since when was this the first crusade?"
  8. An artist's rendition of Mrs Krug , if you will
  9. This is an interesting perspective, What if?
  10. Sergeant Willem Galbraith frown deeply as he read the missive moving to curl his hand into a fist slamming it against his desk without saying a word he would reach for his cigar his eyes beginning to water as he would light it. Tossing the opened letter into the fire he would stare as it burnt "Why..." he simply stated turning to the whisky bottle at the end of his desk signing the Lorraine just beforehand.
  11. Sergeant Willem Galbraith would frown deeply upon reading the missive "Bloody hell"
  12. Sergeant Willem Galbraith would render the Major a firm salute as he was presented the medals "Blimey , thank you Major" he would mutter smiling widely
  13. Lieutenant Robert Archibald Galbraith would skim the missive nodding "Brilliant , dare I say I could not have done any better myself." The young officer would remark as he moved to pet his falcon.
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