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  1. I felt it right to say my inspiration was from a creature in Diablo 3 named the Fetish. The little things kinda made me think this up a bit better since I've been trying to draw up a creature idea for a while now :p.
  2. The Parva Pariunts This was the best pic I could find =-( Traits and description Resembling small deformed children and frequently referred to as the Tarzenians, the Parva Pariunts, are most commonly found in the Wick Woods near Haense. These small abominations had originated in the Wick Wood. Today, they are thought to be children who have been SO mentally damaged and abandoned by civilization, that their bodies undergo a reaction called Tarzindinitus; the process in which the body adapts to its surroundings to an exponential level for the price of the host’s civilized being. The Parva Pariunts are known to be able to understand basic common, as well as have the ability to digest raw meats that would typically harm other descendants. These small little feral things are usually about 3-4 ft tall, having the stamina of a marathoner, and speed that rivals a fox. Though Tarzenians have quite outstanding stamina, and speed, they are quite fragile. Some might say that they are about as fragile as a small infant. These small runts are quite hostile when found, as they have it in their heads that you’ll actively try to destroy their surroundings. Though weak, the small creatures have the ability to use and craft common tools and are quite potent if in a horde; when one appears, it is likely that more lie around somewhere. Reports say that the groups can span from anywhere from 5-25+ Tarzenians. Origins and history Back when the Drifter wandered throughout Haense as their renowned bounty dealer, he would ask for a lot of animal hides, or skins (whenever he had sent those willing out on various bounties). The reason would be assumed to pay off some sort of unknown debt that he had owned. As the bounty hunters had left the monumental amounts of rotting animal carcasses, and corpses, littered throughout the Wick Wood once they had skinned their prey, the Drifter would unknowingly play a hand in the creation of these small little gremlins. The growth of these small little goblin-like things would not be apparent until the introduction of the Eagle Legion into the Wick wood who would enslave the slum dwellers of these forests, tormenting and abandoning those who served them for the purpose of fun. It was said that the small children who would be released from their abusive grasps would have been so mentally deteriorated and scarred, that growth became impossible for them for the trade-off of their horrifying transformation. Now holding a slight presence in the Haeanse Wick-Wood, these things would now have become a symbol of folklore that has been morphed into stories in order to scare kids into not wandering into the woods alone. Characteristics/Behavior: The Parva Pariunt acts as if it were a barbaric child that had gone mentally unstable/mad. Known for their mischievous nature, Tarzenians take from those who camp, or visit, in their habitats. Whether it be food or weapons, the small little gremlins will take anything they can get their little slender hands-on. If the Tarzenians feel their life or habitat is threatened, they will attack any who have caused or are believed ay bring harm, without a second thought. Appearance: These small little things can span anywhere from 3’0 to 4’5 feet tall. With the concept of a child’s body, they are generally, extremely slender beings that look exceediingly malnourished; along with the exception of a few deformations on some occasions. Though not common, deformities do happen to the Parva Pariunts, and when they do, it is drastic. Sometimes they can even prevent or obstruct range of movement or sight depending on how bad they are. OOC Reasoning for lore write: Throughout this map, and my time as the Drifter, my event’s have held a lasting impact on the Wick Wood’s environment and ecosystem to my belief. I thought it would be cool to sort of show and give back to players who have attended bounty events, that the way they handle these events and certain made choices chad left lasting, or short term, impacts on the game’s world around them; and not just the story for once. Habitat: The Parva Pariunts can be found in any and all environments. They are more common to find in forests based on their place in an ecosystem. Diet: The Tarzenian's Preferred food is raw meat. Though they will eat just about anything they are able to get. Redlines: -Very vulnerable to any and/or all attacks. They are able to be killed somewhat easily by bare hands. -Even though these things can be understood to a basic degree, they are untamable to anyone who would dare to try and tame one. -Are sophisticated enough to use the tools they find or create their own tools that are very primal. I.E stone tools, javelins, short-bows, spears, daggers, arrow-heads. Nothing above basic weaponry is within their ability to use. -Very fast. As fast as a fox. -High stamina count. Can endure costly movement well. Usually has enough to run a marathon. -Can Understand Common/any language previously known, NOT SPEAK IT
  3. Damn, so many good people be dying tonight Amelot would look down from the seven skies, tearing up a bit at the sight of Darien following him into the afterlife.
