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  1. Maya Bishop hangs upside from one of the sails on her ship as her monkey, Coco, hangs from his tail beside her. Maya couldn't help but laugh and shake her head with such joy. "Finally, someone with some sense!" she exclaims. Coco even nods in agreement.
  2. Emerald Ferinn Guenevere shakily held up the letter, almost tuning out her husband's voice when he read it out loud (@wowsirss). Their teary eyes stared at the stone walls of her home, still not being to process anything. The more she stared into the void, the more Amicia's words echoed in their mind. "You've bloomed," whispered the dying de Astrea to Em and Lotte. They remembered the expression on her face - full of pride, love, and satisfaction despite not looking the part. It was something Emerald would never forget. She held themselves up by holding onto Lotte's arm as Lotte held onto Amicia's hand, almost as if she was guiding her to the Seven Skies. In the end, all Em could say with a shaky breath was, "... You helped us bloom ... thank you." The memory was taking up most of Emerald's attention to even bother noticing her husband returning to work. She sat there, unable to move. Frozen in time. Staring at the words as the memory continued to replay in their mind. "Tell them I said hi," Em whispered to the void before breaking down into tears once more.
  3. me the whole time when we were playing:
  4. Lucina Eiriksdottir Snowell Dolorem Kvitravn reads over the invitation, humming quietly to herself. Her eyes wander over to her younger sister, watching her do her little act. A small smile spread across her face as she stood up from her seat, "Maybe let's not go as vampires since they are being currently hunted - perhaps we can dress up as fairies? Even maybe a princess?"
  5. The Elysium Autumn Festival 20th of The Amber Cold, SA 45 “Entre las flores nos reciben y entre ellas nos despiden. Among the flowers they receive us and among them they say goodbye.” [!] A painting of the bustling Elysium square, filled with citizens preparing for the upcoming Autumn Festival festivities. To the Citizens of Elysium and Her Allies, As autumn blooms across the Duchy of Elysium and her subjects, the orange leaves are a sign of the times passed from summers onto brighter horizons to come. In celebration of such a change, the Duchy and the De Astrea family would like to welcome Elysium’s denizens and allies to the Elysium Autumn Festival - a three day event consisting of dances, spirited activities and events fun for all ages. Any and all are welcome to participate in the various events laid out over the course of a few saint’s days in good faith to the allies. DAY I. — AUTUMNAL MARKET — 22nd OF THE FIRST SEED The first day of the Autumn Festival is dedicated to the prestigious and hard-working artisans and farmers of Elysium. Stalls shall be set up for shop-owners to display, sell, and show off their wears in the Elysium Gardens. While citizens pursue wares, there will be other events taking place! Apple bobbing, snail racing, and even a chance to dunk Elysium’s very own Duke, Eugeo De Astrea. DAY II. — FANG-TASTIC FAIR — 23rd OF THE GRAND HARVEST The second day of the Festival is a day to dress up as anything one desires and enjoy the festivities as someone else for a change, and with a sweet twist. Children will be able to dress up and hunt for candies throughout the town, with a hay maze located on the castle’s first floor. Whomever can finish the maze first is given a crown of potential magic properties, making them the Autumn Festival Maze Ruler! DAY III. — DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS — 24th OF THE SUN’S SMILE As the final day of the Elysium Festival, this will be a final celebration of love and life. Lady Emerald Ferinn-Guenevere brings upon an old Hyspian tradition of celebrating and honoring the dead and those who have passed. There will be memorials and altars dedicated to deceased loved ones for those to pay respects and leave offerings. During such, there will be a masquerade ball for allies and friends to enjoy the final day of the Autumn festival and it’s festivities, accompanied by music and dance. Signed, Duke Eugeo de Astrea Lady Aylin de Astrea, Heir Regent Minister of Interior & Foreign Affairs Lord Esmond Reede, Department of Culture Chancellor Penned by, Lady Emerald Ferinn-Guenevere, Elysian Post Founder Event Committee Lotte Dolorem, Minister of Health
  6. Maya Bishop glances at one of the posters, laughing. "What a sore loser."
  7. Maya suddenly stops writing when she hears a messenger approach her, handing her a letter. "What's this..?" She goes to open the letter, scanning it quickly. "Ah. I see." Maya notices how they addressed her properly bringing a smile to her face. "It's still on," she whispers - going back to write once more...