  4. Looking back, I should made this the main title music for amelot's pk post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi8Tpe58Fhc ^^ Grave of the Fireflies
  5. Thanks for the pic of amelot in the magma lake cube!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi8Tpe58Fhc listen to either of these. the link is more sad to listen to while reading this. ~Amelot the Brave, in Remembrance~ Sounds of war preparation filled the streets of Haense. Though in one of the manors of Reza lied a father who would be steadily preparing himself for battle. Slipping his armor and boots on, Amelot would grab the Dwarven Anarod he had acquired; immediately being hit with a wave of nostalgia whilst he remembered his encounters with Alaric Grimgold. “I will meet you in a duel one day, no matter where it be. We will have a fight the next time we meet.” Amelot spoke with vigor and determination in his voice while gripping the anarod’s handle tightly with the burning flame that had been ignited at the sight of this weapon. Now in the mind of an HRA soldier, Amelot slid a note underneath the doors of each of his little girl’s rooms, as well as leaving one to his wife, Zo Zuila… “If it goes well today, I will be able to tell my daughters a valiant story of the flames of carrions, lighting the inferi lines up, and sending them back to where they came from.” Amelot thought to himself, walking down the stairs that lay adjacent to the Haense theatre for one last time. Reaching the square, Amelot is met with his brothers and sisters who had fought with him since the Scyfling war. He’d happily spend what could be his last and final moments with those he loved and cared about. The mass of the Haense rally then started a steady march to the Korvassian grounds that were occupied by the inferi hordes. “Nothing can go wrong under the command of our fine leader!” Amelot would gesture about freely between his friends that he had viewed as family, whilst his vibrant stature would still be present; even within the face of danger at that showed itself. Once the HRA had gotten settled in the remnants of the city of Al Faiz, that brought back far too many memories from Amelot, the men and women took up a ladder as they would start carrying it to a trench where they would push into the inferi lines. “Looking to my right, I see my fellow brothers, to my left, more of the same. Ahead is where I shall set my gaze, taking on anything that opposes me or my comrades. I know that my fellow Brothers and Sisters will protect me, as I shall protect them.”... That would be the mindset that set poor, naive Amelot toward his doom. For when the first push through the bridge be called for an inferi would sweep him from his side, into the magma filled trenches below that would envelop, and extinguish his once brightly lit flames that embodied the happiness of life. Going through his head, Amelot would have racing thoughts whilst he looked to the brothers above him that would stand atop the bridge. “I-....I’m not ready yet. I can’t die.” Tears would well up, obstructing the vision he had of 0zark Mondblume, Mio Mackensen, Astoro Jovanovsk, Fyodor Erdhart, Manfred Barclay, and many others who had stood with him at that bridge. Regret, and fear of the unknown, filling the boy’s thoughts, Amelot would close his eyes while laying back; even though he had not accepted this fate. “Alaric Grimgold-, I’ll find you one day…my daughters will do great things within Haense...” And with those final thoughts, his death would be made visibly known whilst he sank into the depths of the lakes of magma. ~Note to my Mondblume daughters~ To my daughters, Aeira Mondblume, Arianna Mondblume, Dhara Mondblume, Lorina Mondblume, and Alvina Mondblume. Father is going out for a job now. As you know, I may not come back. It is, unfortunately, the risk I take to defend this great nation of Haense. Don’t fear my daughters, as I promise my return like I have every other time. I have come back to you every time I have said I would. You all are my pride and joy, I know that one day, that you all will do great things for our nation. By then, I hope that you would have moved out from the manor by then, but that is a discussion for another day you hermits. Though I am afraid to walk into the unknown, I know that I have a loving family that is awaiting my return to Reza. I have watched too many good people pass to drop their burdens, and legacies they have left for us to carry along our journeys. I shall leave you with this. Take care of one another. Family is everything. It is something that loves and supports you unconditionally; no matter what you may have done. Once I get back, we have a dinner to make, -Amelot Mondblume ~Note to my Brother 0zark~ I remember the day we had met. You always have been a quiet one, right 0zark? Well, I hope that our brotherly bond will bring us through this battle in order to bring us back safely to our children that we must protect. I remember back when we moved into our little manor, and you set up a home inside of the den. It made me quite happy to see a friendly face/mask whenever I would walk down the stairs to go out for daily training, or whatever the day had awaiting me. Promise me that if I do die, that you will look out for my daughters. I know that I would do the same for your sons. -your brother Amelot Mondblume ~Note to Astoro Jovanovsk~ I’d like to thank you. I know that those meer words don’t make up for everything I have become indebted to you throughout the years. I remember the day that you taught me about relationships, and when you had even moved in with me into the manor. It has been an adventure that I hope will continue so that I can pay you back for everything you have done for me and my family. I request that if whenever possible, you keep my daughters out of harm’s way. I know that asking this must be pretty horrible for me. But I need to know that they are protected if I do perish. -Your Friend, Amelot the Brave ~Note to my love, Zo Zuila~ Though you weren’t here today, I hope that you do not blame yourself if I had passed. You of all people should know that it is our risk that we take to protect this nation. I know that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Make sure our daughters make it through life as happy as possible if I do die. Remember that I will love, and be with you wherever I may be. Whether it be the seven skies, or in our little manor in Haense. ~Note to Manfred Barclay~ Sir, I’d like to thank you so much for everything that you have done for me throughout the years as a lord marshal. You are doing great so far, and I know that your father Erwin is proud of you. I ask that I be buried if possible. If not, I would like to have one of my many famous capes buried in the grounds near reinmar. -A friend. Brother in arms, Amelot the Brave Mondlume of Reinmar ~Note to Erwin Barclay~ Though it may seem weird to send you a note of my shortcomings, I see it to be somewhat needed. You were the one who brought me into the city of Haense and introduced me to the brotherhood. I thank you for providing me with a brotherhood that has become my family throughout the years of my time here in Haense. Throughout the Scyfling war, even up until now, I do not bear any regret or doubts about joining the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. I thank you sir, for bringing me here once more as I hope life treats you well my friend. -A friend, soldier, Amelot the Brave of Reinmar ~Note to Daniel Mackensen~ Thank you so much for being a friend during my time in Haense. As a roommate of our manor, I see it only fitting that I write you a note as well. You were the one who paid for the house after all. I know that we couldn’t ever repay you for everything that you’ve done for us. But I hope that as a small token of my thanks, you will accept the faded blue steel sword that lays within that old locked barrel within my room. -Your friend, brother in arms, Amelot the Brave ~My Will and Testament~ The nation of residency: Haense Month/Date of birth: Unknown (Made update that is back from June of 2020 ) Status: Married to Zo Zuilla of the HRA Had four daughters during his time. Will and testament I leave my minas, split evenly between my four daughters. My brother 0zark shall take everything that would sit within the old locked barrel in my room. It is his choice if he sees it fit to hand any of my belongings out to my daughters. Daniel Mackensen will be granted my Bluesteel sword that is in the old locked barrel. I would like one of my capes to be buried in the rose fields of Reinmar, near the Barclay keep if possible. Along with any of my remains that stay in physical form. I leave my arrangements to duel Alaric Grimgold to my brother 0zark. Any of my other belongings WILL be split between my wife, and daughters in any way that they see it fit. OOC: Big thanks to Lockages for killing me!!! it took 5 or 6 events, but it finally happened!