  8. "Oh beloved Erwin, you are not helping your case. At all." The same smile from before comes back once more, "Watch and see." And with that, she goes to off to write!
  9. "Da? You think so?" She glances up at Charles, "Danke 'Half Dad'." She gently nudges him with a smile.
  10. A Letter of Retaliation 4th of Snow’s Maiden, SA 43 [!] A painting of the quiet docks outside of Karosgard leading to Reinmar. The one and only daughter of Henry Bishop, Maya Bishop, sits at the end of the Haeseni docks. Holding parchment paper in her hand and a quill in the other, Maya squints at the paper. She knew what she had to do - reveal the nonsense and damage her “supposed” older brother, Erwin Bishop had done. She furrowed her brows as she started to scribble away, stopping every now and then to collect her thoughts. _______________________________________________________ To whomever reads this letter, Erwin Bishop is nothing but a coward. He has and will continue to show it from time to time again. He has continuously been hurting those whom I love and cherish under a mask of care. My father Henry Bishop, Adrianna Darkwood nèe Barclay, Ser Reinhardt Barclay, Charles Darkwood, and my dearest brother Freddy. Recently, Erwin Bishop disowned my younger brother Freddy and I. Yes, I left the family when I was young for stupid reasons I wish not to disclose. However, he said things that I believe are far out of his judgement for him to state. Therefore, I’m writing this letter to expose how horrible he’s been to the Bishop family, our close allies and friends. You treated my schwester, Adrianna Darkwood, horribly by manipulating her and her family. Even went far enough as to try and ruin the friendship between Charles Darkwood and the Barclays. All you wanted was the Barclay name, you didn’t love her and never did despite your feeble and childish claims. You wanted power, that’s all you ever wanted. When my father died, Freddy had fled home and Haense in order to mourn and grieve on his own terms. You know what Erwin did? He did nothing. He didn’t bother to go after him or try to help him. He let him go. Erwin then proceeded to speak poorly about my father, stating he is not a good man, a stupid one, and critiquing his parenting, as if Henry was not the same man who took care of him and trained him. He would often ask, “What type of father raises their kids in a windmill?” A great one Erwin - Henry Bishop, my father, was someone who understood what true fatherhood and family was, not like you would get what that means. He provided with what he could, you ungrateful dirtbag, and I hope you know that you have tarnished and sullied his name in your idiotic attempt to pretend to be better and hide your insecurities. Not only that, he kicked us out of the windmill, changed the locks, and left Freddy and I homeless. What kind of brother are you, Erwin? You, Erwin Bishop, are a self-centered, disrespectful, ignorant, repulsive little snake and a poor excuse of a human being, if not less than so. I hope your wife and children leave you; I hope they wake up and realize what a selfish little man-child you truly are. You have proven to be the detriment to the Bishop surname. You wanted a war, so now you have one. I have made my move, what will be yours? Signed By, Maya Bishop _______________________________________________________ Signing it with a flourish of her quill, Maya finishes up writing a few copies of her letter. Dropping one off the Bishop residence, handing some to her friends and family, before finally putting one up at Karosgard notice board. She stands back, crossing her arms to admire her work as the same smile from before returns to her face. It was so on.
  11. Garcia Marie Mendez glances over her younger brother's shoulder, reading the paper. She nods, agreeing with Valentino, "Hombres are so strange."
  12. Maya opens up the envelope, pulling out the letter. She glances over and scans the letter with her one eye, furrowing her brows. "... The frick?" In confusion, she read it once more before bursting into laughter. "Oh Erwin! You misogynistic c/nt!" She wipes her tears away from laughing so much as she gets up, ripping up the letter. She shakes her head, "At least father is more proud of Friedrich and I, then he'll ever be proud of you." And with that, she threw the letter into the fireplace. "Maya Avoran? It's Maya, you c/nt." But then a smile spreads across her face, "It's so on."
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