  7. ~A Three Man Army~ Looking back on the events of that night, I see just how impatient and senile I have become. It started when the three men approached my wagon, ready to take on whatever it could have been that awaited them. So, of course, I would send them out on the bounty that I had been saving just for this group of bounty hunters who had proven themselves time and time again. I need it to be over soon, otherwise, I may not live to see my retribution come to an end. They had spoken of wandering out into the Wick Wood and being attacked by members of the Shadow Legion, though the slum dwellers and I found ourselves with a problem as three men who had claimed to be slum dwellers sprung out in a violent rage; attacking whoever stepped up to face them. I couldn’t bear to watch needless killing, after watching as a mother and her son were brutally struck down by the Legion’s lackeys, I sprung into action. Once a bounty hunter, always a bounty hunter I guess. Sorry about that, I have gone got off-topic. No matter, but anyway, back to the entry. The three had gone out into the Wick Wood where they found themselves trapped in an all-out brawl that would last for just enough time to allow a, previously, unknown force of 25 men and women to make their way toward Haense in order to attack the slum dwellers. Fyodor and Jackson wouldn’t allow that of course, leaving their comrade Hans, choosing to go out and face the 25 in efforts to prevent the deaths of the slum dwellers. Needless to say, their masterful strategizing and ability to fight brought them through it quite well; after only killing 5 men, they were able to rout them through the abrupt bombardment of Carrion cocktails that Fyodor had thrown out to stop the advance. I hope that boy Hildebrand will grow up one day to be like one of those two, he could learn a thing or two from them. I knew it would come to this, though a relief it didn’t happen, I thought I sent the three out to their deaths after I realized what the Legion had been planning. Once they had returned, it was obvious that they’d had enough for the night. Though they came back empty-handed, without the map I had previously requested. I need, desperately, to find where the map is; otherwise, I may pass before I want to. Whatever I do or don’t do, it must be thought out and carefully planned to ensure that I live long enough to see Lincoln die. -1791 The Drifter “I’ve become just what I had not wanted to. But I’m glad it’ll all be over soon. I both look forward to, and dread, that day.” (OOC stuff) I wanted to try something new here, so I decided to take a page from one of the Drifter’s entries from the journal he has. Also, on another note, my man Titanic needs a new arm, lol. My first post that looks like it is formatted correctly?! Frick, I almost forget. if your interested in joining in on these bounties, have a link https://discord.gg/k7WzTC9
  8. https://discord.gg/euaqSVQ If you wanna join the bounty hunter’s discord :p
  9. https://discord.gg/euaqSVQ” if you wanna join the bounty hunter discord
  10. ~We Are Slums~ (Origins of those in the Wick Woods Mainly for an upcoming eventline :p) History: The slums of the Wick wood had been a direct cause of the fall of the One-Eyed Cult. They were groups that were mainly formed of a generation that had been trapped within the livestock pens of the cultist’s camps; that has only just now regained freedom. The slum dwellers lack a lot of knowledge, as only a small majority of the dwellers are able to write and read. Though these are resilient folk, they have recently found themselves having taxes imposed on their lands by the Legion of Eagles. If they refused or lacked sufficient recourses to pay this heinous group, the dwellers found themselves either taken as payment to use as torture dummies or dead after being relentlessly tortured by those who had imposed taxes upon them. Just recently, the people of the slums would be saved from the endless cycle of torture, by Fyodor Erdhart and through the leadership of Albert Tulane. They would escape and set up near the Drifter’s wagon, right outside of Haense gates after having a very close call in the Wick Woo that would have left them dead. https://discord.gg/euaqSVQ if you wanna join the discord
  11. ~Close to the Edge~ The cold, gripping night, overtook Haense with its overwhelming presence. The Drifters wagon that remained void of warmth and vibrancy, would only get colder during the night; leaving it to the hunters that had chosen to approach this wagon to provide it with life. Now that the Drifter had placed trust into these ‘regulars’ that have started to take on bounties, he saw it to only be fit that they went on this next bounty to finally save Hans’s (event npc’s) daughter. After it had been 3 years of the Drifter relentlessly searching for the girl’s location, he had found it. 3 years can make some go mad you know…and I am not speaking of the Drifter. Choosing to send them out, the group of brave men would be halted by Hans (event npc), as he would beg as if he were a starving animal. Hans (Event npc) only wished for one thing, and that was to be brought along with them whilst they went to save his daughter. After hours of pondering they would shakily agree to grant the slum dweller, his request. On their way out into the deep, dark, depths of the Wick Wood, the men found themselves harshly outnumbered after a small recconasainse of the outpost. Knowing that they would need to manouver, and strategize with utmost care, the men formulated a plan that included Hans Dragovitch disguising, his already somewhat Eagle Legion-like presence, to fit in with their ranks, by pinning one of their Eagle medallions that their men from previous encounters had carried on them. Though the disguise had seemingly worked out well, being that the man who questioned Hans would go as far as trusting him with the livestock cages. Though he would be tasked with the unbelievably hard job of deciding on a slum dweller who lived; the reason being that the Eagles had abducted various slum dwellers from slums to use them as symbols of their power over those who had taken up slums in the Wick Wood. The choice would seem obvious, as their only reason for being out there was to save the girl. Though it had seemingly pained himm for a moment, sacrificing the life of an old man as tribute for when the eagles went to collect and torment taxes out of the slum dwellers. Not liking the idea of those that Fyodor had previously saved being tortured and killed without mercy, he would begin riding his horse over in a mad rush in attempts to get to the slum dwellers before the Eagles had. Once the main forces of Eagles had left the nest (that was cheesy, I know), the group of hunters took the opportunity to charge into the lightly defended camp, and save Hans’s daughter (event npc). This fight would be taken care of with ease, as there would barely be any resistance to be put up. Meanwhile though it would be cut seriously close, Fyodor would manage to successfully convince the slum dwellers, who had been being lead by his old friend Albert, to escape back to Haense and set themselves up nearby the Drifters wagon. As you could probably imagine, an empty slums would piss the Eagles off, throwing them into a rage that would relentlessly burn on whilst they destroyed the slums. Not being able to accept the destruction of their homes, some, now dead, slum dwellers rushed back to attack the Eagles. Not wanting these men to die, Fyodor rushed after them, as shortly Hans and Thorn would have develpoed an insatiable thirst for combat and violence; forcing them to start a dead sprint to the smoke filled slums.Though it woul seem that once they had reached the battle field, Fyodor and the slum dwellers would have taken care of the Eagles for the most part. Returning to the Drifter’s wagon would leave an angry bounty dealer yelling at Fyodor for allowing these slum dwellers to set up at his wagon. Now expecting his payment, the Drifter would now make plans to continue their unrelenting advances on their pushes for retribution against this Legion. ~In the Shadows~ The harsh flames of a torch would echo out in the Wick Wood as a lone man wandered throughout the forest, uncovering the remnants of the battle that had taken place against the slum dwellers. The reaction of this man was quite odd, as he seemed to understand and know who caused this. Walking over dead bodies, he’d light the dormant pits of dwindling flames that surrounded the camp only to reveal 5 who stood at his side. Underneath his hooded cloak, he’d utter the words “We’re coming for you..Drfiter” the man spoke in a harsh, and deepened tone that would be filled with calm anger. This unknown man would spit on one of the slum dweller’s bodies before being followed out of the camp by that five others that had accompanied him out there.
  12. ~A Key in Major Scale~ The outside of the Drifter’s wagon loomed over the bounty hunters who had stood affront it, whilst it gave off its usual essence of perpetual gloom and dolor. The Drifter leaned back into the dimly lit shadows that protruded off from the weather roof of the wagon; encasing him in the darkness that would hide his blood ridden robe. The man began to debrief the five brave souls that had chosen to take up a bounty on this ‘special day’. The previously known bards who had made a swift escape from the feast of Remembrance had been hunted and tracked down to an exact location within the depths of the slum-filled Wick Woods of Haense. Wanting, and having a thirst...a hunger for knowledge, the Drifter rushingly sent the hunters out in desperation to finally get his payment from Hans; without enough knowledge of what troubles were to come. Approaching this old camp would give a hit of nostalgia for some, and traumatizing memories to others, as this camp would be the remnants of the old pit that those who had bravely fought the cultists were put into brutal combat against the cannibalistic cultists. The group of 5 had devised a plan of attack, by having 2 of their main forces flank around the dim woods, and set up a crossbow in the foliage that obstructed the view of those in the camp from seeing the two. Though, to their surprise, a man clad in dark armor, who had one of the many tormented and shackled slum-dwellers at his mercy; as he would lead the poor, lad out to toward this body filled trench that had been dug down into the ground. Taking this opportunity, the group that sat in front of the gates would begin an assault on the camp as Fyodor flung out an arrow that would daze the knight; allowing for the shackled slum dweller to escape. The three men made their stealthy charge that would prove to be less quiet than they would think, alerting the camp of their where abouts immediately. As they would begin this fight at a heavy disadvantage, things would only get worse as the hedge knight from before, that had been heaviliy dazed, would return to the fight with a rage filled presence. Though the brave Jackson would step up to take himm on in order to prevent a flank. Meanwhile, on the other side of the camp, Ser Ruben Ruthern and Hans Dragovitch would keep a steady eye out for the bards who had escaped the hunter’s grasp from their last encounter at the Feast of Rememberance. They would eventually spot the two bards atop a small throne that had been formed by the remnants of a tree. A ranger would sit on the throne,watching as her forces fought. Ruben would take this oppritunity to fire a well placed bolt at the ranger; though this wouldn’t be enough to finish her off, as her and the bards would begin to make a run for it. Eventually, Hans would run her down and viciously cleave her in two with his claymore that would also have a part in knocking the bards unconscious. On the other side of combat things were looking quite bleak for the group of three, these opponents starting to prove to be to much for them to handle. Though their hope, and morale dwindled, cascading downard in a spiral, Hans would put a stop to this as he’d appear from the other side of the camp to save his comrades. After a very long and brutal battle that would result in heavy injuries, this encounter seemed to be finally over after a carrion cocktail would be lobbed into the air by Fyodor, raining flames down onto slum dwellers below. This would result in many of them running from the camp as they’d even trample a small child in their tracks. Eventually, the group pinned the bards against a nearby tree, interrogating and tormenting their distraught soul’s. After finding out about the where abouts, leading to where Hans’s (event npc) daughter was being held, Thorn would inhumanely and humiliatingly end both of their lives in excruciating pain, showing them no mercy. Upon their return to the Drifter, the blood covered group would inform him to quench the need for knowledge that would satisfy him. The Drifter has seemed a bit desperate, and...impatient, to say the least, in these past few years. The man also has seemed to be getting all the more soft through his aging, and now facing death.
  13. Man, I have no idea what I would have done or where I would have been in LOTC if not for this community. Thank you so much, ily all
  14. Man, can’t wait to see this! You guys did a great job!
  15. ~The Drifter’s Feast of Remembrance~ The morning sun would start to rise upon the city of New Reza, drawing yet another day of Haense life out onto display. The Drifter’s wagon had been pretty quiet as of recent, this being because of refusing to take people out on bounties until he had figured “something”, that he wouldn't speak of, out. Though today had been different, as the Drifter would finally come out of a shell that he had stayed within whilst planning a surprise for those he had been employing to do bounties. Today would be his big Feast of Remembrance. He had planned and planned for this event, going as far as ordering a party planner to help set everything up. As this party was formulated, the surrounding slum dwellers would come to pick up and talk of this feast. After facing complaint after complaint from these peasants, the Drifter decided to invite them too in hopes that they wouldn’t tell anyone of the feast that had been planned. Though as this party had been being set up, the three bards who had been hired would suspiciously be prowling around the Drifters wagon. One of the three would drop one of the eagle like medallions, without knowing of it. The day had finally come for this party to take place. Once the two men, who had come along for this feast unknowingly, had gotten to the wagon, they would start being debriefed by the Drifter as he made up a bounty off of the top of his head. Thorn and Fyodor stood out front of the wagon whilst the Drifter debriefed them, saying that he had found the group’s base of operations that they’d been looking for. As the two had gotten there, a small feast of berries and potatoes had been prepared for them. Though they were met by an odd fellow, by the name of Albert whilst the three bards played a delightful tune for the feast. The men wearily conversed with Albert, with the tense feeling of mystery. Noises of metallic scraping surrounded the feast as it went on, putting the two more on edge whilst they talked to Albert. Suddenly, the bards would abruptly stop their lively tune, and turn it into a more jestful and violent like song. Whilst the slum dwellers and attendees alike, took a fine moment to take in the sudden change in music, they would know that something had to have been wrong. Suddenly, a wolf jumped out at one of the slum dwellers as it would pull him onto the ground and ravagingly bite into his neck. More wolves would appear as Fyodor and Thorn made quick work of them, with the help of the slum dwellers. Though archers would begin to fire at the duo as Thorn would be hit by one before wildly charging at them like a boar, showing them no mercy as he tore them to pieces. As the fight continued to drag along, Joshua Sirsk would appear to aid his fellow hunters in their attempts to protect the slum dwellers. As the reinforcements had arrived, quickly another beast that had taken up a large cage would be unleashed upon the group. With the command issued by Fyodor, the slum dwellers retreated as two of them would be unlucky enough to be slashed through by the bear’s hulking strength in a single motion. After a little bit of trouble, Fyodor and Joshua would successfully take down the bear whilst crushing it’s spine. Once the bear had fallen, the surrounding men started a retreat whilst the bards pulled Carrions from their pouches and tossed them out at the slum dwellers who had fled combat with the bear. No mercy was shown toward these opposers as Thorn was able to run down one of the bards before pouring alcohol on him, and setting him ablaze. After this long fight against starved wildlife, the trio of men quickly left the area after sorting everything out with Albert. Fyodor would return to the Drifter’s lively wagon on his lonesome, as he turned in the bounty to call it a day. To Fyodor’s surprise, the Drifter had set up the party. Though he hadn’t known anything about the ambush. The Drifter slid a slack of gold, as well as a medallion over to Fyodor as he gave the man a small smirk. The Drifter would go into a small coughing fit as he exited their conversation by entering his wagon. ~Note To The Community~ Looking here at this screen as I write this, I knew it would only be right to have an OOC note to this beautiful community that has brought me here. Enjoy!! I’d just like to take a moment to say thank you a thousand times over from the bottom of my heart! Looking back at these past 2 months, I see a journey that I have partaken. Though it isn’t one that I’m on alone as I, the Drifter, have a community that appreciates the events I run. From my experiences of running homebrew after homebrew and constantly having players go inactive, I see this as a rarity. This growing community of bounty hunters has helped me strive to keep pushing events out. I remember back when I held the first ever “bounty” from the Drifter’s wagon. It was somewhat of an experiment, that turned into chaos rather quickly. Though we made it through the event, fullsteam ahead! Though, I do know that it would’ve gone different if not for you all being there to support me through the troubles I had beginning. Anyone who has been to even a single bounty event, thank you so much, as you helped me build up my emotes. I truly couldn’t have gotten to where I am without this great community of LOTC players that surrounds me. Though it has only been 2 months, look where we are! We have reached the big 50TH EVENT milestone through our hard work, and efforts to keep this wagon stable. If we can do that in only 2 months, I know that we will reach 100 in no time. But first, let's take a step back for a moment to enjoy the 50th. It’s not everyday that you run your 50th event you know ;). Throughout my time at the event running as the Drifter, you’ve all been here throughout my journey that you have joined me on. We’ve had great moments, some bad, and some that have left us with good laughs. Bumps in the road are sure to be encountered by those who fare it. I look forward to continuing on this ride with you guys. I hope that I have left a trail of great memories behind as that is really the whole reason that I have been running these events. It could seem silly to ask this of you, but if you could. Please leave any lingering feedback, or feel free to share a memory that you’ve had in a bounty (if you’ve had any). (Ik that up there ^^ was super cheesy, I don’t care tho ) Big OOC Thank you To: Mio_ : Thanks a bunch for those minas that you gave me! I could not have gotten this far without them, otherwise these events would have made me bankrupt! GoodGuyMatt: Thanks for the RP items you gave me early on when I was just getting started! They’ve helped a bunch! StillAMiniGuy: Thanks for being there to help me out with setting this all up man, couldn’t have done any of this without you! Firespirit44: Thanks a bunch for going over emotes with me, and taking the time to help me out with improving! It means a lot! HRA/BSK/Haense’s community: I’m so glad to be a part of this great community, it feels like a family, and I feel overjoyed to have brought these experiences to you all! I couldn’t have done any of this without your support, fam! The entire community: I’d feel bad if I didn’t include this. Don’t worry if you weren’t on here since there were far too many names to go through, and the forum post would’ve gone on for a very long time if I took the time to list everyone who has left a meaningful impact or had helped me along the way. Just know that I am extremely grateful to you all, and am super happy that you take time out of your daily lives to spend time in my events! Cya around the wagon sometime- Limo_man / The Drifter If you are interested in joining the fun of doing these bounties, have the Discord link! Feel free to join if you wanna, it's open to everyone! ~sigh~, I still can’t figure out how to format even after these 2 months.... lol
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